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Author Topic: Sonic NG : LET CHAOS REIGN PART1  (Read 913 times)

Elias Acorn88

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« on: June 03, 2011, 05:11:54 PM »

There are many stories pertaining to the Chaos Emeralds, from their mysterious legends, to their limitless powers .Although they seem harmless- no one in the known universe has ever suspected that the emeralds can actually cause exactly what their name states…Chaos.
It was a peaceful morning over the city of Mobotropolis. The sky was an alluring baby blue, large cloud formations moved in the light breeze that blew through the city, as the sun beamed radiantly down on its inhabitants. The city was noisy but, not enough to cause insanity, it was more of a calming commotion as creature carried on with their daily tasks .The Mobotropolis Park was the central pinnacle of the city. The verdant trees swayed  softly in the breeze , and the park’s fountain  spurted arcs of glistening clear water that came from a small statue of King Maximillian Acorn, Princess Sally’s father that ruled over the country of Angelia .”Strike one up for the good guys” Sonic hollered, as he raised his fist in victory , smiling gleefully.The other freedom fighters cheered along with him as they stood near and ,under a tree located far in the back of Mobotropolis park ,”I can’t believe how easy it was ,those Egg loyalist really need to get a clue”, laughed Tails, rubbing his head ,leaning against the tree ,Tails who was now a handsome sixteen year old fox ,  had single-handedly stopped a group of creatures that believed in Robotnic’s cause ,and although those days of Robotnic’s reign of terror had long passed ,since his strange disappearance, they still fought to avenge him .Knuckles stood in the middle of the group ,shrugging at Tails’ small deed ,”Yeah –well we all can’t beat down a bunch of adolescent punks like Captain Show – off here”, He said sarcastically , Cream ,who was also sixteen now, and  sitting beside Tails underneath the tree ,smirks at Knuckles’ comment , “ You sound a little jealous “ ,Knuckles turns toward her ,grinding his teeth ,and  waving his fist around in a hostile motion ,he sweats nervously ,”You think I’m jealous of what he’s done!?”,Cream stands up waving her hand in Knuckles’ face ,showing her fierce femininity ,she was wearing a cherry red T-shirt ,slightly showing her stomach ,a pair of white jean shorts, and a pair of white and red sneakers ,similar to Tails’ ,”Yeah-considering he’s done a lot more than you have in a few years!”. Cream and Knuckles argued as the wind blew his spiky long dreads and her large ears ,”Can we please get to the matter at hand here” Sally yelled ,clutching her fist. The two of them stopped for a moment and stared at Sally , both of them panting from wasting their breath on a pointless disagreement ,”Uh… right, where are they so I can begin ” Knuckles muttered ,scratching the back of his crimson red head ,Sally slowly walks over to Cream, ”Sit!” Sally orders, Cream, reluctantly sits back by Tails’, huffing and puffing, with her arms crossed.  Sonic looks around  the park to see if it’s safe and secure enough then picks up a large black cloth bag sitting between him and Bunni ,she looks at him in curiously as he slowly opens the bags ,and dumps out what’s inside,” Mah stars, tha ‘s what those goons were holdin’?”Bunni’s eye widen ,they glimmer with a radiant blue that shines like two crystals .The others watch in amazement as a rainbow of colors glow from by their feet ,”A -Awesome!” ,Bellowed Shriek ,a former criminal ,and member of the Blood Wing Clan along with Rouge ,he was a bat with short black hair and wore knee high leather boots with gold buckles on them . The seven chaos emeralds laid on the ground in before them, Sally , standing next to Cream ,and looking worried about  the consequences of what they were about to try , “So do you think this ritual will help us uncover the mystery of the Chaos Emeralds?” She said, as Knuckles arranged the sacred stones into a circle around him, “There are many pros and cons to this ritual, but I’m pretty sure that this incantation is legit”. He sat down in the center of the seven chaos emeralds , closed his eyes , stretched out his arms ,and opened his palms facing down ,”Alright, here we go “Knuckles mumbled ,the others watched as he began . Sonic, who was growing impatient by the second,  tapped his foot repeatedly  looking around the park thinking about everything else other than what was happening at this moment, He finally catches all of them glaring at him , and stops  his repeated foot movement ,”Okay –okay ,geez!” He folded his arms frowning, as he looked down at the chaos emeralds. Knuckles shut his eyes, and spread his arms once more and began to chant in an arcane dialect. The others sit around glancing closely, wondering how this could all turn out, Knuckles began chanting louder and as he did the emeralds glow brighter and brighter. He chanted so loudly it was almost as if he was speaking to the entire city.  Sally covered her mouth in amazement; Cream wrapped her arms around one of Tails’ arms tightly, watching in fear. The chaos emeralds began to let out a low humming sound, and as Knuckles said the final chants they slowly dimmed to dull colors, the humming ceased. Sonic looked in shock, “Wow-that was worth the wait “He said smiling sarcastically. Knuckles sits in the middle of the emeralds, confused and embarrassed, “I…I don’t get it, this should’ve worked!”, Sally paced around ,but kept a gyroscopic view on Knuckles ,”Maybe you said something wrong!” He looks over his shoulder at Sally, “I’ve studied this incantation over a million times back on Angel Island-if I said something wrong I would know it! “Then Shriek , standing next to Bunni  says, “Maybe you could try it again?”, Knuckles looks down in anger ,eyes low as he continues “Doing the whole thing over could have a drastic effects on the Emeralds “,Sonic walks toward Knuckles ,laughing at his failed attempt ,”Well – that’s too bad , guess we gotta take a lunch break, chili dogs anyone!”, Knuckles interrupts him, as he remains seated in the circle of emeralds ,”But I a second try could be worth it, besides these emeralds have been through everything –what could a few words do” They all stand around once again as Knuckles repeats the entire ritual. He begins saying the ancient words once more, but this time the emeralds begin to float around him, shaking as they defy the laws of gravity,” Keep at it Knuckles I think it’s working !”Yelled Sally, the wind that was once calm began to howl, and the beautiful sunbeams are covered by dark clouds. Knuckles began to get worried  as  he heard the changes of the weather taking place, he stops speaking the words, and opens his eyes ,”What’s happening!?”, the chaos emeralds hum loudly, as they began to crack. Knuckles jumps to his feet and leaps over the floating emeralds, Sally ,whose eyes can’t believe what they’re seeing  , taps Cream on her shoulder , she holds on even tighter to Tails’ arm nearly cutting off his circulation, “Let’s move now!!”, The entire group steps away from the emeralds, as they dropped into the grass with a soft thud .They watch fearfully as the emeralds dim once again ,”The-the emeralds, what  wrong with them, and why are they cracking like that,Knux!?”Shouted Sonic, standing stiff and worried, “I knew I should of left them alone when it didn’t work the first time! “Knuckles said placing his hand on his forehead. Tails walked over to the red emerald, he reached down to grab it ,”Maybe this whole situation stems from our constant use of them” He picked it up and held it at his fingertips ,”If that was the case then wouldn’t they have done this thousands of years  ago when the ancient echidna used them? “Sally stated, her hair blowing wildly in the wind. Tails observed the emerald closely, his fingers began to get warmer until the emerald bursted into flames, he quickly dropped it, waving his hand wildly to stop it from burning.
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