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;W; Why?....

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Trisha Aurora:
I tried logging in, but it won't let me ;_;
Is it down forever?.... oooooh how I've missed that gallery,
I started out here ;-; .... I'm sorry If I seem to be whining but I feel soooo Nostalgic right now... >_< I was 12 when I first signed up here.

I was never able to see this place in its heyday, And that gallery i guess would be something from those days that has since disappeared. :-\

It has been a while since most of the Mods last logged on, but I'd say it would still be best to PM SolarT or SA Tails about it, or maybe bring up the problem on the help board . Maybe they could get that place working again sooner then could be expected =)

Zonic Mirage:
I locked the gallery due to spam. I'm looking into a new system. Everything is still there, just not available to regular users.

That makes sense. Thanks Tails!

Although... That is a little depressing that it can no longer be viewed by normal users, I would have liked to see the art posted in there. :-\

Zonic Mirage:
It should at least have a read-only mode, I'll look into it.


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