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Title: Incandescent Boulevard
Post by: Fireball on July 16, 2010, 09:39:48 AM
Metropolis is the energy capital of the United Federation. It is the home of corporate giant HEXAeco - who provide safe, clean, fusion power to the city, and a large part of the country, by harnessing the hydrogen in water.

With such a low cost energy source, its no wonder the company now owns half of the city - and more than half of the Entertainment's on Incandescent Boulevard - the main street in the city's gambling and gaming district - filled with musical theatres, casinos, hotels, casinos, video game arcades, casinos, strip clubs and more casinos.

Night has fallen. Its summer and the air is still warm. The streets are busy, but not buzzing. On a Sunday eve many of the city's responsible residents are at home in their skyscraper apartments, getting ready to go to their flat-pack beds, so they can be up early tomorrow to drive their hover car to their skyscraper HEXAeco office job.

But not all the residents are responsible, and not all of them have regular jobs...

[[Open adventure RP. Feel free to join.]]
Title: Re: Incandescent Boulevard
Post by: Nyteshade on July 16, 2010, 09:46:21 AM
She had been waiting, watching. It had been so long since She had been on this plane.  Her long crimson locks blew in the hot breeze whipping up from the streets and boulevards far below her. She rested her head on her upraised right knee as she looked down, her eyes adjusting to the vast distance. She took a deep, cleansing breath, releasing it with a laugh. It was good to be back. It got her blood pumping, her juices flowing. It woke her hunger for carnage.

"Ahhh... Carnage." she says to herself with a happy little giggle of titillation. "Such a wonderful word, Carnage. I think that should be the word of the day."

The black, formfitting leather she wears creaks was she adjusts her posture, realigning her back with a pop before resting her arms and head back on her knee.

"Wouldn't you agree my pets?" She queries to the empty air, before several diaphanous, black and shapeless forms fade into existence on the roof on either side of her. She smiled, revealing fangs. Long, sharp, deadly.

"Go." She commanded, tossing an errand gesture with her hand down towards the throngs of people on the sidewalks below. "Bring Mumsy something good to eat, darlings.  Spread a little carnage for her, won't you kindly?"

The shadows swirl and slither down the facade of the skyscraper towards the street.  She smiles as the sounds of fright and fear drift up to her on the wind.  Nothing spread fear and pain like a few ravenous shadow summons.

“Ahh... Carnage. I do so love the smell of it in the evening. It does a body good.”
Title: Re: Incandescent Boulevard
Post by: Fireball on July 18, 2010, 12:30:36 PM
Of all the peculiar species walking down the Boulevard, none are more of an odd couple, or turn more heads, than Lenny and MACCA.

Lenny is around seven foot tall hulking grey and red mass of muscle and fangs. The Black Arms soldier has recently had a digital voice box surgically implanted in his throat, enabling him to make humanoid sounds, and communicate with the other inhabitants of Earth - but having lived his whole life as a soldier drone - he still struggles with independant thought. To put it bluntly, he's not the brightest spark in the box.

His partner in crime is even less human - the Military Artificial Cerebral Combat Application is an intelligent computer programme, that currently inhabits a floating television screen, and projects an image of a bald floating head, green and translucent, the mimics the movements a person makes when talking. Its a little annoying that the lip-sync is always slightly out.

Both, however, are at first unaware of any interruptions.

"...prestigious monk, but I-" MACCA is cut off by a yell of terror. His expression does not change as his hover jets spin him round to face the source of the noise. "What's going on?" He ponders.

"Donno" Lenny replies bluntly. Neither of them notice the shadows encrouching under the powerful streetlights.
Title: Re: Incandescent Boulevard
Post by: Nyteshade on July 20, 2010, 02:24:01 PM
Of course with the two of them being artificial creatures the shadows are less than interested in them. The milling darkness peels away from the building facade, momentarily gaining a humanoid shape before melting into a puddle of inky darkness that, for lack of a better term, swims under Lenny and MACCA, almost using their shadows as a child would use stones across a creek to get to the other side. The shadows continue to leapfrog from pool of darkness to pool of darkness until they encounter something living. In this case the "something" living happens to be a poor tired waitress from a street corner deli 3 blocks away. She turns and tries to run from the milling blackness, but it catches her pulling her down into the inky darkness of itself, only to spit her back out a mindless oozing zombie made of shadows.
Title: Re: Incandescent Boulevard
Post by: Fireball on July 24, 2010, 05:31:36 AM
Sensing something is up, MACCA and Lenny rushed after the shadowy figures. Lenny's massive powerful strides match the speed of Macca's propulsion. They catch sight of the affected waitress.

