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Author Topic: Legacy of Heroes: Book 1  (Read 1067 times)

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Legacy of Heroes: Book 1
« on: May 20, 2011, 03:46:17 PM »

It was a simple wish, to be able to have power to protect others. Friends and Family and even people I didn’t know. This is a story about such a wish. A wish granted by a power I never asked to have, but received.

Legacy of Heroes: The Book; is about to begin.

BOOK 1: My name is Alicia Turbine!

Chapter 1: A Hero’s Legacy

A young creature’s shadow was dashing through the forest as a giant monster was chasing after it. The creature ran until it hit a dead end, and it was left no choice but to fly away, it spread its wings and became airborne in an attempt to escape. But the monster wouldn't let its prey get away so easily, so it fired an burst of light which hit the creature’s wing and for the moment the light showed that the creature was a young silvery gold dragon, but luckily for the dragon it landed into a bush that hid it from the monster’s view, the bad thing was if the creature found it, it would be defenseless. The monster searched before realizing it had lost the dragon due to its attack.



In another area, we see a bedroom that had many pink things showing the person that lived here was a girl. Suddenly a phone with its alarm set rang with the song Loser like Me playing; the girl in the bed lifted her hand out of the covers to hit the snooze button, only succeeding after she knocked her phone off her bed. The girl then pulled the covers off to get out of bed. The girl had bright blue long matted hair reaching her waist with some of it curling on her side and she had asymmetrical bangs. Her eyes opened to reveal the green eyes she inherited from her parents. “What a strange dream.” The girl then walked to her window and opened it up to see how the weather was today; and as usual the weather with sunny as always and today was the perfect temperature, she was always thankful for the Environmental Control System.

The girl then went to the bathroom to change out of her pajamas, tie her pink ribbon into her hair, and put on her goggles. “Hi there, my name’s Alicia Kerykeion Turbine. I’m currently 9 years old and I'm just an ordinary 3rd Grader. I use the Heart Power: Magic, the New Eden Class, Kaiser Arts style. My home town is the Ω City in the USA and the world's planetary capital. And my father is a famous hero, which hero you ask? Well if you met me before you wouldn’t have to ask, though you’ll find out in just a moment.” Alicia came down the stairs; she was wearing a pink unbuttoned shirt with hot pink polka-dots with a white undershirt and blue shorts with light blue polka-dots, wearing a pair of white and black shoes. She entered the kitchen where a man with full blue messy shoulder length hair, a woman with pink hair that was in a ponytail with some of her hair and bangs outside the ponytail, held in a tie-shaped black ribbon with a plus symbol on them, a boy with green hair that looked younger than even her, and a Fushiryuu with rainbow feather-like scales with moonbow designs in it with rainbow phoenix and dragon wings and a rainbow tail with moonbow designs were doing their own things. “Good Morning!” Alicia said gleefully.

“Alicia, you’re up early. And you managed to get up on your own, that’s my girl!” The man said. “This is my father, the one I mentioned a few seconds ago, Sonic Maurice Turbine. He’s the world’s greatest Hero from the Older Days; right now he’s a Tactics Instructor and a member of the Rescue Corps in the MPAB or Multi-Verse Protection Administration Bureau. Although sometimes he acts like a loose wheel which is really funny, he'd do anything for his family, such as when he saved me from a fire which inspired me to become just like him. His trusty Techs are the speedy Excelion Gear and powerful Blast Gauntlet. The one with green hair is his Bond Tech: Zephyr Gale who he met during the older days and the animal is his Fushiryuu Personification: Rainbow Iridescent that he also met during the older days, she looks like an animal but she really has a human form.”

“Breakfast is ready, I hope you’re hungry.” The woman said. “That’s my mother, Amy Rose Turbine. She’s so kind and beautiful, I love my mother. She was a member of my father’s team during the older days, she tried so hard to win my father’s heart and she succeeded. She and her Tech Raging Heart are a real force to be reckoned with. She was once a part of the ground force, but became a director after she became pregnant with my baby brother.”

