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Author Topic: Elias:Sigma Squad  (Read 4020 times)

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Elias:Sigma Squad
« on: November 24, 2011, 01:44:12 AM »

It began with a device…A device that would reshape how Mobians lived their lives,known as the roboticizer.Invented by Sir Charles Hedgehog,and his assistant,Julian Kintobar,the roboticizer was originally created to aid those with a physical handicap,but Julian saw other purposes for it.He brought his ideas to King Frederick Acorn,and the high commanders explaining how the device could be used to deal with the escalating issues with the Drakanian Empire.King Frederick,and his high commanders rejected his idea,and scolded him for even thinking about transforming anyone into a mindless machine.

Furious,Julian decided to take matters into his own hands,and with the help of his nephew,Snively,he poisoned King Frederick leaving Angelia’s powers in the hands of Prince Maximillian Acorn,but while the king looked to the future, he never knew what fate had in store for him.Julian had secretly reprogrammed all SWATbots to obey only his ,or Snively’s commands,and assembled a diverse force of machines to do his dirty work.His takeover of Angelia was swift,but his conquest of the planet was even more astonishing when he achieved supreme victory.

Majority of those who were adults were roboticized,and sent to labor camps across Julian’s,whose new persona was now Dr. Robotnic,sprawling industrial metropolis,Robotropolis,while young kids,and teenagers hid to avoid capture,but the most sinister of Robotnic’s plans was when he sent King Maximillian to the Void.Hearing this news let the world know that all hope was lost.

The safest area was on Angel Island.Undetected by Robian radars,this island would become the last beacon of hope for Mobius.General Armand D’Coolette re-organized the Angelian military on the island,at the newly built Angel Rock military academy,and with a solid number of new recruits,help from Gatto,an underground military factory on Angelia,he would use all these resources to push back the Robian war machine.

Ten years later,Prince Elias Acorn,who is now eighteen,has decided to give up his status,and his right to the Angelian throne to join alongside other soldiers,in order to avenge his father.These are the stories of Captain Elias Acorn,Sigma squad,and the perils they encounter during the Robotnic Wars.

(This story takes place six months before Sally Acorn forms the first Freedom Fighters.)
Sonic the Hedgehog presents

Chapter One:A day in the life of Captain Acorn

Kontar City (mid-day)


A soft female voice echoed in the back of Elias’ mind ,as he glided over the city.The sun barely peaked over the tenement building making them shine as bright as gold.Elias continued to look,observing the clear skyline ,and breathing in the crisp morning air.


As the voice got louder the city began to change The sky went from an ocean blue to a dim-lit sun covered by dark clouds of smoke ,and fog.The sounds of gun fire ,and men yelling replaced the silence,as his weightless body soon realized that he was flying inside of a Zephyr gunship.

?:”Elias!!...Captain Acorn!!!”

He knew what this meant,he was having another episode.A strong hand shoved his shoulder ,and he snapped out of it.Elias’ nerves caused him to jerk from the sudden shock of realizing he was day-dreaming.He turned to find his comrade, Dondan looking at him in an awkward manner.

Elias(scratching his head nervously):”Man,you scared the hell out of me,Donny!!”

Dondan held on to the railing of the Zephyr gunship that they were flying in with one hand,and gave off a slight smirk.Dondan knew Elias since they were kids,and although they hated each other when they were young-they learned to grow together like brothers.Dondan was much larger than Elias in height,and body mass.He could easily separate a SWATbots head from its shoulders with his bare hands,but at the same time he had good medical skills,which made him a valuable asset to the team.Dondan could’ve became leader of Sigma squad,but knew that he lacked the leadership skills Elias had.

Dondan(smiling,stepping back from Elias)”Sorry,sir!Ya just had me worried, that’s all!!”

Elias(grinning at Dondan as he sits in his seat on the Zephyr)”Good lookin’ out Donny,but for your information I was having a private thought!!”

Dondan(giggles,and turns looking out toward the city)”Yeah-if ya say so ,Captain!!”

Elias smiled,as he slowly turned his head back to the city.Looking at it now he could only wish that his dream was reality,this was war.Robotnic’s forces had seized control of an area not far from the Angelians fortified base,Fort Kontar.It was now up to Elias,and Sigma squad to stop this threat before it reached them.Elias sent some of his troops to back up an Angelian battalion to ensure victory,while he,and Dondan dealt with other issues,but what seemed like a perfect plan now had Elias sitting on pins,and needles.honestly to Elias this wasn’t about holding a controlled region it was about getting revenge on those damned machines for what they did to his family ,and kingdom,but he knew that personal agendas could jeopardize his mission.

The Zephyr zigzagged at great speeding through the city’s war-torn buildings ,dodging ,and swiftly flying over any obstacle in its way.The Zephyr’s gravity rotors whined as it sped around the beaten metropolis so fast it was amazing how Elias,and Dondan held themselves inside without falling out.

Elias(looking up at Dondan)”How long before we reach them, Dondan!?”

Dondan(looking at his holo-wrist device)”twenty miles,and closing!Ya think they can hold’em off that long ,sir!?”

Elias(looking away from Dondan)”Don’t know…we’ll just have to hope for the best!!”

The Zephyr flies out into an area full of smaller two-story buildings.It continued to maintain great speed flying lower to avoid enemy contact,but the pilot suddenly noticed a blue ball of light coming towards the Zephyr.He looks closer ,and realized what it is.

Zephyr Pilot(frightened)”INCOMING!!!”

Elias ,and Dondan look at each,and before they can say anything the Zephyr is struck by an energy blast from a Robian Anti-aircraft gun.They can feel the Zephyr slowly falling to the ground as the engines died with a fading hum.Elias’ feet slid to the edge of the blast door opening,where he managed to grab the railing.He frantically tried to regain his footing,but the smooth metal flooring of the gliding gunship made it hard for him.

Elias(Scared,and struggling to get back in the Zephyr)”Ssshhiiit!Ugh!SHIT!!”

Elias used all his muscles to yank himself back into his seat,but with each try he can feel himself getting weaker.Dondan managed lunge forward ,and grabs him by his chest plating with one hand,and the two of them braced themselves for impact.The Zephyr’s alarms signaled death,as the it glided a few feet above the buildings.