"Is she OK? She doesn't look right."

Lenny walks up to the shadow-zombie and, with all the medical finess of a bowling ball, pokes her on the shoulder. MACCA would have rolled his eyes except he hasn't programmed his avatar to do that. Nonetheless they wait to see if she responds.
Title: Re: Incandescent Boulevard
Post by: UltraSonic on July 24, 2010, 07:09:18 PM
OOC: Per Mr. Fahrenheit/Fireball's request I'm joining using Ace Surv.  Species: Velociraptor, Occupation: Network/Computer programmer.  Former Occupation: Enhanced Infantry, he joined the military for a steady paycheck and health benefits, he's still a geek though.  Abilities: Based on the Spartan II's from the Halo franchise.  (Though he won't exhibit the immortality of S117) And he does have an A.I. Construct.  Strengths: Brute Force, and Intellect.  Weaknesses: Stealth, People Skills (Unless they too be geeks, in which case....)


Ready for some hardcore training Ace Surv former super soldier, now resigned from his positions (Though due to the nature and rarity of his augmentations he could be called back to active duty at any time) leans at the edge of a roof taking the last few breaths of fresh air before sealing his helmet when a scream is heard.  Ordinary such things don't phase him, he's heard them thousands of times before, but this one sends a chill down his spine, no easy feat.

"Looks like I'm in for more than training Alyx" Ace says to his A.I. before donning his helmet.  "Keep the shields off, we won't be needing them"

His suit seals, however vents open to keep fresh air going to an extent.  Though in case of emergency the suit can supply oxygen for up to 90 minutes.  He takes off at a sprint across the rooftop beginning his course as planned, he crosses the top of the roof, a distance of about 60 meters in just 4 seconds, however instead of vaulting to the roof of the next building as he'd planned on doing he jumps down heading feet first towards the ground.  A drop of approximately 120 feet

Shortly before impact Alyx comments on his form "Your angles off, tuck and roll!"

Having learned during combat not to question Alyx's judgment Ace does exactly as instructed leaving quite the mark in the concrete where he landed, however he is unharmed and continues towards the sound until he finds the once waitress now a putrid oozing mess of shadowy substance and he stops dead.

"Alyx, identify, what in the *swears* is that?"

"Scanning, whatever it is, it's not human, at least not anymore" she responds

This conversation taking place entirely inside his helmet and is inaudible to those surrounding him.

OOC EDIT: I can't believe I made an elementary grammar mistake.  Fixed now.
Title: Re: Incandescent Boulevard
Post by: Nyteshade on July 29, 2010, 09:18:22 AM
She giggles. The sound of the screams drifting up to her made a dark warm feeling akin to happiness well up inside her. She lets the shadows claim her, and steps through the darkness ending up on top of a street lamp above the 4 of them.

"Ahhh...! Now this one has some potential!" she murmurs from above, looking down at the pseudomass that the waitress has become.  "It only needs a bit of shaping to make it just so!" she exerts her will on her new slave and the humanoid body shifts, becoming farm more canine in shape. It looks like a large semi formless wolf when she's done. She releases it from her mental grasp with a laugh.

"Go play, Puppy!" she commands, and the beast bounds off, towards Ace.
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Post by: UltraSonic on August 03, 2010, 11:26:57 AM
Ace was almost caught off guard, any normal being, and even some of his type might have been taken by the beast in that moment.  As it was, he strafed to the left while coiling a punch.  He released it towards the right shoulder of the pseudobeast with a driving force of almost 200 newtons.

"Alyx! Comprehensive scan and sample on impact! and be ready to raise shields!" he stated as he released, still moving on reflex more than tactic, hoping to find an opportunity to assess the situation.

