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Author Topic: Legacy of Heroes: Character Bios  (Read 3462 times)

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Legacy of Heroes: Character Bios
« on: August 26, 2011, 04:48:35 PM »

Bio 1: Alicia


Full name: Alicia Kerykeion Turbine (This stays her surname even after she marries Syn due to a ruling in her family line)

Pronunciation: A-Lease-E-Uh Carry-Key-On Tur-Bine

Nickname(s) or Alias: Big Sis Alicia (by Arashi (until Emporia Mortem is defeated, where he just calls her Alicia)), Li-Li (by Syn), Chosen One of Ether/Stardust/All (by many), Weak One of Stupid Ether/Stardust/All/Whatever you are now (by Principia, Emporia, the Dark Materials, and the Peccatis)

Gender: ♀

Cup Size (if female): C

Species: Human (Specie at birth) >> Sacria (Final Evolution (At least in Book 1 (In book 3 she becomes a Nexus Sacria)))

Age: 2 (Sonic: THE MOVIE), 9, 13, 15, 19 (Legacy of Heroes Book 1) 19+ (All books after the first) [Author’s Note: Due to advanced technology, everyone stops ageing at 19 and is then referred on their next birthday as 19+]

Birthday: May 25 2066 AD (When all the other species returned and the year 2068 AD was over, the Calendar was reset to year 0001 to mark a new age known as the GU (Generation Unity) period)

Sexuality: Likes Boys

Nationality: American

City or town of birth: Infinity City (The planetary capital and crown of technology)

Currently lives: Infinity City

Languages spoken: She can speak every language by the time she’s a Sacria

Native language: English

Relationship Status: Dating (Book 1) Married (Book 2 and beyond)

Prominent Hand: Right

Animus: Velocity, Celestian Cheetah

Mage Rank: B (At age 2), A (At age 9), S (At age 13), X (At age 19), Z (At age 19+)

Magic Nano/Nano Type: Victory Quasar/Victory Quasar II, Hybrid Nano

Synchro Nano: Accel

Power Class: Magic, New Celestia, Kaiser Arts

Power Inspiration: Stardust, then eventually all elements


Height: 1.83m

Weight: 6.8kg

Figure/build: slim, normal

Hair color: Blue (switches to gold when she becomes a Sacria)

Hairstyle: Blue hair tied with a ribbon in a way that only showed the ribbon from inside her hair without most of her hair in a ponytail and bangs that frame her face (Before becoming a Sacria) Gold hair that looks like Fate Testarossa’s from the Nanoha series when her hair isn’t in pigtails (After becoming a Sacria)

Eye color: Green (Before becoming a Sacria) Burgundy (After becoming a Sacria)

Skin/fur/etc color: Ivory

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Scars/distinguishing marks: None

Preferred style of clothing: a pink unbuttoned shirt with hot pink polka-dots with a white undershirt and blue shorts with light blue polka-dots, a pair of white and black shoes. (Normal Clothing) Battle Shield: (Before becoming a Sacria) Similar to Harii Tribeca’s Barrier Jacket from Nanoha Vivid, only without the headband, with a shirt, and not as asymmetrical. Battle Shield: (After becoming a Sacria) It resembles Lily Strosek’s engage suit, only with shoes instead of boots, no cape, the top is a normal shirt, the skirt is a pair of shorts, and her gloves are pink and fingerless, and the metal bands are by her elbows.

Frequently worn jewelry: None


Addictions: Popcorn Chicken

Allergies: Perfume (It makes her queasy enough to puke)

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: None

Any medication regularly taken: None


Personality: Happy

Likes: Pink things

Dislikes: Evil, Stuck up jerks

Fears/phobias: Wetting herself in public

Favorite color: Iridescent

Hobbies: Practicing Magic

Taste in music: Any


Talents/skills: Can run much faster than Mach 1, Ether/Stardust/Elemental affinity

Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Yes, but law states that you must ride extreme gear cars instead


Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore

Favorite food(s): Popcorn Chicken

Favorite drink(s): Vanilla Milk

Disliked foods: Bitter foods like Tofu

Disliked drinks: Bitter drinks like coffee without milk and sugar, especially black coffee


Describe the character's house/home: Really advanced, but still has an original feel to it

Significant/special belongings: Victory Quasar/Victory Quasar II, her Nano


Level of education: Up to a 12th Grader

Qualifications: Degree in Government

Current job title and description: Saint Queen - Rules over planet Celestia

Name of employer: None, though her grandmother gave her the job of Saint Queen.


