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Angel of Darkness

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The day was Cloudy, No sunlight to speak of because of the clouds, threatening to rain at a drop of a hat. A few buildings of the once great city, now just a small town, have been rebuilt namely, Solar's General Store , STT (Saint Tails Tavern), and the A U for You Hotel. There seems to be a group of people near what seems to be a bulletin board, 5 of them in black hooded sleeved cloaks, a person in a violet hooded sleeved cloak puts up a single piece of parchment and walks towards the Tavern. The other 5 shamble almost in time with each other after the person in the violet cloak. They all go into the tavern. What do you do?

A small figure enters the remnants of the city. He wars a large nightcap that almost droops over his eyes, tucked into one of the folds in the hat is a gold coin. A long scarf is wrapped around his neck, and one massive ear fluttering back in the wind. Most noticeably, his tail waves back and forth behind him, completely detached from his body.

As he enters the town, he gazes in wonderment at the many large and abandoned structures around him, some towering up far into the sky, while others no longer rise above the ground, but lay in ruins on the street.

"Wow" are the first words to leave his mouth, cliche? of course, but what better word to describe the mystical city that once stood tall and proud over the land.

Soon he notices the cloaked figures standing at the town billboard. Oblivious to the possible danger, he gingerly walks up to the group.

"Perhaps these people can tell me where I am, and what this place is... or used to be" He said to himself. Before he could reach them however, they all left the billboard and entered what looked like a tavern. The young child, decided to run in after them...

"Hey! Wait a second! Come back!." ...

The person in the violet cloak stopped just as it entered the Tavern, the other 5 come to a dead halt. The violet cloaked person looks towards the voice that called out to it. The being's face is covered by a featureless mask except for two eye holes with piercing violet eyes peering out from behind it. The being then faces towards the little creature, and with out missing a beat. The other 5 do a militaristic style turn and face the little creature as well, each of them in turn also have a featureless mask except for eye holes.

Except, their eyes are blank, like there is no drive, no will of their own left in them. Then in a feminine voice, the being in violet speaks.


As the curious creature runs up to them, he sees them turn. His run slowly turns to a cautious walk as he feels the intimidation of the group of people, Whom all stand at at least twice his hight.

The feminine voice offers some reassurance, but still, the cloaks and masks did nothing to help his confidence as he opened his mouth to reply.

"oh, um. You see... I think I was dropped off here by accident, and I was wondering if you could help me figure out where I am?

"Well, according to what I had been told, this was supposed to be the thriving metropolis of SVT. you can see, there's nothing about but, *Sigh* necrosis, decay, destroyed ruins of a once great city, *Sigh* Reminds me of home. Before the accursed plague that now threatens it's existence. Where do you come from though, being as your so small, coming to such a strange place as this. I mean, Look."

The figure waves her gloved hand around at the buildings.

"People are already coming back here, trying to bring the plague with them. I'll be lucky to find anyone to help at any of these places, anyone that hasn't already been infected with the plague any way."


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