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No RP can start with out a few characters. So, Introduce your OC (Original Character) OR your FC (Fan Character). So we can get this party started. A few basic guidelines for people who are just starting out, or have no OC or FC to speak of, should probably go by this setup.

Name: (Kinda need one, can't have your character going around with out a name.)

Age: (Your character can be what ever age you like, from like ten to one hundred trillion, doesn't matter, hell, age is optional.)

Gender: (You kinda have a couple of choices here, you have, he, she, or it. OR, your character can have no gender at all, just depends on your preference.)

Species: (Animal, mineral, or vegetable.....Ha ha, had you going there for a second. Or did I? any who, Your character can be what ever you want, your character can be a lion, a robot, a lizard, a fish, an ox, a cyborg, or a genetic experiment, or even an alien. I wouldn't know, it's your character, you decide.)

Likes: (Pretty self explainitory, What does your character like? emotions, the way some people act, food, people, music, art, television? I wouldn't know, your character.)

Dislikes: (Just the reverse of the above, What does your character not like? Bullying, injustice in the world, the good guys always winning, those friggin anchoives on pizza, someone saying like a lot, technology? I don't know, tell me, I'd like to find out.)

Back story: (Ah the back story, Now, we just can't have your character *poof* out of thin air. Though, on some shows, they actually get away with it. BUT, not here, I'd at least like to know a 'wee' bit about your characters past. You know, Did they have a family? Were they always the way they were now? Why do they not like anchoives? Um, Where did they learn their skills? How do they know how to fight? Can they fight? Like that stuff I just wrote, ask yourself questions, and try to answer them from your characters point of view.)

Gear: (What is your character carrying right at this moment in time? Clothes? Weapons? Food? A nuclear powered toaster oven? Just give a general list of what your character has, 'bout all I can ask for right?)

Strengths: (What are your characters strong points, Are they brave, do they have a special ability like super strength, or super speed, or flight, are they super intelligent, or are they really freaking agile? I don't know, you need to tell me this stuff.)

Weaknesses: (What are your characters weak points, are they a coward, do they have a fear of something, or better yet, do they have a phobia of something? Does something drain them of their special ability? Are they physically challenged? Are they mentally challenged? Are they challenged period? Tell me!)

So you can see what I'm talking about, I'm going to make a character.

Name: Cha' Omp, usually goes by Chomp.

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Species: Mystically Enchanted Hedgehog

Likes: Magic, Pizza, German foods, Dr. Pepper, Reading, Sword Practice, and People not making fun of his head.

Dislikes: People yelling out 'Hey Skeletor! Castle Gray Skull is that way!", People calling him Skeletor, Having to remove his hood, losing his magic book, losing his sword, losing his staff, and having little kids stare at his head.

Back Story: His home was different, he was the only one of the family to not excel at magic, but excelled at survival techniques, fighting with swords, staffs, and other things. His father had told him that he was going to be a great fighter some day, but to survive in this world, where the powers of Chaos roam free, he was going to have to learn some magic. Giving his son the bare essentials, He sent him on a quest to find his magic in this world. After leaving home, and traveling a very long distance, Chomp came upon an area of ruins, the place seemed to have been at one time, a place of great magical importance.

Cha' Omp searched every nook and cranny to see if he could find anything that would help him find his magic. Alas, he did not, he took a seat on a slab that was slightly embedded in the ground. His weight shifted the slab to fall somewhere, collapsing the ground beneath him. Cha' Omp fell into what seemed to be an undisturbed tomb of sorts. With the light of the sun shining in, he was able to make out a pedastall(I don't know how to spell that word, I'm tired it's 4:20 AM, gimme a break.) with a book on it, with a staff next to it. The staff looked like it had a ram's skull on top of it, As Chomp walked closer towards the pedastall he saw that behind it was a coffin with a sword on top of it. Chomp got to the book first, he placed his hands upon the book, nothing happened, he opened it and read it's pages, he found that the book was a spell book, filled with all sorts of powerful spells that would even impress his father. His eyes seemed to be called towards a single spell, as he read it aloud, dark lightening started arcing off of the coffin onto the staff and the book. When Cha' Omp finished reading the spell, the lightening arced to him, striking him in the middle of his forehead. Instantly his entire head was set ablaze, the agony he felt as the fur and flesh were burned from his head was unfathomable. After a few minutes of screaming and trying to put out the blaze that engulfed his head. Cha' Omp realized that the flames had gone out, but he could no longer feel anything on his face, nor on his head, or anything that his head touched. He reached up his hands and felt his face, his fur, his flesh, were completely gone. All that remained was his skull, just floating there, like nothing happened. He screamed in horror at this, after a few moments of this, he grabbed the book of the pedastall, and looked through it to see if he could find some way to return his head to what it had been, but to no avail.

He threw the book towards the coffin, the book landed with a thud. He held his now skeletal head with both of his hands. Not noticing that the sword had floated off of the coffin, slid under the book, floated over to him, and placed the book at his feet. Cha' Omp looked up and saw the sword floating there. 3 seconds later, He screamed, fell on his but, and backed away very quickly, the sword followed him, he also saw that the staff had now begun floating towards him as well. The sword remained in front of him, and was quickly joined by the staff, then suddenly out of no where, came a voice. "You now have what I had, the power to reshape the world. Go forth and conquer it, None shall be able to with stand your might!" With that, a loud thunderous *BOOM!* shook the entire room, Cha' Omp didn't know what was happening, but, he did know not to look a gift horse in the mouth. The entire room was still shaking, the walls were beginning to crumble, causing the ruins to cave in around him. Cha' Omp didn't know what to do, other than, he grabbed the sword, the staff and the book, and scrambled out of the caving in ruins. He ran and ran, far away from that place, He finally reached a secluded area that no one would be able to find him in. He sat there, next to a tree, with his three items that had been given to him. "Well, Dad, heh heh, I found my magic, but." He rubbed his skeletal head. "I don't want to return home looking like this, I need to find a way to reverse what's happened to my head." He stood up, he hastily made a sheath for the sword, and slung it across his back. He picked up the book and placed it in his bag. He finally picked up the staff and began walking, "If I'm to find any way to return my head to what it was, I need to find stronger magic that what I now have." He said as he put on his hood, trying to hide what he now looked like from the rest of the world.