Elias(clenching the railing,looking up)”Well,Dondan,if it all ends here at least we can say we died for a cause,right!?”

Dondan(looking around for a way out of this problem)”Ya really think that!?”

Elias(frowning)”Hell no!This is gonna suck!!”

The Zephyr hit the ground,and skipped across the ground letting out an ear-shattering screech until the nose finally slammed into a pile of rubble.The ship spewed blue flames from its engine on top,as sparks shot from area all over it.The blast door rattled,and squeaked as a large boot kicked the at it.After three ,or four more kicks the door finally flew off the hinges revealing a dark figure crawling out of the wreakage.Dondan carried Elias on his back as he struggled to move away from the tattered gunship.He was tired ,and covered in dirt,his body ached from the crash-landing he just endured.

Dondan(debilitated as he carries Elias)”H,hang on,sir…We’ll…”

The Zephyr exploded into flames with a loud boom,causing Dondan to collapse-dropping Elias along with him.Elias managed to muster up enough strength to pull,and prop his body up against a wall.He took deep breathes to regain his strength,his head was spinning as his vision came back into focus.Dondan slowly pulled himself up from the ground squinting his eyes,and rubbing his ears from them ringing due to the explosion.

Elias(tired,and resting his head against the building)”Nice save,Donny.”

Dondan(catching his breath )”…Yeah”(cough)

Elias lifted himself to his feet using the wall,he grunted while doing so.He looked up at the sky as he dusted off what he could on his uniform.

Elias(walking towards Dondan)”Did you happen to catch where that blast came from?”

Another blast streamed overhead covering everything in a dim blue tone.Elias,and Dondan watched it travel then looked at one another.

Dondan(looking down the battered street)”Looks like a mile,or two just south of here!”

Elias(walking past Dondan,patting on his shoulder)”Well lets go pay them a visit!”

Elias continued onward ,while Dondan runs back to the wreakage.He finds the dead body of the pilot,and retrieved his holo-tags from around his neck.He kneeled by the chared body ,and lowers his head in mourning,with his eyes closed.

Dondan:”Sorry…May Saint Claire guide you through the afterlife”

He turns,and runs to catch up with Elias,who’s already a few feet up the street.

Elais,and Dondan cut through an alley that led to an open street filled with pieces of debris from Zephyrs,and Angelian Gatto fighters that were on the wrong end of the Robian anti-aircraft gun.Across the street from them stood a small two story building,a former bakery that stood right on the corner of the street,now surrounded by SWATbots,and a staging area for their weapon that sat atop the building.

Elias,and Dondan caught sight of this,and took cover behind a downed Gatto fighter.

Dondan(Apprehensively checking behind them)”So-what’s the plan,Captain?”

Elias(peaking around the Gatto fighter)”That goddamn gun did all this…”

Elias pulled out his pistol,and checked the plasma clip to see if it’s full,and then pulled out a grenade,looking over at Dondan.

Elias:”We take it out so this mess around here doesn’t go resolved”

Dondan(holding his Reverb shotgun)”Sounds like a damn good plan to me”

Dondan cocks his shotgun,with a slight grin on his face.

Elias(examining the grenade in his hand)”I’ll deal with the bots by the front door,and make a dash into the building,you be ready with that support fire,we’ll take out this platoon, and blow that gun to hell,and high heaven”

Two SWATbots stand guard by the front door of the bakery as a grenade rolls across the ravaged pavement between the two of them.They hear it ,look down,and dive away from it,but get caught in the blast.

Elias(looking around the downed Gatto fighter)”NOW!!”

He made a bee-line for the front door ,but as he does ,a few SWATbots on the second floor of building positioned themselves in its battered windows ,and open fire on Elias.He danced around the shots,looking around for cover.


Dondan looked up just in time,and opened fire on them,allowing Elias time to dive behind a pile of charred metal.The blast of energy from Dondan’s shotgun shattered  a SWATbot’s head,leaving it standing stiff as a board.The remaining two SWATbots continued firing,pinning  down Elias.

Elias(yelling toward the sky)”Dondan,gimme some fuckin’ cover fire!!”

Dondan blind-fires over the cover of the downed Gatto fighter,popping off two or three shots with his shotgun then crouches down.

Dondan(yelling into his wrist comm-link)”What the hell do you think I’m doing,sir!!”

Elias tried to peak at the SWATbots positioned in the bakery,but the shots whine past his face too fast.He leaned his head against the blackened metal heap he had took cover behind,and shut his eyes,breathing hard.

Elias(speaking into comm-link)”Dondan,change of plans!!…”

Dondan listens in confusion to Elias,as the SWATbots’ shots ping against his cover.

Elias stares blankly at the ground,watching the blaster fire  hit the cobbled street .

Elias:”We’re gonna rush’em!!”

Dondan’s eyes widen when he hears this.He starts breathing harder,and his hands begin to shake.He knew that to rush into that building could be suicide,but as fast as he feared realized it was either now ,or never.Dondan tightens his grip around his shotgun,and shakes the thought of dying out of his head.

Dondan(now standing up)”Let’s do it!”

Elias reloads his pistol ,and pulls his sword,the Frederick soulfire, from out of the leather holster strapped to the back of his armor.The sword was made ,and named after his grand-father, the former king of Angelia.The blade was a shining silver,with blue stripes etched into it,and the hilt was decorated with a small emerald shard in the middle of it,which is said to give the blade its ability to shred clean through metal.

Elias(speaking into comm-link)”Those tin-heads should be reloading soon,the minute they do we’ll go in,and clear’em out!”

The SWATbots seize fire,the area is silent,and as the winter air blows Elias ,and Dondan make their move.They stay low,out of sight of the unknowing SWATbots,who have already re-positioned themselves in the windows.

Dondan notices a SWATbot standing on the stairway,by the front door,and charged at it knocking it down.As he stood up Dondan yanked the head off sending sparks,and mega-mac spewed out.

Just then Dondan noticed another SWATbot  coming up from the basement taking aim at him.Just before it takes the shot Elias steps in behind Dondan,who’s stiffened by the sight of the SWATbot.Elias takes three crack shots at the bot hitting it two times in the chest ,and one right between its red visor.

Elias(looking back at Dondan)”Stay down here,and check to see if there are anymore!I’ll deal with the upper level!”

