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Title: LIVE, I tell you, LIVE!!
Post by: grox on August 11, 2013, 06:18:20 AM
Cha'omp was walking through town, most people just didn't look at him, he didn't seem so different than most of the other people walking through this town. Hoods over their heads hiding their faces and what not, He had been told that this town would have some information about what had happened to him in the past and how he might change what has happened to him.

Cha'omp then heads into a near by building, to the looks of other passers by he's heading into a diner, casually sits down on a bar stool at a bar, He looks around noticing not a lot of people were there.

"I'm so lonely, wish there was some one to talk to around here. *sigh*"
Title: Re: LIVE, I tell you, LIVE!!
Post by: TheMobian on August 16, 2013, 03:07:02 AM
Lucky Stars sat hunched over a table at the distant end of the diner from Cha'omp, far from the hungry customers who came here often for a bite of a real burger or a taste of the delicious "Heart attack in a box" special (AKA: Poutine).
Placed in the centre of the table was a chess board, at which lucky stared at very intently, fully focused on each and every one of the pieces in play. There was however, no chess match in progress. No opponent sat across the table from Lucky. And no piece on the chess board had been moved from its starting position.

Still, Lucky sat there with her chin resting on the table-top, paying no attention to any of the other customers moving about around her, deviously plotting her next move with her hand hovering over the bishop...
Title: Re: LIVE, I tell you, LIVE!!
Post by: grox on August 17, 2013, 06:07:29 AM
Cha'omp notices the female over at the chess set, waiting for some one to make their move. (Why not, it maybe a way to start a conversation.) He heads over to the seat opposite of the female, making sure his face is still hidden, he sits down, and moves his queens pawn forward 2 spaces.

"Your move, by the by, names Cha, Cha'omp."
Title: Re: LIVE, I tell you, LIVE!!
Post by: SolarT on August 24, 2013, 08:57:44 PM
Sitting in the corner, a gray fox counts a bit of money in his hand, reflecting on an earlier card game.

~flashback to an hour ago~
At another bar, a block down the road, a card Dealer is seen passing out cards to the players "Alright, the name of the game is Texas Holdum!"

"Hey, has anyone seen the pot?" One player asks. "I turned away to grab my drink and now I can't find it.." The gray fox unseen, sneaks out the door after swiping the pot off the table.

~Back to the Present~
"Ah.. I love card games. I always come out ahead" He snickers softly as he heads over to the bar and takes a seat. "Hey, Jessica! One can of pop please"

The bartender turns toward the fox "Solar, I told you. Until you pay at least part of your tab, kitchen's closed" Solar puts part of the money he was counting on the table. "Well.. Alright. But you really need to starts paying off this tab. At the rate you're going, you'll be able to pay off my tuition with what you owe me" She hands him a can of his favorite.

"Don't worry. You know me, Jess."

Jessica rolls her eyes "I know, that's why I no longer accept personal checks"

"Ha ha. Funny. Seriously though. I've been coming to this pub for years. You know I'm good for it." He opens his soda and takes a sip. "Normally I don't let my tab get this out of control, but things should improve soon."

Jessica nods "I hope so. Sarah's really getting on my back about your tab"

"She's just mad because I stopped flirting with her" He smirks as Jess shakes her head and goes to help another customer.
Title: Re: LIVE, I tell you, LIVE!!
Post by: grox on August 30, 2013, 01:02:30 AM
A gleam seems to appear in Cha'Omp's eye's as he over hears the conversation at the other table. He slowly puts his hand under the table, and begins quietly chanting.

"Tes ntawm Levitation, Tes ntawm Levitation, Tes ntawm Levitation."

Slowly a blue spectral hand kind of floats out of Cha's hand under their table. Cha looks over to his opponent, puts his finger to his mouth in a kind of 'be quiet' motion. He then directs the hand over to the gray fox's table, and begins to make the table to float in the air.
Title: Re: LIVE, I tell you, LIVE!!
Post by: SolarT on August 30, 2013, 07:46:39 PM
Solar blinks and picks his soda off the table "Hey, uh, Jess. I think your pub has poltergeists again!"

Jessica looks at Solar and the table "Again..? Knock it off, Solar. I'm not falling for one of your Kitsune illusions again"

Solar shrugs and moves to the bar to drink his pop, taking a seat on the bar stool "Actually, I don't have the energy to work my magick right now, Jess. Long story"

"You drained yourself sneaking into changing rooms at the woman's clothing store again, didn't you?"

