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Author Topic: Rays of Hope Book 1: The Return of True Hope  (Read 6469 times)

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Rays of Hope Book 1: The Return of True Hope
« on: June 10, 2012, 10:39:10 PM »

Long ago, there was an endless sphere of life called the Infiniverse, it was called this because it was so large it was actually infinite, but not by size, but because entering one end landed you at the opposite side of the whole Infiniverse which made it seem there was no true end to it. Corruption and hate were common in this sphere of life for any sentient species due to everything they didn't have true knowledge about, one prominent species in this sphere were the humans, they had become well known after many years because the humans became the first and only to settle their differences and stop the chaos between them, it happened after an event known as World War III, it had done some damage to their homeworld, but eventually they realized no matter their differences, they were still the same in every way and now knew that they would only be able to undo the poor conditions of their planet they had caused, this is when they met the most powerful being in existence, the original one: the one people had referred to as god, as a gift of what they had accomplished, the original world restored their homeworld: Earth back to what it was before any of their weapons, even the ones from the first war they had caused, had done even a bit of damage. Eventually the humans discovered how to utilize the light and darkness present across the cosmos to advance their civilizations, even starting to spread onto new planets and being benevolent enough to help any other species that needed it. But other sentient species seeing how they used the light started fighting over its use themselves, however they were more biased in their views believing darkness was evil and worthless as they had not learned what the humans had learned, and whenever the humans tried to convince them of their errors, they turned a deaf ear as they believed the humans saw themselves as higher beings for getting an audience with the original one. The humans started noticing weird conditions happening around the Infiniverse which was a result of this corruption growing, so to try to hold it away the humans created Pandora's Box which was an artifact based of one in their human legends to seal the corruption the others were creating, however even with the box holding the corruption the sins of the other sentient species, those very species kept creating more corruption and the box itself did have a limit even with the technology that was used to create it, eventually after a hundred years of storing corruption it was too much for the box to hold and the Box broke into pieces releasing all of the evil stored inside, and because those corruptions had been held together for so long, they had mutated into something much worse than they had ever been, the original one explained there was no true evil, but the mutated corruption... proved this theory wrong as they turned into evil itself representing all the negativity and horrors of life.

These evils gained physical form creating a race of creatures called the Catalyst, they were creatures of evil that feasted off negative emotions to grow stronger and reproduce, and the more they devoured the more of them appeared. And soon the major parts of the mutated corruption massed together creating the leader of the Catalysts, the first of the beings known as the Corrupters, the dreaded Despair. The inhabitants of the Infiniverse fought back against the Catalysts and Corrupters, but the Corrupters were unable to be destroyed by any means they were able to use, soon they realized this was because they had ghostly bodies, or astral as the humans called it. Eventually mistrust between non-humans grew to a boil creating a force so deadly, it was over for them. It created a Catalyst almost as big as a planet, this was the Ultimate Catalyst, one that would simply be called 'The Destroyer' as it was strong enough to cause a universal genocide. The humans used both light and darkness to create special protective fields to keep them safe on the worlds they lived on as the Destroyer destroyed all other life in the Infiniverse. The humans survived due to these shields, now living in a world where life was extremely rare, as even the native animals on their worlds had been destroyed as well. However seeing the Destroyer had destroyed itself and all of the Catalysts, their safety had been shown, for the moment at least, as many believed the Corrupters were still out there somehow.