Strength (Attack Power): Average

Resistance (Defense): Below Average

Speed: Fast

Strategy (Intelligence): Above Average

Stamina: Very High

Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Peaceful

Fighting skills/techniques: (These are ones she made, those her friends use eventually become hers)

Ether Bits - Fires a few iridescent balls at the opponent.

Ether Laser - Fires a small beam at an opponent.

Ether Smash - Alicia launches forward at the opponent or fires a beam.

Ether String - Binds the opponent, but can be easily broken.

Ether Blocker - Creates a wall of ether to stop apposing attacks.

Ether Cutter - Creates a slash from Stardust Quasar that strikes the enemy.

   - Spells unlocked from evolving into a Vican

Stardust Scatter - Fires a dozen iridescent balls at the opponent.

Stardust Cannon - Fires a medium sized beam at the opponent.

Stardust Striker - Alicia either rushes at the opponent, or fires twin beams.

Stardust Slash - Stardust Quasar starts spinning and pierces the opponent.

Stardust Radiance - Creates a flash of energy to dispel attacks.

Stardust Bind - Creates a bind that can hold the opponent for a few seconds.

Stardust Shield - Creates a shield from both in front and behind Alicia.

   - Spells unlocked from evolving into a Finalan

Stardust Blaster - Creates three dozen iridescent balls to strike the opponent.

Stardust Beamer - Creates a Large beam to blast the opponent with.

Final Stardust Striker - Alicia rushes past the opponent multiple times or fires three beams at once.

Stardust Divider - Stardust Quasar creates a spinning X shaped wave that can slice through rock.

Stardust Chain - Binds the opponent in a way that is tricky to break free from.

Stardust Barrier - Creates a dome around Alicia to protect her from all attacks, even those that are underground.

Shooting Stardust Quasar (Signature Attack) - Alicia’s strongest attack, this attack uses the magic in the area, collects it together and amplifies it into a massive beam attack.

   - Spells unlocked when Victory Quasar becomes Victory Quasar II, Alicia becomes a Sacria, and lets go off her past and doubts.

Sacred Destiny Blazer (Signature Attack) - The evolved form of Alicia’s Shooting Stardust Quasar, instead of one beam, five beams all with the same power are fired at once.

Special skills/magical powers/etc: Is an expert in magic, excluding good control of aim as she commonly destroys something she isn’t aiming at.

Weapon of choice (if any): Sword

Weaknesses in combat: Has a hard time firing accurately.

Strengths in combat: Her spells can act quickly.


Parents names: Sonic Maurice Turbine, Amy Rose Turbine

Are parents alive or dead? Alive

Is the character still in contact with their parents? She contacts them every day

Siblings? Relationship with siblings? Arashi Asclepius Turbine: Alicia’s younger brother, Arashi always calls Alicia: Big Sis Alicia until their final battle. Arashi’s hair takes his mother’s color in the form of red, Arashi always enjoys time with his sister since she isn’t usually so busy working in the GTSA, but when his sister is called back into action after a break, he’s suddenly enlisted into the Legacy of Heroes due to his unnatural magic capacity.

Other Important Relatives: Mach Turbine, Sapphire Turbine

Partner/Spouse: Syn

Children: Olivie Sonic Turbine

Best Friend: Gadget, Active, Twilight, Galaxia

Other Important Friends: Delta

Acquaintances: Khaos, Harmoni

Pets: None

Enemies? Why are they enemies? Principia: Just because he’s trying to revive Emporia.

Dark Materia Red: Working under Principia.

Dark Materia Orange: Working under Principia.

Dark Materia Yellow: Working under Principia.

Dark Materia Green: Working under Principia.

Dark Materia Blue: Working under Principia.

Dark Materia Purple: Working under Principia.

Dark Materia Rainbow: Being the fusion of Principia, Emporia and the three Dark Materials.

Emporia: Being the source of evil.

Emporia Peccatis Superbia: Being a fragment of Emporia.

Emporia Peccatis Invidia: Being a fragment of Emporia.

Emporia Peccatis Ira: Being a fragment of Emporia.

Emporia Peccatis Desidia: Being a fragment of Emporia.

Emporia Peccatis Avaritia: Being a fragment of Emporia.

Emporia Peccatis Gastrimargiae: Being a fragment of Emporia.

Emporia Peccatis Luxuria: Being a fragment of Emporia.

Emporia Mortem: Being the fusion of the Emporia fragments.

