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The reaper primed the slider and frowned. Coming back is never easy.

He tucked the gun back into his jacket holster and ran, away from the alley that served as his personal back door. Arjen was working on borrowed time, but he couldn't afford to blink onto the plane any closer to his target, not without risking detection. Likewise, teleporting to cross the distance wouldn't do him any favors, either. He was on foot now, without reliance on his powers for the time being.

He tried to get a track on his surroundings as he ran. Some kind of city, the sprawling metropolitan kind, nothing like the quiet paradise where he had just spent a very relaxing vacation. The thing about vacations, though, is that they're temporary, and he was back on active duty before he knew it.

His first assignment since being back proved to be a challenge: a wanted man, dangerous to the core and hiding out where the locals wouldn't bother to notice him. He would have to make this quick; he couldn't afford to let him get away again. His reputation depended on it.

Name: Arjen Evangel
Alias: Antipode
Affiliation: Order of the Transcendancy, Cleric 1st class
Powers and Weapons: Physical immateriality, Teleportation, Planeswalking, Healing factor/longevity, Shapeshifting, Psychic/mental acuity, Telepathy; Handgun, Longsword
Summary: Antipode is an agent of the eternal Order of the Transcendancy, and his primary tasks as a Cleric involve hunting down rogue planeswalkers before they can cause trouble on the planes in which the locals don't know that they're not alone in the multiverse. Contrary to what some people might remember, this Arjen has never been to the SonicVerse Team universe before, this is a brand-new start with a brand-new version of the character; I think it would just work better that way.

Nyteshade enjoyed the Hunt. It was one of her favorite things about Earth. The cesspit of its waste. It gave her ample opportunities to stalk. Stalking was her favorite part. Almost as good as the high she got from consuming her prey. She licked her lips as she caught sight of her target of the night. He was hardly enough to wet her appetite, but a meal was a meal, and the fun outweighed the food for her in this particular hunt. 

She had been watching the man for a while now, but it seemed he had gotten antsy of late, surely not because of her. He had never detected her presence, but she did wonder what had gotten him so nervous. She could taste his fear. It was delicious. She faded into the visible above the skylight looking down into the building.

"You're being so cautious of late. What's got you spooked, Meat?"

She glided from shadow to shadow in the gloom, silent as a stalking cat.

Speaking of cats. It was probably time to start the Chase. The Chase could be almost as fun as the Stalk. She signaled to her hunting partner. One of her pet Shadowcats. It moves with feline grace, little more than a slip of shadow, easily mistaken for a black ally cat, but for its slender thoroughbred looks and inky coat. It could almost pass for someone's prized Cornish Rex.  The cat padded out of the darkness and through a closed door.

Nyteshade waited, a grin forming on her face.

Nervousness creeps into the edge of Arjen's perception as he nears the target area. There was something else there, something else whose power exceeded the limits of his sight. What kind of person could exist on a plane like this? Were they somehow connected to his target? This mission might have just gotten a lot more complicated. He slows his run slightly and keeps his eyes and his five other senses peeled for danger.

If there was one weakness to Nyteshade it was the fact that when she hunted or feasted, her perception tunneled down to the current task to the detriment of all else. She steps through the darkness into the building where the shivering man hides.

The nameless man paced the inside of the warehouse room nervously. He had heard that the order was sending someone after him, he just didn't know when their mercenary was going to make planefall. He tried to go into hiding, but he'd had this awful feeling the last few days of being watched. He hadn't gone out for 3 days.  He needed to go out tonight. If he didn't he was going to go crazy... But was it safe? He hadn't heard of any newcomers to the scene lately. He pondered his course of action heavily before deciding that he was going to go out. He opens the door to the warehouse office and makes his way to the warehouse floor, his boots taking loudly on the metal stairs. He notices the cat sitting at the bottom of the stairs and takes a swat at it with his booted left foot. The cat dodges out of the way and he hears a growl from the shadows.

"W-who's there?!" He asks startled and turns towards the sound. He notices a pair of golden green eyes staring at him from the darkness. One of them winks at him before they disappear and soft feminine laughter fills the darken corners of the warehouse.

Nyteshade liked to play with her food. Most of the time, anyway. This was one of those times. She had terrorized the man long enough she supposed. Taunting him from the shadows, reaching out from his own to trip him up as he tried to escape, and tossing him back into the room when he got too close to the door.  She sighed from the shadows. It was time to end this merry chase. She pounced out of the darkness in a body check on the man, knocking him to the floor and pinning him there with her own body weight. She savored the play of the moon over his sallow face, his fear filled eyes as she dug her claws into his shoulders and he screamed. Her crimson hair pooled around the pair of them, him locked in her painful, Death's embrace and her enjoying every minute of consuming his soul as the miasmic shadows swell up around the pair of them in a macabre dance of darkness.  She throws her head back, staring up at the moon through the skylight, her cheeks flushed in enjoyment. The Chase was fun, The Stalk was better, but The Feast was pure pleasure on an orgasmic scale. It was a good night to be alive.

The surprise and subsequent primal fear that erupts from the warehouse knocks into Arjen like a tidal wave. He sprints forward, hand reaching for his sword as he lowers his shoulder into the door. The sight of Nyteshade in the process of devouring the man he was sent to Earth to apprehend is more than a little unnerving. His mouth hangs open and for a moment he can do nothing but watch, then his mind returns to him. He clears his throat and recites the official mantra through a number of uncertain stammers:

"Stand down immediately. As a Cleric of the Order of the Transcendancy, you are hereby ordered to surrender yourself and submit to any questioning or apprehension deemed necessary by your actions. Failure to comply with your cooperation immediately will result in the employment of any and all necessary force. This is your only warning."

He wraps his fingers around the hilt of his blade and waits for the strange woman's response.


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