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 on: February 14, 2017, 05:12:34 PM 
Started by SolarT - Last post by SolarT
All PHP related coding across not just SVT, but my entire hose went down. Mainly because 1&1 dropped support for PHP5.5 and auto updated us to 7.1 (even though I selected something else at the time). Something that nothing here supports yet, except for the Oekaki Art board. I rolled us back to a PHP version our scripts do support, so everything should be back up and running now. Sorry for any inconvenience. Also, Happy Valentines Day

 on: August 12, 2016, 05:27:05 AM 
Started by SolarT - Last post by TheMobian
I'm impressed that you're still working on the site honestly, I thought it had finally been abandoned *shot*

Any further updates since this? =P

 on: March 11, 2016, 12:20:24 AM 
Started by SolarT - Last post by SolarT
I'm fixing one of the things that stand out the most with SVT's current aging theme, and that's it's dislike for higher resolutions on our modern PCs. I'm tweaking things to look better on larger screens and scale with different window sizes.

To accomplish this, I need to rebuild or alter certain bits of code and graphics. As such, bugs may arise. If they do, feel free to report them so I can fix them ASAP.

Outside this, I'm not doing much with the current layout at this time, other than making it less tiny and fixed in obsolete sizes

 on: March 02, 2016, 09:41:50 PM 
Started by SolarT - Last post by SolarT
First, I apologize for the lack of updates and my being MIA mostly for long periods of time. Long story short, life has a way of keeping you too busy to do the things in life you love.

Second, I noticed some problems with the site, mainly the Art and Oekaki pages. Both were down and out and I'm working on repairing them as we speak. The Art section is already back up. Oekaki may be a bit. In fact, I may have to find new software and start over. I try to avoid things like this, because I hate to have to lose any art people have drawn, but I think the Oekaki software we use is a tad.. discontinued. It and the Art page broke because they were outdated and PHP updates to the server rendered them both non-functional. The Art section just needed a slight update, but the Oekaki program we use, the site is no longer there (Kinda like our news software, but until that breaks, I refuse to not be lazy and fix/replace it! XD)

Anyway, I'll get the site back to 100%. I may not be as active as I'd like, but I refuse to let things break on my watch!

Both Art and Oekaki sections are 100% operational again. Sorry for any inconvenience during the downtime. Thankfully, I found the replacement software for Oekaki's discontinued software and was able to not only get it updated, but saved the database for anyone with an existing account there.

 on: July 22, 2015, 04:09:15 PM 
Started by grox - Last post by TheMobian
Sad to see this place finally meet it's end it seems, but who knows, maybe someday it'll return.

But until then, I am still on Youtube and DA and Twitter n' stuff. Pretty much everywhere under the name "FritzyBeat", so if anyone DOES want to track me down and reminisce about this place, I'm always down X3

Until then, here's to hoping this place comes back to life someday <3 <3 <3

 on: November 30, 2014, 08:11:57 PM 
Started by grox - Last post by UltraSonic
Admittedly communication here is agonizingly slow, but I've been wicked busy over the past few months.  I'm not super active in the Sonic community either, but that's not to say that I don't get nostalgic.  I'm on Youtube as well, which I may track you down on, the username will end in .photo.

 on: September 27, 2014, 06:09:11 PM 
Started by grox - Last post by TheMobian
Believe it or not, I am in fact still alive =P

I'm not super active in the sonic community anymore, and have since moved on to being FAR more active in the Brony community. Been making a lot of fan music under the name "FritzyBeat" and stuff, which is what I usually go by now (I also started an Ask Tumblr thats closing in on 500 followers, so thats exciting X3 *shot*)

In any case, if you still want to hang out with me I'll be far more active on Youtube and such~ THough I still stick around here. Watching and waiting for something to happen X3 Hope y'all have still been doing good~

 on: March 18, 2014, 04:19:49 AM 
Started by grox - Last post by UltraSonic
*taps on the glass*

I am alive.  The past 18 months or so have been interesting ones for good ol' Ultra.  No doubt some of you have wondered about my disappearance from this corner of the web, and for all practical purposes, if you're curious... well, you'll just have to stay curious, simply put it is hard to come back from the dead, and I'll leave it at that..

Suffice it to say that I was browsing the web this evening as I am wont to do and I began to wonder about some of my old stomping grounds.  SVT is the oldest flagship still standing, my origin footprint belonged on Sonic V which is long gone.  I have migrated significantly from the STH fandoms of the days of yore, but that's not to say I don't still enjoy them.

Photography has become my main gambit, and oh the photos I have been able to take, the people I've met along the way.  I could write a book with all of the things in my head that I have learned as I've traveled this world, perhaps one day I will.

In the mean time though, this is UltraSonic remind all still here, that you are not forgotten.

 on: December 11, 2013, 08:29:08 AM 
Started by grox - Last post by grox
Your not the only one Gale.

I came here years ago, back when the forums had people, a lot of people, I never got on them, you used to be able to find me in the Fanfiction section.
To this day, I'm still proud of it, I just, it went on for 52 chapters. X. One of my crowning achievements at this place. I left the fanfiction section, cause, I had lost my muse(She still comes and goes as she pleases but, sooner or later, I will have her with me again, Hopefully.) when it came to Fan Fiction. I wandered over to the forums and found, comfort, an intriguing group of people, and many wonderful things to see and do.

But, as time has gone on, I've stayed in the back ground, just watching, some times replying to things, some times not. I don't know whether it was in me to continue or not. I've been through some dark times while on this site, my time here, has helped me get through my dark times. Thanks to my friends, family, and SVT, I realized that Suicide had not been the answer.

