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Author Topic: Sonic: THE MOVIE  (Read 1917 times)

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« on: May 21, 2011, 02:24:36 PM »

There's an echo in the area, "The Servers are the Seven Chaos." "The Servants are the Seven Chaos." It continues to echo throughout all time. "Chaos is power, enriched by the heart." "Chaos is power, Controlled by the will." There's no knowing where the echoes originated from, but, it's safe to say, it'd be a good idea not to find out where they came from. "The controller serves to unify the Chaos." "The Controller exists to enslave the Chaos." We see a single being making their way through this dark, mist enshrouded area. The creature looks as if it's a hedgehog, behind it, almost melding into its shadow, was a fox. "Tails, you sure that the info we got was right? I mean, Egg head might not be heading in this direction." Sonic asked.

"Sonic I'm sure; the communication we intercepted said he was heading this way for some reason." Tails said.

"Alright, I wonder when Knuckles is going to get here; we gave him a call when we found out that Eggman was heading out here." Sonic thought aloud. Out of the mist, a voice rang out to them.

"Sonic, Tails, over here!" Sonic and Tails looked towards the voice, the saw a form appear through the mists, it was Knuckles the Echidna heading over towards them.

"Rad Red, glad you could make it to the party." Sonic said.

"Alright True Blue, You said Eggman was on his way here to do something, This place is dangerous, Even we guardians don't want to come here." Knuckles explained.

"That's probably the reason why Eggman's coming to this place, it's probably got something really dangerous that could wipe out the entire planet if it doesn't fall under his rule." Tails said.

"You've got a point Tails, Knuckles you know anything about this place?" Sonic asked. They had been walking, Knuckles was about to say something when a set of Ruins started to appear out of the mists. The three of them stood in awe of the sight before them; this site of Ruins looked as if it was untouched by time. "Well, Knuckles, anything?" Knuckles looked at them both.

"The legends the guardians have are legends to live by, the only legends we have about this place serve as a warning to any and every one on the planet. In the guardians’ legends, this place was said to be the seal for an ancient curse, a curse of a creature known as the Dark Titan. The Dark Titan was a dangerous creature, even worse than Chaos itself. It was because of the Powers of Chaos, Both Negative and Positive attributes of it, Magic, and Spirit. That the guardians of all 3 were able to seal away the Dark Titans power. But, before the Dark Titan had been drained completely, he cast a curse on the entire planet, that if he went, the rest of the worlds powers would as well. The powers of Magic and the Spirit were almost completely diminished to nothingness, Chaos' powers were thrown into a greater flux than they were before, causing the Negative and Positive sides to become more violent to each other than before." Knuckles explained.

"Seriously Knuckles? You aren't suggesting that there's any real substantial evidence to any of that?" Tails said, skeptical of the Legend.

"There's actually more to it, The Dark Titan also said that if the seal were ever destroyed, a great evil would befall the entire planet, and only the thirteen sacred heroes, a group of legendary heroes each hailing from a different species, would be able to stop it." Knuckles said.

"But there's more you don't know you stupid echidna!" Yelled a voice that seemed to come from everywhere.

"There's only one person that voice could have come from, Eggman." Sonic said. And as if on cue, the mists seemed to part from the exhaust from Eggman’s hover vehicle.

"Through my research, I have found that the Dark Titan also promised that whoever removed the seal would be granted a great boon, access to his dark and forbidden powers. I plan to get that boon, even if I have to destroy this entire place to get it." Eggman said, with a twisted grin on his face.

"Eggman, you’re not going to destroy anything while we're here." Sonic said.

"Yeah, anything you could build I can disassemble faster than you could put it together again." Tails said.

"And if he can't take it apart the easy way." Knuckles cracked his knuckles. "I can always break your little toys."

Eggman just coughed and shrugged. "I don't think you three will be able to beat this 'little toy' I've made. Come to me my E-100,000, My Egg Titan!"

Through the mists came sounds of crashing footsteps, footsteps coming from a giant sized being. Crashing over the ruins came this ginormus egg shaped robotic monolith, It was a titan sized egg with arms and legs. "That’s your Egg Titan!" Sonic laughed as he continued to look on the egg shaped robot.

"What are you laughing at? This is one of my greatest creations; you will fail in defeating this one!" Yelled Eggman at Sonic. Tails and Knuckles were just snickering at that conversation between the two of them.

"This is always funny." Tails snickered.

"Yeah, this is always funny, especially when Sonic makes Eggman this angry. You think we should worry about that Egg Titan thing Eggman made Tails?" Knuckles asked.

"Maybe, I'm going to have to work on its joints for a few, but, it's still going to need distracting." Tails said.

"Easy enough, what should we do about them?" Knuckles said motioning over towards Sonic and Eggman, Sonic was still taunting Eggman making him even more angry at him.

"I don't know, I think that would be a good enough distraction, let's go take apart that titan." Tails said motioning towards the Titan. Both he and Knuckles were about to go and disassemble the Titan, then - The Egg titan's eyes flashed to life and it placed itself into a fighting stance.

"I guess we have to fight it now." Tails said.

"What do you mean 'now' Tails?" Sonic asked.

"He's just thinking out loud Sonic, let’s go bust Eggman's new toy." Knuckles replied.

"Yeah, let's go!" Yelled Sonic in a rallying cry as he, Tails, and Knuckles rushed forward racing to fight the Egg Titan. The fight was long, hard and downright ruthless, but, in the end, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles had won the fight with the Egg Titan staggering, barely able to stand. "Alright guys, let's finish this thing." Said Sonic as he tried to rally his friends. Before any of them could do anything, The Egg Titan fell backwards and landed sprawled across the ruins, with it square in the center of the ruins. "....Okay, I guess we don't need to finish it." Sonic said.

"Nice, And another of Eggman's 'little toys' bites the dust." Knuckles chuckled.

"Now I can get some more spare parts, maybe I could even improve Eggman's design." Tails said. Right as the three of them were about to celebrate their victory.

"Don't celebrate just yet you morons!" Yelled Eggman. The three of them turned to Eggman, "You think you've won, Oh you've won alright, you’ve won the battle, but I've won the war!"

"What are you talking about Egg for brains?" Sonic demanded.

"What I am talking about, you stupid blue furred freak, Is that I wanted you to beat my Egg Titan!"

"What?!" Sonic gasped.

"I expected you to defeat him, I also expected him to land in the exact spot that he is in now." Eggman said as his grin became wicked.

"Sonic, I think we should get moving." Tails panicked.

"Too slow!" Yelled Eggman as he pressed a button on his control console. With that press, The Egg Titan exploded in a gigantic fireball, sending debris flying all over the place. The loudest boom was heard, louder than the thunder of a lightning bolt striking right next to you, but, as the dust settled and the noise quieted down. There seemed to be an uneasy silence, then, a flash of dark light.

"AT LAST, A THIRD OF ME HAS BEEN RELEASED, YES!!!!" After the light faded, dark smog like clouds enveloped the planet; people were panicking, what was this, what happened, who was to blame? Before anyone could answer those questions, the cloud seemed to seep into the planet, for a few moments, the entire planet rumbled with tremendous force and then ended as quickly as it began.

"What's Happened?!" Tails asked.

"I don't know Tails, you tell m..." Sonic couldn't believe his eyes, where Tails should be standing was a blonde haired teenager wearing a yellow T-shirt with a tornado symbol on it, jean shorts, Tails' gloves and what looked like Tails' shoes along with large circular glasses. Right next to 'Tails', was a guy dressed in what appeared to be a white tank top, red striped shorts, Knuckles' gloves, his shoes looked like 'Knuckles', and he had red hair he was also well built, at least as far as he could tell. Sonic's jaw was on the ground, But then he saw himself, he was wearing a blue T-shirt with a hedgehog symbol, running shorts, with his shoes, and his gloves.

"Tails, Knuckles, I'm going to say this once, what the heck happened to us?!" Sonic screamed. Out of the mists, came a voice, a female voice.

"Magic and Spirit have been renewed, somewhat, to the world." The three of them looked towards the voice, out of the mists walked what looked like a rainbow haired human girl wearing a royal like outfit, the only thing about her was her forehead, her forehead held some kind of marking on it that was Rainbow.

"Who are you, and what's up with your forehead?" Sonic asked the woman.

"She, Is Aura Shinomata, Mana trailblazer, my friend and colleague. I am Craft Elliot, Material Guardian of Spirit." Said a male voice coming out of the mist, coming from the side of the Mana, looked to be a normal boy, whose hair was darker at the end, his eyes however seemed lifeless.

"Aura Shinomata and Craft Elliot, right, I'm Tails Prower." Tails said.

"I'm Knuckles Emerald, guardian of the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald." Knuckles said.

"And I'm Sonic Turbine, the fastest Hedgehog on the planet. Well, I used to be a hedgehog, now I don't know what I am." Sonic said. Again, another voice echoes through the dispersing mists. Sonic and friends could see a lot more people coming.

"Your age of existence is a trying one, I don't see how some one of your own family line, such as yourself, could not have seen this coming." Said a male voice, this human wearing a vest, pants, and he looked like he had bluish skin.

"Um, Aura, Who's this, and who else is showing up?" Asked Tails to the elf.

"He is one of the many that have returned. His name is Charge Excelion. He is a Morpheus." A human with silvery orange hair showed up wearing regular traveling clothing as well as a cloak, She stepped beside Charge. She looked like a pleasant person.

"I'm Infra Psi, Chakran Ranger." She said this while bowing to Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

"There's one question I have, where are you all coming from?" Asked Knuckles to the people showing up.

"We come from where we were, at the nexus of powers. Mainly, the nexus of Magic and the nexus of Spirit." Said Craft

"'The nexus of powers? I don't remember ever reading about any sort of nexus', either for Magic or Spirit." Said Tails

"They were never written about; the nexus' were kept by word of mouth and memory alone." Infra said.

"The chances of anyone who knew about the nexus's and not writing it down are almost infinitesimal." Aura said.

"Chances are only mathematical equations that have only one outcome. The nexus's are something that not even chance can invade." Said Charge putting in his two cents.

Tails looked at Charge "So you’re saying that the nexus's are out of the reach of the topic of 'chance'?"

"No, they are out of the reach of Chaos, Chance, is one part of Chaos." Charge said.

"Oh, so, the nexus' are out of reach of Chaos, but, if I'm understanding this right. Shouldn't Chaos have a nexus as well?" Tails asked.

Aura spoke "Chaos does have a nexus, but it is here on this plane of existence. I believe, the guardian of Chaos called it the Master Emerald."

"I've guarded the Master Emerald all my life, I've never heard of it being a nexus of Chaos. I mean, the God Chaos is inside of the Master Emerald along with a single spirit of an ancient echidna. But, I've never heard anything from anyone about it being a nexus." Knuckles said.

"I don't believe this area to be safe any longer, the others are coming though. I can sense them." Said Infra to the rest of their group.

"What do you mean, others are coming, and do you mean more like you 4?" Sonic asked.

"No, the others are, different, more like you but, different. We must leave this place at once, not only for our safety, but, encase the Dark Titan returns." Charge said.

With that, Aura, Craft, Charge, and Infra headed past Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Taking the hint, our three heroes followed them. After following them for a while, they had seeming lost those 4 beings in the mists. Sonic raced ahead of Tails and Knuckles to see if he could try and find those 4, but to no success.

"Well, I can't find them; they must have better skills than Espio." Said Sonic, he then noticed that he had blue hair. "At least I still have blue fur."

"It's called hair Sonic. We now have hair instead of fur, we don't have fur anymore, and we wear clothing in place of fur." Tails said.

"Alright, so, we wear clothing, we have hair on our heads, but, how come we look like this?" Sonic asked.

"That's something we should have asked Aura, Craft, Charge, and Infra. They probably could have explained it to us." Knuckles said.
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Re: Sonic: THE MOVIE
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2011, 02:24:48 PM »

The three of them continued to walk through the mists, until.

