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Author Topic: Riding the Free Winds  (Read 5733 times)

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Riding the Free Winds
« on: August 12, 2011, 04:24:05 PM »

Above a few mountains, a large airship was flying over it. Behind the airship, someone was piloting their private jet. Inside the captain's room, a young teen was sitting in a chair, staring at a red crystal prism. The teen was an 18 year-old purple haired girl that had long purple hair with long bangs and between the strands were two rogue strands that were closer to her face, and a darker golden ivory shade on her wrist that was shaped like a flame. She wore the normal attire for a skate boarder; her theme was with white, pink and green. She was Bolt Prakha, leader of the Babylon Rogues.

Ever since she could remember, Bolt had been trying to figure out the secrets of the crystal prism. Bolt received the crystal box from her father after he left for an unknown reason. Bolt's father originally promised he would return to her over seven years ago, but he never did because he had been assassinated. After being confirmed dead by the nation of the Babylon clan, Bolt took her father’s place as the leader. The crystal prism was said to be passed down to the leaders of the Babylon Rogues and had a mysterious secret to it that even the Babylonians didn’t know.

Bolt: There has to be some secret to this prism.

As Bolt continued to think, loud footsteps were heard outside her door. The door burst open, which surprised Cruise and caused her to fall back in her chair.

Bolt: Oh, my head.

Bolt stood up to look over her desk. Standing in front of the door was a large 19 year-old teen boy. He had near shoulder length black hair, he also posses the flame tattoo that Cruise had on his wrist. He also wore a skate boarder outfit only his colors were black, purple and orange. He was Tsunami Ardikhla, Cruise's right-hand man.

Tsunami ran in frantically into the room and proceeded to bang on the desk like a hyper child who ate too much sugar.

Tsunami: Boss, we have a major problem, major, major, major!

Unknown Male Voice: Tsunami! At least knock before you enter a room.

A stern voice came from the door. The two boys looked over to see a 17 year-old male teen enter the room. The boy had blue short hair with odd bangs and a rogue strand; he also had the flame tattoo on his arm. He also was wearing a skate boarder outfit, with his colors being red, blue and yellow. He was Cruise Edono, the Babylon Rogue's chief mechanic and Bolt's secret crush.

Cruise and Bolt have known each other long before they have ever knew Tsunami. The reason for this was because their fathers worked together in the previous generation of Babylon Rogues. Bolt has always considered Cruise a friend until lately; she has been feeling these strange emotions whenever he was around. Cruise was snapped out of his Bolt trance when she heard Tsunami's voice.

Tsunami: Is this what I think it is?

Bolt looked at Cruise and saw that he was holding the crystal prism.

Bolt: Yeah. That's when I had to take over things from my father.

Suddenly Cruise started sounding like a professor giving a speech as he looked at the prism.

Cruise: So it's true? Could our ancestors have left behind hidden treasure or technology that's just waiting to be discovered, like the legendary Rogue Jet who discovered the first Extreme Gear that looked just like a Magic Carpet?

Bolt nodded his hand again. Tsunami tries to reach for the crystal box until Cruise pulls it away.

Cruise: Uh-uh! If you get your greasy little hands on this, you'll probably lose it or eat it by mistake!

Tsunami: Oh, come on; I only want to look at it.

But Cruise still wouldn't surrender the box.

Cruise: You always say you ‘only’ want this or that! Remember the teachings of our ancestors, "Be careful what you ask for, ultimately you'll only get three true wishes."

At this point, Bolt was clearly annoyed by Tsunami and Cruise's argument.

Cruise: Okay, before this gets any worse. Why'd you crash in here anyway Tsunami?

Upon hearing Bolt's yell, Tsunami and Cruise stopped their fight and faced Bolt.

Tsunami: Well, uh, a Holding? Held? No?

Cruise slapped her hand over his mouth to shut him up and answered for him.

Cruise: Someone called Holdz De’Mean wants to speak with you.

Tsunami pushes Cruise away and yells.

Tsunami: I wanted to say that!

Cruise: You could’ve if you did it right!

Bolt face palmed.

