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Author Topic: Rise of Heroism  (Read 6670 times)

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Rise of Heroism
« on: October 03, 2011, 03:49:28 PM »

A long time ago, in the center of the Omniverse; there was a world known as Phalanxia. When life first came to this planet it was very bad, the solar system the planet was around contained three suns making a terrible atmosphere in the planet which made it almost impossible for life to thrive. Eventually evolution came through enough to create eight tribes: the red flames, the orange stones, the yellow suns, the green winds, the blue streams, the purple sparks, the white blizzards, and the black shadows. At first the eight tries were hostile to each other and began fighting over the land for dominance. Eventually one representative from each tribe met together and created a system of free trade as each tribe had something the other needed to survive. Eventually after some more time passed a holy messenger came from the stars and to help the planet out she turned two of the three suns into moons changing the atmosphere greatly allowing new life to live on the planet. Eventually the planet created four continents, each with two of the tribes in each. And each continent was divided into two areas for each tribe. These areas were known as: Crimson Fire city in the spot of the former Crimson Volcano, Amber Earth city in the spot of the former Amber Dunes, Saffron Light city in the spot of the former Saffron Plains, Jade Wind city in the spot of the former Jade Jungle, Cobalt Water city in the spot of the former Cobalt Oasis, Violet Lightning city in the spot of the former Violet Junkyard, Ivory Ice city in the spot of the former Ivory Mountains, and Ebony Darkness city in the spot of the former Ebony Drifts. In between the eight cities there are eight trading posts known as the Glass Region, the Boil Region, the Steam Region, the Jungle Region, the Sky Region, the Blaze Region, the Magnetism Region, and the Dust Region. In the middle of the four continents was a tower that held the eight treasures of each tribe. These eight treasures were known as: the eternal flame, the impervious stone, the rainbow light, the sky crystal, the ocean pearl, the pure lightning, the frozen heart, and the clear veil as a sign of their united treaty. Eventually the eight tribes evolved together through the contact of their eight special genes forming species known as the Big Bang Phalanxians. Eventually they became the most advanced species in the Omniverse, having technology, magic and peace. There was even a time where the greatest leader was ascended to the throne:

A man wearing a hood to shade himself from the hot sun was taking a pleasant walk through the nature trail that had been paved. All of a sudden, the man stopped – a quiet sob echoed across the valley. It was only a few second before the hooded character kneeled closer to a nearby flowerbed, investigating the matter further. Claus stood up from the flowerbed, carrying a bundle of cloth in his arms. The infant child continued crying, but soon softened her tone as she investigated the face of the man hidden beneath the hood. She cooed happily and raised her chubby hands to reach the man's face.

(-13 years later-)

In the middle of a silver arena, the Big Bang Phalanxians were shouting and screaming from the stands as Claus: the Supreme Master as they called him watched the match from above. Three giants surrounding a girl that barely reached to their kneecaps. Despite the obvious disadvantage, the girl obviously held no fear and faced the tower trio tall and proud. With confirmation, one of the giants started the match and stabbed his overweight sword over the girl's head. With surprising strength and dexterity, the female warrior flipped backwards, withdrew a bladed staff from her back, and struck forward once again. The giant screamed of bloody murder as the miniscule warrior sliced her blade across the giant's wrist and severed his hand from his arm. The unknown woman touched back to the ground with perfect posture – the giant's hand slammed behind her.

Shortly following the events, the memory shifted to an area within the higher reaches of the city. The people found themselves in the middle of two lines consisting of twenty different soldiers on each side, all standing in attention as their leader, the girl herself known as Olivia, walked down the row.

Queen Olivia brought Phalanxia into its golden age by finding a hidden potential inside of everyone, which were named: Superpowers.

This was a legacy that started over Googolplex years ago, at the beginning of time, but where will this legacy lead?

