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Rules? What are these things you call 'Rules'?


Yes, I figure, general knowledge stuff for people. As well as basically, I figure, we could at least set some ground rules, ya know, just encase.

* 1:No godmodding , means, if some one hits you, it's going to hurt. And not like, I punch you in the face with a spiked gauntlet and you say that tickled, no. I mean, I break your leg, you can no longer walk right because of it, until it is healed.
* 2:Don't take control of other peoples characters, unless they say other wise.  BECAUSE, If you take control of some one's character with out their consent, I will give you so much spam, your head's going to spin.
* 3:Listen to others before you post. Ignorance about what others have posted is not an excuse to just take control of the story and lead it off on some strange tangent.
* 4:Ask to join, and be sure to have your character bio ready. Seriously, I've had to look at mine like, 5 or more times, just to remember all that I had.
That should be enough for now. If any one, Speaking to you admins, has any suggestions on what we should add to this list of rules. Then post here in this topic, so everyone can see what you want on this list.

Gale Fox:
The Five Golden Rules of Roleplaying

[o]ALWAYS follow these rules unless otherwise stated.

[o]NO Godmodding/OOC Actions. (Not OOC talking, something almost entirely different) exempli gratia, Xenophobia getting its antennae cut in halves and retaining Superhuman-level skills and/or telekinesis and/or experiencing no pain.

[o]DO NOT take control of a character who is not within your ownership/permission. It's rude and shows a lack of respect to such character's owner and the other RPers.

[o]DO NOT join without prior knowledge of the RP's events. It's off-putting and disrespectful to your fellow RPers.[/li][/list]

[o]ASK TO JOIN or join early into the RP, and be sure to have your Character Bio (here is a link to the Character Bio topic if you're lost.)[/list][/size]

Not being sarcastic. Thank you Gale Fox for organizing my chaotic post.

SO, those of you that still don't understand the rules, reread the posts dated May 22, 2010 and May 21, 2010.

Also, thank you for adding to the list. Now, If I can just get another RP going, we'd be set.....maybe.


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