Dondan nods his head still a bit shaken by the fact that he could’ve died just a second ago.

Elias rushed to the second level of the bakery,and bursted into a room where the two SWATbots from earlier were waiting.He unleashed a flurry of slashes,and within seconds the SWATbots are nothing more than pieces of scrap metal.

Meanwhile,Dondan enters the basement .He pulled out his collapsible war-hammer,and went to work on the remaining bots,maiming,smashing,and crushing anything that got in his face.

Elias continued to the top of the building,now seeing the Robian AA-gun for the first time since the Zephyr that was carrying them was shot down by it.He started walking towards it until he heard footstep coming towards him at a high speed.He turned around to see a SWATbot Captain charging at him.It nearly knocked him off the edge of the building,but Elias managed to get around it,and with his pistol in hand he points it at the bots head.

Elias(mumbling)”Piece of shit!”

The SWATbot Captain swings the back of its fist into Elias’ chest,knocking him into the AA-gun.


Elias’ sword ,and pistol fly out of his hands,and on to opposite sides of the roof.The SWATbot runs at him with a strong metallic fist drawn back.It’s red vision receptor focuses on its target, and metal feet clanged against the rooftop with such force that it sounded like a steam train rather than a robot.Elias moves his head in the nick of time as the bot’s fist slams into the side of the AA-gun ,leaving a large indentation on the side of it.The sight of the dent shocked Elias,and he quickly made a dive for his pistol,but as he slid he felt a sudden tight grip around his ankle.He turned over to see the SWATbot holding his leg.He struggled to reach his pistol,but the bot’s grip constricted,and before he knew he was being lifted off the ground by the SWATbot.

Elias(shocked expression)”Whoooa shit!!”

The SWATbot held Elias upside down by one leg.The crimson glow from its visor,and the jet black armor made Elias all the more upset that he had been caught.

SWATbot:”TARGET:subdued.IDENTITY:Elias Acorn:Prince of Angeli…”

Elias jerked his head away as a sharp spike pierced through the head of the SWATbot Captain.It’s hand loosened ,and Elias fell to the ground.He looks to see Dondan behind the SWATbot,holding his war-hammer as he tosses the impaled heap over the edge of the roof.

Dondan turned,and walked over to Elias,who is still in awe by Dondan’s sudden appearance.

Dondan:”This is the second time I had to save yer ass today,Captain!”

He reached out to Elias to help him up .

Elias:”Umph,Yeah,yeah,don’t pat yourself on the back just yet”

They both stand looking at the AA-gun.

Dondan:”Welp,guess we ought to get to work ,right?”

Elias(putting his sword back in its holster)”Gimme a boost,i’m gonna stuff one in this damn thing’s glory hole!”

Dondan lifted Elias up near the barrel of the AA-gun.Elias pulled out a grenade ,and sets it for five minutes.

Elias(throwing grenade down the barrel)”From Angelia with love!”

This grenade banged from left to right as it traveled down the barrel of the AA-gun.Elias,and Dondan make a run for it downstairs,and out the front door of the bakery.They turned around just in time to see the Robian weapon exploded into a cloud of blue,and white flames.

The two of them turn,and start trotting down up the street just north of the bakery.

Dondan(looking forward)”Well,all in all I’d say that went pretty good!”

Elias(looking forward)”It could’ve went better!”

Dondan looked over at him.

Elias(looking at Dondan)”We could have a few thousand troops ,and about a few hundred Zephyr backing us up!”

Dondan looked over,and grins at Elias.

Elias(looking forward,smiling)”Heh,I could only wish,right!?”

They run off into the fog of war to their next destination.


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Re: Elias:Sigma Squad
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2011, 01:45:56 AM »

Kontar City
Donovan Square(Late afternoon)

Elias,and Dondan arrived at the too late.The entire area is littered with debris,and lifeless bodies from both faction.It seemed a bit cooler than before,and with the scene that laid before the two of them it just added to the sorrow that sat above them like a cloud of death.They stepped over the bodies, examining them,some of the soldiers were as old as Elias ,and Dondan,while some looked like they were barely sixteen.This was how the was fought ,with kids,because the adults were either roboticized,or dead.The surrounding buildings smothered the area as the pale sun sat high above.

The smell of death was thick as they walked the cobbled streets.Dondan’s head turned as if it was on a pivoting swivel from left to right.He identified the deceased bodies of Angelian soldiers that were apart of Sigma squad.

Dondan:”…Shit(shakes his head in disbelief)Can’t believe they got all of ‘em!”

Elias:”It’s okay(hops over a brick fence)those lug-nuts didn’t make a clean getaway…”

Just then they hear a noise come from a shop near where they’re standing.Dondan looks over at Elias,gesturing  to him that they should have a look.

Elias trots over to the doorway of the shop,his pistol in hand,with Dondan following behind him.He stands near the door looking at Dondan.

Elias:”Keep your eyes open”

Dondan nods his head.They enter the shop cautiously looking for who,or whatever made the noise .

They hear shuffling coming from one room.Elias crept over to the doorway of the room ,and peaked around.He quickly ducks away from a pistol blast that was aimed at his head.

?(from inside the room)”I’ll kill all you metal head freaks before I go down YOU HEAR ME!”

Elias looked at Dondan in confusion,realizing the shot came from an Angelian soldier.

Elias(leaning against the doorframe)”we’re not the enemy!”

Angelian Soldier:”You sure?How do I know you’re not lying ?Robians are good at playing tricks on…”

Dondan(upset)”Oh for the love of-if we were Robians do you really think we would be waiting this long to kill you!?”

Angelian Soldier:”…”

They both walked into the room to find the soldier on the floor leaning against an empty shelf.He was breathing as if he was trying to gasp for air,his clothes were tattered,as well as his armor,and his face was full of fatigue.His left eye was barely open,and it was hard tell to think that his weakly looking hand could hold the pistol that was clinched in it.

Angelian Soldier(surprised expression)”Captain?…Captain Acorn?Ooh thank Claire it’s you!”

Elias kneeled near the soldier,and places a hand on his shoulder to assure him he safe now,while Dondan tended to his wounds.

Elias(calm voice)”Save your energy soldier…tell us what happened.”