(-Phalanxia Tsuki 1st, 3020 GA-)

A girl with blazing red hair with some leaf green and sea blue mixed with a galaxy design to it in with long hair and bangs with some of her hair tied into a ponytail with the one thing standing out the most was that her right eye remained closed at all times; stood in the heart of the tallest and widest trunk in the Jade Wind City, side-by-side with her brother, who looked just like her only with some of his hair covering his left eye and without the ponytail and bangs, his hair was also brown with grey and clear instead. The girl looked down the long rows of Big-Bang Phalanxians all standing in attention – none of them appeared to be grieving as much as the one who lost someone themselves. The girl spotted the mayor at the roots of the trunk, wearing a dreary-black cloak in honor of the occasion. In the mayor's hands was a small bundle of green cloth, which shadowed the body of deceased child.

Mayor: Today is a sad day. For not only have we lost our alliance with three of our own, we have also lost one of our own people.

He stared down at the bundle in his arms.

Mayor: My daughter, Serene, was innocent and sweet, unfortunate enough to exist in an area where trust was wavering, Serena could always see the good in others. Her death has left its mark on all of us. Her acts of kindness have shown greater than any before her. And as such, it is my solemn wish that she should be given a place in the tomb of the great leaders of Jade Wind City's past and return to soil of the great trees that protect us.

The mayor carried his child's concealed corpse to one of the many enlarged branches and gently placed the bundle into a hollow opening. The mayor spent many moments to place Serene's body in a comfortable position and bowed his head respectfully when pulling back. Afterwards, a loud series of cracks hissed in the tree and the hollow grave sealed itself, absorbing Serene's body into its branches. The ceremony had concluded only a few seconds following and the people went about their usual business. The only people that stayed behind long enough were the girl, the mayor, and the girl's brother – all of who were staring at the space where Serene now rested.

Girl's Brother: I am terrible sorry for your loss Mr. Mayor. After watching your friends on a number of occasions, the pain slowly becomes bearable, but never truly disappears.

Mayor: Thank you for coming as the representatives of Cobalt Water City in place of your parents Prince Suisei, Princess Seiun.

Seiun: You're welcome, Serene was our friend as well and we will miss her greatly.

The mayor made no motion of acknowledgement and turned his back to the duo – his cloak whipping with the breeze. Suisei scratched his head in utter confusion, but had a feeling that the mayor had been hit harder than anyone; he lost his wife ten years ago and now his only child he was alone in this world now.

Suisei: Come on Seiun, let's head home.

Suisei turned to his right, only to find that Seiun wasn't standing at his side. His sister had moved away from the depressing site, no longer able to look at Serene's unmarked grave, and seated herself on the edge of the wide branches. As she stared down into the trees, Suisei climbed his way up the tree. Suisei did not enjoy the climb as he had a slightly weaker immune system than most people and it made him a little weaker in the low stamina effects department.

Suisei: Hey, you all right, Seiun?

Seiun: I've been better, by the way, congratulations on your promotion. I heard that you proved yourself worthy to wield the Twilight Sword. I really wish I could have watched – it sounded like one Hell of a test.

Suisei: It certainly was. Listen, I know that you feel bad about not being there when Serene died, and possibly that even if you did you couldn't use magic to help her...

Seiun: You do remember I've never been able to use magic.

Suisei: Sorry, I'm just saying that everything happens for a reason. Like the Holy Messenger. She loved the world enough that she allowed her body and soul to become a part of Phalanxia and turned it from a desert planet into a lush greenhouse. Though we don't know why, everything we do has a purpose.

Seiun: So you're saying someone had a purpose to kill Serene?

Suisei: Well... that I don't really know. But if there is the possibility of some malevolent force forming in our ranks, there must be a reason for it. We were in the Tribe Dominance War, and that was fought because of the differences between the eight tribes, but it ended in a perfect way: understanding. From what I’ve heard, when great warriors exchange blows you can read the thoughts and emotions of one another – that's how the Tribe Dominance War ended. The eight tribe leaders put their differences aside and we ended up where we are today.

Seiun: That's why the arenas were made afterwards, weren't they?

Suisei smiled and nodded.

Suisei: We fight so we can better understand each other.

Seiun: I wish I could feel that, I can barely fight long enough to do that and since my dragons only feel that if they fight for me that also make a problem, if only I had something to bring out my potential.

Suisei: Why not find some kind of super archer bow? You do like archery.