OOC: Real world outline of the attack in detail.  (Warning, some physics 201 may be present) The force of 200 Newtons is the amount of force it would take to accelerate a 200 Kilogram weight (About 450lbs) to 200 Meters per second per second.  (Roughly 625 fpsps).  He's hitting with slightly less force than being hit by a car.  Note, these speeds aren't difficult to generate but they are difficult to maintain (Inertia, and conservation of energy).  If he successfully makes contact, while the punch could potentially throw the beast a few feet, it will lose momentum just as quickly as it acquired it.  Also, if the beast weighs less than about 150 lbs it won't transfer the 200 newtons of force as well, you can't apply that much force to something that is moved so easily (Like punching a piece of paper hanging from a string or something.  It moves before all the force can be applied).  Now if we really want to get interesting we can take the angle of impact into account as well as how fast the "Puppy" is moving in relation to Ace's speed, as well as their opposing directions.  Sorry for making this post mostly OOC, but I wanted to be thorough in explaining what Ace is doing.
Title: Re: Incandescent Boulevard
Post by: Fireball on August 09, 2010, 08:28:35 PM
Fighting with freakish shadowy animals is not an uncommon practise for children in Lenny's homeworld, so seeing the shadowbeast charge at the armoured bystander, he barely tenses his gigantic muscles. He's also not sure how the waitress just became a strange creature, and hasn't figured out what's the appropriate response yet.

And despite his databanks containing multitudes of information, MACCA has no idea what kind of creature this is. He decides to do some searching on the internet. The avatar fades from the screen, and the floating monitor goes blank, as the programme transmits himself out into the world to learn more about what he's seeing. His camera "eyes" still record, so he'll know what's happening when he gets back.

So basically, both of them stop and stare as the beast is smashed in the shoulder.
Title: Re: Incandescent Boulevard
Post by: Nyteshade on August 19, 2010, 09:30:05 AM
The shadowy canine does something completely unexpected... It explodes into globules of shadowy liquid that splatter all over the wall and sidewalk. It then proceeds to slitheringly reform defying most laws of science and man.

"The funny thing about shadows I've found, at least scientifically speaking." she says from her perch on top of the lamp post, playing with a lock of crimson hair. "Is that it defies several known scientific laws on this plane and several others. It is an element unto itself. So brute force really isn't as effective as one would hope... You might want to try something else or you'll start to bore me, and you wouldn't want to bore me, now would you?"

She smiles darkly, almost sinisterly.

"When I'm bored I start making entertainment for myself, and that probably wouldn't end well for you."
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Post by: UltraSonic on August 19, 2010, 05:23:35 PM
Ace now noticed a second opponent, this one, apparently being the actual threat.  He had to act fast.

"Shadow might not be susceptible, but flesh and blood is!"  Ace shouted drawing the only thing he had that could possibly be considered a weapon.  It was a long black machete whose scabbard was attached to the back of his armor, the blade a magnesium alloy that was sharpened nearly to the atom.  He swung at the pole slicing through it with enough speed and precision that the blade scarcely made a sound, and were it not for it's unbalanced weight, it would not have begun to fall.

"Now for the so called 'Shadow'" he muttered whirling around turning on the headlamp in his helmet.  Alex prepare shields for use as a dielectric field.

"If you're thinking what I think you're thinking we could both fry, how about we use that as a last resort?" Alyx responded, knowing full well when he'd said "Dielectric" that he was going to use the soon to be exposed electrical wires, in conjunction with his shields to turn himself into one giant capacitor.  The plan, while brilliant, was also insane.  Funny how those two coincide so often.

Ace's mind was processing a better way as she was retorting.  Brute force is useless against photons, unless we're talking black hole size, so the opposite of a photon, or a lack there off would likely have the same properties.  Light however can be scattered and absorbed.  So if black paper, absorbs white light, then what would absorb the black paper.  Supposedly enough photons hitting it would cause it to simply combust from the heat produced, but I can't generate that much light that quickly.  But in the event of a shadow, photons cut right through it, however this has taken on a physical form..... But it does respond to brute force, if it's not harmed by it.....

His wheels continue to spin, using every bit of data he and Alyx know, as due to the nature of their link then can to a certain extent pick each other's brains, trying desperately to find the most effective solution with minimum collateral damage.
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Post by: Nyteshade on August 20, 2010, 02:45:31 PM
She falls. Her human body twisting feline like in the air to orient itself properly to the ground and as always, "Nyteshade" Amara Evangel lands on her feet. Sort of. If one could consider it landing...

The shadows claim her before she can touch the ground and she dissipates into their the dark, comforting embrace quite literally.  If one could manage to slow down the process enough to analyze, one would see that she does become completely incorporeal for a single moment of time while her body becomes something that isn't strictly matter before disappearing.

Her voice echos across the area with a macabre stereo tonality that seems to surround the trio seeming to come from the dark environs itself.