With the surviving humans, the original one chose twelve worthy beings to create new life and fix some of the problems the Infiniverse had started with that it itself never got to completing as well as giving the humans the ability to cast magic and fly, knowing that they could fix the damage by going to the now unoccupied worlds, some of the humans went to new planets, during this time the humans learned how to use their newfound flight and magic, the new species that were created were based of humans and how they acted now, so hopefully only a few bad people would exist and little corruption as well. As time went on, the four main locations in the Infiniverse: Upper, Lower Left, Lower Right, and Middle; the humans mainly lived on now caused each of them to adapt to their environment differently with each of their new powers, in the upper area most of the humans gained amazing mastery over magic which allowed them to change the seasons and switch night into day and vice versa (the original one's twelve chosen made it so a planet itself gives off light from a sun and the gravitational power of a moon) and it in turn caused their children to gain this magical ability which gave this class of humans the sub-species name of Magical Humans; in the lower left area the humans gained better control over their flight ability and in turn learned how to walk on clouds, control the weather and they also started to be able to breathe at higher areas of the the sky which reduced their amount of oxygen intake needed which gave this class of humans the sub-species name of Sky Humans; in the lower right area the humans didn't adapt to their flight or magic as easily, but instead they gained a closer bond with nature being able to help plants and food grow faster, they gained more muscle than most human usually had and they started to understand the new creatures the original one made better (not enough to actually translate them though) which gave this class of humans the sub-species name of Nature Humans; and the ones who lived in the middle area adapted to all three conditions becoming a hybridized superhuman type, but in exchange, they were extremely rare compared to the others which gave this class of humans the sub-species name of Ali Humans; however these differences in each human did not change how they acted towards another. Eventually as some of the humans believed during the time of the great collapse's end, the Corrupters made their return with more Corrupters than originally now with a total of nine members, it had been a few millennia since they attacked and most people hadn't realized they still existed which made the whole attack unexpected, the Corrupters attempted to eliminate the humans and finally rid all life, but a hero named Day unlocked a power that changed all the humans into something even stronger and put them into a retreat where they wouldn't attack for years. However this battle, which would be called the Creation War, came with a price, Day's grandfather: Master Velvet was killed during the battle, after this event, the Infiniverse named Master Velvet as a symbol of honor.

Afterwards the original one, who was shockingly revealed to be a female told the humans they had been proven worthy by her to ascend to the next level of existence, and during the Creation War he evolved them into a new form of species that were called the Twililarians, becoming astral beings unlike the Corrupters who were immitations of such, so basically they were almost like immortal living ghosts, they couldn't die even by the Corrupters and they were more even in terms of strength, however the Corrupters would try to find that secret to make themselves unstoppable. With this new gift they finally healed the Infiniverse, in fact it had become even better than it was originally was before thanks to their efforts, the Ali Twililarians soon decided that the Twililarians from all of their areas in their locations, the Magical, Sky, and Nature Twililarians, should join together on a new planet in the exact center of the Infiniverse made by the original one as a gift for all they've done, basically a much better and more advanced version of their original homeland, Earth, made with properties of the kinds of new homeworld planets including cloud homes, water homes, warm temperatures, super advanced technology, strong materials, high gem abundance, special food and a lot more than that; known as: Twililaria, named after their species.

After the Twililarians left their other worlds to the other species in the Infiniverse to make them a better place for everyone, they migrated to Twililaria. However, at some point during the migration, a horrid winter began started freezing the area which was shocking because the planet's climate wasn't never got low enough for snow to form or for water to freeze. The tribes soon made a free trade like agreement to survive. The Magical tribe created fire using their magic as well as amplifying the sun rays to melt the snow faster in hopes of changing the season and bringing out night and day, the Sky tribe moved away the clouds to lessen the snow and hopefully change the weather when they could despite they were unable to truly change the weather due to the mysterious snow, the Nature tribe provided food to the others despite that the cold conditions made it very hard for them to grow food, and the Ali tribe invented special machines to clear away some snow and find shelter to make homes at and used their strength to move snow around and build homes and machines that the other tribes needed. But this did not lessen the storm's effect, in fact the blizzard of the winter grew, soon making all their work turn into a useless struggle.

