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Author Topic: Legacy of Heroes 2.0  (Read 3152 times)

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Legacy of Heroes 2.0
« on: October 20, 2011, 09:13:40 PM »

It was getting late as the sun started to sink over the horizon.

Man: I expected you here a lot sooner.

A man said looking out of his office window to the ocean skyline, not even bothering to turn around as his superior walked into the room. He turned around to see his guest, the new Grand General of the G.U.E.S.S. (G.U.E.S.S. stands for; G: Galactic, U: Universal, E: Enterprise for, S: Space, S: Security) Mythria Synafeia standing on the other side of his desk.

Man: I suppose I should congratulate you, Grand General Synafeia for your promotion. At the young age of what most would say 17 from your looks if our species had ages.

Mythria: For some reason, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that you know such a fact, General Siegfried.

At that moment the windows darkened and the light dimmed, allowing them to see more clearly.

Mythria: Though, why didn't you have the lights on?

Siegfried: That? It takes away the view of the sunset.

He chuckled as the lights on the inside of the room turned on.

Siegfried: Tell me something, Mythria, what was the reason that you joined the G.U.E.S.S?

Mythria: I wasn't given much of a choice, considering the past that some of my family has with the G.U.E.S.S., and what they did behind my back. Even so, I still wanted to help people, especially after the incident that happened on the now Destroyed planet Pyrkagia.

Siegfried: Yes... That incident... You're good, most kids, even those that have risen up through the ranks would flinch at such situation.

Mythria: I've stared death in the face more times in my life than most people lose weight with failed diets, compared to facing down the Cuihui, you aren't too intimidating. But please, can we stop beating around that bush, I promised my kids I'd be home early today and I need to know what you want.

Siegfried: You're right Mythria, but before I continue, I wonder, did you know that after the incident that put you into a wheelchair for five months...

Mythria: My family, well mostly just my husband earned a full pardon for taking on the triple X ranked threat of the Huimie Colonel Charanickoni. The whole mission should have been rated Z in my opinion. People were fighting against several double X and single X ranked threats and got nearly killed, killed, injured or nearly injured in the process, and in the end we won despite the odds. However, despite that, there are more threats at that level in the Infiniverse, and I do not wish to sit idly by while said threats can still exist.

Siegfried: Then tell me, do you know about the problems that the G.U.E.S.S. faces, even from the inside?

Mythria: Besides the fact that the Ground Forces, the Navy and the Air Force generally stay out of each other's business?

Siegfried: Yes, that's the problem. If there's a Ground Forces problem, the Air Force and the Navy, even if their people are closer to the problem than the Ground Forces are, do not help out. So, I'll make a proposal to you, Grand General Mythria Synafeia. I have been in talks with leaders of the Ground Forces, Navy, Air Force and even the leaders of the Logia Church... To create a group that can move independently of all branches of the G.U.E.S.S. while still being loyal to the G.U.E.S.S.

Mythria: Okay, I see your idea. But what does that have to do with me?

Siegfried: Simply put... It will not work without strong Arcanites and Dragoons to be the start and lay the ground work that'll take it to the future; and so, Grand General Mythria... I want you and your family, as well as your friends, if possible, to be a part of it.

Mythria stared at the older man, shocked at the offer.

Siegfried: Take your time to think about it, but... If you do agree, I'm fairly certain that the G.U.E.S.S. will support you and your friends.

Mythria nodded and left the room shortly after that, her mind still in shock.

Mythria: I wonder... is that enough to stop them?


Ceifeed: Alufeed! Vorfeed!

Ceifeed called out as he walked through the hallways of school.

Ceifeed: Come on you two, school's done now!

After a few more moments of nothing, he sighed, his blue eyes narrowing as he didn't get a response. He turned and started walking to the front door when someone came barreling out from a side hallway and ran him over making him fall on his back.

Ceifeed: Vorfeed!

He glared at him as Vorfeed rubbed the back of his head nervously.

Vorfeed: Sorry, but I don't think you wanna go into the science lab right now.

He looked down the hallway and Ceifeed turned and gasped as he saw some sort of brown bubbles that were piled from the door blocking all entry.

Ceifeed: What is that?

Vorfeed: A bar of chocolate. It grew way too fast in the science lab, so, I needed to get out of the room.

Ceifeed: Vorfeed, only you could turn chocolate into a lethal weapon. Just WHAT did you mix with it!?

