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Author Topic: The Backstory of the world of Magical Warfare.  (Read 6638 times)

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The Backstory of the world of Magical Warfare.
« on: January 01, 2012, 12:19:57 PM »

Over who knows how long ago, there was a huge orb of life known as the Infiniverse, the prominant species in this orb of life were the humans, the humans had the power to do amazing things most species could not despite in the beginning they were low in the level of technology. The most precious gift of life in this orb was Light, with the greatest of all light being called the true light. However eventually others different from the humans began fighting over the light, and darkness overtook their hearts, but this wasn't the normal darkness, it was a corrupted darkness. This darkness spread everywhere swallowing the light and people forming a creature people would call the Destroyer, eventually the orb of life was no more by the Destroyer's power, however hope was not lost, even with the Infiniverse gone survivors lived on through the catastrophe that would be called the great collapse, eight children who mastered over the light and darkness gave up their lives and became the eight creation elements: Light, Day, Dawn, Twilight, Fire, Water, Earth and Air. This recreated the orb and the true light whose location was unknown revived the eight children as it's servants, though the orb was incomplete, hopefully the eight children's powers to restore the world gave them the people to do it, the humans had been restored due to how they had not fought over the light during the great collapse, however they took a new name for their species to show who they were now in this new world and to avoid the sins of their friends in their past: the Precursors, meaning the first as they were the first species in this new world. Eventually from the pure darkness and the light two other races came, from the light came the gods, or the Shinzoku. And from the darkness came the demons, or Mazoku. These two species were immortal because they were full astral beings, but no one knew the reason of their existence at the time, eventually the gods and demons told the Precursors they were hoping some of them would join their ranks as their leaders of light and darkness. Many trained to gain these titles, however a family was torn apart because of the light and darkness. Two twins showed skills only seen in a century, but one twin wished for strength and darkness came into his heart. The other twin gained the title of God King, the Saint Shinzoku, while the other twin was unable to gain the position and became the Demon King, the Devil Mazoku. Eventually the dark brother declared war on the light, and the battle for creation began. However the dark brother was sealed away and the light won. The lighter brother: Aether then used the knowledge he gained during the war and restored the Infiniverse back to it's original state. The Precursor home world was named Praecursoris after his last name due to it being the Latin word for Precursor. Though the light and darkness had been balanced, the true light still slept and so did the corrupted darkness, it would be said one day the innermost corrupt darkness would open from a door no eye could see, but when that has happened, one with a heart made of pureness shall signal the true light back and overcome the shadows.
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Twilight and Darklight: opposing but equal opposites can always work together if you have the power to make it happen.
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