(Flashback of battle)

Angelian Soldier:”We had the SWATbots right where we wanted them.Your squad along with ours was more than enough to deal with them.”

(The Angelian soldiers fired at the enemy from the cover of the shop building.The SWATbots fired from the street,and by the fountain that sits in the middle of the square.)

Angelian Soldier:”They were trying to barge right through our line,but I knew the battle was ours,especially when I noticed their commander gesturing them to fall back.”

(The SWATbot Captain watched as its soldiers drop like flies,and began moving back to the alley.The other bots also began to do the same,until they finally turned,and ran down the alley behind them.)

Angelian Soldier:”We celebrated,but had no clue that our victory would be short-lived…”

(The Angelian soldiers let out a loud hurrah as they watched the Robians ran away from the fight.One soldier laughed,but then noticed something coming back through the alley.A silhouette of a Robian Blastoid tank clanked through the alley as it made it way to the battle,bringing twice as many SWATbots with it)

Angelian Soldier:”We tried our damnedest to fight back,but they had us out-numbered two to one,and with that tank we might as well had surrendered.”

(End of Flashback)

Elias(standing in front of the soldier)”So…how did you make it out okay?”

Angelian Soldier:”Honestly,sir…I…I hid(Sniffling)I couldn’t stand hearing my comrades suffer,but…”(Begins to cry)

Elias looks at Dondan,as he continues to bandage up the soldier,Dondan gives Elias a look of as if saying “show some sympathy”.

Elias(patting the soldier’s shoulder)”Hey it’s gonna be alright,we’ll…”

Elias heard a loud noise coming from outside,and jumped up to see what it was.He peaked out the window to noticed a battalion of SWATbots following alongside a Blastoid tank.Dondan walked beside him looking.

Dondan(looking forward)”Hmph,more trouble?”

Elias:”looks like a patrol.I’m guessing they’re here to pick off any stragglers they left from earlier.”

Elias looks back towards the room where the soldier is sitting.

Elias:”How’s he looking?”

Dondan:”He’s okay…for now.”

Elias looked back at the battalion as they started to move away from the Blastoid tank.He sparked an idea in his head.

Elias:”Come on,Donny,I think I have a plan.”

Elias,and Dondan left out the back door of the shop into an alley

Dondan:”Do ya really think that was a good idea to put him in the closet?”

Elias:”As long as he doesn’t move he should be okay.”

They made a turn between two buildings where they caught sight of the Blastoid tank,with no guards surrounding it.

Elias:”Tell me what you know about that tank ,Dondan.”

Dondan licks his lips as he focuses on the tank.

Dondan:”Not a lot ,other than the damn thing being able to mow down an Angelian platoon without an issue.”

Elias looked even closer,and stood silent.He rubbed his chin ,pondering ,with a grin on his face.

Elias:”You know how to operate one,right?”

Dondan:”Yeah,but(does double-take to Elias facial expression)Wait a minute,yer not thinkin’ about snaggin’ it?”

Elias looked over at Dondan,still rubbing his chin.

Elias:”Seems like that’s our only option(shrugs,while grinning),besides it’ll be fun to waste some bots with their own weapon.”

Dondan ran his hand over his face,and took a deep breath.

Dondan:”Ehh,bein’ in this alley stinks anyways.”

Elias(pats Dondan on the back,hard)”See that’s the spirit,Donny(looks at the tank again)Now we can sneak around the fountain,move around behind it,and (pounds his fist into his hand)BAM.”

Dondan:”I’m gonna need a second to re-wire the command module on top of it before we use it.By then they could notice us.”

Elias:”We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.Just worry about getting that thing on our side.”

Elias ran out from the alley,and does a baseball slide,colliding with the bottom of the rusted fountain.He’s dazed a bit,but regained his composure,as he looked over to Dondan, who was barreling towards the  fountain as well.Elias scrambled to move out of the way as Dondan came in hard,knocking pieces of  debris onto the ground.The sound of the debris hitting the ground caused the patrolling SWATbots to turn around.Elias,and Dondan held their breath,ducking low behind the cover of the fountain.The bots gazed at the area for almost five minutes before finally turning around and,finishing their patrol.

Elias looked back at Dondan,as he exhaled,with a frown on his face.Dondan looked at him ,and shrugged his shoulders.

They moved along the side of the fountain,closer to the back of the Blastoid tank.Dondan slowly grabbed onto the back of the tank,and began to pull himself up.Elias pulled his AR-7 Angelian blaster off his back,and stood ready.Dondan crawled across the top of the tank until he reached the head.He quickly went to work,opening the compartment where the module was,and pulled it out.The beetle-like heap never moved as Dondan went about his business.

The SWATbots continued their patrol,while their captain stood in the middle of the street.


Elias heard this,and looked up at Dondan,who was so deep into his work that he wasn’t paying any attention to anything else.He started sweating bullets,as he watched the bots come out of the surrounding buildings they were searching.

Elias(whispering)”Dondan?Dondan,can you try to put some pep into it.”

Dondan(still working on the tank)”I’m almost done ,why?”

Before Elias can speak,he heard the clicks of the Robian weapons behind him.

Elias(turns around)”Shit!”

SWATbot Captain(gesturing with the gun)”Drop your weapon.”

Dondan stood up with the module in hand,with a menacing smile on his face.

Dondan:”Go to hell,bolt-bags!!”(presses button on module)

The SWATbots started backing away,but just as they do the Blastoid tank shuts down.

Dondan(smile turns into a frown)”What the hell!?”(pressing button repeatedly)

Elias(buries his face in his hand)”SHIT!”

The SWATbots realized what happened,and moved back toward the tank.Suddenly the tank’s eyes light back up,Dondan looks at the module,as a light on it flashed.

Dondan(slight grin on his face)”Captain!take cover!!”

Elias glances over at the Blastoid tank.The two front legs begin to move,and the barrel mounted on front of the head lowered,targeting the SWATbot team.

The bots stood in a group as they started backing away again.

SWATbot Captain:”All bots take cover!!”

The Blastoid tank fired,decimating everything in front of it,while Elias began to let loose with his AR-7.The remaining bots run for cover as the lumbering tank moved down the street pounding the cobblestone beneath its steel feet.

