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Title: Site broke, then fixed! ...again!
Post by: SolarT on January 26, 2019, 01:49:11 AM
A lot of little fixes here and there, as well as more to come.
- I've fixed the forums, so it's not hit and miss logging in anymore. It should work every time.
- Prep work to update the site's coding to handle PHP 7.2, as 5.6 is no longer supported
- Some UI fixes, and updates. Larger fonts, some shuffling around of items on the main page, ect..
- Removed a lot of redundant links and broken affiliate links. I hunted down a few sites who are still up, but with different URLs and removed the ones I could find no trace of.
- Condenses Staff and Credits page into one, because.. c'mon! Same thing!
- Removed the Hosted Sites links. These sites are beyond broken and long abandoned. But fear not, for as they were a part of SVT, I will convert their comics to our normal layout, so they're not lost. Their regular art, I will put up as well, but I need to figure out what I'm doing with Coppermine first.
- Fixed the site's contact e-mail. is functional again and I promise to check it! ...more than once a year! I actually linked it with my personal e-mail now that it's working, so I'll always get notifications if there's any mail. Naturally, you can also PM me on the forums as well if you have comments or questions.

Still to do:
- Fix the art board. Coppermine is garbage. Nuff said
- Fix the UI for the Fanfictions. It's ancient and was designed for lower res days, so is very cramped. And dark, but all the light themes are even more broke! lol.
- Possibly replace the news feeder on the main page, or go back to old fashioned tables. Utopia News Pro is garbage and doesn't work under the new PHP version
- Repair or replace the randomized Comic list on the main page. It's old and incompatible with PHP 7.2. Should be fixable though.
- Re-do the affiliate and comic posting forms. They're ancient and likely haven't worked in years. Actually forgot they were there all this time, lol

If anything seems glitchy or broken that I haven't already mentioned I'm working on, please, let me know. I may not have the time or resources to do SVT justice, but as long as I'm here, I want to at least maintain and keep it functional.
Title: Re: Site broke, then fixed! ...again!
Post by: SolarT on January 30, 2019, 08:41:51 PM
- Fixed forum registration. Couldn't figure out why it was broken, but a reinstall of the board scripts and templates fixed that!
- Restructuring the comics section some so each comic uses the site's template instead of remnants of older site designs or partially broken sub-sites
Title: Re: Site broke, then fixed! ...again!
Post by: SolarT on January 31, 2019, 10:55:23 PM
- Redid several Fan Submission comics to utilize the current site theme and coding.
- Fixed a few broken links and even managed to restore the corrupted page 12 of May Shing's "Live and Learn" comic.
- Still more repairs coming. I'm mostly focusing on the rest of the comics first, before moving onto other sections. I do what I can when I have free time!