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Back in town

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There seems to be a quiet hush that has come over this sleepy burg. People have come and gone, Fights of enormus magnitudes have been fought here. Yet, the city of SVT, is still trying to recover from it's fall from sight. A lone being, enshrouded in the fading darkness, walks towards SVT city. "I've been gone for a long time, I hope they still remember me." He stops a few yards outside of the city, he brings his left hand in front of his face, it begins to glow with a dark and foreboding power, it looks to be wreathed in a black flame. "I hope they remember the carnage that I once brought upon this place, it'll be good to hear some one scream my name in fear once more." Said the being as he lowered his hand and began once again, heading towards SVT city walking with the rising sun behind his back.

Illeana walked through the city. It had been years since she'd been here. Sometimes she still couldn't believe that it had fallen to such ruin. If she hadn't been there before the fighting and the wars she might not have believed that it once fully functioned at all. Slowly she walked through, her sneakers splashing in the puddles beneath her feet. Her ear twitched as a rain drop hit it. Sighing she ducted under the awning of a building that looked like it had once been a bakery and hoped the rain would pass soon.

"I can't believe it's raining again. It feels like that's all it ever does anymore."

Soon, the rain was pouring hard, showing no sign of stopping. She slid down the wall into a sitting position, her tail wrapping around her front, eyes glowing a deep amber. As the sun began to rise she noticed a figure walking into the city.

"'s kinda' early for newcomers."

She watched as the figure drew closer, seeming to keep the darkness clinging to him.

As the being went into the city, he pulled a rolled up piece of parchment from his sleeve. He unrolled it and continued walking, "According to this, I'm in the town known as SVT. What kind of name is SVT?" Said the being as he rolled the parchment back up and placing back in his sleeve, looking around, "This place is so strange, almost all the buildings here are, interesting. BUT, I'm here to gather a few things, namely, 'help'. Now, where oh where to, ah ha. There." Said the being as he spotted what looked to be a person under an awning. The being opened up one of his pockets and brought out 4 arcane looking cards. He walked towards the person that was under the awning while trying to decide which card he would pick.

Illeana continued to watch as the figure drew closer. Slowly and as indiscreet as she could, she began calling fire to her, feeling her palms warm up just in case she needed it. She'd learned not to trust many, especially if you didn't know them.

I wonder what this character wants, she thought to herself.

As she noticed him flipping through something, she began to let her nails grow into claws, a trick her brother had taught her before she decided to go 'human' again. This figure felt like bad news and she wanted to make sure she was prepared. The rain picked up and she felt the water creeping closer to where she sat. As she stood up to keep her rear from getting soaked she pulled the hood of her sweatshirt up, covering her ears. Her tail twitched almost cat like as she waited for the figure to get to her.

The figure noticed the rain starting to pick up and the clouds reclaiming the sky. He felt his strength returning to him as he put his cards back in his pocket so as they wouldn't get wet. "Foresaken rain, I can't get my cards wet, the ink would be washed off of them. Guess I'll have to try a different approach." He continued to come closer towards the person under the awning, he noticed that the being had put up a hood on her head, but, she had no cloak from where the hood came from, it seems as though the hood is connected to her tunic. He also noticed that, the being was female and wearing pants, strange looking pants at that, and the shoes on her feet looked even stranger to him. (What a strange sight, a woman wearing pants, a tunic, and a strange set of shoes. I guess it goes with the territory.) Thought the stranger as he got closer to her. (Well, let's introduce her to what women are supposed to be doing, being my slave.) The stranger was getting closer to the woman, he was within 10 feet of her when he reached into his coat and unlocked the chain that was hanging on him. "What be your name?" Said the being as loudly as he could with out shouting.


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