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Author Topic: Legacy of Heroes: Side Stories  (Read 944 times)

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Legacy of Heroes: Side Stories
« on: May 21, 2011, 11:08:16 AM »

STORY 1: Birth of a Blue Star

Alicia Turbine had made her final stand as a hero. Her archenemy, The Emporia Peccatis, had put another of their plans for world domination into action, and the finalan had foiled them once again. The Peccatis had fused together and used an enormous contraption of his own design to try and take control of the planet from outer space that he called the Dystopian Mothership which combined all the evil energies he used in the past, and had come dangerously close to reaching his goal after gaining the heart of Emporia. He had also come close to actually defeating and possibly killing Alicia, thus removing all obstacles from his path of wicked ambition.

But Alicia would not be defeated. As she lay gravely injured before the laughing Emporia Mortem, she had drawn strength from the persistent encouragement of her surrounding friends, who never lost faith in her, even when she had almost lost it in herself, the words of her oldest ancestor, Syn’s trust, and plus the assistance from all the energies Alicia ever used. The finalan girl managed to pick herself up, draw energy from the Trinity Emeralds being used to power the tyrant's machine, and transform herself into her ultimate form. Using Enigmatic Crusher, she completely destroyed Emporia Mortem's machine and castle, and teleported her friends to safety just before the explosion. Emporia Mortem, was never seen again.

It had been Alicia's final stand as a hero. She was nineteen+ years old at the time and she had come dangerously close to dying once after the battle because her Mana core was weakened which led to her retirement on the field and taking on the job as the next Saint Queen.

The time was now a few years later during the year 0025. Syn was sitting in a waiting room with his friends and his and Alicia’s parents, his sister Anti along with his in-law Olivie. He was more nervous than he had ever been before in his life, and couldn't stop fidgeting in his chair. His friends tried to calm him down, but their attempts were made in vain, because no amount of calming words can relax a person sitting in a hospital waiting to hear about his wife.

After several minutes, the doctor finally came into the room and walked over to Syn. The Nurian stood up to meet her, and voiced the question he had been desperate to ask since the last time she had left the room:

"How is Alicia?"

The doctor replied with a smile and a straight answer:

"She's ready. And it seems that your genes have mixed to make a species that’s entirely new. Congrats."

Syn's eyes widened, and he slowly turned around to face his mother and sister, a distant look in his eyes. When he finally found his voice, he simply whispered:

"I'm gonna be a father."

And he followed the doctor to the delivery room, Anti and Eluna grinning at him as they watched him disappear into the hallway.

Several days ago, Syn had a life-changing experience. His wife, Alicia Turbine, who was almost due, had called him into their living room to tell him something important.

"Syn", Alicia said slowly, "I went to the doctor's today, and... I found out what our baby is going to be."

"You did?" Syn replied, surprised. "What is it?"

"It's going to be..." Alicia said, smiling brightly, "... a girl"

"A girl?" he breathed disbelievingly. "A girl?"

Alicia grinned and nodded, repeating the wonderful word back to her husband, "Yes."

It was incredible. The Nurian ambassador placed his hand over his wife's belly, inside which his child was growing. Syn had just become the happiest man in the world.

Days after the conversation, Syn and Alicia found themselves in a private hospital room with Alicia holding a sleeping baby in her arms. The girl had a large amount of purple hair and had the body features of a Finalan, her right eye was green while the left was blue, but they possessed white pupils like her father.

Alicia looked down at the little girl in her arms as she lay in her bed, and then gazed up at her husband, who was sitting by her side.

"Have we decided, then?" she asked him, smiling. "Should we call them in now?"

Syn looked his wife in her eyes, and, smiling back at her, nodded. So Alicia had all their friends, who had been waiting outside eagerly to see the baby, brought into the room. One by one, they filed in slowly.

The friends all gathered around the two, who were beaming brightly at them all. Everyone was excited to see the little girl.

"Have you chosen a name yet?" asked Amy. Her question caught everybody's attention, and they all stared quietly at Syn and Alicia. The two nodded.

"Olivie II," said Alicia.

Everyone now turned their attention from the blue hero holding her newborn daughter to her ancestor. They were all surprised by this incredibly kind gesture, especially Olivie, who had never felt so honored in her life.

"After me?" she whispered in shock. The fact that her Descendant wanted to give her daughter her name was unbelievably moving.

"Of course!" said Alicia; and she proceeded to explain. "We wanted to give our daughter a name she could live up to, and what better namesake to live up to than her ancestor?"

"You guys, I'm so touched!" replied Olivie, a tear just visible forming in the corner of her eye. "Thank you so much!"

"It was Alicia's idea", Syn told the first Turbine. "And I agreed there was no better name for our daughter."

Olivie reached his hands out to the baby girl still in Alicia's arms.

"May I?" she asked the girl's mother. Alicia nodded her approval, and carefully passed her daughter over to her ancestor.

"Hey there, Olivie." the first Turbine whispered to her descendant. "I'm your Ancestor Olivie. You know, your mother is a hero, the fastest hero in the world. And you're gonna grow up to be just like her. You're destined to be great, just like your mother, Alicia Turbine."

Olivie looked up and smiled at her descendant before adding, "I know you are."

And so was born the next generation of the greatest heroes the world would ever know.
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Re: Legacy of Heroes: Side Stories
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2011, 03:56:28 PM »

STORY 5: Goddess Engagement

Sieglinde walked up to the school where they first met, holding an arm behind his back. Olivie was there already and turned to face him.

"Hey," she said, standing up to greet him.

"Hey," he replied, feeling the box in his hand. "Olivie… there's something I want to do." She stopped, looking at him in surprise.

"What is it?" she asked. He took a gentle breath.

"I've known you for nearly a decade," he said softly. "I've loved you all that time, and it hasn't always been good for us, I know… but we've loved each other, and now things are looking up for us. Nine years ago, I saw you and knew then that I'd love you… forever… and now I want to do something to prove that true." He slowly fell to one knee, and she gasped as she understood. He showed her the box, opening it to show her the ring inside. "Olivie… will you… marry me…?"

She stared at him, dumbstruck by the words.

"Sieglinde…" she gasped out, her voice filled with utter shock. “I… I…" She could hardly think, and at that moment her emotions answered for her, speaking the truth in her heart. "I… will…"

The words sent a surge of happiness through him, propelling him to his feet and he kissed her deeply, his sheer joy at the answer sweeping away his earlier worries. For an eternal moment they stood there, intertwined, then they slowly pulled apart.

Sieglinde slid the ring onto her finger with a smile.

"I love you," he told her softly…
Twilight and Darklight: opposing but equal opposites can always work together if you have the power to make it happen.
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