"I hear something." Knuckles said.

"What are you hearing Knuckles?" Sonic said.

"I don't know, sounds like, wings." Knuckles said.

"Wings?" Sonic said.

"A single set of wings, back to back guys." Knuckles said.

The three of them went back to back, trying to be prepared for what would happen. They waited for a while; soon they all heard the sound of wings. They expected someone like Rouge or Charmy or someone they knew to show up. The being that did show up, didn't look like anyone they knew. This being looked like a regular human, but, she had bird wings she was flying towards them. She was wearing what looked to be a shirt made out of leaves, pants that looked to be made of bark, and shoes that looked to be made of wood. She walked up to them, and greeted them.

"Hi, I'm Tetra Quattro, Astrali of the Grand Forest." Tetra said.

"Tetra Quattro. I'm Sonic, the fastest guy on the planet." Sonic said.

"I'm Tails, Sonic's best friend." Tails said.

"And I'm Knuckles, Guardian of the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald." Knuckles said.

"Guardian of the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald? Looks like we might see something after all." Tetra said.

"We?" Sonic asked.

With that Tetra sticks her fingers in her mouth and shrilly whistles loud and long. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles had to cover their ears, finally, she finished whistling, smiling.

"Allow me to introduce, my friends."

Out of the mists came this yowl, then, *PUMPH* This guy landed on the ground, when he stood up, the three of them noticed that the guy had glowing orange EM hair. He was wearing a circuit shirt, circuit pants, and circuit boots.

"I am the great Comet Harlowin of the Staramadas, slayer of the Galactic Man Eating Stags, Destroyer of the Giganten Cult, and Bearer of the great axe…" He then, using one hand, takes this huge two handed axe from his back. "Gorebreaker!"

Knuckles jaw was on the ground as he watched Comet do that. "Nice axe."

"Knuckles, pick your jaw up off the ground." Tails said.

"What, don't tell me you’re not impressed with that?" Knuckles asked.

"I am, it's just, I'm not that into guys with glowing hair hauling big freaking axes off of their backs with one hand is all." Tails said.

"You’re just jealous you can't do that." Knuckles said.

"No, you’re envious that you can't do that." Tails said.

"Quit pointing out the obvious." Sonic said.

A gruff Irish voice came out from behind the three of them "You lot argue plenty. But are you decent enough for a fight?"

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles quickly turned around and saw standing behind them this really tall Human. But, this human had headphones that seemed to be glued to his ears. The guy then popped his knuckles, he had fingerless gloves on, and he looked to be wearing a leather vest, brown button up shirt, grey cotton pants, and leather shoes with exposed toes.

"Um, not at the moment. But, you could ask him." Said Sonic as he motioned towards Knuckles.

"Alright, how about you then? You want to fight?" Said the gruff Irish voiced guy.

"Tetra, who's this?" Sonic asked.

"Supergroove, quit trying to pick a fight, these are the first few humans we've met for a really long time. Quit it." Tetra said.

"I just wanted a fight is all, you lot wouldn't fight with me after the first few centuries." Supergroove said.

"Supergroove, that a first or last name?" Tails asked.

"Beat Box Supergroove, last of the Reverberi’s Supergroove clan. I plan on making sure I'm not the last for long, if ya know what I mean ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha." laughed Beat as he put his hands to his side.

"Is this all of your group, Tetra?" Knuckles asked.

"No, there's two more. Where are you guys?!" She yelled out into the obscuring mists.

Out of the mists, two figures were seen walking side by side. As they got closer, their argument was heard by the group. The first voice they heard was, almost angelic, light hearted, and argumentative. The second voice they heard was, almost demonic, like that voice wanted to joke around a lot and not worry about the consequences.

"I told you they were over that way, you wanted to go the other way, make sure the Dark Titan was really released."

"Yeah, what of it? I wanted to make sure we weren't in any danger is all." Said one of them sheepishly.

"My white backside, you wanted to gain more power is all."

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Did not."

"Did too."

The first being they saw come into view was a man, he was wearing mainly white, white trench coat, white gloves, white pants, white shirt, white boots. His arm was tattooed with the Yang symbol. The second being they saw seemed to be the opposite, she was wearing mainly black, black leather jacket with a chain on it, black spiked gloves, dirty black pants, plain black shirt, and black boots. The thing about this girl was, she had a Yin tattoo instead. The man was the first to speak to the group.

"I'm Light, Yangtao Guardian of White Magic." Light said.

"I'm Dark, Yintao Guardian of Black Magic." Dark said.

"Nice to meet you both." Said Sonic waving to the two of them.

"So, do any of you know Aura, Craft, Charge, or Infra by any chance?" Asked Knuckles out of curiosity.

The five of them looked at each other; Then Tetra spoke to the three of them.

"We haven’t seen our friends since we were put into the different nexus'." Tetra said.

"Aye, I'd like to see that lifeless eyed guardian, he knew how to fight. Wonder if he still can?"

Out of the mists came Craft's voice.

"I doubt you could still throw a decent punch Supergroove!" Craft said.

"Craft, don't tease Supergroove, it's been too long since any of us have seen each other. Tetra good to see you again." Aura said.

"Aura!" Tetra said.

With that yell, Tetra ran over towards Aura, Who was being followed by Craft, Charge, and Infra.

"Well, Seems like the group is back together again, right?" Sonic said.

"Yeah, cause, well, we've got all three guardians here we should be able to do something right?" Knuckles asked.

There was still a quiet hush over the group, still making it quite uncomfortable for everyone, until a couple of noises were heard.

"What was that?" Charge said.

"Sounded like a Chao, a couple of Chao actually." Sonic said.

"Chao? What are Chao?" Charge asked.

Before anyone could explain, 3 Chao's floated into the center of the group. One of them was a Light Chaos Chao, another one was an Angel Chaos Chao, and the last one was a Devil Chaos Chao. The Light Chaos Chao floated over to Knuckles and landed on his head. The Angel Chaos Chao floated over to Light and landed on her shoulder, The Devil Chaos Chao floated over to Craft and landed on top of his neck.

"These, are Chao. This little guy here is an avatar of Chaos." Knuckles said.


"I take it that this little cutie here is supposed to be the avatar of Magic?" Light squealed.

"Yeah, and the one by Craft is." Tails said.

"I know; this one here is the avatar of Spirit. Humph, I don't see the resemblance." Said Craft as he took the Chao off of the top of his head and held him in front of himself.

"Chao, Chao."

Craft smiled a bit for some reason.

"You've got a point little one." Craft said.

"Craft, you understood him?" Dark said.

"Yes, didn't you?" Craft said.

"No, how come Craft can understand the avatar of Spirit, yet we can't?" Dark said.

"Well, he is the guardian of Spirit, he has a better connection to the power of Spirit, and so it would be easier for him to understand it." Light said.

"Chao Chao Chao Chao CHAO!"

"Well aren't you vocal about that, the avatar of Magic said we should plan on getting out of here quickly, Something was chasing them." Light said.

"Something was chasing them, that don’t sound good." Tails said.

With that, a slight roar was heard far off in the distance. Sonic spoke up to the group.

"I agree with the Chao, and we should all work together to make sure the Dark Titan doesn't come back, who's with me?" Sonic asked.

Sonic placed his hand into the center of the group, Tails and Knuckles followed suit and placed their hands on top of Sonic's. Aura, Craft, Charge, Infra, Tetra, Comet, Beat, Light, and Dark looked at each other.

"I'm with you Sonic." Aura said.

"So am I, to protect the powers of Spirit, I'll put aside my differences with Supergroove. Even though, I still think I can take him in a fight." Craft said.

"The endeavor of all this, the distinct creatures that we have yet to see, I believe I shall also be with you, Sonic." Charge said.

"Ha ha ha, this is going to be fun." Infra said.

"If Aura is with you, than so am I. I can't let her go alone; we just got back together again." Tetra said.

"If there's adventure ahead than you'll need my axe and strength to help you fight." Comet said.

"Eh, So long as I get to fight something, Craft, you and I will settle our differences sooner or later, Sooner or later." Supergroove said.

"It might be fun, what do you think Dark?"  Light asked.

"Why not, we could see what new magic's there is in the world, right Light?" Dark asked.

"Sure." Light said.

With that the entire group came together, prepared for the grand adventure ahead of them. But what about Eggman, what will he do now that Magic and Spirit have been released into the world? What about the Dark Titan, What is he going to be doing during this time of adventure?
Twilight and Darklight: opposing but equal opposites can always work together if you have the power to make it happen.

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Re: Sonic: THE MOVIE
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2011, 06:19:22 PM »

In a vast wide open void like space, where there are shafts of light coming from nowhere yet everywhere. A single girl, she’s wearing what looks like, a Gi with wooden sandals. The thing about this un-usual little girl is that she's almost completely white, her hair is white and her eyes are white, just white. She's walking along a path, looking for something, she makes a turn and goes down a hallway, At the end of the hall way, there's a large set of double doors. The doors look like it would take a being of super strength just to budge them; she opens them with relative ease and enters. The room she enters in, is darker than the other areas she's been in, She then sees this gigantic twisted Crystal, as she comes closer to it, she sees a single figure inside of it. A young boy, almost her complete opposite, he's almost completely black, black hair and eyes as dark as the void outside of the room where light does not reach.

"Brother, please, you need to listen this time."

"Why should I White, Why should I listen to you this time?"

"Because I'm telling you the truth." White said.

"You lie, you betrayed me, you turned traitor towards me, you lied to me, why should I listen to you again!?" Yelled the boy in a flare of rage.

White recoiled at the burst of rage and anger directed towards her, but she stood her ground, shakily, she stood straight.

"Brother, Black, please, it was for the better of all, you were out of control, and I had to do something so you wouldn't destroy us all." White said.

"You had to do something, You Had to Do Something?! You could have joined me!" Black yelled.

"You know I can't do that brother. I....I am your balance as you are mine." White said.

"I know that White, Soon, balance will be returned, I have someone helping me." Black smirked.

"Brother, you do realize that being is just using you for his selfish desires?" White said.

"Let him think that, soon, I'll be released." Black said.

"What?! How? I thought the 3 seals were still intact?!" White gasped.

"1 of the seals has been destroyed dear traitorous sister. Soon, after the other 2 seals have been released, my vengeance, my reign of the Multi-Verse, will begin again." Black chuckled.

"Brother, I'm going to do all I can to get you to realize that your vengeance is not a good thing, and that you should let it lie. I'll continue trying to get that through to you, even If I have to spend my eternity trying." White said.

Away from this entire ‘sibling bonding’, we see the group of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Along with all the others that had been freed from the nexus's of Spirit and Magic. We hear Light and Dark talking. (More like arguing, but, eh. Siblings?)

"I'm telling you Light, we need to go to the nearby township, they used to have a decent library there, we could look up what's happened in the years we've been gone." Dark said.

"And I'm telling you Dark, we need to go find the shrines of Magic and Spirit, before they’re destroyed." Light said.

"But Light; we need to see where everything is standing in this day and age. Besides that, I'm hungry." Dark said.

"I hate to interrupt, but, I'd like to ask a few questions to all of you while we're on our way to my base." Sonic said.

"Ah, speak Sonic me boy, I'll be glad to answer a few." Beat said.

"Thanks Beat, so, how come all of you seem to know what you know about earth, even though you've been in those Nexus' for a really long time?" Sonic asked.

"Ah, eh, well, um, that's tough to say." Beat sweated.


With that little call, the three chao's flew off of their respective guardians to the front of the group.

"Knuckles?" Tails asked.

"Don't ask me, I don't know what they’re doing." Knuckles replied.