Holdz: I interrupting something?

The Rogues looked to the door to see Holdz enter through it, he looked to be a very wealthy man who was greedy for more money.

Bolt: So then, I heard you wanted to see me.

Holdz: Are you Bolt, the legendary Rogue Jet’s descendant? Your reputation precedes you. I've heard so much about your infamous group.

Bolt was not falling for Holdz’s flattery.

Bolt: What do you want?

Holdz: Well now, I heard a rumor... a rumor that you have the key to Babylon Garden’s extra secret storage. Now, could this be true?

Bolt: Huh? What key?

Holdz: Oh, so you don’t even know, maybe you don’t have it after all? Were you aware of this? I imagine not, yet. The key to Babylon Garden’s extra secret storage is...

Holdz trailed off as he whispered the rest to Bolt, Cruise and Tsunami.

Bolt: So let me get this straight; we just need to collect all eight of the Trinity Emeralds and then use the energy from the prism, right?

Holdz nodded to him.

Bolt: Sounds too easy.

Holz: You think so don’t you?

Bolt (Angry and Annoyed): What do you mean? Are you saying the Babylon Rogues aren't capable of getting eight of the world’s most powerful emeralds?

Holdz: No, of course not. But... have you seen these characters before?

Holdz pressed a few buttons on a small device. The device then shows a picture of a bright blue haired 18 year-old girl with a hairstyle that was a mixture of Sonic Turbine and Riley Turbine with her right eye a rich red and her left a calm green, she was wearing the outfit that Teana is wearing in Nanoha Force chapter 18 during training, only with jean shorts with constellation symbols on them and the shirt has some things from outer space on it like stars on the sleeves which were inside a white line and a galaxy on the front and her shoes are blue versions of Sonic’s Extreme Gear shoes and her gloves are fingerless and red (Kelsey), the second seemed to be a pink haired 14 year-old whose hair was long and in the back one portion of her hair was even longer and tied into a ponytail that had a roughed out appearance, her eyes were a reddish pink and she wore a shirt with a swirl effect making it resemble a hypnotic circle, she wore long pants and steel boots (Cynthia) and a 14 year-old boy who had two pictures where one had him with red hair and eyes in front with the back of his hair blue with a brave face, the other picture had these colors switched and he seemed shy, he wore a shirt that was half red on left, half blue on the right, his pants were the same but the colors were on opposite sides, his left glove was blue, his right was red, while his left sneaker was red and his right was blue (Falcon) together.

Holdz: They are known as Kelsey Lutecia Brioche d’Arcane Turbine, Cynthia Cacao Vanille Turbine and Falcon Fraise Turbine, or Team Big Bang Galaxy and they are said to be the fastest creatures on Celestia due to being the descendants of Sonic Turbine. Kelsey is especially difficult.

Bolt: Looks like we have something interesting here, my old friend and rival!


In Northern Hyacinthum, Cynthia and Kelsey were searching the city with the yellow trinity emerald. You may not known this at all, not even Kelsey knows it, but she came from the year Googol GU and was sent to the year 1 trillion, her birth mother sent her into the past when she was only a year old because she was told that she could save the dystopian future from an evil that would be soon to come.

Kelsey: Tell me again little sis. Why are we looking for the trinity emeralds?

Cynthia: Because, if we find them now. Then we won't have to find them later, when we might really need to use them.

Kelsey: I could be doing something better, right now.

Cynthia knew that Kelsey really wanted to go hang out with Terre. Terre was one of her four main friends, and one thing she knew was the two had secretly been in a relationship that only their parents knew about, she didn’t tell her older sister she knew, but did tease her about liking him.

Cynthia: Don't worry, Kelsey. You'll have plenty of time to go hang out with your boyfriend when we're done.

Kelsey's face quickly turned red when she heard that Cynthia called Terre her boyfriend.

Kelsey: He is not my boyfriend. He's just a friend, A FRIEND.

Cynthia: Than why is your face red?

Cynthia said it with a wicked smile. At that point, Kelsey's face was so red; you would think she was a ripe tomato. But Kelsey was saved when they heard a loud swoosh coming from one of the buildings.

