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The question I'm asking here is, do you all want to RP? I mean, a single person can start something with a single Idea, but it takes more than one person to keep that idea going. So, I need more people, more influences on what is happening, I mean, come on people, a villain has entered our fare city of SVT. Isn't there anyone that's willing to stand up to him?

I plan to RP! I just need to find the time to do it. Since I'm finally back from my spring break, I should be able to sit down and get back into my normal routine again, which means I'll be able to fine tune my character and get some posting done. Especially since my insomnia has returned.

On that note, I'm not sure what you would call what I plan to play. I've got a character and I just plan to play her and it happens. If she ends up a hero, she ends up a hero. But that isn't to say that something won't happen to put her down the path of a villain. It all depends on how the story pans out and what sort of mood I'm in when I post (and given that I'm still trying to get my bipolar disorder down...uh...yeah. It's hard to tell what will happen.)

But I will post!!!

well since Stride slywhin has long since left his role as official villain creator behind some five or six years ago, i wouldn't mind filling that role a bit myself. I don't have much experience at playing a villain, but i have done it before. Just be aware, none of them will go down easy.

HA HA, yes, finally, some one to play the villain. I've been needing some one to villain up here. If you'll just go over the RP Back In Town, you'll see I've been trying to run as the villain, and head RP monger, so, any points or characters, that you'd be willing to run as or offer up, could, can, and will be useful.


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