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Author Topic: Thief Games  (Read 2056 times)


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Thief Games
« on: January 10, 2010, 04:09:20 PM »

Yes yes, it's not Sonic, but at least it's under the Chili Dog stand and not Site Errors! =P

Okay, here's the point of this post. Long story short, I've been overhauling all 3 Thief games, if you're familiar with these great First Person stealth games.

Thief 1 and 2 are mostly Object Overhauls. As in, I'm taking the low quality models and making newer higher quality ones to rival, if not surpass Thief 3. The Dark Engine used for 1 and 2, though old, is very capible of handling a much higher graphic load than the Thief or System Shock games had used (on a side note, I'm Overhauling System Shock 2 objects too XD). So naturally, I want to make these games look as good as possible. (Sorry, little to no texture updates. Texturing isn't my forte, and as System Shock 2 has shown me, a good quality object, even with a low res texture is a great visual improovement!)

Thief 3, however, I'm not focusing on new models (though I may in the future to compliment the High Res "Collective Texture Pack" addon). What I'm doing with it, is tweaks galore. Here's a few things I'm working on currently.
  • More Loot! Love to steal? Don't even care about the gold, as long as you get to swipe that item for yourself? Now you can steal paintings (besides the Special Loot ones), or valuable books, ect.. Anything a fence might find interest or an interested client in, you can steal.
    Unbalanced? Yeah, I'm working on that. I don't want to make it too easy to get rich quick, or create that "i'm carrying 5 u-hauls worth of loot on me!" situations. Thus, I may impose stack limits on items, depending on size and weight.
  • Thief 1/2 Food. In the first 2 games, you could pick up and eat food for health. Thief 3? Nadda. I plan to fix that!
  • Lights! Candles can be extinguished if you 'use' them, but why not gas lamps or oil lamps or small torches? Basically, any type of light that can be safely extinguished or turned off, will be able to be extinguished (basically, anything water and gas arrows extuinguish). Sorry, electric lights are still your worst enemy =P

Note: What I've listed is what I've actually done so far, not what I plan to do for Thief 3 tweaks. Lighting is a little buggy at the moment, but functional.

Alright. All of this said, these are just my main focuses on the Thief games. I'm completely open to suggestions on any of the games and that's the point of this post. If you're a Thief fan like myself and want to see something specific updated/added/improoved, let me know
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