Dondan(looking down at Elias)”Just stay near me,sir”

Dondan quickly ducked his head as the bots started firing at the tank.He turned the tank towards them ,and fired it again,sending parts into the air.

The last three SWATbots saw this ,but continued to fire.This time Elias managed to fire twenty blasts into the head of a SWATbot.He prepares to fire at the other two,but finds out that he needed to reload.

Elias(frantically trying to reload)”GODDAMN!SON OF A BITCH!!”

Dondan:”Looks like it’s time to let this bull loose!!”(rips control module from the tank)

Dondan hoped of the top of the tank,as it began to overheat.He yanked Elias by his chest armor as he runs behind a pile of rubble.

The tank’s eyes glow bright red.The last two bots seized fire,and started running,but the tank is already charging toward them.

They tried to take cover inside of a building,but the hulking tanks crushed them as it ran over them,and exploded from smashing into the building.

Elias(wiping sweat from his forehead)”Phew,I’d say we’re done here,Donny!”

Dondan(standing against the rubble)”Yeah…I’ll call it in(speaks into wrist device)Kontar command,this is Sergeant Maxsus of Sigma squad ,requesting a pick-up at coordinates X-ray,Lima…”

Dondan’s voice faded away as Elias walked the battlefield viewing the bodies of the deceased Angelian soldiers.He began retrieving the holo-tags from them,and placing them in a pouch on his belt.There were so many ,and they were all so young,ranging from sixteen to nineteen,but the one that shocked Elias was Private C. Millet,15.The sight of this caused his eyes to tear up.

Elias(holding the tag,rubbing his fingers through his hair)”Aww,no(sniff)fifteen fuckin’ years-old!”

The thought of such a young soldier dying caused Elias’ hand to shake uncontrollably,making him drop the tag.He sat down on the ground surrounded by the dead bodies.continuously sobbing,picking up the tag again.

Dondan:”Captain,they said it should be twenty minutes before pick-up!”

Elias(wiping his eyes)”Yeah(clears his throat)I hear you(cough)let’s go help the private in the closet,I’m sure he’s probably wondering what the hell is going on!”

The Zephyr arrived later.Elias,and Dondan aided the private as they climbed aboard.As the gunship lifted off they looked down at the city below.

Dondan:”Congrats on another victory,sir!”

Elias(looking at the city)”Hmph,one victory…And a hundred lives lost!”

The Zephyr rised,and flew off into the setting sun.


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Re: Elias:Sigma Squad
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Unknown area,Drakania (Evening)

A dark tower that used to be an office building sat in the middle of fog,as the sun set behind it .Silhouettes of the other buildings around the tower can be seen,but can’t be identified as a screeching voice bellowed out from the sinister looking tower.

Coconuts:”WHAAAAAAAAAT?!! “

Coconuts sat in a pitch black room being illuminated by dozens of monitors surrounding the chair that he sat in.A SWATbot stood next to him as he frantically pounded his fist into the arm of his seat.

Coconuts:”You are telling me that they all were destroyed!?All of them!?(Yanks the SWATbot close to his face)My fortifications all throughout Kontar are falling(pushes SWATbot away)I need to do something fast!”

The SWATbot ran into a monitor,and got fried sending bright sparks shooting out,as its body gyrates from the electricity.

Coconuts sat back in his chair,leaning his head against his hand,and thumping it,nervously with his index finger.

Coconuts:”Unit 077!!”

A SWATbot stepped out of the darkness standing at attention.

077:”Yes,General Coconuts!?”

Coconuts:”Clean up this mess!!I need a way to fix this,before!...”

The screen on one monitor contorted with static as a face tries to appear.


Coconuts(jerking up from his seat)”Huh?”

?:”Tell me why I did it!Why did I entrust you with the invasion of Kontar!”

Coconuts realizes who the image is on the screen.

Coconuts(leaning forward)”Ma-Ma,Master Robotnik!?”

Robotnik:”Who else would it be you mindless twit!Now tell me, is it true that your invasion on Fort Kontar has been delayed once again because of those walking furballs!”

Coconuts walked toward the monitor,with his hands open, pleading.

Coconuts:”Well,uh,sir,I need a little more time…”

Robotnik:”Time?You want more time! That means more supplies as well,and what is this news I’m hearing about a certain squad causing trouble for my bots!”

If Coconuts had pours there would’ve been sweat coming out of them,as he looked at the screen nervously,trying his best to contain Robotnik’s anger.

Coconuts:”Now,master,there is no squad…”

077:”Sigma squad,headed by Captain Elias Acorn.”

Coconuts leaned over toward 077,who is still cleaning up the mess from earlier.

Coconuts:”SHUT UP!!”

Robotnik:”AH,so I see my machines have had run-ins with this squad before.Elias is a thorn in my side.If he is in this war,it’s to avenge his poor father,and it’s more than likely he is stationed at Fort Kontar.You WILL attack Fort Kontar,and you WILL smite Elias.”

Coconuts is shocked by the order he is given.

Coconuts:”WHAT,but master!…”

Robotnik:”You will do this task,or I will send General Scratch,and Grounder to take charge!My city could use your janitorial services again.”

Coconuts slouches in his seat,as the monitor with Robotnik’s face turns to static.077 turns ,and looks at him.

077:”wonderful,the master is such a strategist,and when we take(Coconuts eyes glow crimson red,he tighten his fists)Fort Kontar we”(Coconuts leaps on top of 077,and bashes its head into pieces,letting out primitive monkey shrieks)

He calmed down,and stands over the remains.Purple mega-mac dripped from his fist.

Coconuts(abruptly turns his head)”Commander 087!Ready the troops!!”

Fort Kontar(late evening)

The sunsets as Elias,and Dondan’s Zephyr reached the Angelian stronghold.The outside of the fort was a wasteland of what use to be businesses,apartments,even schools.Broken,and leaning streetlights lined the war-torn streets,dimly lighting the  their surroundings.

Dondan:”There it is Captain!Home sweet home!”

Elias just gave Dondan a slight smirk.He knew he was being sarcastic,and looking at the fortification it wasn’t hard to feel uncomfortable living in it.The buildings that the troops used as barracks were old town houses,and apartment buildings.Even the bases commanding officer,General Ian St. John,lived in a battered post office,but the most stunning feature was the 20 mile high steel wall that was built around the Angelian ghetto.The only way in,or out of the base was in a Zephyr,or the underground garage door.