"A Shot and a miss. That's one. You only get three you know."
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Post by: UltraSonic on August 20, 2010, 06:37:27 PM
Placing the machete back in it's scabbard Ace's pulse and stance return to normal.

"Alyx, tell me you recorded all that" Ace said to his A.I. keeping the conversation inside the helmet.

"Oh, I've got it alright, but it'll take hours to analyze the data." Was her response.  "Why'd you even rush in anyway?"

"That scream, it was.... wrong somehow.  Like it shouldn't exist" he digressed

"Either way we're involved now, and what about them" Alyx says, indicating the two who had stood idly by, and had been seemingly invisible to the shadow beast.  While incapable of physically pointing she was able to cause nerve stimuli to indicate them.

"Well, let's ask" Ace said turning to face Lenny and MACCA. "What the hell just happened?" Ace asked.  The statement being the only part of the conversation audible outside his helmet.
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Post by: Fireball on August 25, 2010, 10:12:00 AM
Lenny shrugs. Once again proving his voice box was kind of a pointless install. When MACCA returns to him mobile RAID. There's suddenly an ocean of pure white light, causing all living beings to shut their eyes in pain. The flash lasts around four seconds, and anyone who didn't avert their eyes quick enough is left with pain in their eyes. MACCA catches up with the recording of what happened while he was out of body, and recognises the voice.

"Agent Surv? I didn't know you were in active duty! Is this creature a military threat?"
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Post by: Nyteshade on August 25, 2010, 10:23:10 AM
Before Ace can even manage to reply the darkness around them hums dangerously.

"Little boys shouldn't play with lightning it makes for an electrifying experience..."

Anyone that knows Nyteshade well enough knows this is one of her favorite tricks, to seemingly disappear from battle, all the while observing her enemy from the darkness, waiting for an apt time to counterattack.  While they are talking is always a good time for an enemy to be distracted. So attack she does.

In the form of shadow lightning. Super charge shadow bolts rip out of the darkness around them, not particularly targeting any of them, its more of an area wide affect. It is both showy and dangerous, anyone caught by one of those streaks of energy would be scorched pretty badly, as if he had been struck by real lightning.
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Post by: Fireball on August 25, 2010, 11:03:20 AM
It just so happens that one of the dark bolts, like animated lightning, hits Nyteshade on the back of the head, then disappears again back into the darkness she has created. But its not one of her shadowy lightning bolts, its something far more solid. Even when she's made herself invisible, he was still able to spot the faint glow of the natural ring energy in her body, thanks to his new customised red sunglasses. It's only when MACCA uses his bright flash again, to elimatate the darkness, that a red and black blur is seen disappearing into a nearby alley.
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Post by: UltraSonic on August 25, 2010, 11:33:30 AM
Ace's shields were depleted, and their generator fried.  It'd be a long night fixing them.  He was also hunched over from pain.  Even he hadn't had time to react to this one, and it had hit him hard.

"Not falling for it, whoever you are, though I have a feeling in CQC the tables would be quite turned."  Then returning to public speech "You still with me Alyx?"

"Yes, I'm fine, the jolt appears to have grounded itself  through"

"The shield generator, I know" Ace responded cutting her off "Anyhow, let's see if I recall.  Leonard, and MACCA.  No, I'm not on active duty.  I've been working as a programmer for two years now, but you know as well as I do there's no such thing as an Ex-Combat Cyborg.  As for whether or not it's a military threat, I don't know.  I received my honorable discharge, and was told I'd be on reserve status some time ago.  I however, was in the neighborhood."  I do however have a sinking feeling that all that is about to change.  Dramatically."

"Alyx, you think you got good enough readings to track that thing if I can plug you into the city's surveillance grid?" Ace inquired

"If the data is still intact I should be able to."

"Good" Ace commented, as he once again drew his machete.  "I'm going home to commence repairs to my suit, find this thing, as I'm now obviously involved, and hope some high ranking brass doesn't call me in my sleep.  You're welcome to join me if you wish.  I don't know which companies you guys are with anymore, but somebody's going to want answers, and details about what just happened here. And we're going to be their best sources."

OOC: For those who don't know CQC stands for Close Quarters Combat.
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Post by: Nyteshade on August 25, 2010, 12:18:04 PM
"You'd be surprised." she intones from the darkness. "But I've lost interest in you. I think I have an old acquaintance to catch.