“I hope my baby brother comes soon, I can’t wait to be an older sister.” Alicia smiled.


In the sky above, a figure that was hidden by shadows was riding a Black Wyvern.

“I was hoping that we would have more time before we had to search for the Jewel Relics.” The wyvern said.

“Father didn’t know when the Jewel Relics would leave hibernation. Alright, Cardiac, search the area for a Jewel Relic.” The figure said.

Cardiac: Jewel Relic located, location is the Detroit Park.


Alicia walked onto her bus for magic school at the famous Saint Academy; Alicia went to the spot where she and her friends sat. “Hey!” All of Alicia’s friends saw her and waved. The strange thing was the five of them were the daughters of the Golden Quintet. (The group of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and Silver) Tails’ daughter was named Gadget and her hair was the same as Alicia’s only it was in a ponytail, her hair was bright yellow and her eyes were chocolate brown and blue, her outfit was the same as Alicia’s only her color scheme was yellow, and grey. Knuckles’ daughter was named Active and her hair was the same as Alicia’s only it was somewhat wavier, her hair was bright red and both her eyes were purple, her clothes’ color scheme was red, and green. Shadow’s daughter was named Twilight and her hair was like Alicia’s only with different bangs and the front of her hair had a big rogue strand, her hair was bright purple and her eyes were red and blue, her clothes’ color scheme was purple, and orange. And last was Silver’s daughter Galaxia who had matted shoulder length hair, her hair was snow white and both her eyes were yellow orange, her clothes’ color scheme was white, and black.

“These are my 4 best friends, Gadget is like a younger sister to me, and she’s got a big brain for her age and is the heir to ProwerCorp, the world’s biggest company in all technology. Active helps me practice with hand to hand combat for my Kaiser Arts style. Twilight is a Chaos Class user and she has a powerful range of attacks. Galaxia is a very calm person who doesn’t crack under pressure, she is a Spirit Class user.”


The area inside the Detroit park had been burnt down to a crisp, in the middle stood a jewel with patterns on it like a relic, hence its name, Jewel Relic.

“Seal it Cardiac.” The figure from before said.

Cardiac: Sealing Jewel Relic, serial #5

“Master, the Administration Bureau is on its way.” The black wyvern said.

“Then it’s time to make our getaway.” The figure said.

Cardiac: Dimensional Teleport!

The area they were in was flashed making them invisible to the naked eye. The USAB forces that had arrived found nothing once they arrived.

“They got away.” The leader said. “The question is who could do this?”


School had ended and Alicia and her family were now asleep, but Alicia seemed to be having anything but a normal sleep as she was tossing and turning.

“Where am I?” Alicia asked.

Suddenly a figure in red robes walked up to Alicia. “Alicia Turbine, the time to fulfill your destiny has come. Become, the Chosen One of Magic.”

“Who, are you?” Alicia said. Suddenly a rainbow jewel appeared in Alicia’s hands.

: Call me, master.

Alicia’s eyes opened. “What happened?” Alicia then felt something in her hand. She pulled it out to see it was the same jewel as before only now inside of the jewel was a powerful amount of magic. And through it she felt that her magical energies had gone through the same thing. Suddenly she heard something continuously hitting her window; she opened it to see the dragon that had been attacked earlier. “Oh the poor thing.” Alicia picked it up and went into her parents’ room. “Mom, Dad!”

Suddenly her father opened the door. “What is it Alicia?” Sonic asked. Alicia pulled the hurt dragon forward into his view.

“Uh oh, it looks pretty hurt. Hey, Amy.” Sonic said. Amy walked towards the door.

“*Yawn*, what is it?” Amy asked.

Alicia showed her the hurt dragon. “Oh, don’t worry I’ll heal it. Though it might take a while, so get back to sleep sweety.” Amy said.