The Zephyr landed in a make-shift air field on the far end of the base near the quarters of General Ian st.John.Elias,and Dondan hopped off,aiding the base’s medics as they carried the wounded private to Fort Kontar’s medical station.

Elias,and Dondan walked to the General’s quarters.The base was alive with soldiers training,and hanging out by the buildings near the air field.They looked at Elias,with much appreciation for what he was doing in this war.

Angelian soldier:”Hey,Captain,you leave some for the rest of us!?”

Elias:”Don’t worry,there plenty of bots.You’ll get your fair share!”

Some more soldiers sat on a stoop listening to a small radio.They laughed,and talked as the anti-Robotnik songs of Sonia and the Runtz screamed through the speakers.They continued to walk to the General’s quarters.Two female soldiers sitting in a second floor window noticed them walking past.One,who was a fox,nudged the other,who was a rabbit.

Rabbit soldier(leaning out the window)”Glad to see you made it back,Captain!”

Elias(looking up toward her)”Yeah!?”

Fox soldier(sitting in the window frame)”Maybe later you can come by,and we can celebrate!”

Elias(walking backwards,shrugging)”Sounds tempting…Buuut I’ve got a lot going on already!”

Rabbit soldier:”Hmph,that’s too bad!(looking at the female fox soldier giggling)He’s soo cute!”

Dondan wraps his strong arm around Elais’s neck,like a snake around a small mouse.

Dondan(leaning to whisper in Elias’ ear)”Your better than me,Captain,if girls that cute gave me an offer like that ,I’d probably forget that we’re at war!”

Elias pushes Dondan’s arm from off his shoulder,and laughs.

?:”Captain Acorn!Sergeant Maxsus!”

They look back to see General Ian St. John walking towards them,with two Angelian soldiers standing at the left,and right side of him both of them armed with AR-7’s.His armor was the standard issued Angelian style,bearing the symbol on the front,but it was riddled from blaster shots,and the paint was chipped.Ian was no exception,his black fur on his head was styled in a black Mohawk with a white streak in the middle of it.His white facial hair looked as if he hadn’t shaved in months,but none the less he stood stern,with his hands behind his back.

Elias,and Dondan saluted him.

St.John:”At ease.So I hear that damn ape managed to overrun some of our men today!”

Elias:”Sadly he did,sir,but we made sure they didn’t die in vain!”

St.John:”Of course,and also wanted to apologize for the squad mates you lost as well,It’s a damn shame to hear so many joeys ,like yourselves,become victims to that fat bastard!”

St.John placed his hand on Elias’ shoulder.

St.John(sighs)”Unfortunately we must press on.I spoke with General D’Coolette yesterday,and he is willing to lend us some of his troops,three of which will be placed under your command.”

Two Zephyr streamed over the steel wall,and whirled around making an abrupt landing.Their blast doors open,and dozens of troops hopped out to meet up with their platoon.

St.John(squinting his eyes)”Ah,here they are now!”

The last troops hop of the Zephyrs with their duffle bags in hand.The first was a gray Echinda with a black mowhawk,his armor was marked with symbol that represented that he was a native from Angel Island.The other was a squirl,just like Elias,and Dondan,with short brown hair with long bangs hanging over his eyes.Elias could tell by the look they gave him that they were the new squad members.

Elias(walking towards them)”So this is it,some more kids ready to get there feet wet.”

Dondan(walking next to him)”Ehh,they seem like a good pair,but they could be wussies!”

Elias:”Let’s hope not”


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Re: Elias:Sigma Squad
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The new members stood at attention,and saluted Elias as he approached them.

Elias(waving his hand as if the salute annoyed him)”At ease-at ease!(walks to the Echinda)Your name,and rank soldier!”

Griff(Smiling uncontrollably)”Private Griffin Equis,but I prefer Griff!”

Elias:”That medal on your uniform,you a good sniper?!”

Griff:”Y-yes sir,the top of my class back at the academy.”

Elias:”That’s good,just make sure you don’t fire until told to do so!”

Griff:”Y-yes sir-of course sir!”

Elias stepped to the young squirl,and the moment he did his face turns red,and he turned his head away.

Elias:”And you,what’s your…are you…blushing!?”

Sam:”Ohh,no…I…My name is Saman-I mean Samuel Macadame(Elias gives him an awkward look)Oh,I’m a private!”

Elias(steps back)”Well…Now that we’ve established who we are…”

Elias and the other turn their attention to a girl yelling near a Zephyr.She was yanking at her duffle back which was stuck in the carrying cage inside of the Zephyr.

?:”GODDAMMIT.GET.OUT.OF.THERE.YOU.SON OF A(The bag finally comes loose,causing her to stumble a bit)Thank Claire!”

Elias’ jaw nearly dropped when he saw her.She was around his age,and was wearing a skin tight leather uniform that looked almost like a swimsuit.The middle of the uniform was open revealing her nice perky breast,that had a tattoo across them.She had a scar on her right eye,but it still didn’t affect her nice full lips,or her green eyes.Elias watched in awe as her hourglass shape moved to where they were standing,her brown hair pulled into a ponytail swayed in the wind.

Dondan(looking out the corner of his eye at Elias)”Heh heh heh!”

Elias(snapping out of his daydream)”Wha-what!?”

Dondan:”I take it you like her,sir.”

Elias(surprised)”Whaaat!Come,Donny, what would give you that idea!?”

Dondan:”That look in your eye.”

Elias:”I looked at her like that because she…she was making all that noise!”

Meg walks over,and drops her bag on the ground.

Meg(sighs)”You’d think they make those cages better than that(reaches to shake Dondan’s hand)Hey,Sergeant Megan Almond.”

Dondan:”Nice to meet you Ms. Almond,I’m Sergeant Dondan Maxsus.”

Elias steps in,almost interrupting Dondan.

Elias(reaches to shake Meg’s hand)”I’m Captain Elias Acorn…”

Meg(sarcastic smile)”The Angelian boy scout,who thinks that joining this war will make us all forget the mistakes your father made.”


Meg(crossing her arms)”Let me ask you,what do you think this is going to prove?That you’re a some type of war-hero!?”