Emporia: Trying to force evolution by causing eternal war.


Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): Alicia was the only Chosen One who was both alive and present (As other Chosen Ones had been born before her or near her birth date, but she is the only one who was actually there when it happened) during the time of the final battle of the Older Days at the age of two. When Alicia was four she got caught in a fire at the airport and her father had to rescue her, this changed her personality and she became a stronger person because she felt the incident had proven her very weak and powerless. One night when she was nine a cloaked figure appeared in her dream and gave her Victory Quasar. She would learn that she had been chosen as one of the Chosen Ones, beings who possessed fragments of nexus, each fragment possessed one of the elements that nexus was made of, hers was Ether. She was enlisted into the group the Chosen Ones were to be formed into: Legacy of Heroes. During the journey to recruit the ones that still hadn’t been found, Alicia was sent with the Chosen One of Metal, Delta Cyber, to go retrieve the Chosen One of Sound. During the talk about dreams, Alicia doesn’t want to say hers at first, but eventually she tells her new friends she wants to become the Saint Queen, the job her grandmother currently has. After all of the Chosen Ones had gathered together and met Harmoni who gave them their powers, they all caused evolution and their elements evolved changing Alicia’s Ether powers into Stardust powers. Alicia manages to get more evolution upon the Celestian citizens by doing things that could seriously harm herself to protect their home. Eventually she gains a Animus she names Velocity after he helps her defeat a monster that was immune to magic. After that she is called home as her mother is giving birth to her baby brother, her mother lets her name her brother, and she decides on the name Arashi. Luckily Principia needs more time for his master plan and Alicia and the others get time off, allowing Alicia to spend time with Arashi.

Describe their teenage years (11 - 19+): After a four year break, Alicia is called back to the Legacy of Heroes as Principia has been doing suspicious activity. But she’s surprised to hear that Admiral nova wants her to bring Arashi with her. She suspects Arashi might have some rare power; this is further looked on when her little brother defeats a monster the others aren’t winning against. The team at first believes he may be another Chosen One, but Harmoni and Khaos tell them he is something entirely different. After the first Emporia Peccatis is defeated, they learn Arashi is a being known as the Nexus Precursor, Alicia starts wondering what Nexus is from here. After the Peccatis except Superbia are defeated, Superbia uses his fallen comrades, plus Emporia’s heart to enter a six year metamorphosis that will decide the fate of Celestia. Alicia and the others prepare during those six years to fight in the final battle, she tells Arashi not to fight due to being the youngest and most inexperienced. During the battle against Emporia Mortem, she figures his minions that aren’t getting hurt very much due to the fact their attacks aren’t antimatter based that if Emporia Mortem himself were defeated that they would all retreat. It ends up with only Alicia heading to face him, she then deals with the Xenonulls, which can’t be harmed by matter attacks at all. Alicia tries getting Mortem himself, but it backfires on her, and Mortem destroys Victory Quasar. Alicia’s inner darkness manifests into her Dark Form, but that leads to her being defeated. Her friends come to her rescue, Alicia then looks back on her life and starts thinking that she was never strong, but Victory Quasar defies death and starts talking to her convincing her that she’s always been strong. Alicia evolves into a Sacria and manages to defeat Emporia with help from Syn. Alicia spends a month in the hospital and when she leaves her grandma gives her the title of Saint Queen and Syn proposes to her. In the second book, Alicia only appears in a flashback where she gives her daughter Olivie her Zepto Victory Blazar. She appears more often in Book 3 to help rescue the Chosen Ones, including her brother, but excluding Syn from Emporia’s cage. In Book 4 she appears occasionally to talk to Ai and Yu about any problems they have on their quest against Hellish. In Book 5, she ends up as a main character for the first half of the book, but doesn’t make any further appearances until the end where she gives Riley the medal of honor for his deeds. In book she’s celebrating her Trillionth year as Saint Queen, and she makes occasional appearances training Kelsey. In Book 7 she helps Blitzi occasionally so she can help her father: Flare Deity Cepheid. In Book 8 she appears occasionally, but appears most often during the Nexus Championship where she’s one of the three announcers, in the end of the series she and the strongest members of her family tree gather for a picture.

Alicia's Weapons...

- Victory Quasar/Victory Quasar II: Alicia’s sword-type nano. Despite its appearance, it’s rarely used to slice something. (Unless she’s chopping cooking ingredients of course.)
Twilight and Darklight: opposing but equal opposites can always work together if you have the power to make it happen.
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