Vorfeed: Soda!

Vorfeed chuckled and wilted a bit under his twin brother's glare.

Vorfeed: I found it in the janitor's closet and I wanted to see what would happen if I mixed it with some chocolate and some other thing.

Ceifeed: Which would be?

Vorfeed: A fresh bottle of vinegar!

Ceifeed groaned as his brother shrugged helplessly.

Ceifeed: Vorfeed, you idiot, you have all of our mother's recklessness and none of dad's brains! Why the heck would you do something so stupid?!

Vorfeed: Don't rub in that I'm already an airhead... what's an airhead again?

Ceifeed yelled and threw his hands in the air in defeat.

Vorfeed: Anyway, what did you want Ceifeed?

Ceifeed: Well Vorfeed, I'd like to go home, but you know how mom is if the three of us walk home alone.

Vorfeed: I know, I know. Wait here; I'll get Alufeed from the library.

Ceifeed groaned as Vorfeed ran off.

Ceifeed: Vorfeed, I'm going to go ahead, okay?

Vorfeed: You know Mama...

Ceifeed: I'll take the bus!

Vorfeed shrugged and went to the library. As he got to the library and opened the door, Vorfeed jumped as he saw Alufeed disappear from the table, only to reappear right in front of him.

Vorfeed: Movement spell.

Alufeed turned around.

Alufeed: Oh Vorfeed? What's going on?

Vorfeed: School's finished.

Vorfeed blinked as Alufeed nodded and went back to the table.

Vorfeed: What are you doing? Ceifeed went ahead and we need to hurry, because Mama will worry.

Alufeed: I know I just need to find a book that I can get a take home copy of, that's all.

Alufeed grabbed a book and read it before putting it back as it wasn't the one she was looking for.

Alufeed: Shouldn't take me more than ten minutes.

After a few minutes, Vorfeed groaned and felt like banging his head on the table.

Vorfeed: Does it really take so long?

Alufeed: Apparently finding a book about cheese recipes and foods is.

Vorfeed gave his sister a flat stare, she was like a cheese glutton, and then he got hit in the head with a book that fell on him; he looked to see it was the book Alufeed was looking for.

Vorfeed: Seriously! It falls on my head, now?

Alufeed holds her breath to avoid laughing.


Illumiu: A group that goes through each branch independently?

Mythria: And General Siegfried wants me to lead it. But even against the Huimie I'm afraid it might not be enough.

Illumiu: There might be a way...

Mythria looked up at her husband.

Illumiu: The fragments of twilights, the elements of nature. And I think we know three of them very well.


A man sighed softly as he walked down a busy road.

Man: It's been too long.

Not only to him, the Planet of Cruciform's known greatly for taking people's minds off of things. Rolling his shoulders, his coat fluttered in the breeze that came up. Tapping his finger, he was about to call someone, when he blinked at a sudden spike of Arcana from a fair distance away. He took off running in that direction, his spear snapping into existence part way into the run.

Stopping at the edge of a village, he stared at the destruction that lay before him. Houses were on fire, buildings destroyed, bodies mutilated and disfigured beyond all recognition. "What the..?" He took one step towards the village before he felt his whole body throb from something. Turning around, he almost sighed in relief as he saw a familiar face.

Man: Log, I need your...

He trailed off as he saw the young teen stand there, hunched over. Something was wrong with him, the way he twitched, the aura of power that surrounded him, and the fact that he was mumbling.

Man: Log, what..?

'Log': Log's gone...

His voice had gotten very dark as he looked up, his eyes now without white with black in its place.

Hellish: Now the mighty Hellish revives!

The man didn't have time to do anything more as red energy rushed at him, de-atomizing him in a massive explosion.

Hellish: Yes, this body is better.

Hellish squeezed his new hand a few times letting the stiff bones pop. Then the current skin on him came off like shed skin leaving a whole new person in its place.

Hellish: I must find her, the one girl who faced me without fear last time, the leader of the Holy Protectors. You bestowed upon me the gift of my seal last time as well as defecting our master from his original purpose... Mythria, but how will you react when you find out that we have returned even stronger?

Letting loose a yell, an orange dome of power escaped from his body, spreading miasma out in all directions. And in just moments notice boiling lava erupted from the ground creating a storm of flame which in moments acted as a teleporting pod leaving no trace of Hellish.
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