Elias got in Meg’s face,pointing his finger in it.

Elias:”Sgt.Almond,you’re not only disrespecting your commanding officer,but you are also insulting our kingdom!”

Meg:”Aww, daddy’s words,that so sweet!”

Dondan,and the others pushed Elias away from Meg,who is enjoying the prince’s anger.

Elias:”So you wanna be a hard-ass?Then I’ll treat you like one!You’ll spend the rest of the night in this spot!(looks at Sam,and Griff)you two get settled in!”

They walked away leaving Meg by herself.If looks could kill Elias would have been in a pool of his own blood,because of how sinister Meg’s gaze was.

Dondan(walking next to Elias)”You think that was a little harsh,sir?”

Elias(walking to his cabin)”No,but it sure as hell won’t be comfortable.”

Kontar City
Fort Kontar(night)

The chill of the night air settled over the fort.Soldiers walked on the catwalks of the steel wall keeping their eyes open for any disturbance that may happen.Meanwhile,Meg sat on the ground with her legs folded sitting right outside of Elias’ quarters.Dondan spoke with Elias about Meg,and how he was prepared to deal with her.

Elias’ quarters looked like a small house,that sat a good distance away from the tall barracks the other soldiers lived in.Inside his room he had a large bed,which he never slept in,a small radio he listened to as he wrote his reports ,and journal entries from the days happens on his at his desk on his holographic computer.Dondan sat on Elias’ bed as he watched his captain pace around the room.

Elias:”Who the hell does she think she is(looks at Dondan)coming at me like that!And why the hell did she bring up my father!”

Dondan(rubbing his forehead)”Don’t know,sir,but you have to admit she has spunk!”

Elias walks toward his window.

Elias:”Spunk!?(pulls the curtain back)She fuckin’ crazy!”

Dondan:”Ya didn’t think that earlier!”

Elias:”Yeah that’s because she hadn’t opened her mouth!”

Meg remained sitting with her legs crossed staring straight at Elias,her eyes burned with hatred as she sat silent,shaking from the cold weather,with fog puffing from her mouth.

Dondan(walking towards Elias’desk)”Well her battle record says different!”

He sits down and turns on the holo-computer.He logs into the Angelian database,and locates Meg’s file.Elias stands behind him,frowning at the screen.

Dondan(squinting his eyes at the screen)”Sergeant Megan Almond.Hometown:Pyrostad hills…Drakania?Hmm.”

Dondan scrolls down the screen.

Dondan:”Ah,says here that she’s an excellent sword fighter,and has a nack for machinery(scrolls further down the screen)She’s earned over one hundred awards for her service,including the Theodore star during the fortification of Calienta…”

Elias(pointing at the screen)”Yeah,but she was also demoted from a captain for disobeying an order given by a superior officer(steps back)The way I see it,she’s a loose cannon,and we don’t have room for that in this war!”

Dondan jumps up from his seat.

Dondan:”Oh come on,Captain!At least try to reason with her before you count her out!”

Elias(rubbing his chin)”Hmm…Maybe you’re right!I’ll go out there,and I’ll try,but if she says anything out of line,she’s outta here!”

Elias left out of his cabin,and walked over Meg.She noticed him coming toward her,and she took a deep breath,rolling her eyes,as she shivered in the cold.He stepped to her ,and crouched down in front of her.

Elias:Meg(grinning)”I mean Sgt. Almond…I,um(Scratches his cheek,looking down)I just wanted to say…”

Meg(frowning at him)”I know what you’re trying to do captain,and no-I don’t except your apology for what happened earlier!”

Elias(Running his fingers through his hair)”Awwww Saint Claire-what is a matter with you! Why the hell…”

Elias stopped as he looked over head at a white ball of light streaming over the wall,and falling towards him,and Meg.His eyes widened as the ball came crackling toward them.He quickly tackled Meg out of the way.


They moved out of the way right before the ball smashed into the ground beside them with a great boom.the force caused them to tumble a bit.

Elias(on top of Meg)”Shit…You okay!?”

Meg(Pushing Elias off of her)”Yeah,now get the hell…off of me!”

Dondan,Griff,Sam,and other Angelian soldiers ran outside to see what all the commotion was.He noticed the crater from the blast,next to Elias,and Meg.He tapped Griff on the shoulder,and he,along with Sam,made a bee-line for Elias.As they ran more blast fly over the wall.The soldiers standing on top of it screamed,shouted,and started firing at whatever created the blast.

Dondan(kneeling next to Elias,and Meg)”You two okay!?”


Random soldier:”WATCH OUT!!”

Another blast slammed into the side of a building leaving a large gaping hole in it,as white flames shot out.

Elias:”Dammit!(looking at all the Angelian soldiers)Alright,everyone gear-up and prepare for battle!!”

Elias stood up,and looked at his team.

Elias:”The same for you too!Gear-up,and meet me back here!!”

Outside of the fort Coconuts pressed the attack,hopping from side to side with a devious smile on his face.A line of Blastoid tanks stationed side by side repeatedly fired at the fort hitting anything in their path,while a few thousand SWATbots stood ready to attack.


The alarms sounded through the fort as Elias,and the rest of his squad ran to Gen.St.John,who was standing near the Zepyhr.Elias noticed that they were preparing to take off,but paid no mind to them.


St.John turned around with a frown on his face.

St.John:”Just who I was looking for!”

Elias(panting)”The troops are ready,and standing at the front of the base!What are your orders,sir!”

St.John turned around with confidence in his eyes,his fist balled,and his lips tight.

St.John:”Excellent!We’ll fight them to break down there numbers!I have the Zephyrs on standby just in case the battle gets too hectic!”

More blast streamed over the wall,Coconuts finally became calm enough to give proper orders.


The tanks fire a barrage at the only thing protecting the Angelians from a full on assault.Troops on the wall’s catwalk continued to fire,trying their best to fend of the Robian offensive.Troops inside of the fort stood nervously waiting for the impending danger,their weapons loaded,and steady as they shook in their place.

Elias took cover behind some sandbags,outside of a building Griff was using to take a sniping position on the second floor.Meg,and Sam ducked beneath a window frame of a building across from Elias,while Dondan decided to stand behind Elias’ cabin,with his Reverb shotgun in hand.