Eventually the conditions started to make things impossible, the nature tribe was starting to become unable to grow food, the Magical tribe couldn't get their magic working, the sky tribe wasn't able to fly in these conditions, and even the Ali Twililarians weren't strong enough to brave through the storm. Finally the leaders of the four tribes; Commander Tornado: leader of the Sky tribe, Queen Platinum: leader of the Magical tribe, Chancellor Dirt: leader of the Nature tribe, and the three leaders of the Ali Tribe council, Majesic, Divine, and Legend; were forced to meet to come up with a solution. However there were no solutions on how to help the area leave winter, the leaders then all decided along with their tribes to relocate to a new land with the leaders and their advisors going to scout a new land while the others tried to preveil until they returned, however during the time they took to find a new land the blizzard started to reach a cold boil which made it too severe to continue traveling forcing the leaders and their advisors to all hide in a cave for shelter. However the cold went into the cave freezing the entrance and the people inside, soon only Day and her five best friends, the advisors of the leaders were not frozen. Soon they discovered the source of the cold, Wendigos, a evil legendary species that represents the cold and winter and freezes everything they can find, the original one had sealed them away a long time ago, but the damage that the Destroyer had caused had freed them and every other mythical creature. It seems creatures once thought to be mythical had always existed, and the Wendigos were such things in the old human legends. As they found this out the freezing ice came towards them.

Things looked hopeless until the six friends promised that no matter what happens, that they'll always be friends even if they are frozen forever in ice, and just as they themselves were about to freeze, their unity they sparked a fire, a fire that destroyed the Wendigos with its heat and melted the leaders free, soon the entrance had been reopened and the tribes had been able to get out, just to see, they went back to their homeland to see if the Wendigos' destruction had fixed their home, but the Wendigos' ice had permanently frozen the original home they had, which had become the Winter Desert, knowing this land was lost the leaders had all of their people leave the Winter Desert knowing finding a new land was the only remaining option. The tribes continued their journey to find a new land, and soon they discovered the true paradise area of Twililaria, and they named their new home: Harmonia. Evenutally the six leaders chose a member of the Twililarians to become the official leader for their united world: the kind granddaughter of the great Master Velvet and Day's cousin: Celestielia was the one chosen to take the throne. And the six advisors were given great promotions into careers that showed their honor and heroism for bringing the tribes together, eventually the good friends all were given one of the best areas of land in Harmonia which they brought a few of each type of Twililarian.

When they arrived in that land they knew they would need to find something to start the town with, and soon Day discovered the special type of food on Twililaria: the Twilight food, rainbow colored versions of existing food with amazing taste. Day started a company called Altima Corp. and her friends were made the Executive team and they soon managed to start a major business turning the land into a full grown city, which gave birth to the greatest of the non capital cities in the country, Twilight City. And to top it off, the children of the six who stopped the Corrupters and the Wendigos didn't realize it yet, but they have a bonded destiny that ties them together. However they are about to find it out soon, they themselves are...

Rays of Hope!
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Re: Rays of Hope Book 1: The Return of True Hope
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2012, 10:39:20 PM »

Mother: Don’t cry, little one. It won’t be so bad.

A woman was staring at the bundle of blankets in her arms, her baby girl, who was crying because of the noise of the thunder outside. She sat at the chair near the table.

Mother: Maybe a story would cheer you up.

The baby, hearing her mother’s words seemed to calm down.

Mother: This is a tale of light and darkness, of the era before this one. Long ago, people lived in peace. Everyone loved the light and respected its balance with darkness. Then certain people began to fight over it and corrupted forms of evil, the evils of Pandora’s Box were born. The evil took physical form, swallowing the light and darkness, and many people, including the innocent who didn’t fight over the light. It covered everything, and all of the world’s life disappeared, but the light and darkness left sheltering for some people to escape this force leaving only a trillion humans as the remaining life. Then fragments of light and the darkness promoted a select few to help rebuild the Infiniverse. With these fragments of light and darkness, the original’s children healed the lost world to a limited degree, and that created new life. Soon that new life rebuilt the world back to its original state. It’s the era we live in now. But the true hope sleeps, deep within the despair. Someday, a door to the innermost despair will be reopened. And with a pure heart, the true hope will return. Even in the deepest despair, there will always be hope to guide you. Believe in the hope, believe in friendship, and the despair will never defeat you.

The mother looked to see her baby fast asleep. She smiled as she put the baby into her crib as the storm had passed.

Mother: Goodnight sweetie.