Kelsey and Cynthia looked at the direction of the said swoosh and saw Cruise, Bolt and Tsunami riding down the building winds on Extreme Gear. Cynthia then noticed that the trinity emerald she was holding began to glowing.

Cynthia: Those guys must have a trinity emerald.

The three landed on the ground and tried to escape from the traffic they had fallen into.

Kelsey: Looks like they started a party without inviting us, well I guess we better get that Chaos Emerald.

Kelsey jumped ahead as she chased the three, leaving Cynthia behind.

Cynthia: Oh great, she left me behind again, man I wish I could run faster than her.

Cynthia sighed as she chased after Kelsey and the three.

Kelsey used her super speed to get in front of them, but Bolt just jumped over her. Kelsey watched her ride away as Tsunami rode up behind her. Before Tsunami was able to hit her, Falcon (with his front red) came out of nowhere and kicked Tsunami off his board. Tsunami was able to grab onto Cruise's board and hitch a ride with her.

Falcon: You better watch your back big sis.

Kelsey: Thanks, Falcon.

Cynthia then noticed the board on the ground and found lamp insignia on it.

Falcon: Hey! They're getting away!

Falcon pointed to the fleeing three. Kelsey quickly grabs the stray board and jumps on it to chase them down. Kelsey weaved past the cars and Cruise and Tsunami until she was riding next to Bolt. Kelsey then swerves in front of Bolt to cut her off. It was then that Kelsey recognized her rival.

Kelsey: Bolt?

Bolt: Sorry Kelsey, but I need this trinity emerald.

Kelsey then sees Bolt disappear in front of her eyes.

Kelsey: Why do I get the feeling she’s gonna hit me from above?

Kelsey then hears a sound from above and looks up to see Bolt before she throttles down on her with incredible speed. Kelsey jumped off the board and it was grabbed in midair by Cruise as he rode away.

Bolt: We’ll see how you do when you don’t hold back at the EX Free Riders GP.

Bolt then disappeared with Cruise and Tsunami following close behind. Cynthia and Falcon had arrived too late to catch the three.

Falcon: Sis, are you all right?

Kelsey: Never better.

Kelsey took one last look down the road that the Babylon Rogues had escaped from and said.

Kelsey: Finally, new competition.


Holdz: Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! Good day, ladies and gentlemen.

Kelsey: Oh great, it's that greedy millionaire. (A millionaire in this time is a famous person living the lap of luxury.)

Holdz: I hope you're all ready for a show; we've got an exciting event just for you. I call it the EX Free Riders GP', a tournament to see who's the best of the best. Not just a race, but a special race with Extreme Gear. Don't have one? Then, you can order them exclusively from the Holding Hands Corporation. Just call the number on the screen.

Upon these words, the phone number "1-800-555-HAND" appears at the bottom of the screen.

Holdz: So, call now. All of our Operators are standing by right now. These races are no-holds-barred and the winner takes it all! And the grand prize?

The eight Trinity Emeralds appear on the screen in a glass case.

Holdz: Why, the coveted Trinity Emeralds of course! Since you may only enter if your team brings one. There are only a total of eight teams allowed to enter and only one member of each team may race at a time. Let's see who among you dares to challenge our finest competitors.

As he spoke, pictures of Bolt, Cruise, and Tsunami appear on the screen in a small screen in the top right corner beside Holdz.

Kelsey: Bolt!

Falcon: You know her sis?

Kelsey: I can't tell you exactly, but she comes from the Babylon Rogues. During the time since the Older Days the Babylon Rogues have stopped their thievery, but they do take random jobs for pay and souvenirs.

Holdz: These players, they're hot, the best racers I could find! So, do you think you have what it takes to beat Team Neo Babylon?

Kelsey: Looks like Team Big Bang Galaxy has found something to do.

Unknown to Kelsey, six other teams had said the same thing.
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Re: Riding the Free Winds
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2011, 04:40:38 AM »

ha ha ha, nice, good beginning. I'm interested now how you will fare? Will you keep up the pace or will you falter before the finish line?
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