“Okay.” Alicia said. Alicia went back into her room and got in bed. She decided to go back to sleep. ‘Could this be my first step? To become like my father?’ Alicia thought.


“DADDY!” Alicia cried as a statue was about to crush her, but suddenly the statue froze in place. Suddenly in front of the statue was a blue haired man with green eyes using a bind spell to keep the statue from falling on Alicia. “Daddy?”

“You did your best; I’ll get you to safety.” Sonic said. Sonic flew through an opening in the ceiling and got his daughter outside. “That was close, I’m glad you’re safe.” Alicia cried onto her dad’s chest. “Don’t worry, it’s alright.”


“Don’t worry dad, I’ll make you proud.” Alicia smiled as she drifted back to sleep.
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Re: Legacy of Heroes: Book 1
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2011, 03:48:34 PM »


Alicia woke up repeating the same sequence she did to wake up the day before. “Another great day.”

: Good Morning master.

Alicia looked up trying to figure out where the voice came from. She then noticed the voice was the same one from her dream. She then realized only one thing could have said that during the dream. “The jewel!”

: Hello Alicia, I’m Magical Tempest. I’m your new Nano.

“Wow! My own Nano!” Alicia exclaimed.

“Kyu!” Alicia looked behind her to see the dragon from last night fully healed. The dragon flew around her and then flew downstairs with Alicia following.

“Well, looks like the fellow is really thankful of you.” Sonic said.

“Say thank you little guy.” Amy said.

“Yes, thank you!” The dragon said.

“Your welco... uwah?” Alicia noticed at that moment the dragon spoke English, which was impossible as even in if it was a Familiar it would need to be in its human form to speak with its mouth.

“Did that dragon?” Sonic started.

“Just speak?” Amy finished.

“Dragon, what do you mean dragon? I’m not a...” The dragon took a look at itself. “Oops, I forgot to switch back.” The dragon jumped and did a spinning flip and started glowing. When the glowing ended, there was a white skinned human with white hair and silver eyes wearing clothing that was unfamiliar to Edenlings.

“Oh, now I get it. Nurians are masters of transforming into one particular creature.” Sonic said.

“You got it. Syn Jacqueline Karen, Nurian ambassador of Non-Planet Le-Utopia. Well technically Le-Utopia became a planet only a few days ago thanks to the MPAB’s assistance.” Syn said.

“Now that I think of it, why’s a Nurian on Eden anyways?” Amy thought aloud.

“I’m here to recruit the Chosen Ones for the MPAB’s Cy-Bur-Ra ship, I happen to be the Chosen One of Life myself.” Syn said.

“Wait, did you just say, Chosen One?” Alicia asked.

“Yeah, why?” Syn asked, then a bell rung in his head. “Of course, you had the dream too. Didn’t you? That means you’ve been chosen to protect us all, Chosen One of Magic.”

“Wait, how’d you know that, I didn’t even say anything?” Alicia asked.

: He didn’t, he just makes random guesses and ends up right all the time.

“I could have explained that myself Holy Life.” Syn sighed.

Holy Life: Oh yeah, the boring kid can explain everything by himself.

“I hate you.” Syn said. “Say, I believe I got readings from the four houses next to this one. All Chosen Ones.”

“My friends?” Alicia got her phone and sent messages to all four of them to come over. Since they all lived close by it didn’t take them to long to come over.

“Hey Alicia. Who’s this guy?” Gadget asked.

“This might sound odd, but did you wake up this morning to find a jewel that appeared in a dream with a red robed guy calling you a Chosen One of something?” Syn said.

“Now that you say that, yeah, I was called the Chosen One of Technology and given a jewel called the Cyber Cannon.” Gadget said.

Cyber Cannon: Yeah man, let’s rumble!

“Me too, only I was called the Chosen One of Energy, and given a jewel called Synergy Hammer.” Active said.

Synergy Hammer: I will eat me alloys pretty often for me strength.

“For me, I was called the Chosen One of Chaos, and my jewel is called Sword Ravager.” Twilight said.