A light seemed to come from within all three of the Chao's, those lights seemed to glow brighter and brighter until no one in the group could see. When the light died down and the group could see again, standing in front of them were not Chao's, but, The Avatars of Chaos, Magic, and Spirit. Chaos was the Light Chaos Chao, In the Angel Chaos Chao's place was a figure similar to Chaos of the Master Emerald made of white light only with horn extensions that were on the side and bent up before going straight down, same with a horn extension on the lower back of its head. Its eyes were blue in comparison to Chaos' green eyes and had claws that were more spherical than pointy. In the Devil Chaos Chao's place was a figure similar to Chaos of the Master Emerald made of black shadows only with horn extensions that were on the side and bent down before going straight up, same with a horn extension on the lower back of its head. Its eyes were yellow in comparison to Chaos' green eyes and had claws that were sharper than Chaos' and had spikes all over them. Before anyone else could react, Knuckles, Craft, Light, and Dark rushed forward to the front of the group and bowed to all the Avatars.

"We, the guardians of Chaos, Magic, and Sprit, we await your command." They all said in unison.

From Chaos, we see him look amongst the guardians; swing his head from side to side. Then everyone in the group heard a voice coming from within their minds.

"Please, do not lower yourselves to that state; we have only come to give you what you have asked for." Chaos said.

"Brother Chaos, Don't say that, they are our guardians, they should be as they are." Spirit scoffed.

"Brother Spirit, come now, we're all going to be together here, and we should treat each other as equals, not as stepping stones." Magic said.

"Sister Magic, Brother Spirit, we need to tell them the truth." Chaos said.

Sonic then spoke to the Avatars.

"What do you mean, 'tell them the truth'?" Sonic asked.

"The history that Human kind has recorded is a false history they made for safety, a false history that you need not know. In fact, Sonic should have learned this real history by now." Chaos said.

"What do you mean Human kind recorded a false history, Science proved that history to be right." Tails gasped.

"Science, young Tails, Is something that Human Kind has used since the beginning to explain the unexplainable, so that the truth wouldn’t be known until it needed to be." Magic said.

"But?" Tails said.

"Tails, Don't argue with the omnipotent and omnipresent semi deities." Knuckles ordered.

"But, Science?" Tails said.

"Tails." Knuckles repeated.

"Alright, I'll stop, I figure something out." Tails said in defeat.

"Good, now, you were saying, er, thinking something about a false history and me supposed to know a true history."  Sonic asked.

The three avatars then seemed to speak in unison.

"It has been known amongst those of us here, that the Humans, Mana, Materials, Morpheus, Chakran, Astrali, Staramadas, Reverberi, Yintaos and Yangtaos had been the dominant species since AD 1. But the humans, Left to revel in their self discoveries, were left behind when the others species left to prepare for a crisis that would come 2 Millennia later." The three said.

The three of them then looked at Sonic, but, only the Avatar of Magic spoke to him.

"Warrior Sonic, in all of your battles, you have won them, but, if you do not fight or act as seriously as possible in the coming battles, you will not win." Magic said.

Knuckles nudges Sonic on the arm, "What does she mean by, you acting seriously in the coming battle, haven't you always acted seriously in all our battles?"

Sonic weakly smiles, "To tell you the truth, no, Eh heh heh heh, I've never went full throttle in any of the fights I've been in."

Knuckles can't believe what he's just heard, Sonic never showed his full power in any of the fights he's been in. Before Knuckles can confront Sonic about that, the Avatar of Spirit then spoke.

"To truly decipher what will happen, you will need the help of a power equal to that of the Dark Titan." Spirit said.

Sonic looks towards it, "What do you mean a power equal to that of the Dark Titan. You mean there's something as powerful?"

The Avatar of Spirit replied, "Yes, something that has existed as long as the Dark Titan has."

"What is it, please tell me." Sonic asked.

The Avatars again spoke in unison, "The Light Titan."

As the Avatars spoke those words, the fog surrounding the group clears, revealing a path.

The Avatar of Chaos then spoke, "Follow this path, gather your friends, you will need all the help you can get."
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Re: Sonic: THE MOVIE
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As the group of adventurers finally makes it to Station Square, they all notice something, well; Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles notice it. The anthros have changed just like they have. But before anyone could think about asking anyone what happened.


And before anyone knew it, Sonic was on his back with a little girl on top of him.

"Alicia! I told you not to go running off like that."

A woman with pink pigtails with a white tie shaped ribbon with a black X on it in her hair came up to the group. She was wearing what seemed to be a running outfit, a shirt and shorts combo that clung to her body, her shoes seemed to be a combination of Running shoes and Hiking Boots, and yeah, they were pink.

"I'm so sorry this happen....SONIC!?"

"Hey Honey, Looks like you changed too huh?"

"So did I Papa, do I look good?"

"Lemme get up and I'll see."


Alicia got off of Sonic and he got up. Alicia had her long blue hair tied with a ribbon at the end with long bangs at the sides, Her green eyes sparkled in the sunlight and her outfit, a simple white T-Shirt and jean shorts with pink versions of Sonic's Extreme Gear outfit's shoes fit her pretty well.

"You look beautiful Alicia."

"Thank you Papa."

"Sonic, How did this happen? Who are all these people with you? Why are we human now? Did you wake up Dark Gaia again? Do I have to worry about you turning into the werehog during the full moon? Oh dear, I hope you won't shed all over the place."

"AMY, calm down. No, Dark Gaia isn't awake, I won't turn into the werehog during a full moon, these people are here to help everything get back to normal, well, our normal. Have you seen any of the old gang, we're going to need them for something big."

"How big Sonic?"

Knuckles coughed and answered for Sonic.

"Big enough Amy, So, have you seen any of them?"

"No Knuckles, I actually haven't seen many of them, but, I think Blaze, Silver, and Marine are down by the docks."

"Thank's Amy, Tails, Knuckles, go take everyone, that means you and Alicia too Honey, to the base. I'll see if Blaze, Silver, and Marine are still at the docks."

Without another word, Sonic was gone, leaving only a dust cloud in his wake. Amy shakes her head and then notices that Chaos is standing in the group, along with two other creatures that look like it. Then from inside her head she heard a voice.

"So you finally got your fondest wish?"

Amy looked confused for a moment, and then realized, Chaos was speaking to her.

"Yeah, I did, Sonic and I have been married for a decent amount of time, well, long enough to have this little bundle of joy and energy."

"Mama, who are you talking to?" Asked Alicia to Her mother, Amy just smiled.

"I'm talking to an old friend Alicia."

Amy then points to Chaos.

"That is my old friend, his name is Chaos."

"Nice to meet you Mister Chaos." Said Alicia as she waved towards Chaos, Chaos nodded his head in acknowledgement. Thinking to himself, Chaos wondered, It's been so long since he was last in the world, a lot of things have changed, he wondered, what else has changed since his last visit to this world.

Now, let us follow Sonic, and see, how everyone else is dealing with this change. Sonic speeds through Station Square, he catches glimpses of his friends in their new forms. He saw the Chaotix, Vector was a tall, green haired, muscular looking guy, he was wearing a jacket (Black, zippered, with green sleeves), Shorts with the same pattern as the jacket, a set of boots, and his trademark headphones. Charmy was wearing a flight jacket, Shorts that were brown and yellow striped, hiking boots, and he had a set of goggles on his head. Espio didn't look too different, He was wearing a button up Gi, Sandals, and a headband with a single horn on it.  Mighty was headed towards Vector and the others, he was more muscular than Vector, he wore a muscle shirt, Jean shorts, wrist weights, and running shoes. Sonic stopped to tell them to meet the others at the base.

Sonic continued on through, running, jumping, grinding on rails. He saw a few other people, The Babylon Rogues were walking out of an extreme gear shop. Jet looked tanned and athletic with green hair, he was wearing what looked to be a white and green cycling outfit(An outfit that looks like a T-shirt and shorts with tennis shoes, but, the shirt and shorts are skin tight, to reduce drag on the body.). Wave had her purple hair in a ponytail, she didn't look as tanned as Jet and a little less athletic looking, she was wearing the same kind of outfit, but hers was purple and pink. Storm had grey hair, it looked slicked back with hair gel, he looked more muscular than either of them, but he too looked tanned, but not as athletic looking as either Jet or Wave. And yeah, he was wearing a cycling outfit too, except his was grey. They all seemed to have the same symbol on their suits, kinda like a group logo or something. Sonic made another stop to tell them to meet the others at the base.

Sonic also saw Cream and Vanilla exiting from a grocery store, they didn't look too different, Except, Cream and Vanilla had long auburn Hair, going down to the middle of their backs. Vanilla was wearing a Yellow/Golden colored sun dress, while Cream was wearing a Yellow and Blue sun dress her size. Cheese was floating beside Cream looking confused at how Cream looked, Vanilla looked a little upset as she looked herself over, Cream then asked her something and she just smiled towards Cream and answered her. Sonic didn't hear what they had said, but, he was guessing that Vanilla was reassuring her daughter that everything was going to be alright. Even if they looked like they do now, Sonic knew he and his friends would fix this even if the human form was permanent. Making another stop he told the two to head to the base He finally had made his way to the docks, and he heard someone yell.


Sonic looked towards one of the docked boats, on top of the roof of one of them, a girl was jumping up and down. Her brown hair was in twin pony tails, her brown skin looked like it was reflecting the sun, Her outfit was a blue and white sailor outfit made for a girl her size, and her shoes looked like they were tennis shoes. Sonic skidded to a halt right at that boat.

"Marine, that you?"

"Sonic, Boy am I glad ta see you me Matey." Said Marine as she jumped towards Sonic off of the roof of her boat. Sonic readied to catch her when she stopped in mid jump.

"Marine, Blaze and I told you how many times not to attempt to tackle people from the roof of your boat?"

"Plenty a times, but, I just wanted to greet me favorite land lubber right is all."

Marine then kinda floated to the deck of her boat. Standing in the middle of the boat was Silver, at least, Sonic guessed it was Silver. Silver had his white hair in the same style his quills had been in, but, he looked different. He was wearing what looked like glasses but there lenses looked like shades, He was also wearing an unzipped silver jacket, a grey shirt with a targeting reticule on it, reflective silver pants, shoes that looked like they were part business wear part running shoe, and a pair of gloves each with a golden disc on the backs of them. Sonic walked on a gang plank from the boat to its deck, he then saw another person looking out at the ocean. Her hair was shoulder length, it looked like it was a combination of two different shades of purple. She had a dark purple trench coat on which looked a little singed on the bottom of it.

"Blaze, Sonic's here."

"I could tell from Marine's reactions, that, and I heard you and her talking."

As she turned around, Blaze looked somewhat asian, she was wearing a necklace with a single jewel on it, a light purple (almost pink) button up shirt, purple jean pants with frayed bottoms, heeled running boots, and a pair of gloves with the elemental symbol for fire the backs of them.

"It's been a long time Sonic, I don't know what's happened here, but, I do think you might know something."

"He does, its dealing with the ancient legends of this world. Right?"

"Silver don't read his mind, let him tell us. Well?"

"Yeah, it does, I need all of your help to handle this new problem."

"Well Mate, ya gonna fill us in or are you gonna stand there with your mouth open like a fish flopping on the deck." Said Marine getting kinda antsy, having found out Sonic is going to include them in another adventure, well, that's got her interested. Before Sonic could say anything, there was a flash of green light, and standing on the deck of the boat after the light subsided, was two people. One of them had black hair with red streaks in it, wearing a black T-Shirt with the Black Arms symbol on it, shades, gloves, golden bracelets, black and red running shorts, golden ankle bracelets, and black and red shoes with what looked like flared out soles, unlike any other humans that he had seen before, his eyes had no trace of black being replaced by a slightly darker shade of red. The other one was wearing what looked like a pink and black cat suit, arm length gloves, a back pack, and knee high heeled boots. Her hair was as white as could be, and it was in a pony tail.

"I knew we would find you here Faker."


"We need your help Sonic."