Gen.St.John stood in front of his troops,gripping his AR-7 tightly.

St.John:”We stand here tonight ready to fight!Eager for this battle to be over,eager to see tomorrow!”

The energy blasts create a crack in the wall.

St.John:”I now you want me to say that you all will survive,but we all chose to shed our blood for our country-NO!our planet!”

The crack becomes a small hole.

St.John:”Now we’ll see what the good doctor has sent to our front door!!”

The hole grows larger.

St.John:”Now we’ll send these sons of bitches back to the smoldering melting pot they were molded from!!”


Angelian infantry:”ANGELIAAAAAAA!!!!”

The wall was breached,sending the Angelian troops on top of it falling to their deaths.SWATbots rushed into the courtyard,and opened fire.Angelian troops return fire,dropping dozens of SWATbots.

St.John managed to dodge the gunfire to take cover next to Elias.The sounds of the battle was like an orchestra of chaos.Angelian soldiers hollered,and continued fighting as they watched some of their comrades fall.The Robians are easy targets as they continued to pour into the base,but for every SWATbot killed,two more take its place,and the coup de grace from a lumbering Blastoid tank turret was enough to break the morale of the Angelian forces.

Elias:”Damn!Griff, take that tank down!”

Griff(focusing his lens)”I’m on it,sir!”

Griff aims at the tanks red eye,he takes a deep breath,and pulls the trigger.The shot goes clean through,rendering the tank useless.

Griff(Elias’ com-link)”Ha-ha,outta commission,Captain!”

Elias(wrist com-link)”Good shot,we’ve got’em!…”

Elias,and St.John notice more Robians coming through the wall,and that more Angelian soldiers were either fatally wounded,or already dead.

Dondan fires his shot gun around the corner at the SWATbots.

Dondan(wrist com-link)”Captain,shit’s lookin’ bad (ducking away from gunfire)we should fall back to the Zephyrs!!”

Elias heard Dondan,and looked at Gen.St.John for his decision.


St.John:”…(sighs,speaks into wrist com-link)All troops…fall back to the airfield,and prepare for EVAC!!”

The Angelians made haste to the rear of the base,some being shot in in the process by SWATbots.Elias turned his head as he ran,and noticed the Robians closing in on them.

He ran past a block of tall buildings,with Angelian,and Robian troops trailing behind him.

Elias(wrist com-link)”Heavy troopers!!”

As the battle moved to the center of the base a line of heavily armored Angelians,wielding Ion launchers on their shoulders stood ready,and when they have a clear shot,they fire at the Robians.When the dust cleared a pile of empty Robian shells laid in a pile.

Dondan:”Shit yeah!!”

Gen.St.John,and the Angelians reach the airfield,and quickly jump into the nearest Zephyr.

St.John(wrist com-link)”All Zephyrs launch ASAP!That’s an order!!All squads,if we get separated we will meet at our downtown outpost!”

Elias,and his squad tried to reach the Zephyrs,but large crowd of soldiers caused them to fall back.They noticed one Zephyr sitting away from the others.

Elias(pointing at the Zephyr)”That one,hurry!!”

They made run for it,but the moment they did it took off with great speed.

As Coconuts walked through the city he noticed the Zephyrs flying away.

Coconuts:”AHHHHHHH!NOO!”(he yanks the head off a SWATbot,and throws into the sky)

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Re: Elias:Sigma Squad
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087:”What are your orders General!?”

Coconuts(looking back at 087)”The cowards have fled…But this isn’t over,search this base,there has to be some clue of where they’re going!”

Meanwhile Elias,and his squad stood in the airfield wondering what they are going to do as far as escaping the area,before Coconut’s troops caught sight of them.

Meg(pacing)”I don’t believe this-did they really just leave us here!?”

Dondan(running his fingers through his hair)”Diffinetly looks that way Ms.Almond!”

Elias listens to the chatter as he rubs his chin looking at a manhole in front of him.

Meg(glaring at Elias)”Soo,what’s the plan now,fearless leader!”

Dondan(frowning at Meg)”Ms. Almond,that’s enough with the insult!You do have to respect his rank!”

Meg(hands on her hips)”How can I respect someone who doesn’t even have an answer to a simple question!”

Dondan:”I understand your entitled to your own opinions,but I won’t stand here,and let you disrespect our C.O!!”

Meg(folding her arms,looking away from Dondan)”Whatever…And he still hasn’t found a way out of this!”

Sam,and Griff look into the darkness of the fog filled streets behind them.The sound of SWATbot troops can be heard coming closer.He ,and Sam walked over to him.

Griff:”Sir,I don’t wanna seem like a pussy,but…”

Sam:”The Robians are getting closer,and we’re still standing here(Elias looks at him.Sam raises an eyebrow)Sir!?”

Elias stood stiff observing the manhole.The combined sounds of Meg,and Dondan arguing,Sam,and Griff complaining finally made him snap out of his daydream.

Elias:”The sewers!!”

The whole group stood silently looking at him.The night air seemed different,and the sounds of the Robian coming made them eager to hear his command.

Elias(walking towards the manhole)”We’ll use the sewer to get to the other side of the city!(Elias shows a holo-map on his wrist device)this line can take us downtown,where we can meet up with St.John,and the others!”

Elias lifts the manhole,with Dondan’s help.Sam,and Griff climbed down the hole quickly.Meg walked over to Elias.

Meg(shakes her head)”Hmph…”

Elias:”Save your sarcasm for later!”

Coconuts reached the airfield just a few minutes after Sigma squad made their escape.He looked around the empty area.

Random SWATbot:”We are too late,sir!”

Coconuts threw the bot to the ground,and started stomping on it.He smashed it’s body so deep into the ground it looked like an empty soda can rather than a machine.

Coconuts:”SPREAD OUT!!”

The sewers of Drakania were a decayed mixture of modern,and old architecture.small lights lit the dark tunnels lined with moss,and soaked with dirty sewer water.

Meg(covering her nose)”Aww!This,this is just great!”

Dondan:Well when you figure out somethin better let us know!

Elias turns on his flashlight on his AR-7.

Elias:”Could be anything down here,keep your eyes,and ears open!”

Next:Chapter 2:Veins of Drakania



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