She steps through the darkness, reappearing on top of one of the buildings, looking for the tell tale trail she things said person should be leaving.  surely he wouldn't disappoint her. She was so bored. He could be such entertainment when he set his mind to it. She was delighted he had found her, if true could be told and she longed to stretch her body in activity. The cyborg wasn't really her style and she didn't particularly care for how he played the game. But if this was indeed her dearest friend... that would be a different story.
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Post by: UltraSonic on September 04, 2010, 04:21:57 PM
A cold wind was blowing.  Even through his suit it chilled Ace to the bone.  This thing was a menace, it needed to be stopped.  Who or what is this acquaintance?  Neither one of those problems would arise at a solution just standing here.

"Macca, Lenny, Unless you want to join me, this is where we part ways." said Ace as he started walking towards his apartment.  His bike couldn't support him in his combat armor.  Given that while wearing it he weighed twice what it did.

It took a little while, while he could make excellent time, his apartment was about 25 miles away.

Once there, he removed his combat armor and plugged Alyx into his computer.  No skimpy setup either.

"At last, a little room to stretch out" Alyx said as she was plugged in and spread an image of herself across one of the four screens (Top right to be specific).

Her projected image of herself was clad in black cargo pants, a pair of Marauder's Boots, a black tanktop, and a spiked collar.  Her hair jet black except a lock of pink which hung in front of her right eye, the rest of the hair tied back in a pony tail.  Bracelets of all sorts adorned her arms.  Had she been physically real she would've been quite attractive.

"Time to get to work girl" Ace said as he smiled up at her.  "Think you can track this monster"

"We'll know in a few hours if I can get a lock, I'm also trying to analyze the data on what produced these so called 'shadow beasts.'"

"Excellent, while you're doing that, I'll get to work on the shield generator."  Ace responded

The two settled in to start working through the night.
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Post by: Fireball on September 08, 2010, 10:55:09 AM
"It might be a good idea if I interface with Alyx, with your permission of course, so that we can share information" MACCA intones politely. Lenny just grunts, angry that the lights keep going out.

"I should also inform you that neither of us are currently in active duty either. Lenny's military contract has expired, he is no longer employed as a mercenary for them, and with my project out of funding and the officers in charge re-assigned, I have nowhere to go, and no one to receive orders from." The floating head in the screen cocks slightly. Is it possible he was feeling abandoned? Or was this sign of emotion a computer glitch?


The black whizzing trail is visible from above. Nothing else in Metroplois can travel that fast, not even the bullet train that whizzes through the city's overground/underground monorail network. He's going so fast her eyes have difficulty following him. At least that is until-

"You look like the kind that might know. I'm looking for a star post. There's got to be one around here somewhere and I'm nearly up to fifty rings," his eyes dart back and forth quickly, he looks bored of her even before she has time to answer, and starts looking for an excuse to leave and go chasing rings again.

Fireball looks different, as he stands two inches above an air vent behind Nyteshade's head. For one, his fur is black, with bronze stripes like an inverted tiger. His shoes allow him to hover slightly off the ground all the time, and.. is there light shining from behind his red and black sunglasses?

Oh yeah, and he's a hedgehog again...


Dutifully, MACCA and Lenny followed Ace. They were the following type, not leaders. Lenny struggled to fit his hulking figure through the door frame. The attractiveness of Alyx's avatar was, again, wasted on a computer and an alien. Lenny headed directly to the kitchen looking for meat to devour, while the floating TV screen that was MACCA floated over to the computer system, to plug himself in.
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Post by: UltraSonic on September 08, 2010, 11:37:21 AM
"You'd have to ask Alyx that, not myself" Ace responded. "Lenny, if you're hungry there's some leftover pizza on the counter from two nights ago! Bacon and Sausage"

"Hang on, I'm tracking something.....  Jack in, I'll need all the processor power I can get" Alyx responded.

It was about that point that a buzzing sound was heard and Ace released a grunt of satisfaction as the suits shields recharged.

"Ace, there's also a call for you.  I believe you already know who it is" is what Alyx said next.

Ace swore loudly as he donned his helmet to take the call.  The conversation occurred in private.  Only when raising his voice could Ace be heard outside of his helmet, and even then it was difficult to understand.  Something about the sum of 250,000 credits was about all that could be understood.
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Post by: Nyteshade on September 08, 2010, 09:01:34 PM
She positively hate, hate, hated when Fireball was hyped up on a chaos high.
So Nyteshade does what she always does when he is. She punches him. Hard. Well... Clothes lines him.