"Uh.. no comment!" Solar sips his drink
Title: Re: LIVE, I tell you, LIVE!!
Post by: TheMobian on September 03, 2013, 02:48:57 AM
Lucky, still unfazed and completely unaware of her surroundings, continued to stare intently at the chess pieces in front of her. About three seconds later, she noticed that the queen's pawn had actually moved!
The first thought that popped into her head was how the pawn somehow moved all on its own, and if it turned out to be an intelligent being from outer space, how much could she sell it for on Ebay?, her second thought however, was directed more towards the centre of the room, where a table that had once stood firmly on the ground, was now floating a good 2 feet off the ground.

Taking no notice of Cha'omp's prior warning to stay silent in the jest of his prank, Lucky Immediately jumped up onto the table screaming!

Lucky: "PHANTOM TABLE!!!!!" D=<

Lucky lunged towards the evil phantom table with great speed, and in traditional ghostbusters style. All the while screaming other gibberish much less comprehensible then before.
Title: Re: LIVE, I tell you, LIVE!!
Post by: SolarT on September 12, 2013, 06:25:10 PM
Solar retreats from the chaos to his usual table. A cozy spot around a little bend off to the right of the bar, with a little fireplace and a few small tables. Solar grabs the table right by a window and pulls the curtains open to get a little light.. only to see it was raining hard outside, as well as a few flashes of lightning "Huh, I don't remember this in the forecast. Oh well" Tilting his chair back on the rear two legs, he props his feet up on the table and relaxes.

The waitress, a female that could pass as the bartender's twin, walks over and kicks out the legs from under Solar's chair, sending him flat on his back with a hard thud "Feet off the table.. Now then.. Did you want something to eat?"

Solar shakes the cobwebs from his head and looks up at the waitress "Oh.. Hey, Sarah. Yeah, could I get a steak and maybe an ice pack..? And yes, I know my tab is high. I paid your sister some of it already.." He rubs his throbbing head as he gets up, fixing his chair.

"Yes, I know. Thank you for finally starting to pay us. Now I don't have to come to your house with a bat later. "Sarah takes down his order and heads into the kitchen past Jessica, leaving Solar to wonder if she was serious or not about the bat.
Title: Re: LIVE, I tell you, LIVE!!
Post by: TheMobian on September 13, 2013, 03:50:11 AM
As Solar talks with Sarah, Lucky continues to attack the floating table in the background. Clutched to one of the corners, she tries to take it down by chewing on of its legs off, but to no avail.

(( Background humour XP ))
Title: Re: LIVE, I tell you, LIVE!!
Post by: grox on September 20, 2013, 06:20:12 AM
Cha snorts as he watches Lucky attack the floating table. Losing his concentration though, the table ends up back on the ground, a little less for wear, teeth marks and all. Cha'Omp does get up from his spot at the chess board, heads over to the table, Helps Lucky up...

"It's still your move by the way, be back in a minor minute. Also, catch the shiny."

Cha left hand glows a little, creating a sort of ball of faint light, and sends it towards the chess set.

Cha then heads over to the gray fox's table near the fire place. He then leans against the window sill, making sure that his face was hidden by his hood.

"I guess you weren't phased by that little floating table trick of mine, were you?
Title: Re: LIVE, I tell you, LIVE!!
Post by: SolarT on September 29, 2013, 11:02:29 PM
Solar blinks, looking up at the hooded figure "Oh, that was you? Eh, I've seen worse around here"

The phone rings and Sarah picks it up behind the counter "Hmmm? Alright, I'll check if they're here. Everyone listen up! Ivana Tinkle! Does anyone know Ivana Tinkle?"

Jessica stands by the register, just blinking several times.
Title: Re: LIVE, I tell you, LIVE!!
Post by: grox on October 02, 2013, 03:56:32 PM
"Worse you say, hm, then I'm sure you could help me with something. I'm looking for a certain spell, a spell of restoration. To, well, restore that which was taken from me."

Cha absent mindedly rubs the top of his head with his hood still on it. He then notices that Sarah had asked that question.

"Ivana Tinkle? Sry don't know her, I think I saw Jack Soff head out after her though."

Said Cha trying to stifle a chuckle while saying that.
Title: Re: LIVE, I tell you, LIVE!!
Post by: SolarT on October 11, 2013, 01:49:43 PM
Solar blinks as Sarah walks off still looking for Ivana Tinkle

"Uh huh.. Anyway, restoration spells? Sorry, not my specialty. Illusions are more my field"