Sword Ravager: I rather not eat Swords, I’ll just break them.

“Ditto, only I’m the so called Chosen One of Spirit, my jewel is known as Sentinel Fortress.”

Sentinel Fortress: Do not take me lightly just because I’m a giant shield.

“Well, that’s five down, fifteen to go. Admiral Nova, beam us up.” Syn said.

“Alicia, make sure you don’t press any buttons on the ship. And make sure you come back for when the baby is about to be born.” Sonic said.

“Okay dad. I will.” Alicia said before the six of them were transported onto the ship.

“Well, looks like we’re here.” Syn said.

“Wow! This is an actual class XVII MPAB Warship! This is so cool!” Gadget said as her eyes were literally sparkling with joy.

“Is there something I’m missing here?” Syn asked.

“Gadget loves Technology. If she found a whole field of undiscovered nano she’d have a field day.” Alicia said.

“How many of these Chosen Ones are there anyways, so far I see six, and you said there were 15 more that you haven’t met.” Active asked.

“There’s a total of 25, one for each element. Fire, the flaming passion; Magma, the boiling fury; Lightning, the speedy shocker; Nature, the flourishing beauty; Wind, the invisible breeze; Water, the cool splash; Sound, the sonic vibration; Gravity, the intense pressure; Light, the shining radiance; Twilight, the balance between; Darkness, the dusky shade; Earth, the rocky terrain; Psychic, the mind bender; Technology, the bond builder; Energy, the power generator; Matter, the building blocks; Life, the beating heart; Electromagnetic, the swift stream; Ice, the frosty relaxer; Metal, the iron core; Time, the advancing moments; Space, the vast area; Spirit, the inner soul; Chaos, the outer potential; and Magic, the strength within. These twenty five forces work together to govern our worlds.” Syn smiled and suddenly all the plants on the ship flourished.

“Well, glad to see you still have that knack of yours.” A male voice said.

“Well, I did get attacked by one of those Jewel Relic creatures, if this girl’s mother didn’t help me I would have probably died.” Syn said. “You know you guys can show yourselves.”

“I wanted to be dramatic.” A female voice said. Suddenly a door opened and four people, one boy and three girls, stepped out.

“These are the Chosen Ones of Electromagnetic, Matter, Magma, and Metal.” Syn said.

“I’m Extremal Harlowin, son of Comet Harlowin who’s the Network King and the Chosen One of Electromagnetic. I work as an Enforcer.” Extremal was a Staramada with shoulder length matted glowing green hair and red eyes; he wore a standard black and white MPAB uniform for Enforcers.

“I’m Compact Asagi, Extremal’s girlfriend and Chosen One of Matter. I work as an Officer.” Compact was a Staramada with long glowing red hair with ribbons in it and green eyes, she wore a standard blue and dark blue MPAB uniform for Officers.

“Call me Acura Excelion, daughter of the Star King: Charge and Chosen One of Magma. I’ll give your Nano any check up, boost, or upgrade ya need as the ship’s Mechanic.” Acura was a Morpheus with pinkish skin due to being a girl with dark blue hair in a wavy left side ponytail and yellow eyes with a standard grey MPAB uniform for Mechanics.

“And my name’s Delta Cyber, since I’m the fourth in line of the Combat Cyborgs who are children to the legendary Cyborg Omega and Chosen One of Metal. Now please don’t make fun of my size.” Delta was a Cyborg that had glowing lines with traveling energy disks in a colorless grey color, her hair was Pink and styled like a girl her age and her eyes were aqua and purple, she wore clothing made with cybernetic attachments that were standard for all Cyborgs.

“I’m Alicia Turbine, daughter of Sonic Turbine and Amy Turbine and the Chosen One of Magic.” Alicia said.

“Gadget Prower at your service, I’m the daughter of Tails Prower, heir to ProwerCorp, and Chosen One of Technology.” Gadget said.