Rouge brought a laptop from her backpack, opened it, and was working on something.

"Eggman is preparing to attack with some sort of new weapon, Something we haven't seen before."

“Let’s get to the base, get everyone.” Sonic said.


“So Shadow, explain what the wily are.” Nack asked. Nack was a purple haired man wearing a cowboy outfit.

“Eggman’s up to something big this time, take a look at what me and Rouge saw.” Shadow said.

Rouge put the computer out and accessed the projector screen. A video came on showing a massive array of robots that looked like a fusion of the Egg-Dragoon and Nega-Wisp Armor all lined up. By the size of the robots and the room, there looked to be 10,000 robots. As they went along the line, they were infused with a glowing dark purple energy.

“I know Eggman likes making big toys, but that’s insane!” Vector yelled.

“Eggman is using Black, the Dark Titan’s power in ways that you couldn’t imagine.” Chaos said.

“And to think Dark Gaia’s power was only enough to power a prototype Egg-Dragoon. Yet he’s making thousands of final models with just a third of its power.” Sonic said.

“Which one of you would you happen to be Sonic Maurice Turbine?” Everyone turned to see a figure hidden by the shade.

“Watch out faker, she could be working for Eggman.” Shadow said.

Sonic stepped forward. “That’s me, what do you want?”

“Your help.” The shadowed figure walked out of the shade to reveal White. Suddenly Chaos, Magic and Spirit bowed down in front of her.

“Oh being of the brightest light, we welcome you. White, the Light Titan.” They all said in Unison.

“Say what?!” Sonic, Tails and Knuckles said.

“Please, I beg of you. Sacred Warriors of Light, you must convince my brother that he’s been lied to this entire time.” White pleaded. “About a googolplex years ago, me and my brother were being picked for who would be the main guardian of the land. My brother was going to be picked, but the chooser lied and picked me, my brother became enraged and laid waste to the area. So I sealed him away, but then he put a curse on this planet, and some of the humans became what you called anthros.”

“You mean we’ve been human all along?” Amy gasped.

“Yes, since the first seal has been broken your true forms have returned. But I beg you; do not let this battle come.” White said.

“Try all you want, but this battle cannot be avoided.” Everyone looked outside; they ran out to see a figure with a black cloak hiding his face. “Destiny is already moving into place. And Eggman has the lead.”

“Who are you?” Sonic shouted.

“You’ll regret asking, but I’ll show you anyway.” The figure ripped the hood off his face, everyone noticed that despite having red hair, and having a scar running across in between his eyes and nose; he looked exactly like Sonic. It was only after they heard Sonic fall on his butt that they saw Sonic shaking in fear.

“You know him Sonic?” Silver asked.

“I don’t just know him, he’s my father.” Sonic said. Everyone gasped.
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Re: Sonic: THE MOVIE
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“So it seems that you haven’t forgotten about me, despite that I am one of the worst villains known to mankind.” Mach said.

“A villain; seems odd since the faker is a hero.” Shadow said.

“Pay attention readers, you might want to hear this.” Mach said, making confusion on who these readers were. “It’s called breaking the 4th Wall, this is a Fanfic. Anyway, I was once a shining figure; I led the entire nation of America during World War III...”


“WWIII was the worst problem the nation ever faced. I was America’s top General.”

“The war has become too great, if this keeps up the world will become a toxic waste dump with no life.” The Mexican Saint King said.

“But what can we do, we’ve told our armies to stop fighting, but they keep saying they can’t until this battle is won.” The German Saint Queen said.

“I guess its over.” The Japanese Saint King said.

“No, it’s not.” Everyone looked at the American Saint Queen, Sapphire as she stood up. “If our armies will not stop on their own, then we must show we don’t want anymore fighting. We must do what we’ve should have done from the beginning. We must unite all of our nations together. And instead of a leader for each nation, we should have one leader for the entire world. It’s our only hope.”

Everyone was silent until. “She’s right, we must meet where we can give all of our power to one who will lead our world peacefully.” The French Saint King said.

“Sapphire, I believe you should be the true Saint Queen.” The Canadian Saint Queen said.

“Thank you.” Sapphire said.

“During the climax of WWIII, I was asked to get all of the Saint Kings and Saint Queens to the Court of Law to force the world to unite before Earth became uninhabitable. But the other armies believed their rulers were being held hostage and came to attack.”

“Go on ahead, me and the US army will stop the armies!” Mach ordered. His best troops went on ahead with the leaders, and no sooner did something slice horizontally above his nose leaving a scar. “You won’t get far!” Mach raced forward and smashed the ground in front of him creating a fissure to scatter the amount of people in groups. “Now my troops, keep them at bay, even if it means using the Nuclear Fusion Bomb!”

After countless hours of battling, a screen containing all of the Rulers appeared around the world. “Attention all people of Planet Earth, WWIII was started because you let your hate rush towards others without the consent of your leaders. Now take a look around at the damage caused by this war, is this what you really wanted?” Sapphire said. All of the armies looked around, seeing their once beautiful world looking close to a total collapse. “All of the rulers including myself talked the other day and came here to sign a deed that will put the differences aside, if we want to restore our world, we have to work together. And now we will have one leader to guie us all, I, Sapphire Turbine have been chosen as our first. Now we’ll work together to re-achieve the unity we once had!” The people of the world cheered.

“Through my act, the Deed was signed and the War ended with the World united as one. When my wife, the Sapphire announced she was going to have a baby, I was happy. But my wife went into labor early, my child survived, but my wife perished. I went mad, I sent my child: Sonic somewhere safe and I fell into the darkness.”


“Anyways, I’m working with Eggman. Bet the readers didn’t expect that.” Mach said. Then out of nowhere he snapped his fingers, and suddenly a creature falls from the sky to land on the ground leaving a crater. “Now, you’ll all become food for this fierce creature right here.”

“A Fushiryuu! The fabled cross of a Dragon and a Phoenix.” Aura said.

“Oh, so that’s what this is? Well go my beast, eat these savory dishes and burn away the bones.” Mach said as he disappeared.

The Fushiryuu roared, now that it was in view, you could tell it really was a mix of a dragon and a phoenix with purple and ice blue decorating its body. The Fushiryuu took flight and zoomed at Sonic. “Alright, I got this! Homing Attack!”

Sonic curled into a ball and rocketed at high speeds, when he made contact the Fushiryuu immediately knocked him off. Sonic landed on his back. “What the? Spin Dash!” Sonic zoomed at the Fushiryuu even faster this time, Sonic managed to stay on for three seconds before the Fushiryuu knocked him off again.

“What’s going on? Sonic’s attacks are barely doing anything!” Knuckles said.

“Even though being human again has made you stronger, some abilities you once had are now lost forever. Without his spines his attacks aren’t as strong as they used to be.” White explained. “And against a Fushiryuu’s hard skin, his kicks and punches do even less damage from physical attacks.”

“Chaos Control!” Sonic shouted. But suddenly nothing happened. “Huh?”

“The Chaos you once knew has been fused back together into its original form; you can’t use it the same way anymore.” White said.

“Suddenly, I don’t feel so hot.” Sonic said as he started panting. The Fushiryuu saw this is its chance and flew towards Sonic for a lucky shot. But suddenly out of nowhere, a pendant made from emerald with a wind symbol etched into it landed in Sonic’s hand. As the Fushiryuu got closer, it suddenly ran into a blue wall of energy and was knocked back.

“Was that...” White gasped.

“How did Sonic make that shield?” Tails asked.

“Sonic just used the greatest weapon from the Ancient Civilization.” Light said.

“He used Magic, one of the three heart powers. Magic, Chaos, and Spirit are all powers that have laid dormant for two millennia since the curse was put into place.” Dark said.

“Magic?” Sonic said.

“Hello Master.” Sonic looked at the jewel pendant to see it glowing. “I am Zephyr, a Bond Tech from the ancient times. You have a natural affinity for magic. Give me a body and I’ll give you a weapon and armor.”

“Okay.” Sonic concentrated and in moments a light surrounded him. The pendant gained form to look similar to Sonic only with green hair and blue eyes wearing an ancient tunic and pants with fingerless gloves and hiking boots. Sonic’s outfit changed to look like something 100 years in the future, on his shirt his Hedgehog symbol got covered by connecting metal plates, a black jacket with a wing tip collar that held green technological designs, white pants with purple cybernetic designs with an unconnected belt, a white glove on his left hand that was almost to his elbow and was fingerless, and grey elbow pads and knee pads. On his feet were futuristic boots not like Silver’s old ones that had wheels attached to the bottom called Excelion Gear, and on his right arm consisted of a gauntlet/fingerless glove hybrid made of metal with an orb that could fire laser blasts called Blast Gauntlet. “Whoa. Looks like things are getting interesting.”

“Master, allow me to lend you my power.” Zephyr said putting his hand on Sonic. “Bond In!” Suddenly Zephyr melded into Sonic’s body giving him whiter hair and fully green eyes.

"Sonic’s a mage and has magic armor, and they look like clothes?" Tails looked at Sonic before throwing his hands up. "Argh! You new people throw everything out of whack!" Tails said moving his hands through his hair. The Fushiryuu then fired an intense white flame towards Sonic.

Suddenly Sonic knew what to do and called out. “Cyclorrhapha sagittis!” (Sonic shooter) Suddenly blue orbs appeared in the air and phased through the fire breaking it apart. “Awesome, I feel all this power in my hands.”

“Master, that creature is crying, look!” Zephyr said. Sonic looked to see the Fushiryuu was indeed crying. “It must not be able to act on its own and it’s being controlled. You can free it by making it your Personification, just focus on a body and the creature will form into a Personification.” Sonic nodded. Suddenly a blue decorative triangle appeared under Sonic and the Fushiryuu.

“The air we breathe, the steps we take, the path we walk. Give this creature the ability to live again in new life.” Sonic chanted. “Transform!” The Fushiryuu started to change shape, turning from a Fushiryuu into a human girl with purple hair with ice blue streaks, an ice blue opal on her head, and clothes similar to Sonic’s Knight Armor.

“You have released me from my curse, I humbly thank you. My name is Rainbow, and I will be your guardian as my thanks.” Rainbow said.

“Okay, now Chaos. I believe there are some things about the ancient civilization you still haven’t told us about. You mind explaining?” Knuckles asked.

“Very well. It’s time you learn the full history of this Planet, and the very limits it surpasses.” Chaos said.
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Re: Sonic: THE MOVIE
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“So what else is there to know about the early civilization?” Sonic asked.

“Maybe it’s best if I explain this one, I’m about two-thousand and sixty years old.” Zephyr said. “During the time the species were still together and the humans went through their latest evolution, one of the major discoveries was made that could change mankind: the powers of Magic, Chaos, and Spirit. Through the three legendary powers, everything changed. We could use an energy source that was pollution-free. Eventually the magic was made into weapons called Techs, such as Sonic’s Blast Gauntlet and Excelion Gear. And the most special of those Techs where ones like me, the Bond Techs, we could act like normal people and help them with magic by uniting with them. The Personifications were some of the first creations of magic as well. But what was said was, when the other species left for the preparation of the great battle, the power was suddenly gone without a trace, the Techs fell into a deep slumber, and the Personifications reverted into animal form permanently causing a mutation that lead to some humans becoming the first anthros.” Zephyr explained.

“So what you’re saying is that you’ve been asleep for more than 2 millennia?” Tails asked.

“Yes, I needed Sonic to create my body because it was never finished.” Zephyr answered. “It seems that this was caused by Black, he put a curse on the planet before it was sealed which caused the three powers to be sealed and affect the world greatly and what caused some things to evolve incorrectly, such as the animals’ evolution to anthros, in fact the humans lost their ability to evolve. Chaos was weakened, Magic was sealed, and Spirit was scattered around the planet. White could do nothing because it would be wrong to try and get back the power of the planet by destroying at least one seal. Even though this planet is the legendary first planet or Mother of Planets.”

