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Author Topic: Hackers  (Read 1288 times)


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« on: August 11, 2011, 07:10:31 AM »

I started this topic on Crystal Plains a while back, got some interesting views out of it.  What's your take on them?  Personally I consider myself to be one, even if my skills aren't very well honed.  Now, if you ask a hacker what the word means you're likely in for a confusing answer.  One thing they will be adamant about is that a Hacker is not a criminal, for once someone actually steals money from you, or assumes your identity, or anything that causes you any real harm he ceases operate within the scope of the word Hacker and has become a vandal, con artist, thief, etcetera.  Personally I can tell you that I've used my abilities for both good and evil.  I know how to steal passwords via Wireshark, however I refrain.  (I'll not be explaining it either).  I've done stuff for the "Lulz" as some would say and I've also done it to protect critical information.  By our definition of the word, a "Hacker" will teach you to protect yourself via the web with any means at his or her disposal, but at the end of the day you'll still be able to sleep.

There's also a few different terms describing hackers; Black hats, Grey hats, and White hats.  The Black hat is the one who'll infect your computer and pull a lot of down and dirty tricks and make it look like it's the end for you when it really isn't.  The White hat will be there holding your hand demonstrating security flaws on a dummy machine and ultimately make you feel like you're in happy cloud land with an indomitable guardian at the door protecting you (Tip, because if human nature the White hat hacker doesn't really exist).  And then there's the most common breed of all.  The Grey hat hacker; it lies somewhere between the black hat and the white hat, and there's a lot of room to move in that space.  Some of his techniques are dirty handed, others are for the greater good.  Obviously these aren't the grandest definitions in the world, but they should suffice to give you an idea of the differences between the three.

Just wondering if anybody has any views on security over the Internet, censorship, etc.  I figure we'll start kind of broad and then discuss other matters more in depth.
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