“Call me Active Emerald, daughter of guardian Knuckles and Chosen One of Energy.” Active said.

“Twilight Nightingale is my name, human daughter of Artifician Shadow and Chosen One of Chaos.” Twilight said.

“And my name’s Galaxia, daughter of time-traveler Silver and Chosen One of Spirit.” Galaxia said.

“Alright, now that we’ve got everyone introduced, let’s go meet the Admiral.” Syn said. Syn led them to a door that when opened showed a room with a similarity to the Japanese dojo’s. Sitting on a picnic blanket drinking tea was a woman with glowing green hair in a short ponytail and red eyes; she wore the Platinum uniform that the Admirals, Marshalls and Generals wore.

“Admiral Nova, we have acquired the new Chosen Ones.” Extremal said.

“Extremal I’ve told you before, you don’t need to be formal, just call me mom.” Nova said.

“Yes mom.” Extremal said embarrassed.

“Now, those who are new, state your full names and element.” Nova said.

“Alicia Kerykeion Turbine, Magic.” Alicia said.

“Gadget Gear Prower, Technology.” Gadget said.

“Active Acturus Emerald, Energy.” Active said.

“Twilight Rubellite Nightingale, Chaos.” Twilight said.

“Galaxia Harii Nakajima, Spirit.” Galaxia said.

“The daughters of the Golden Quintet, this seems to be good. Now I believe I should explain what your powers mean, and you must realize that you cannot say no to this as your powers will not choose someone else.” Nova said. “Knowing this, will you still fight?”

“Of course, we’ve always wanted to be like our fathers’.” Alicia said.

“That makes me relieved.” Nova said. “Now, I believe last night, you and 15 other unknown individuals had a dream where you were given a jewel that is really a Nano made only for you. The figure in your dream was a very powerful being. Who it was I do not know, but it was decided years ago that the 25 Chosen Ones would meet. Now, have any of you ever heard of a being known as Emporia?”

“I have.” Alicia said. Her friends all looked at her. Even the others were surprised and looked. “I know because when I was two, my father’s Bond Tech explained of the battle. And when the final battle of the Older Days was over, I met Khaos herself who told me and everyone present that Emporia was going to return. And then when I went to bed that night, I met Harmoni who told me: follow in your family’s footsteps.”

“That’s because the Turbine Family were known as the greatest warriors throughout each generation. You could always figure out if you were seeing a Turbine if you saw an iridescent aura. In fact, the first member of the Turbine family tree was the only person in history who managed to both use at least two of the Heart Powers and then master all three of them. She was also known as the true first Saint Queen, Olivie Turbine. Because of this, all Turbines kept the secret of the original world, and no matter what the family name of anyone that joined the Turbine family would become Turbine as well. She also was the one we developed the eternal youth from. I also believe she’s your Great (times 101) Grandmother Alicia.” Nova explained.

“I really only understood it because I evolved during that time and my intelligence increased.” Alicia said.

“That would make sense.” Nova held out her cup and a boy came and poured more tea in it for her. “Thank you Isamu. Why don’t you introduce yourself?”

“Isamu Sora Kyukyoku, Male Chosen Equal at your service, I don’t possess an Element, but my power rivals that of a Chosen One. I will be working with you from here on out.” Isamu was a long iridescent haired boy that wore a white shirt, a white banana that covered the top of his head, white shorts, white shoes, white socks, white gloves, white padding, basically white anything.

“Why are you wearing all white?” Galaxia asked.

“I wear the same clothing every day, only I change colors every day.” Isamu said.

“Eew! That’s gross.” Active said.

“No, I have 100 different colors of all my clothing.” Isamu said.

“Okay back on task, we’ve got to find the other 15 Chosen Ones an meet up with the Female Chosen Equal.” Syn said. “Then we can finally unite the team chosen to save this world. The Legacy of Heroes.”
Twilight and Darklight: opposing but equal opposites can always work together if you have the power to make it happen.
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