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Author Topic: Random Funny Phrases  (Read 13961 times)


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Re: Random Funny Phrases
« Reply #15 on: September 24, 2012, 05:50:36 PM »

Once upon a time, Ian Flynn had an ask Ian thread, where he answered fans questions directed towards the characters of Sonic the Hedgehog as the characters of Sonic the Hedgehog.
Things where moving along nicely, and we would get serious and funny replys, but then, there was one...
One character got more questions than any other character, One character made everybody laugh with each reply, ONE CHARACTER became so popular on "Ask Ian" that he was given his own thread topic. and that character's name, is Bean the Dynamite Duck.

And so, here are some of the most memorable quotes from Archie comics writer Ian Flynn's "Ask Bean"


Ian: I made the mistake of giving you people a choice. By a landside vote of two, I now introduce a feature I'll....we'll....update on occassion.

Buckle up folks. It's time for Ask Bean!

BEAN: SWEET! At long last, I crawl my way back from the two-time cameoing! Ask me your questions, I'll lie through my teeth! Duck-teeth!

nuckles87 wrote:
Bean, do you like me?

BEAN: As long as you stay off the futon. You shed.

Goldanas wrote:
1. How did you and Bark meet?

BEAN: Ian swore me to secrecy on that one. And by "swore to secrecy" I mean duct tape and scorpions. I will say it was in a far-away, magical land and involved jalepenos!

Goldanas wrote:
2. What's your opinion on the recent Social Security crisis in the USA? Some would suggest increasing the payment ceilings on the current labor force, but others say that even with doubling the funds to the government program the citizens and the government will fall into eternal bankruptcy while China cashes in on its trillions of dollars worth of bonds.

BEAN: You keep asking questions like that and your face will stick that way.

Goldanas wrote:
3. What's your favorite pass-time?

BEAN: Underwater basket-weaving. It is an ancient and sacred art.

Goldanas wrote:
4. Kiwi?

BEAN: Do you kiss your mother with those tonsels?

Goldanas wrote:
What is love?

BEAN: A warm lump of peat moss.

Goldanas wrote:
Thanks for your time, Mr. Dynamite.



Sleep well tonight, there are more on the way *evil laugh* ;)


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Re: Random Funny Phrases
« Reply #16 on: August 04, 2022, 05:05:11 PM »

Don't know if all of you have seen Futurama but, here's a quote from Bender.

"Bite my Shiny Metal @$$."

wha? It makes me chuckle.
Oh gosh... XD
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