(-1 year ago-)

The scene alternates to the planet a year before the event above. On a world known as Twililaria, peace finally flourished in the healed Infiniverse. The lands of the world were like its predecessor planet Earth, only it had advanced plant life, diamond skies and a rainbow ocean giving it a colorful yet balanced contrast in comparison to other planets. Most of the resources of the land were dependent on magic and the numerous amounts of elemental energies, much like Earth during its prime. The city we are currently located in is named Twilight City in the land of Harmonia, named for the harmony of the four subspecies of Twililarians. And resting closest to the ocean was a golden tower shaped after an Aliwyrmixian, the king of all mythical species. This tower was the base of the most advanced corporation in the world, Altima Corp.

Night: It’s been a long time Aether. So how have you been doing?

Within the dining room of the castle, two in-laws were becoming reacquainted with one another. Night, the husband of Day Stargazer and his sister-in-law, Aether. Both were eating pizza the tower’s chiefs provided.

Aether: Well, it’s almost time for me to take over grandfather’s dojo and preserve the Stargazer fighting style. But before I become head of the dojo, I think Erebus is going to ask me to marry him, I’ll say yes no doubt.

Night: That’s great. He’s been waiting for years to pop the question. Reminds me when Day asked me to marry her.

Day: Speaking of which.

Both friends turned in their seat as a woman entered the dining room. Night’s wife, Aether’s older sister, CEO of Altima Corp. and the granddaughter of Master Velvet.

Aether: Sis, you look as beautiful as ever. So is the rumor of you being pregnant again true?

Day: Yep, I’m currently two weeks along so in four months you’re gonna become an aunt again. Oh yeah, Night, Daring wants to talk to you about something urgent. He’s waiting in the Entrance Hall with Chili.

Night: I’ll head over now, Aether, good luck with Erebus.

Aether: Okay.

(-4 months later (4 ½ months pregnant (Note: Twililarians give birth twice as fast compared to humans))-)

Earlier on this day, Day had gone into labor. It was hours later when the group heard Day screaming in pain enough to break the windows, getting everyone to tense and look at the door. After several minutes, a nurse came to the door.

Nurse: Night Stargazer?

He was on his feet in an instant and moving forward. The nurse chuckled.

Nurse: Congratulations, it’s a girl.

She smiled at the others.

Nurse: I’ll let you all in as soon as he gets a moment to make sure they’re all right. We’ll also have to see what type of Twililarian the baby is.

Aether: To think all of the best friends who killed the Wendigos would have their children on the same day.

Hemera: I wonder what type of Twililarians they’ll be?

After several minutes, the nurse came back outside.

Nurse: Who wants to see the little baby girl?

Day and Night’s first child, Dusk was the first to race into the room.

Dusk: Little sis!

Nurse: I’ll take that as a yes.


Day was smiling as she held a little crying bundle in her arms.

Day: Meet the newest Stargazer.

She moved the blanket away from the baby girl’s head; the baby had hair like Rainbow Dash of MLP Friendship is Magic only with more spikes and more curled (See Veggie55 on his deviant art account, then look for the adult Scootaloo artwork he’s drawn for an example) in Orange and Purple. (Note: A Twililarian’s hair is the same throughout their life, like a Saiyan’s)

They all looked at the baby in wonderment as the girl started to settle down. She then opened her eyes revealing her gold eyes, and saw her family for the first time. It was seen here that she had a tiny pair of wings and a black and white star near the ends of her eyes near the end of her face that always had the white star facing the nose’s direction from it. However other conditions made it impossible to see what type of Twililarian she was at this point.

Aether: She’s so big, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby this big before. And even though I can’t tell what type of Twililarian she is, congratulations sis.

Night: She’s so beautiful... Just like her mother.

Dusk: Hi little sis.

Dusk gave his little sister a slight tickle and she laughed.

Day: I think I know what to name her.

The baby looked at her. A made a sound that seemed to say ‘huh?’.

Day: How does Twilight sound? It means of light and darkness. Because I know your pure heart will be the one to change the hands of destiny and unite both light and dark. Also because it’s the time between day and night and we plan to have more more child, so you’re going to be the middle child.

Baby: (Giggling)!

Night: Alright, Twilight it is then; you grow up nice and strong now Twilight.
Twilight and Darklight: opposing but equal opposites can always work together if you have the power to make it happen.
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