“Wait a minute; did you just say Earth is the very first planet to ever exist?” Knuckles asked.

“Yes, during the time it went by Planet Eden after the peace and harmony on the planet, this name was kept until the Humans became the remaining sentient species on the planet, where it was renamed Earth because the Humans felt it wasn’t right to keep the name of Eden without the other species. Earth was the first creation that the Enigmatic One made before going into slumber. The Primordial Beings would then use the DNA present on the planet to make the others. But Earth had so much power that some believed that the power would need to be reset so it would stay in check, so then the Terminal Beings created the Gaia Brothers to shatter the planet to release the excess energy where it would be used create new worlds, and then put the planet back together.” Zephyr explained.

“So you could say Earth is the Mother of many children.” Amy said.

“Exactly. Earth is like the start of a DNA strand, or the first cell to be affected by Primordial Ooze.” Zephyr said.

“Question, who’s this: Enigmatic One?” Shadow asked.

“Well, I’m not totally sure because hardly anyone outside the Primordial and Terminal Beings know about the Enigmatic One, but the people who made me said that she, The Goddess, was the first being in existence, but most people call her Khaos, in fact, the one known as the Devil was her boyfriend Harmoni. She’s the one who created the Multi-Verse-”

“Multi-Verse?” Rouge asked.

“Maybe I should explain what that is first. A lot of people believe that the universe is the biggest thing there is. But in actuality there are seven Universes in something even bigger, that’s the Multi-Verse. Khaos created all of them.” Zephyr said. “Khaos was powerful enough to run everything on her own, but instead created the Primordial Beings to do the job in her place, that was the last time anyone saw Khaos awake as she fell into slumber. But Khaos was happy; Khaos only had fallen asleep because she had fought in the first of the Omnipotent Wars to protect the Multi-Verse, which is why Khaos went into slumber. And I think I remember the battle’s story.”

Khaos walked towards her enemy, knees starting to buckle beneath her from exhaustion and the pain of her wounds. Blood soaked her clothes as she staggered forwards, but she still remained proud. ‘Thank you Harmoni, my love.’ "It's over," Khaos whispered. "They're gone, Emporia. The Seven Destroyers are gone for all eternity now, and they can't hurt another soul ever again." She fell to her knees with weakness, hissing in pain.

"You can't do this!" Emporia howled. "My life's work... all the suffering I've gone through... all the terrible things I've witnessed... I could have made a paradise, a new garden of Eden!" Khaos shook his head wearily.

"You just don't get it," she said. "Even if you made a Eden, it wouldn't last. With every Eden, there's Adam and Eve, Emporia, and eventually, there would have been a serpent. Our world isn't perfect, but there's no such thing as a Garden of Eden anymore." The Sea of Chaos howled in rage and frustration at the loss of his perfect world, at the loss of it all.

“Khaos went to sleep because she needed to regain her power. No one knows if she’ll ever wake up. It’s already been Googolplex years so she should have woken up by now. Harmoni is waiting patiently for her to awaken.” Infra said.

“I know she’ll wake up one day. We just don’t when that day is.” Craft said.

“Whoa, that’s a lot of info.” Rainbow said.

“Now that I think of it, Sonic, how’d you even figure out Mach was your father if you were adopted?” Silver asked.

“My adoptive mother never changed my last name. That’s when I realized my adoptive mom, was my biological mom.” Sonic said.

“What, but your father said…” Blaze gasped.

“He was told she died giving birth, but by a miracle she had woken up later through one doctor not wanting to give up on her, only she lost her memory of my father and could only recall having me. She then found I was at the orphanage and got me out.” Sonic explained. “It wasn’t until years later she remembered and then told me, but that’s not all.”

“There’s more?” Tails asked.

“It seems my mom has told me the world as I knew it was not what I thought. I now know that she meant she knew the real truth of this world. But what she did tell me is that she faked being dead, and my dad is only pretending to be evil.”

“So your father is actually doing a plan that could ruin what Eggman’s doing but doesn’t know you know.” Comet said.

“Yeah, but now I’m wondering, can I fight my father if that’s his plan?” Sonic asked himself.

“Papa?” Alicia said.

“Don’t worry Alicia, papa will be alright.” Sonic said raising his daughter into the air.

“I can see why Sonic’s having thoughts about this; how can you fight, when the one you must fight, is someone you can’t fight.” Chaos said.

The scene changes to Eggman’s base where Eggman’s three shape henchmen were working. “It seems that this power is amazing, perhaps the boss will succeed this time. If Sonic can’t counter that is.” Orbot said.

“Well how can he do that if it’s bad to break one of the seals?” Cubot asked.

“Well, if there’s a Dark Titan there might be a Light Titan and the Light Titan would give Sonic power to stop the Dark Titan and then they would be equal in power, but the battle could go on forever and they would still be equal throughout that time and then the final blow is struck and-” Tribot, who was shaped like a prism with blue as his main color, rambled on.

“Tribot you can stop now.” Orbot said.

“Oops, I talk too much.” Tribot said. “I wonder if the readers think that.”
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Re: Sonic: THE MOVIE
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The scene changes to Sonic who was looking through a picture book reminiscing about the time that got him and Amy together and how Alicia was born.

(Even though they were still anthros at the time, in these flashbacks the cast will be referred as humans as they can only remember their human forms.)

Groaning as the light hit her eyes, Amy had to wonder just why she felt so tired... And cold... And sore all over. She hadn't felt this bad since her own hammer hit her all those years ago. It wasn't too often that she passed out from pain after all. Cracking an eye open, she nearly passed out from the light that was blasting her on her face. Groaning, she rolled over and sighed in relief as she felt a body next to hers. At least the light wasn't...

"Wait a second..." She muttered and sat up, her eyes widening, as did the pounding in her head, as she saw Sonic with his work clothes from the other day, especially since she was wearing the same. At least that explains that cologne... (Since this is a fanfic, I’m making the way people reproduce in this Alternate Univerrse simply by having touched for eight hours, because I want to stay in the website’s guidelines, so do know they are wearing clothes) Her mind managed to provide as her brain started to get caught up on the situation.

Naturally, Amy did the most instinctive thing one could think of doing in this situation: she tried to recall what the heck she'd been doing last night. Even as thinking made her head hurt, she ignored the steady pounding to focus on the much larger problem at hand.

All right. Okay. Last night had been a celebration of... something. Something Shadow had done, though Amy couldn't remember what it was. Everyone had been there, and everyone had been teasing Knuckles and Shade because they'd finally gotten together and proved Rouge right.

She'd been drinking hot sauce. Not a lot, but enough to get slightly dizzy before the night was over, and while she had been talking she saw Sonic, quite dizzy and trying to find the exit, tripping over his feet as he did. She offered him help, of course, and walked him home...

And then...

And then what?


Even if some things weren’t clear... The soreness she felt now made a lot more sense. I, and then he, and then... She was pale, very pale. Heck, if someone walked in, they would think that she was either a statue made out of plaster or a ghost. Trembling, the memories came back... She actually started to feel sick... Or maybe that was because she was trembling?

‘I have to leave; I have to get out of here.’ She thought desperately. If she got out, then she could go, make last night seem like it never happened and...

"Amy..?" Sonic's voice stopped her from moving for a moment. "What's going...? Ah... Why are you here... Oh..." Of he would be the one to figure out what happened easier than she did.

"Sorry, I didn't... Excuse me." She mumbled as she tried to get out of bed, which would have been more successful if Sonic didn't lunge forward and grab her by her hips and pulled her back down onto the bed.

"It was a dream." Amy was desperate to escape. "I'm not here right now. I'm leaving. Let go, Sonic."

"Amy, please, you can't leave."

"Why not? It's simple, I leave and we can pretend this didn't happen."

"But it did happen." Sonic, darn him, he didn't raise his voice at all. Probably due to the headache he was feeling as well. "Do you think that you won't think about what happened?" He kept one arm around her mid-section; his other hand went to her upper back, rubbing it, trying to be soothing. "Don't you think that it would be quite... Awkward at your house if you didn't at least talk about it?"

Amy wilted at that. Somehow, she'd been hoping Sonic would be just as freaked out as she was. "It happened, end of story," the blonde said. "There, we talked about it. Sonic, let go."

Sonic frowned and instead of letting go tightened his hold, pulling Amy closer and making her squeak.

"Why do you want to run?" Sonic asked her softly.

Amy's face was bright red as she tried to squirm away from Sonic. "B...Because this shouldn't have happened." She blurted out, tears starting to fall down her face. "Because I know that you're more attracted to anyone than me, because... Because I'm... I'm not... Not someone that..." She stumbled over her words, not sure what she was trying to say anymore.

"Amy?" Sonic was worried about her now, something wasn't right here. "Calm down."

"It's not supposed to be this way..." Amy had her eyes closed, tears falling down as she let her emotions run free. "I took all those missions so that I could just slip away quietly."

"Hey, hey." Concern overrode sleepiness and any hangover he had; Sonic leaned closer to Amy, gently brushing away her tears. "I don't know what idea you've been carrying around, Amy, but talk to me. Please?" She smiled slightly. "We're both together right now. It's the best time."

"There's nothing to talk about." For all the tears Sonic wiped away, more seemed to fall. "I messed up. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry."

Sonic frowned as it hit him; the reason Amy seemed so upset. "Amy... don't tell me you've spent so much time away because you thought you were getting between me."

Amy simply nodded her head and sobbed.

After several minutes of crying, Amy finally calmed down, her eyes blood-shot and her face red. "I... I'm sorry... Just... Just let me..."

"Amy..." Sonic frowned softly as he looked at his friend. There was real anguish on her face, not just sadness or a moment of getting upset over the events of last night.

"If... If I hadn't been in your life... You would have gone on and been happy, I know it..." Amy admitted, her body slumping as she stopped struggling against Sonic. How the heck was he so strong anyway? "I... I could just... Just leave... You would never need to see me again..."

"Hold on. Just hold on." Sonic was struggling to keep up. "What are you talking about, Amy? We've been together since we were kids. Why would that change?"

Since she wasn't struggling anymore, Sonic took a risk and slowly drew Amy into his arms, giving her a comforting squeeze. "We've been together from the very beginning. It wouldn't feel right without you, Amy."

Sonic was surprised as Amy twisted in his grasp, turning and hugged him tightly, mashing herself against his body, and buried her face into his chest. "It... shouldn't... Be like this..." She murmured softly, causing Sonic to blink in confusion. "I shouldn't... I shouldn't have gotten in your way Sonic..."

"Gotten in my way... Amy?"

"I... I don't know anymore..." She admitted, but she wasn't letting go.

Sonic frowned; something was up, what... Wait a minute... Something came to his mind. "Amy... Did... Have you been getting pressure from certain people?" Feeling her stiffen, he sighed. "Thought so..."


He looked at Amy. "It... It's not something that I like to talk about, but... Several of the higher ups in the GUN put pressure on some of the strongest heroes to have children...”

"I... wasn't supposed to tell..." Amy murmured softly. "How did you know, Sonic?"

"Shadow was having a fit about it." And since it was one of the few times the dark-haired man had truly lost his temper, Sonic had paid attention. "He dumped it all on me when he came by to the Library for some information. Said Rouge and Nack were pretty mad about it, too. I thought it'd be a good time to slip away."

Amy stiffened in shock, her eyes widening; blinking, she looked up at Sonic. "You were going to leave?"

"I wasn't going to force you into something you didn't want, even if my superiors ordered it." Sonic smiled tiredly. "If I was gone, they'd lose their best chance of getting kids from you and leave you alone."

"But... why?" Amy couldn't resist asking.

"I care for you. That's never changed." He took another deep breath. "But somewhere along the line, I... changed. I didn't fall out of care with you, but somehow I... fell in love."

Amy stilled and turned her head to look at him, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. "Sonic?" Her voice was strained and slightly hopeful.

