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Author Topic: Destiny of Dimensions  (Read 3288 times)

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Destiny of Dimensions
« on: September 08, 2011, 04:10:06 PM »

?: No!

A man stared as he saw the universe starting to darken and collapse.

?: Why? We did everything we could to stop the Star of Darkness! This... How could this...

?: Your world was doomed to die.

A voice, a beautiful and horrifying voice, spoke up. Spinning around, the Star weapons floating around him, he stared at the form of a teenage girl, who had a staff and a long golden hair.

?: Regardless if you would have succeeded or not, my children left this universe in such a state that the only thing that can be done is... Reset the whole thing.

? Man: Who are you?

She looked at him, her eyes open to reveal star shaped pupils that were visible, even from how far away he was.

?: Twilight between a gray scale, Lingering between the Day and Night. That is how you identify me.

When she stopped looking at him, he found himself able to move again.

?: The Avatar of Twilight!

He gasped as she disappeared, only to shudder as he felt her hand on his shoulder from behind.

?: Tell me something, why? Why allow something like this to happen? Why do the Makizi and Shinkizi fight?

Avatar: Curious, aren't you?

Her voice was amused and bored, scolding, yet gentle.

Avatar: Even if you found out, you couldn't change it. If you were to find out the truth, what would you do?

?: I don't know. I just want to find out why Lord Voronezh merged with the Star of Darkness.

Avatar: My children... naughty to the core. I decided to punish them for their actions. Sadly, this universe had no time left, so, I sent them to another universe.

?: You would let them all go on a rampage again?

He was shocked that the Avatar of Twilight would allow that, before groaning as he felt his shoulder being squeezed hard.

Avatar: Of course not... I have sealed them all away... Into humans, similar to what Ceilidh did to Sairtrias.

?: They'll eventually be reborn...

He blinked as she laughed at him.

Avatar: Unlike Ceilidh, my seal is a lot stronger. They will not be reborn as Balthazar, Bangor, Valiant, Radiance, Ceilidh, Voronezh, Arabidopsis and Shamanistic until their punishment is done. For the next few centuries, they shall be reborn, over and over again, into humans, until they learn some humility.

She let go of his shoulder and the man resisted the urge to rub it.

Avatar: Love is not a reason to destroy everything.

?: Love?

He was shocked, even more so when she started giggling.

?: What?

Avatar: Love, yes... The light gods/angels/Shinkizi and shadow gods/demons/Makizi were in love. After centuries of fighting, they did, in fact, fall in love with each other.

?: But, that's not possible... Makizi can't feel love. Can they?

The Avatar of Twilight shook her head and moved to right in front of him as she put her forehead against his.

Avatar: My poor child there are so many things you still have yet to learn... The truth... Do you want to know the truth about Makizi and Shinkizi?

?: The truth..?

He blinked as she caressed his face.

Avatar: The eight dimensions... The omniverse... I made them... by complete accident.

His shock was so palatable that she nearly burst out laughing at him.

Avatar: When I realized what I had done, I decided to observe them... and, there were these creatures... Humans... on all the worlds... Something was interesting about them: A concept... Good and Evil. It was something that I had never even thought about before. As I studied humans, I wondered... If there were forces of good and evil in the world given physical form, what would happen? Humans gave me this idea, so I went with it and made the Makizi and Shinkizi. However things didn’t end up like I hoped.

?: So, you created the Shinkizi and the Makizi... because you were curious?

Avatar: Not really, I created Shinkizi and Makizi to influence the worlds, to shape and change the worlds and see which path certain humans would take, a good one or a bad one. But the four Makizi and the four Shinkizi I made decided it would be easier to fight each other, than influence the world; so instead they decided on the destruction of each other, instead of influencing the world; Makizi desired destruction instead of destabilization and chaos and Shinkizi desired the Makizi's destruction, rather than order and protection.

?: We... Were wrong?

Avatar: While I could tell you, I couldn’t see this coming if I wanted to, but then, how would I be surprised by anything? Makizi and Shinkizi... The reason humans exist in twilight... Is because humans caused me to create the Flare Deity, the Night Deity, the Freeze Deity, the Day Deity, as well as the Thunder Deity, Ocean Deity, Land Deity, and Air Deity... I made them as the purest essences of good and evil in the world.

The man looked as she started to retreat.

?: Wait! What will happen to this universe? Me? The weapons? Bangor and Voronezh?

Avatar: Curious, aren't you Riley? This universe will be reset... And then be reborn, without the Makizi or Shinkizi to influence it this time around. As for you and those weapons... take them and go to another universe. Do what you wish to do, you're free from any obligations to this world now. My naughty children shall live as that: Children, until such a time that they have learned true humility.

She paused and turned back to look at him.

Avatar: If you wish to see them as humans, look for eight children, four boys and four girls.

Riley: What do I look for?

She closed her eyes and smiled softly.

Avatar: The source of their magic will be far too dense for any human to have.

Riley just stared as she disappeared.
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