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Author Topic: Rays of Hope Backstory (aka revised Magical Warfare storyline)  (Read 7096 times)

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Long ago, there was an endless sphere of life called the Infiniverse. One prominent species in this sphere were the humans, corruption and hate were common in this sphere of life for any sentient species, but the humans became the first and only to settle their differences and stop the chaos between them. Eventually the humans discovered how to utilize the light and darkness present across the cosmos to advance their civilizations. But other sentient species seeing this fought for them, however they were more biased and kept going after the light believing darkness was evil and worthless. Eventually the humans created Pandora's Box to seal the corruption the others were creating, however even with the box holding the corruption the sins of the other sentient species kept creating more corruption and the box itself did have a limit, eventually it was too much and the Box broke apart releasing all of the evil inside.

These evils gained physical form creating the Catalyst, creatures of evil that feast of negative emotions to grow stronger. And it created their leader, the first of the beings known as Corrupters. The people fought back, but they were unable to be destroyed by any means they were able to use. Eventually mistrust between non-humans grew to a boil creating a force so deadly, it was over. The humans used both light and darkness to create special protective fields to keep them safe as the deadly force known as 'the Destroyer' destroyed all life in the Infiniverse. The humans survived due to these shields, now living in a world where life was extremely rare.

With the surviving humans, a special being chose twelve worthy beings to create new life and fix some of the problems the Infiniverse had started with that he himself never got to completing as well as giving the humans astral bodies, knowing that they could fix the damage by going to new worlds, most of the humans went to new planets. As time went on, the five main locations the humans mainly lived on now caused each of them to adapt to their environment differently, some developed high magical capability, some became great flyers, some even gained more intelligence, or they gained a special bond with nature, and the ones who lived inbetween the four areas adapted to all four conditions. Eventually the Corrupters made their return and attempted to eliminate the humans and finally rid all life, but a hero named Soluna unlocked a power called Supersede and put them into a retreat where they wouldn't attack for years.

Afterwards the original one found the humans worthy as being the one species to ascend to the next level of existence, he evolved them into a new form of species that would be forever called the Twililarians, becoming true astral beings, so basically they were immortal living ghosts, they couldn't die except by the Corrupters, but now they were more even in terms of strength. With this new gift they finally healed the Infiniverse, seeing that the non humanoid species started the whole Corrupters incident, the new species the original one made were all based off the humans, the Ali Twililarians soon decided that the Twililarians from all five areas of their locations in the Infiniverse should join together on a new planet in the center of the Infiniverse made by the original one, basically a much better and more advanced version of their homeland made with properties of all four Twililarian home planets including cloud homes, water homes, warm temperatures, super advanced technology, strong materials, high gem abundance, special food and a lot more than that; known as: Twililaria, named after their species.

While the well known but rare Twililarians were classified as the Ali Twililarians, the other four types were the Magical Twililarians, Sky Twililarians, Nature Twililarians, and Wisdom Twililarians. However, at some point during the migration, a horrid winter began started freezing the area which was shocking because of the planet which wasn't ever cold enough for snow to form. The tribes were forced to provide for the others to survive. The Ali tribe used their special abilities to help the citizens, in return the magical tribe created fire using their magic, the winged tribe moved away the clouds to lessen the snow, the wisdom tribe invented special machines to clear away some snow, and the nature tribe provided food to the others. But this did not lessen the storm, in fact the blizzard of the winter grew.

Finally the five leaders were forced to meet to come up with a solution. However there were no solutions on how to help the area leave winter, the leaders then all decided along with their tribes to relocate to a new land, however during this time the blizzard to reach a cold boil which made it too severe to continue traveling forcing the tribes to all hid in a cave for shelter. However the cold went into the cave freezing the entrance and the people inside, soon only Soluna and her friends, the advisors of the leaders were not frozen. Soon they discovered the source of the cold, Wendigos, a evil legendary species that represents the cold and winter and freezes everything they can find, the original one had sealed them away a long time ago, but the damage that the Destroyer had caused had freed them.

Things looked hopeless until the five friends promised that no matter what happens, that they'll always be friends, and with their unity they sparked a fire of friendship that destroyed the Wendigos and melted the tribes free, soon the entrance had been reopened. The tribes continued their journey to find a new land, and soon they discovered the true paradise area of Twililaria, and they named their new home: Concordia, a giant Russia sized country area.

Evenutally the five leaders chose a member of the Twililarians to become the official leader for their united world: the kind granddaughter of the great Master Velvet who had died during the Corrupters return attack and Soluna's cousin, and the five advisors were given great promotions into careers that showed their honor and heroism for bringing the tribes together, eventually the good friends all were given one of the best areas of land in Concordia which they brought a few of each type of Twililarian, which gave birth to the greatest city in the country, Twilight City. And to top it off, the children of the five who stopped the Wendigos didn't realize it yet, but they have a bonded destiny that ties them together. However they are about to find it out soon.
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