Yes, I said it, I almost committed Suicide, and thanks to this forum and the people that were in it, as well as my friends and family, I did not.

I've been working on things in my head, but, I just haven't been able to get any of them down in notepad, or have been in reach of paper and pencil before they leave me. I gotta tell ya people, I consider you all my friends, If one day we meet, wouldn't mind buyin ya a drink, Alcoholic or other wise(Dr. Pepper's good, so's Mountain Dew.).

I read over some of the stuff I've put on here, and I never have any idea how to continue things, but, heh, still can't. I don't know where I would be without this place. The friends I've had, especially the ones from the fan fiction section, I still remember them, some what, it's hard, I can barely remember them, but, *sob*, I mean, it's sad that I'm having a hard time remembering them.

I'll still keep coming back here, even when no one else will. I'll still be here, my memory is going to pot honestly, I'm not even in my early 30's yet and my memories are fading.

But I'll tell you what, I'll still come back here, cause of the good times I've had. Cause of the people I've met and the events we've had. The Rp's I've posted here, hell, I ran the RP section for a decent amount of time. Think I still do, heh, I tell ya, Wish my mind was still sharp enough to write out a good story.

I miss being able to sit down and just pound out a good long story, now, I'm lucky enough to do this. it's 7:30 AM here, I'm going to bed. G'night everybody, see ya l8r.

Grox 'The Fox' Devlin, AWAY!

 on: December 08, 2013, 06:50:42 PM 
Started by grox - Last post by Gale Fox
random appearance.

I can't believe I missed SVT #1 leaving, man. For a time, he and I totally ran the fanfiction section (and by ran, I mean there was nobody there). Peace, my friend, and may we meet later in life.

EDIT: I ended up waxing introspective less than 30 seconds after posting this.

Even if I haven't been here all year, and even if I wasn't here most of the last, you have to believe me when I say SVT is probably one of the deepest experiences of my life. Sure—at this point in my life, I have no place here aside from a handful of RPs (i've been waiting for SOMEONE to continue Back In Town for a year now!) and this thread, but I have to face the facts. This place is an indispensable part of me—both itself and in what it has influenced me to do. (I'm about to get a little em dash/ellipsis/parentheses/comma crazy here. Also, be aware that this might fall out of chronological order, but that's kinda what happens)

I came here in—what, '07? I was 10. 10 years old with nothing but a bad attitude, some wacky ideas, and a vague memory of a story called the Longest Autumn and how Amy was the daughter of a mobster in it. I was ecstatic, artistic, and arrogant to a fault. I raised hell, I got banned from the forums (and then promptly, the forums of Rockman Perfect Memories, whereas they mocked me), and I even got my mother to write a few review responses for me when I was accused of “abusing” other authors' characters (which I cite as being a little skewed of a statement even to this day, Sharra; I'm not afraid to call names!) out of fear of being banned from the fanfiction section. I made three or four LiveJournals, went a little forum crazy—my ventures include joining =SB= and =TSZ=, a few fledgling forums by my friends from those places, and starting at least 5 f… freakin' versions of Sonic Gale, the most popular of which I think should forever remain at as a reminder.

That, I think, is about where SVT went down. I was distraught; I had lost all of my friends (Aside from good ol' SVT #1, his sister, SVT #2/#3, and aaatlballin in the fanfiction section, there was also Blizzard the Fox, Kiyo, and a host of other people from the art section I'm cocksure I don't remember) as well as fans (Rosy the Rascal/Kairi from The World According To…), not to mention a crapload of writing I had written from scratch in the WYSIWYG editor).

That's when I starting playing Rumble Fighter, and that somehow lapsed into me playing BYOND games religiously. In fact, I made friends with a pair of hormone-addled teenaged boys—one 13 and one 15, with the latter almost becoming a teen father at some point (the almost being that his girlfriend ended up miscarrying). Later I made friends with a big-ego Canadian guy (No offense to the guys up north, that's all I knew about him and I needed an adjective).

Later I started playing Mabinogi (a whimsical little RPG by Nexon whereas I made another handful of quirky friends, although much more dysfunctional, jaded, and decidedly unsavory for me to talk to). Twice (make that two other handfuls).

That's when SVT came back and—well, I was on my worst behavior to say the least. After realizing that I was sitting at, what, 12 or 13(?), the same age aforementioned Sharra and friend TUL Angel decided to leave the site (again, not afraid to say names at this point) and reading a rather erotic lemon (A Foolosophy of Love) that at the time made my prudish 7th grade stomach hurt, unleashed a caustic, rude, and preteen-angst-driven goodbye that rather harshly scorned the remnants of the once-(and-still-somewhat-)recovering site…

It took SATails telling me that my stories were to be deleted that I—in all honesty—bluffed and claimed that my Last Hurrah was simply a publicity stunt, returning to SVT once more.

Now it's about 2011, I think(? Again, I don't have an exact lock on when this all happens, just little facts that help me narrow it down) and I've returned and—well, I think I've spouted so much enough exposition by now…

It might not sound like I've grown much, but now as I sit back at the eve of my long-awaited 16th (yes, the ever-elusive and ageless Gale Fox isn't even a measly 16, but as you can surmise, “feels” and in his own opinion, “acts” much older)—I can't help but think how much this place has helped me get here.

And while I may end up “leaving here” myself (again, I have no place here aside from this thread and a few RPs) in the coming weeks or months, I a) just want you to know that you guys will always be in my heart and b) won't leave here without finding a way to keep in touch.

Love, Gale Fox.

{Sorry if none of this makes sense; I wrote it on a whim with no forethought.}

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