"I didn't tell you, at first, I... I felt kind of dirty..."

"Sonic..." Amy hugged him softly. "Why do you keep so much from me?" She couldn't understand it; he always kept so much from her, and it was starting to really bother her.

Sonic sighed and leaned in to Amy's embrace. "Because you always worry about others," he mumbled. "More than you worry about yourself. You never think about yourself, Amy. We tend to not tell you things because we don't want to worry you."

"I... I never want to bother people with my own problems..." She said softly. "Had to grow up alone... Everyone had to work hard, I just couldn't..."

Sonic winced; he had forgotten that Amy had suffered serious neglect as a child when her father was hospitalized.

"Sorry," Amy whispered. "I tend to forget sometimes. You're so strong, Sonic... I'm always afraid you might break one day."

"Yeah." Sonic said. "Their parts of the downside of having people love you."

Amy chuckled softly. "We're quite the duo, aren't we? Sonic... Could we... Please... Give this a chance?"


Sonic always thought the way he and Amy got together was a little weird. But he didn’t mind it. Because it brought his beautiful daughter into the world

It was hours later when they heard Amy screaming in pain, getting everyone to tense and look at the door.

Even though she was worried, Rouge chuckled softly. "I win, Shade."

Shade grumbled and pouted, she was so SURE that Amy was going to give birth an hour later.

"And you all said I'm bad," Shadow muttered as Cream and Big exchanged nervous looks. After several minutes, a nurse came to the door. "Sonic Turbine?"

He was on his feet in an instant and moving forward. "Amy? The baby?"

The nurse chuckled. "Why don't you come in and see for yourself, Daddy?" She smiled at the others. "I'll let some of you in as soon as he gets a moment to make sure they're all right," she promised before leading Sonic inside, closing the door behind her.
Tails was a little sleepy, having fell asleep a couple hours ago, but was woken up by the sound of Amy screaming. "What? Amy?" He looked around worriedly.

"Its okay, Tails." Vanilla smiled. "Amy just gave birth to Alicia."

After several minutes, the nurse came back outside. She took one look at the full room and sighed. "I can't take all of you," she said. "I'm sorry about that. But who wants to see little Alicia?" Even the nurse was smiling.

It was no surprise that Tails was there in an instant, Cream right behind her, looking nervously at Big, who nodded at her. The others smiled softly at the two kids and the huge adult.

After a moment, Rouge gave Knuckles a light nudge. "Go on," she said softly.

"I don't want to..." He started to protest as he shook his head.

"Knuckles, you almost broke several speeding laws to get here. Go." She smiled. "I can wait."

Knuckles nodded quietly and rose, following the three children.

Shade grumbled, she wanted to go in, but the nurse shook her head.

Vanilla had wanted to go in, but she could wait... Just a bit. Besides, she could feel overwhelming happiness coming from Amy at that moment. It was incredible.


Amy was smiling, panting as she held a little crying bundle in her arms. "Knuckles..." Her smile grew as she saw Knuckles, Cream, Big and Tails come in to see her. "Big, Cream, Tails..." She was panting, her face was sweaty, hair matted down, her eyes were tired, but she was still content and happy. "Meet Alicia." She moved the blanket away from Alicia's head, letting the group see the little baby and a bunch of blue hair on her head which was a surprising amount for a newborn.

Knuckles was smiling, but the real action was the three close friends, who looked at Alicia in wonderment as Alicia started to settle down and made noises while she squirmed and moved around and opened her eyes.

"Wow... Amy..." Big smiled, his eyes were wide and sparkling with interest and happiness.

"She's so big," Cream murmured, cautiously creeping closer when the baby didn't seem to mind her presence.

"Don't say that," Amy groaned. "You wound my ego."

Sonic woke up from passed out on the floor, (which no one noticed) staring at Amy and Alicia. While he'd seen them already before, he still couldn't get over... how beautiful they both seemed to be.

Noticing him, Amy smiled. "Come here, Sonic," she said. "Come say hi."

He walked up to her, smiling and touching Alicia's small hands with his finger, chuckling softly as his daughter squeezed his finger tightly. "She is so beautiful... Just like her mother." Amy smiled tiredly as he kissed her on the forehead.

“These memories mean a lot to me. I’m not letting Eggman destroy them.” Sonic said. “Father, I promise, even if we have to fight, this plan will work.”
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Re: Sonic: THE MOVIE
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The scene changes to Sonic who was looking through a picture book reminiscing about the time that got him and Amy together and how Alicia was born.

“These memories mean a lot to me. I’m not letting Eggman destroy them.” Sonic said. “Father, I promise, even if we have to fight, this plan will work.”
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Re: Sonic: THE MOVIE
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Sonic walked into a house, a woman with blue hair and blue eyes walked into the room to see him. “Why hello son, I’m guessing you’ve come to ask something?”

“Yeah, mom, it’s time I knew the truth about our family.” Sonic said.

“Actually, there’s someone I have visiting to tell you that.” Suddenly a blonde haired woman who looked to be 20 with red eyes came from behind her. “Sonic, meet your ancestor, Olivie Turbine.”

“Ancestor? How old are you?” Sonic asked.

“I’m 20 biologically, but chronologically I’m 2080.” Olivie said.

“Wow, you must take good care of yourself.” Sonic said.

“Actually, I discovered the secret to eternal youth when I was 20. In fact, your father is an Immortal that’s lived as long as Black and White.” Olivie said. “But anyways, the secret to our family is that we’ve kept the truth about the real history of Earth, and to make sure, everyone that becomes part of the Turbine family or ever will become part of it is given the last name Turbine.”

“And dad’s plan, what about it?” Sonic asked.

“Before you were born, Mach saw a future where an unknown evil would take over the world. So he lied to Black as a way to prevent this from happening in a very long and well laid out plan. When you were about to be born, he needed a way to infiltrate Eggman. So I pretended to be dead by using my power to hide my pulse and Mach pretended to go mad and become evil. Mach’s plan will eventually make him find Black and tell the truth before his evil is unleashed.” Sapphire explained.

“I’ll make sure that he succeeds. But what if I have to fight him?” Sonic asked.

“Then don’t hold back, because he asked me to give you these during the Climax of his plan.” Olivie said handing a box to Sonic.

Sonic opened the box to find seven opals that were colored just like the Chaos Emeralds. “What are these?” Sonic asked.

“These are your father’s heirlooms, the Chaos Amplifiers, they will give you access to the High-Hyper Form. They also have a special power that when used with the Super Emeralds, the Master Emeralds, and your Bonds. The true light will shine upon you.” Olivie explained.

“Okay, I’ve got the strength to do this.” Sonic said. Suddenly his Holo-Phone rang. Sonic answered it to see Omega show up, he was now a Cyborg, like how Shadow had become what he called an Artifician

“Sonic, bad news, while you were getting info, Eggman found the second set of ruins and destroyed them before we could stop him.” Omega said.

“Oh great. I hope my father knows what he’s doing.” Sonic said.


“I wish I could get my brother to believe me, but I guess, maybe it’s not meant to happen.” White said. She had considered opening the door to try and convince him again. But seeing that another seal had been broken, she was thinking that it wouldn’t matter. Suddenly she heard footsteps, and Mach had appeared next to her. White realized who he was. “Your, the one who chose the guardian of the land.”

Mach opened the doors and walked up to the crystal containing Black, White following in behind him. “Hmm, what’s this? Come to give another prisoner punishment along with-” Black then recognized Mach as the one who had said White would become the guardian. “Oh, it’s you, come to rub my sister’s achievements in my face?”

“No, I have come to tell you I lied to you.” Mach said. Suddenly Black’s face gave a look of incredible shock. Even White was surprised.

“What? You mean I was the guardian all this time?” Black asked. Mach nodded.

“You know of the ultimate evil right?” Black nodded. “I lied to you so he would not return earlier then he planned.” Mach explained.

“I hurt so many, for nothing.” Black realized.

“This is what I was trying to tell you this entire time brother.” White said.

“I realize my foolishness now. White, if you let me out, I will try and stop that mad man from gaining the boon by destroying the third set of ruins.” Black said.

White concentrated her power and the crystal prison broke apart into pieces. “Thank you, now we must hurry.”


“HE DID WHAT?” Eggman shouted.

“Well apparently, Mach was a Double Agent. Even the readers knew that.” Tribot said.

“No matter, even if the Dark Titan’s full power won’t be mine, it will be enough to destroy Sonic once and for all!”


“So Black, do you know where the third temple is?” Sonic asked.

“Yes, but it’s not the best place in the world to be.” Black said. “It’s located, at the top of the world, the North Pole.”
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Re: Sonic: THE MOVIE
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“Tails, will this work?” Sonic asked. Tails was building a portal to the Twilight Cage, where they would ask an unlikely ally for help.

“Sonic, are you sure we should be doing this?” Shade asked.

“Ix and your Tribe existed as the first with high technology. He might have a way to search the temple’s location. And even though Aura and her friends’ species have the technology to boost ours to level 15 as they call it, they can’t migrate their species and technology here quick enough to use it.” Sonic said.

“Don’t worry Sonic, it should work.” Tails said as he finished the machine. “But to be safe, I’ll start with a communication first.”

Suddenly a holograph of Ix appeared in front of them. Ix looked much different from last time as if he had grown older in a short amount of time, especially since Time moved slower in the Twilight Cage compared to at least their world. It was also shown the Ix had also become human and looked as if he was in his 90s.

“He doesn’t look anything like you described him.” Aura said.

“Yeah, he looks about 10 years older.” Craft said.

“So what do I owe this greeting, especially after you left me here to rot after the whole incident a few years ago?” Ix asked.

“We need your help. There’s a force here that may not only destroy our world, but everyone in the Twilight Cage with it.” Shade said.

“So what’s in it for me?” Ix asked.

“If you will help us, and bring all the people in the Twilight Cage with you. You’re free to go from the prison of the Twilight Cage. But if you even try to double cross us you’re getting sent back in there alone.” Sonic said.

“Then we have a deal.” Ix said.

“Tails, link your device to his warp belt to let them all out. Send the other species back to where their planetoids where on our world. And bring the leaders to this area.” Sonic said.

“Son, I’ve never seen you so serious.” Mach said.

“I guess that’s because I finally found a reason to be.” Sonic said.

“Okay, transport ready!” Tails said. The machine sent out a powerful wave placing the planetoids back to their spots on Earth. And out of the portal; Ix, Krag, The Queen, Raxos, and Thebes appeared. Do no one, other than Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, had expected them to look entirely different. Krag was a humanoid that seemed to be partly rock, the Queen seemed to be a humanoid gelatin, Raxos seemed like a plasma and armored humanoid, while Thebes seemed like a normal humanoid with a tail and flipper like fingers, though probably since his time as the Overmind, his color changed to a unique yellow.

“I don’t remember them looking like that.” Shade said.

“Hey, I remember these guys, they were some of Earth’s dominant species before they all disappeared due to Argus. Or should I say Black over here?” Mach said.

“Okay, in my defense I thought they would destroy the planet if they didn’t learn to stop their conquest.” Black scoffed.

“So this whole time our friend Sonic lived on the same planet and all of us were dominant species.” Krag said. “Hey, my speech sounds different.”

“Mine too.” The Queen said.

“Can I please kill an N’rrgal?” Raxos asked.

“No, racial discrimination and racial war became forbidden since you were last here.” Mach frowned.

“(It’s great to see you again my friends.)” Thebes said.

“Alright Ix, we did our part, now you have to help us find the Third set of ruins that hold’s the Dark Titan’s boon.” Sonic said.

“That set of ruins in the north pole, 100km above the top of the world.” Ix said.

“You’re helping us that easily after all you’ve done, what are you planning?” Shade asked.