Without warning, a heavy gust entered the lakebed below the tree, blowing away the fog that surrounded it. With their new visual, Seiun and Suisei could see a tiny inland in the middle of the lakebed with a gleaming bow buried at the base of the island tree.

Suisei: No way, that’s the legendary Twilight Bow.

Seiun grabbed Suisei, who fell from weakness, and walked across the rocks to reach the island.

Seiun: You ok?

Seiun asked as she set her brother on the ground.

Suisei: I'll be fine, just because my immune system is a bit weaker doesn't mean I'll die because of it.

Seiun: Well, you can take it easy now. All I have to do is grabbed the bow and we can get out of here.

With an assuring nod from Suisei, Seiun crossed the small piece of land as she reached out for the bow. Seiun could not help but marvel at the sight of the legendary weapon (Which looked like the two blade saws of the Mechtogan Slycerak combined). But as her eyes wandered over the fine craftsmanship, she faintly noticed a script of writing in the tree behind the bow.

Seiun: Hey, Suisei, what does this mean?

Seiun asked curiously, pointing to the script.

Suisei: It appears to be some sort of prophecy. Let me read it to you. Clouding shadows loom over the world; gallant new champions must be called. They who will draw the weapons of the legends, of noble heart and valiant courage, but the shadows dull the weapons of light, shattered by evil and all hope will fail. The shards of heaven renew the lost souls, and truth will be drawn forth by the new force of twilight. This is the legendary Twilight Bow, the strongest Weapon of Twilight matter.

Seiun: What does that mean?

Suisei: I have absolutely no clue. But if it’s anything like how I got the Twilight Sword I have a feeling that it may dictate your arrival. It did mention a new champion would be called. And you must be the one chosen to take the bow.

Seiun: Then I'll just have to pull it out.

Seiun said, grasping the handle of the bow.

Suisei: Are you ready for this?

Seiun: Ready for what?

Suisei: Once you remove the bow, you will be forced into a destiny that you can't escape from. Are you ready for this?

Seiun took the end with both hands and forced her grip so tight that she could feel sweat leaking from her gloves. She tugged at the bow with a sharp jerk, but the weapon appeared to resist the pull. She tugged again, but this time felt the bow relieve itself from the ground. And with one final jerk, Seiun ripped the might weapon from the ground; a gleaming light radiated from its tip. Seiun gently raised the bow into both her hands to inspect the marvelous legend.

Suisei: That bow you hold goes by the name of Arcus.

Seiun: Nice craftsmanship. But I don't see how this would give me some random destiny?

?: You fool!

Seiun screamed at the sudden shout and fell backwards into the tree while accidentally releasing the bow. Seiun was not shocked by the sound, but by where it had come from: the bow itself. Feeling slightly nervous, Seiun reached for the bow and gazed at the front, which now provided four fully green eyes shaped like half an emerald (symbolizing that it came from Jade Wind City) staring at her.

Arcus: You’re my chosen one! You are but a kid!

Suisei: Oh yeah! I should have mentioned it before. The weapons of twilight have minds of their own. Arcus chooses who will wield it.

Arcus: And it appears I made terrible choice.

Seiun: You know, for a bow, you have a really big mouth.

Arcus: The impertinent one is you, kid.

Seiun: Excuse me?

Suisei: Gladius, talk some sense into that bow's arrogance.

Suisei brought out a sword that was similar in color to Arcus however the eyes were blue symbolizing it came from Cobalt Water City; this was the sacred Twilight Sword.


The bow's eyes moved into a 90 degree change making the front of the bow have a scared face.

Seiun: Alright, let's see what you can do.

Seiun pulled back on the string and an energy arrow formed.

Suisei: I was worried we would need to get some arrows for a moment, I worried for nothing.

Arcus: Aim at that rock behind you.

Seiun turned around and released the energy arrow, when the arrow hit, the sheer force caused the rock to gain a five foot crater making the rock look like it had a missing eyeball.

Seiun: Who, what, when, where, huh?

Suisei: Looks like thing are about to get interesting.
Twilight and Darklight: opposing but equal opposites can always work together if you have the power to make it happen.
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