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Author Topic: Rays of Hope: Bios  (Read 6570 times)

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Rays of Hope: Bios
« on: June 16, 2012, 08:41:11 AM »

Full name: Twilight Stargazer
Pronunciation: Twilight Star-Gazer
Nickname(s) or Alias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Twililarian
Tribe (If Twililarian): Ali
Emblem Necklace: Red Seven Pointed Star
Physical or Astral Body: Astral
Birthday: May 25th, 2235
City or town of birth: Twilight City
Currently lives: Twilight City
Relationship Status: SECRET
Prominent Hand: Ambidextrous
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE [Author Note: The home planet her species live on has lower gravity than ours which affects growth differently than our planet, which causes people to get taller faster, weigh less, and for girls they grow more from puberty [For example, Twilight’s size and weight here is considered average for the planet]]
Height (In feet and inches): (4: 2’2), (10: 4’4), (16: 6’6)
Weight (In pounds): (4: 23.1), (10: 50.4), (16: 77.7)
Hair color: Orange and Purple.
Hairstyle: Like Rainbow Dash of MLP Friendship is Magic only based off Veggie55’s (on dA) adult Scootaloo.
Eye color: Gold.
Skin color: Healthy Pale
Tattoos: No
Piercings: No
Scars or distinguishing marks: No
Preferred style of clothing: Think of futuristic type clothing you would see in a few millennia.
Frequently worn jewelry: None
Allergies: None
Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: None
Any medication regularly taken: None
Personality: Pure Hearted and cheerful (Eternity’s words on those born pure hearted is that they represent at least seventeen heavenly virtues and none of the hellish sins, in contrast of Black hearted which is the exact opposite.)
Likes: Spicy foods, boyish clothes
Dislikes: Bitter Foods, girly clothes (Even a simple skirt)
Fears/phobias: Wearing a dress
Hobbies: Running and flying, singing in a concert (Stage name is Melody Harmonia)
Taste in music: Pop
Talents/skills: She can run so fast that you can’t even see her move unless you’ve got super sharp senses. (Her top speed is Mach 25 (If she’s fused with her friends into Hope, that speed goes into Light 1 (Not the speed of light)
Can they drive a car? Operate any other vehicles?: Yes, though she prefers to use a Sky Board, Sky Skates, or a Sky Bike. (She uses the Sky Board most often)
Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore
(If Astral Being) Preferred Taste: Spicy
Favorite food(s): Spicy Spaghetti noodles (Think red spaghetti) with Twilight Jalapenos (A rainbow colored crop found only in Twililaria (In fact all the ‘twilight’ food is rainbow colored))
Favorite drink(s): Twilight Jalapeno Hot Sauce
Disliked food: Anything bitter (Though she will eat such foods she just doesn’t really prefer it, the only thing she won’t eat is something that tastes like it came from the bottom of someone’s intestines)
Disliked drinks: Black Coffee
Describe the character's house/home: She lives in a special part of her mother’s company Altima Corp.
Significant/special belongings: A badge from her Great Grandfather Velvet, who died before she was even born. A star charm from her Great Grandmother, who died during the Creation War. A bandana from her birth Grandfather that she wears on her left arm, who disappeared during the Great Collapse and was soon found dead because someone tried to steal his immortality and it backfired on both of them.
Level of education: (Prologue: Elementary), (Rays of Hope: Middle School [on her planet, K-2nd is Elementary School, 3rd-5th is Middle School, 6th-8th is Junior High School, and 9th-12th is High School]), (Rays of Friendship: High School)
Qualifications: None as of yet
Current job title and description: She’s a singing idol known as Melody Harmonia (though unlike Miley as Hannah Montana on her TV show, everyone knows they’re the same person as her employer told her that she should have a stage name and she chose to show her real name publicly)
Name of employer: Mew Z. Cal
Peaceful or aggressive attitude?: Peaceful
Fighting skills/techniques:
Special skills/magical powers/etc: Ascent Mode.
Weapon of choice (if any): None
Weaknesses in combat: She’s a bit predictable if she can’t use her speed.
Strengths in combat: Her unmatched speed, high defense, great offense, and her unique Twilight-Ascent form
Parents’ names: Day Stargazer, Night Stargazer
Are parents alive or dead?: Alive
Is the character still in contact with their parents?: Yes
Siblings? Relationship with siblings?:
Dusk Stargazer: Twilight’s relationship with her brother is a good one, as seen as when she learns the Dusk has gone missing to go after Veil, her primary focus is to find him. She especially shows happiness when she learns he’s marrying her babysitter from when she was young.
Dawn Stargazer: Dawn is shown to see her sister as a role model, evident by how she tells everyone Twilight is the coolest girl around. Dawn is also the only one who can see Twilight when she runs.
Sunrise Stargazer: Sunrise is more of a trouble maker than anything, but Twilight still loves him very much.
Other Important Relatives: Eternity Stargazer (Maternal Grandmother, alive), Unknown deceased Maternal Grandfather, Endless Stargazer (Maternal Granduncle, alive), Galaxia Stargazer (Paternal Grandmother, alive), Nebula Stargazer (Paternal Grandfather, alive), Haleya Stargazer (Maternal Grandmother by adoption, alive), Abedous Stargazer (Maternal Grandfather by adoption, alive), Aether Lemhi (Aunt, alive) Erebus Lemhi (Uncle, alive), Hemera Phoenidraconi (Aunt, alive), Nyx Phoenidraconi (Uncle, alive), Lykofos Lemhi (Cousin, cousin), Drake Phoenidraconi (Cousin, alive), Fenix Phoenidraconi (Cousin, alive), Sunset Stargazer (Sister-in-Law, alive), Mariya Stargazer (Great Grandmother, deceased), Velvet Stargazer (Great Grandfather, deceased), Celestielia Stargazer (Aunt, alive), Lunelia Stargazer (Cousin, alive), Flareina Stargazer (Cousin, alive)
Partner/Spouse: None yet
Children: None yet
Best Friend(s): Agility Blitz, Harmony Blossom, Jalapeno Harvest, Luxury Blueblood, Sprinkles Cupcake, Flareina Stargazer (Her cousin)
Other Important Friends: Ace Prez, Soleil Solaris, Lunet Nocturnus, others not mentioned yet
Acquaintances: The people of Altima Corp.
Pets: Sylphi, a Twilight Alicorn (A Unicorn/Pegasus)
Enemies? Why are they enemies?:
The Corrupters - They want to destroy all of existence.
Discordance - For causing chaos and disorder.
Catalysts - To destroy them and free their hosts from their suffering.
Twilight and Darklight: opposing but equal opposites can always work together if you have the power to make it happen.
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