“Nothing, after the whole fiasco, I was dethroned from Imperator of the Nocturnus Clan. I have nothing to use against you, in fact now I have reformed myself, but my time is growing short. Do what you must, I am no threat.” Ix said.

“(As weird as that sounds my friends, he’s telling the truth.)” Thebes said.

“Okay, I can believe someone like Thebes in this case.” Sonic said. “Come one guys, we’re going to stop Eggman.”


“So, the last temple is here at the North Pole, time for the ultimate power to become mine.” Eggman said.

“Not so fast Eggman.” Eggman looked to see Sonic and his friends standing at the temple. “Try this on for size. Tormentis Accelerabitur!” (Accelerated Cannon)

Eggman was quick to put up his shield to block the attack, but it was quick to start cracking. “Nega-Dragoons, go!” Eggman ordered. The robots from the factory appeared and surrounded Sonic and friends.

“Let’s see how this works. Tenebrarum Erupit!” (Chaos Burst) Shadow shouted creating a powerful burst of energy around him knocking the robots back a bit. The robot’s retaliated with powerful rocket bursts.

“You shall not pass, I won’t let you. Obice Animales!” (Psychic Barrier) Silver said created a giant dome around him and his friends.

“They’ve managed to use their powers already.” Chaos said. “I’m impressed.”

“(Allow me.)” Thebes said. He used his power on the robots and they all froze in their tracks.

“Alright, time to pull out my second greatest creation. Go, E-1,000,000, my Egg-Dragon!” Eggman shouted, suddenly from under the ground a huge 80m robot surfaced. It looked like a huge mechanical dragon with rusty green armor and wings that were half its size.

“This could be a problem.” Beat said.

The Egg-Dragon fired a super thick beam at them, at a pace that Sonic wouldn’t have enough time to get everyone and run. But suddenly Chaos, Magic and Spirit turned into light and rammed into the blast. “Chaos, what are you doing?” Sonic yelled.

“We cannot let you perish, you are the one that will unite the light and banish the dark. We may have failed to save the ruins, but there’s still hope. Good luck Sonic.” Chaos said as the beam exploded taking Chaos, Magic, Spirit, the Egg-Dragon, and the last set of ruins with it.

“Yes! I can feel the power! E-∞, Egg God, assemble!” Suddenly a machine twice the Egg Dragon’s size appeared. Eggman’s ultimate machine had appeared. “This darkness shall give me access to all the forces I’ve used in the past.” Eggman’s voice became mechanical as he fused with his machine. Suddenly Eggman warped everyone back to Station Square and from their they appeared on a platform known as the Eggman arena.

“Eggman, you’ve brought so much pain. Now, I’m going to erase it.” Sonic said as the Chaos Emeralds gathered to him. “Knuckles, lend me the Master Emerald.” Knuckles nodded and handed him the gem.

“Eggman! Prepare for the last round!” Sonic said as he went Super Sonic.
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Re: Sonic: THE MOVIE
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“Let’s take a look back on this adventure. Shall we? It started when Eggman tried to take out a temple and succeeded turning all the anthros into humans permanently, we then met people from the true history of the world who where once dominant species. We gained the ability of amazing powers. We learned that our planet was the Mother of all Planets. During the course we learned my father was helping Eggman the entire time, and had been alive for a very long time because he is immortal. Eggman managed to destroy another set of ruins and become only a step away from his goal. But before Eggman took out the third set, my father revealed the truth to Black, and about the whole plan he, my mom and ancestor Olivie had created, and the Dark Titan finally forgave his sister White, the Light Titan. But Eggman still gained his boon and used it to power his Egg-God, using this power he covered the world in darkness in order to turn it into Eggmanland. Now I have to face him with only the Chaos Emeralds, the Chaos Amplifiers, and the Master Emerald. But will it be enough?”

Sonic in his Super Form flew towards Eggman and his Egg-God. “Eggman, you’re not getting away with this. No matter how deep the darkness, there’s always a light!” Sonic said.

“Try all you want Sonic, but you will be unable to defeat me this time, my power has become too great for you to defeat.” Eggman said in his new mechanized voice. The Egg-God morphed its arm into its cannon. “Frenzy! Quantum Buster!” Eggman shot a beam that used the time powers of the Chaos emeralds and the space powers of the Sol emeralds. Sonic tried dodging but the beam somehow got to him before he could move.

“Augh!” Sonic yelled as he rocketed down towards the ground. “Master Emerald, give me the power, to go Hyper!” Sonic glowed before his hair became more ruffled and he shot back up.

“No matter how high you go, it will be futile in the end.” Eggman said. “Cube! Spikes! Laser!” Suddenly Cubes appeared around the area and spikes came around targeted Sonic before lasers ricocheted off the cubes making Sonic’s chances to evade 0%. Sonic was pummeled by the attacks.

“Papa!” Alicia cried.

“If I had only known, this wouldn’t have happened.” Black said. “I need to find a way to counter this.”

“I guess, I’ll have to amplify further!” Sonic said as he used the 7 Chaos Amplifiers and ascended higher into the High-Hyper form.

“A new level huh? It will still make no difference.” Eggman smirked. “Power Drain!”

Suddenly Sonic’s power was suddenly weakened and absorbed into the Egg God’s body. “No, not now.” Sonic moaned.

“Chaos Flare!” Eggman shouted as a purple beam shot Sonic down, and he started falling to the ground.

“SONIC!” Everyone shouted.

‘No, I can’t move, it can’t end like this.’ Sonic thought.

“And it won’t.” Mach said.

‘Dad?’ Sonic thought.

“I didn’t go through all this planning so that you would lose here. To win, you need to use your bonds.” Mach said.

“My bonds! That’s it!” Suddenly with new determination, Sonic rocketed back up into the sky in his normal form.

“What?” Eggman gasped.

“Yea, Papa!” Alicia cheered.

“Go Sonic!” Amy cheered.

“Go big bro!” Tails cheered.

“Do it True Blue!” Knuckles cheered.

“Go fake... no, Sonic!” Shadow cheered.

“You can do it Sonic!” Silver cheered.

Suddenly everyone saw the spirits of every creature that lent Sonic’s powers in the past appeared behind him. “All the powers I once used, I can use them again! Now with the master Emerald I’ll summon the Super Emeralds.” Sonic said as the Chaos Emeralds grew in size. “Now with the Super Emeralds, Chaos Amplifiers, and the Master Emerald. I’ll summon every item of power that exists together. The Sol Emeralds!” 7 Square cut gems appeared. “The Jeweled Scepter!” A Staff appeared. “The Secret Rings!” 7 dual colored rings appeared. “The Sacred Swords!” 7 Swords appeared. “The Power Gems!” 5 hexagon cut gems appeared. “The Precious Stones!” A pearl, crystal, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, and diamond appeared. “The Pandemonium Diamonds!” 3 diamonds appeared. “The Life Crystals!” 4 crystals appeared. “The Rainbow Prisms!” 10 colorful prisms appeared. “And the Destiny Orbs!” 2 Orbs appeared. “Normally when a massive amount of power is used together, it dangerous, but when all of these items are together, they stabilize one another!”

“What are you planning?” Eggman asked.

“With the bonds I hold, I’ll use all of the items together to summon the strongest power in existence! Evolution!” Sonic said. “With the power of my Clear Mind, I access, THE LIMIT BREAKER!”

Suddenly everyone glew as they evolved. “Behold Eggman, we’ve surpassed our original power and evolved from our human form! We are now Zemans!” Suddenly wings of energy spread out of Sonic’s body and transformed all of the darkness into light.

“You’re new power will do nothing. Gaia of Darkness!” Eggman shouted as a massive amount of Nega-Dragoons appeared from nowhere.

“Laser!” Sonic turned into a bright cyan ball of energy and shot past the Nega-Dragoons causing all of them to explode.

“What?” Eggman gasped. “A wisp power?”

“Shooting Quasar Burst: Gaia formation!” Sonic said as he glowed white and burst forward at the Egg-God ramming into its arm.

“You damaged the Egg-God? Impossible!” Eggman said. “Gladiator Core!” Eggman shouted unleashing a powerful spread of beams towards Sonic before he could dodge, but he broke out of the attack quickly with minimal damage. “No way...”

“Cosmic Blazar Stream!” Sonic shouted as he rocketed past the Egg-God’s other arm and legs damaging them all. “Now most of your weapons are useless! Do you give up now Eggman?”

“I still have one weapon left. Even if I have to destroy this world using it, I’ll just form my empire on another one.” Eggman said. Suddenly the body of the Egg-God opened to reveal its gigantic cannon. Suddenly an orb grew in the tip surpassing the size of a small country. “PLANET BUSTER LASER!”

“Ah crap, if that hits the entire planet will be destroyed!” Sonic said. Suddenly all the powers Sonic had received had gathered together in front of him. “I see, this is the only way. Let’s hope I don’t mess up! ENIGMATIC CRUSHER!” Suddenly an explosion of power formed in Sonic’s hands before blasting forward and contacting the Planet Buster Laser.

“SONIC!” Eggman shouted.

“EGGMAN!” Sonic shouted.

“That’s it! Everyone, lend your power to Sonic!” White and Black said.

Everyone nodded and sent their powers into the Enigmatic Crusher causing it to overpower the laser.

“What? NO!” Suddenly the blast covered the Egg-God and it started breaking apart. “NO, MY PLAN WAS PERFECT, HOW DID I LOSE!?”

“It’s because you're so sure of your plans that you don't factor in other potential heroes! THAT'S been the cause of your downfalls!” Sonic said. “And now, it’s what has caused your end!”

“AUGH!” And with it Eggman was destroyed forever.

“We did it. Eggman’s finally gone!” Sonic said. Sonic then started to stumble in midair. “And I’m totally beat.” Sonic got to land and fell over on his back.

"You have traveled very far, and overcome many obstacles."

This voice boomed in everyone's awareness, coming from everywhere. "Along the way you have encountered many of your diverse, far-flung siblings; precious few of them will make it this far. Your heroic efforts have proven you deserving, worthy of advancement to the next level of your existence. The universe you inhabit is but one of seven. Countless worlds, unseen but yet connected. Your creative efforts have not gone unnoticed. Indeed they have spilled into these other, unseen worlds, just as your world has been enriched by them; meaning now you’ll be ready to join us. Some of you may ask; who is this mysterious voice who knows so much, and possesses such great powers? I'm glad you asked…"

Suddenly Sonic found himself back in his spot at the Eggman arena, surrounded by his friends.

After a moment's pause, he mumbled to his futuristic white friend, "S-S…Silver? What just happened?" Silver, hands shaking, stared at his surroundings. In it was a huge blank.

"I have absolutely no idea." Silver said.

All the others just stood in their spots, quietly shaking or thinking over what just happened. Suddenly a giggle was heard.

Everyone looked back to see a girl who looked to be in her early twenties. She had sunny yellow hair and ice blue eyes. None of the people present recognized her.

"I'm Khaos!" Everyone gasped. Now they recognized her.
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Re: Sonic: THE MOVIE
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“You’re Khaos, the Enigmatic One!” Zephyr said.

“Yes, thanks to your efforts I have finally awakened. The massive power surge of the Enigmatic Crusher awoke me because it is used from my essence.” Khaos said. “As much as I hate to tell you this, this entire battle was only a test me and Harmoni set up.”

“You what?” Craft yelled.

“Eggman was an illusionary clone of Harmoni, the destiny we saw, we made that fake Eggman to warn you, Emporia shall return.” Khaos said. Everyone gasped. “It however is not your destiny to defeat him. When the time comes, be ready. I would like to talk to you about another thing though.”

"So…you mentioned something about us being ready to join you?" Sonic asked.

"Ah yes. I have watched you for quite some time. You have come a long way in the googolplex years your species started from." Khaos said.

"Well, yes. We worked especially hard to get here, too." Tails said.

"I know. You were doing well until people died in those horrible wars." Khaos said.

"Would you mind if I asked you something?" Sapphire asked.