Gear:.....I'm too tired to list his gear at the moment, I'll list it when I've had some sleep, TTFN, Ta Ta For Now.

EDIT: Gonna add strengths and weaknesses

Name: Illeana Nightrain

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: A shape shifter, her animal form being a wolf.

Appearance (because I’ve always added this to a character sheet): In human form, she is about 5’5’’ and 130 pounds (though she looks quite slender since she’s pretty much solid muscle.) Her hair is roughly down to her back, thick and in slight waves that are auburn in colour. Her features look to be Irish with large eyes (which are brown under normal circumstances and deep amber when the wolf is closer to the surface or when she’s in her wolf form.) She’s got fair skin and freckles along the bridge of her nose. Mostly she wears bellbottoms that are torn in the left knee and a plain fitted black tee-shirt with lovingly worn grey sneakers. She wears the pendant of a wolf around her neck on a long silver chain (as to not choke her when she shifts.) She can chose to have ears and a tail in her (seemingly) human form. When she does, they are the same colour as her hair, the tail having a silver tip and being nice and fluffy. Her wolf form is on the small side for a wolf and the same auburn colour as her hair. Her tail has the silver tip as well as her right front paw and her under belly. Across her nose on the right side she has three scars that look like they were attains in a fight with another wolf. She also has these in her human form though they aren’t very noticeable.

Likes: She likes music, magic, video games, running, and a nice slab of red meat. And bunnies. Everything about them. Chasing them, taunting them, cuddling them…and noming them.

Dislikes: Most technology, people who get in her way, getting shot at because she’s thought to be a wild wolf, ignorance

Strengths: She's got a very strong will. She's fast. She can calm people by touching them (though it takes a great concentration which she does not always have) and she can manipulate energies (elemental influences.) She's also very loyal unless you cross her.

Weaknesses: She doesn't always listen to that voice that tells her maybe she shouldn't be doing something. People often think the things she can do are stronger than they are and when she can't "preform" it gets her into trouble. She's easily influenced. And she's on a quest in which she'll do nearly anything to be able to accomplish (this can be both a strength and a weakness I suppose.)

Back story: Once upon a time, Illeana had a family. They were shape shifters of the wolf variety and practiced a form of Shamanism dealing with Earth Magics and herbs. Not that she remembers them too well. When she was 6 years old her city was attacked and her parents forced her and her older brother (who was 14 at the time) to flee. They may still be alive, but she hasn’t seen them since. Her brother, whose name was Iah, took her out into the wilderness where they lived for several years as wolves. She didn’t know much about why Iah insisted on this; just that he said it would keep them safe. Something about how their parents were rebels in the war and someone would be looking for them. When she was 13, she decided it was time to start life as a human again. Iah disagreed with this and told her that if that’s what she wanted, she would do it on her own. And so she did. She went into a nearby city, which she later learned to be SVT City and turned to a human in a back alley. Unfortunately, it had been years since she’d worn clothes, so she had none. Thankfully, someone walked by and noticed the young girl standing there naked. She was Oblivion (though Illeana still doesn’t believe that to be her real name.) This pale skinned, white haired, blue eyed, and slightly deranged 15 year old quickly became Illeana’s best friend and took her to get some clothes. Newly equipped in an outfit much like the one she wears now, Oblivion took her out to show her the city. It was a flourishing city with much going for it and a lot of proud people. At first Iah would still show up in his wolf form to make sure she was okay, but as time went on his visits became less and less until he no longer showed up. She wonders sometimes if he’s still watching her, but she hasn’t seen him in about 3 years. In the city she made many friends. Illeana learned many things like how to use the magic she had as a shape shifter to give her clothes when she turned from wolf to human. She also learned that, through the magic that ran through her blood, she could manipulate energies. Mostly she used it to influence people’s emotions, though she can only do this on a small scale. She also learned how to call on the elements to help her, though these too were small things like calling fire to warm her if she was cold or asking for a nice breeze if she was hot. She also learned things like how to fight and how to steal; all important things to know as a teenager living on the streets of a city. She had many adventures and fought many battles. When things really started to go downhill, she went back to living as a wolf, watching the destruction and fall of the city from afar. Finally she has decided that it is time to return and see what she can find and make of the old city and if there was anything she could do to help rebuilt it. She is also on a quest now. During the destruction of the city, her good friend disappeared. No one seems to remember who she was or that she even existed and Illeana knows that that isn't right, so she is out to find her friend and figure out what happened.

Gear: Well I’ve already described her clothes when I gave her appearance. But she also carries a pocket knife (which she keeps razor sharp) and a few items in a leather messenger bag (like a wet stone for sharpening her knife, a leather bound journal to write in, a pen, and some basic herbs to put together as remedies…or poisons if she so needs them.)

I do apologize if this is kinda' incoherent. It's 2 am here and I'm on my second night without sleep.

I like, very good character build, I'll have to come up with some stats for our villain. So, do not fret, I shall post them soon.

Awesome. I can't wait to really get started with this. Hopefully more people will join. I'm trying to talk one of my friends who was on her years ago when I was to join up. She's wonderful at RPing.


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