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Time to die

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"My my, what do we have here?" You notice some one standing over you.

"Some one has woken up, good to finally see you awake." Your vision is still blurry, but you can make out a suit of some sort. There's two other people beside the first one, flanking him or her on either side.

"You'd be wise to, at least, pay attention to what I have to tell you." You notice that you are bound to the floor with some sort of metal cable or something.

"Your free to go, after, you've completed a few, experiments. You'll find, I'm not one to trifle with. There are others in this building, just as you, are doing experiments. But, all in all, you will have to kill, maim, murder, your way to freedom. Then again, you can ally with some of the others, I don't know if they will want to. Hahahahahaah *sigh* Your first experiment, Survive." With that, the three beings leave the room, your bindings then come undone and your able to stand up.

Selena McDoogan stands to her feet slowly rising from prostrate on her back to a crouching position examining her surroundings.  Her jumpsuit was intact but none of her armor or equipment was present (OOC: Selena while miltant like another character of mine, Surv, she is not cybernetically enhanced, she's straight human through and through).  She looks around finding nothing really worth noting, scanning for anything that could be used as a weapon.  Despite how revealing it is of her figure she's relieved that she at least still has her normally underlying jumpsuit, it's tough material and the fact that it doesn't get in the way will probably be a Godsend in this madhouse.

She checks her wrist to discover that her comm unit, is also gone.  She's alone, nothing but her and her training, she stops to listen for any sign of movement, breathing, anything.

OOC: Selena stands about 5' 4" has a slender and muscular build on top of shoulder length vibrant red hair.  Her current attire is a dark blue jumpsuit with what appears to be multiple attachment points where armor plates and other equipment would normally be placed.  She's a trained pilot and ranks as a lieutenant.  Admittedly I kind of pulled a marvel with Surv, Surv is intended to exist in multiple universes, Selena is not, Surv will also probably not be making an appearance, though in RP's of yesteryear they have worked together  (For anyone who remembers them anyway).  She's trained to fight in the event of her aircraft going down, including weapons, and hand to hand, she's good with a knife even one of Crocodile Dundee size, but useless with Machete's and other swords.

A minute passes, A set of lights turns on revealing another door across from the one those people exited from, on it is a plack 'For every Non-Believer in existence, there will always be a New Convert.' Behind that door you can hear the sounds of gears grinding. Behind the door the people left from, you hear, silence.

"My move I guess" she says as she stands to her feet slowly, and moves so that her back is to the wall next to the door that the sound of gears can be heard from, she has no weapon, but that doesn't mean she's going to open the door while making herself a perfect target.  She reaches out to open it, intending to do so rapidly so as to surprise and hopefully throw whatever is behind it off balance.

As the door opens, the noise of grinding gears is loud as if you stepped into a factory. Over the cacophony of the factory noise, You hear two voices, getting closer.

"GOD'S DAMN IT, I told you we're lost!"
"Get off my back Jerkoff, I told you before, I have no idea where the hell we are going, yet you insisted on following me."
"And here we are, Lost, I'm betting 2 to 1, some of the others are already out there, grabbing the things, those, um, Damn it."
"The things those guys told us about, that would allow us to escape this hell hole?"
"Yeah, those things, You think we'll find a few more of them?"
"Possibly, But, If you don't shut the hell up, WE'LL BE FOUND AND KILLED YOU MORON!"
"Argh, jeez, I hear you, I hear you. Damn, did you have to scream right in my ears."
"Yeah, all 4 of them, Can't believe you got that one and I got..."
"A really big mouth with sharp teeth."
"Cram it, ear boy."


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