"Not at all." Khaos said.

"Well the reason people died was because of accursed aliens like the Black Arms and other evils. And I was wondering, is there any way we might…"

"What do you mean 'accursed aliens'? What makes them so bad?" Khaos said.

"They wipe out entire civilizations over nothing! One species declared war on me when I only asked them what their philosophy was!" Mach yelled.

"Tell me something. Did I not go over how many there were of your siblings?" Khaos asked.

"Yeah…my diverse, far flung ones." Sonic recited.

"Are the alien species not one of them? Was their kind once nothing more than a cell in a puddle of primordial ooze, as your kind was? Their path is nothing more than the response made to the environment that they lived in. Adaptation and survival is what life is all about." Khaos said.

"But aren’t adaptation and survival the concerns of animals?" Sonic asked.

"So are you not an animal? Is survival not of your concern?" Khaos said.

Sonic paused. She had him there. It dawned on him that he was an animal, human or anthro. Albeit, he was an animal that walked upright, used speech, and could pilot a machine, but he was no different than the wild animals on the surface. In fact, it was instinct more than anything, the instinct to expand and explore, that brought him to this meeting.

"You are no different than any of the other googols of life forms in the expanse of space. Remember, your universe is only one of seven. And the aliens are another one of the forms of life in these places. They were given a tough scenario, and they mastered it." Khaos said.

"But even if the aliens did adapt, does that mean that what some of them do is not evil?" Knuckles asked.

"You ask me what evil is. But are morality and malice existent at all? Let me back up a bit to that whole bit about animals…do you think that a lion thinks it's evil to eat a starving, lost rabbit? Or is that just instinct, and the right thing to do if the lion wants to live?" Khaos said.

"Of course it doesn't think it's bad." Sonic realized.

"Ok. Now do you think that it’s evil for a person to be shot several times in the torso, and then be annihilated in a nuclear detonation, for no apparent reason?" Khaos said.

"Yes." Mach said.

"Why?" Khaos asked. "Because I used the moniker 'person'? Sentience is an odd thing. As soon as a prodigal learns out how to make fire, rules change. Apparently, sentient races tend to think that anything that goes against a sense of order is evil, anything that's 'evil' is not wanted."

Sonic was deep in thought. Everything that this Khaos said confounded him. It all seemed completely true, but much of it went against his common sense. Then again, his common sense was just him making decisions based on risk, instinct, and emotion, proving Khaos right.

"Good and evil are just words. It's the actions committed and the eye of the beholder that counts. Although, if you want to maximize your survival value, I have noticed that irrational greed and ignorance are two major factors in the spreading of your sentient 'evil'." Khaos said.

Sonic was amazed with Khaos. The voice had a slightly commanding tone, but at the same time it was comforting, it was enveloping, and apparently it was omniscient.

"Well, thank you for that lesson. But I was sent here on a mission from GUN to stop Eggman from destroying the world, so I was kind of hoping to report back telling them the mission’s complete. Not to go against everything that you just said, but…" Sonic said.

"Ah yes. The leadership, you prodigals are adept at organizing, I'll give you that. You don't always make the best decisions, however." Khaos said.

Sonic gave a confused look. "You lost me there, you mind explaining that one?"

"What is the purpose of a government but a way to get out of doing work yourself? Let me give you a little history lesson. Back when your species were in the middle of the Stone Age, the little tribes of Humans didn't have anything like that. They were preoccupied with surviving the day. Every tribal society on the planet had a single ruler who took both the liberty and the chore of decision-making from the rest of the tribe."

There was a short pause, and Sonic was waiting for more words of wisdom.

"You think that a government is good, but a government gone wrong doesn't take away your chores to society. It takes away your individual liberty. And sadly, government can go wrong easily. If I remember correctly, Abraham Lincoln had started the beginning of the republican system of government on your planet as many sources say." Khaos said.

"You certainly seem to know quite a bit…especially since you’ve been asleep for about 99% of time." Sonic said.

“Just because I was sleeping doesn’t mean I can’t learn.” Khaos said.

Sonic paused. It dawned on him that he could ask Khaos anything.

"Hey…if you know so much…then you could explain how life began for us?" Sonic asked.

"Yes. A meteor from a Non-Planet landmass with species known as the Murians and Nurians with a chunk of carbon was purposely slammed by them into the crude wad of rock that was your planet at the time and put in both the organic chemicals and the energetic jumpstart that was needed to create life. Natural chemistry led to the first replicating molecules, which became DNA, which became chromosomes. The rest is evolution and societal growth, the end." Khaos said.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Tails had a confused look on his face. "That's it, just a meteor?"

"You think that because you're sentient, and that sentience is rare, that something equally special and rare must have lead to your creation. Beware; everything does happen for a reason, but all too often are those reasons are misread, guessed wrong, or taken out of context. Also, don't start thinking that your plane of existence is all there is; or that you're bigger then everything. If you trust your senses, you'll notice you're talking to the one who created everything you see today."

"Though I know senses can be fooled." Shadow said.

"Well you've been attentively listening to me so far and you seem deep in conversation and thought. Hearing is a sense, right?" Khaos countered. Shadow stood there, unable to muster a comeback.

“What the hell am I supposed to say to that?” Shadow said.

Everything this entity had said was true, and Sonic knew it, but he still seemed to have a bit of internal doubt. Khaos had proven to be an odd figure, but she knew much.

"So, without going into another moral lesson…what did you say about me joining you?" Sonic said.

"Listen closely, young prodigal. You did not make it this far for nothing. For all that I've just said regarding how odd, self-destructive and neurotic life seems to be, you know that I care for it. I care for every last living organism that has lived, is living, and ever will live. And there is a grand scheme of things, though despite your obvious technological and philosophical enlightenment, there are still a few things you have to do." Khaos said. "First, know that the alien species, while another of your existential siblings, play a unique role in existence. You must deal with them in some form of action. You have a choice: you can A) ally with them, B) run away from them, or C) destroy them." Khaos said.

"Why destroy them? You just said how they are as deserving as any other life form in the universe." Amy asked.

"There’s your answer, you now know about how you want to lead this world, and joining aliens together is your way of doing it I sense; you will however try to destroy anything that threatens this planet because this is the one planet we cannot afford to lose, if my guess is correct, which it always is. Second, I have decided to give you the power to create and spread peace throughout the cosmos, use this power wisely, so that one day we may become as one, at least…in a metaphorical sense." Khaos laughed.

As powerful as Khaos seemed, she still had a mortal sense of humor. Sonic merely asked a question. "You trust that we'll use this power right? What if we mess up, or make our planet angry? And if we use it right, they'll be sure to demand more."

"There’s a saying. ‘When you do things right, people won't be sure that you've done anything at all'. Keep it in mind." Khaos said.

"Thank you, Khaos." Sonic said.

"No problem." Khaos said. "See you later, Sonic Heroes."

"Oh Wait! Before you leave…well, you seem to be all-knowing, as odd as it sounds and, well…what's the meaning of life? It’s something no one has found the answer to."

“That’s because it’s a trick question. The answer to the meaning of life has many answers, one for each individual; you find your answer as your life is lived. That’s all I can tell you.” Khaos said.

“And something tells me, I’ve already found that answer.” Sonic said. “My answer is to be the one that protects this planet till the next generaton takes over for me to teach.”

“Well good luck my friends, until we meet again.” Khaos opened a portal back to her domain and walked through.


“Goodnight Alicia.” Sonic said, tucking his daughter into her bed. “We had one adventure that equaled a life time.”

“Goodnight papa.” Alicia said falling asleep. Inside of her dream, she was about to meet someone important.

“Alicia Turbine.” Alicia looked behind her to see a boy with midnight purple hair and fiery red eyes without any white in them. “My name is Harmoni. I have come to tell you, follow in your family’s footsteps.”


"Hey, Sonic!" Aura asked Sonic one day as he was helping to build the planetary capital. "I wanna ask you something."

"Go ahead Aura," Sonic replied.

"Now that the dominant species are back along with the many new ones coming and all, the big leaders of each race are holding this meeting with me. They want to rename the planet and reset the year back to 0001. Earth was the name for the humans alone. As for a name, I can't think of any, so I wanted to ask you."

Sonic was astounded. Aura had no idea what kind of responsibility that was suddenly thrust upon him with that question. Sonic thought hard about this, and eventually came up with one.

"Zephyr told us that before the humans were left alone, this world was called Eden, why don't we call it Celestia now as a sign that we’ve come back together even stronger now? Because I think Celestia means something even better than an Eden." Aura grinned with agreement.

"...Then Celestia it is, then! Thanks for the help, Sonic!" Aura said before running back to the meeting place. Sonic smiled as he watched her leave.

"So she’s gonna be our Saint Queen the day mom steps down..."


Tails went over to his desk, adjusted his glasses, and carefully looked over the note his fiancé, Cream, had written for him. Tails smiled when he recalled that what had happened in the past few years since the birth of the new ways. The united species technology had spread to the other races and the planet, allowing the races of Celestia to get more technologically advanced than before. This allowed the revived planet to fully heal itself from the damage done in World War III’s climax.

Once his computer was turned on, he started the e-mail program and began typing the letter:

Dear Everyone:

It's Tails here, just giving a status report. Sonic thought I should let everyone know what’s been happening lately, so he told me to write you all this letter.

-Shadow and his wife Dusk are doing well. Shadow announced that his wife gave birth to a girl. Shadow says that they named the girl Twilight to continue to theme of their names. Sonic and Shadow now seem to be on friendly terms as Shadow has stopped calling Sonic faker. Shadow seems to have finally cooled down as well. And much to my surprise, I learned that the two have taken the surname Nightingale. I expected Shadow to take Gerald’s last name instead of his wife’s, but since Shadow never had a last name I guess that could be a reason. I'm sure they're happy with their daughter.

-Sonic, Amy, and Alicia are also doing splendidly. Sonic is still a hero after all these years, but I guess he’s definitely more mature than he was when we first met him. Alicia is also starting to develop her magical potential. Amy has become the typical stay at home wife, but luckily, Sonic isn’t gone that often anymore.

-Knuckles and Shade also report no trouble. Knuckles just finished making the Heart Emerald which is a new Master Emerald containing all of the Heart Powers, and has plans to put the Chaos Emeralds inside of it, where they’ll eventually absorb the powers of Magic and Spirit becoming a better resource to use. Knuckles, now has his new daughter Active to take care of so I’m sure he’s busy. Ix seems to have disappeared too. Maybe he just finally decided to die. I hope not, he finally saw the error of his ways…

-The Chaotix detective agency has been shut down, since the crime rate has almost vanished on Celestia, so Espio has returned to his home dojo. Meanwhile, Charmy is going to school with Amy’s brother. Vector recently married Vanilla, I'm sure he's happy.

-The other Sacred Warriors have become major parts of the society; Aura is now the new Saint Queen, Craft is the leader of the Rehabilitation program in the MPAB, Charge is now the Star King of the MPAB, Infra is the Dark Queen of the Infinity City Underground, Tetra is the Fitness Coach of the MPAB, Comet is the Network King for the Virtua-Space, Beat is a General for the MPAB, and Light and Dark are teachers at the Saint Church.

-Silver and Blaze decided to settle in this time permanently, and they’re married now with the surname Nakajima (not sure why they didn’t pick something like Psychoblaze, but then again I’m not sure at all), they now have a daughter named Galaxia. And Blaze says Silver is as Naïve as ever. *Snicker*

-As for me and Cream, we have a date set for our wedding. I know some of you can't come, but those who can we can't wait to see you! Meanwhile, I have more great news: I've just got out of college and I’m creating my own company called ProwerCorp! It will focus on the creation of advanced technology.

So, that's all the news, I guess. Miles "Tails" Prower, signing off.
Twilight and Darklight: opposing but equal opposites can always work together if you have the power to make it happen.
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