"Yes!" she says with a brilliantly fake smile. "There's one right over ther-..." Her gesture begins innocuously enough, but ends with attempting to disrupt his chaos high with a forcible impact. It was common knowledge that a good impact would knock the emeralds, or in this case, rings out of a person and she was counting on the blow to knock some sense into Fireball and knock the annoyance right out of him, jittery little beast.
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Post by: Fireball on September 14, 2010, 01:12:47 PM
Lenny devours the pizza, barely even chewing, and the cardboard box it came in, then continues his hunt for food.

MACCA plugs himself into Alyx's console and shared his processing power, and his understanding and knowledge of the situation with her. It would be a tender moment if either of them displayed much in the way of emotion.

"Oh dear," he exclaims, as he spots the first tweets and news stories of NyteShade's attack and realises the magnitude of the potential danger.

As the rings fly all around, like shards of glass as a mirror hits the floor, the dark Fireball is back on his feet only a fraction of a second after he painfully slams into the ground. A supersonic whizz and many of the rings are collected, except a few that flew out of his reach, down the side of the building. What follows is a succession of blows to the body struck by the spindashing hedgehog from several different angles, and then, again, the disappearing again, a loud whooshing noise and Fireball is gone again.
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Post by: Nyteshade on September 14, 2010, 03:06:31 PM
She'd forgotten how fast he could be when he use that cheap spindash maneuver. It hurt. A lot. At First...

The first few hits tag her with solid smacks, but by the third she has gone intangible and by the 4th pass she is in the shadowsphere and out of his physical reach.

That wasn't very nice. Not Very nice at all...

Her voice resonates from the darkness before a gloved hand reaches out of his shadow and clenches down on his ankle, dragging him into the darkness. The chill grip of the negative space has him in its clutches for only a minute before he emerges, thrown at high speed towards a wall.  Nyteshade lands on the wall beside him, perched there like a spider wearing a gray-furred hedgehog form with silver hair.

"You're being disappointing, Freddy. Do stop it, won't you?"
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Post by: UltraSonic on September 15, 2010, 07:36:21 AM
Alyx, while capable of emotion wasn't likely to display it.  She wasn't likely to take interest in what she considered to be obsolete hardware

"Good God" Alyx said "Ace you ready to move?  I've got a rupture, but it's not slipspace, it's something else, I don't understand most of the readings, but there is definitely a tear in space time."

"Give me 30 seconds, because I now officially have jurisdiction anywhere to stop this thing" Ace commented as he ducked into his bedroom where most of the armor was sitting on the floor.  And that second closet didn't contain clothing.

He returned at the 32 second mark actually.  Fully suited up, and heavily armed.  It was hard to count the number of weapons he was carrying.  The most notable of which was a .50 caliber rifle which he was still unscrewing the barrel from so that he could walk through doorways easier.

The floor creaked eerily with every step he took, he was after all weighing in at about 700+lbs right now

"Lenny, if you keep that up there won't be any food left!" Anyhow, it's time to move.  Alyx, you got it pinpointed?"

She responded, almost insulted "I don't see how I could miss an energy signature like that."

"Excellent" Ace returned as he placed his hand next to the unit that contained the card on which Alyx would store herself for transport between terminals, and to his uniform.  It may be small, about a quarter inch thick, three inches long, and two inches wide, but it could store petabytes data, which was good, as Alyx took up about 4 of them in her entirety.  Her image flashed briefly on the screen and she was ready for transfer, Ace popped the card into his suit and was ready to roll.

"You two up for this?" He inquired of Lenny and MACCA.
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Post by: Fireball on September 17, 2010, 06:50:17 PM
Fireball picks himself up from the wall, and dusts himself off. He looks around at the negative space, and looks bored. Not hurt, angry, or emotional at all, just bored.

"Is this part of the Special Zone? Are there any Chaos Emeralds around here?" He said in a voice reminiscent of a child in a supermarket.

"Gun" Lenny managed.

"He's right," MACCA stated, like he was translating. "The big guy is pretty useful with his fists, but he can handle a weapon. Have you got anything in his size?" The floating computer system disengaged himself from Alyx's terminal, and propelled himself to the door. "Take us to this being and we'll do what we can".
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Post by: Nyteshade on October 19, 2010, 01:37:25 PM
Nyteshade canted her head with a long drawn out sigh. How boring. He was still stupid.

"You're Boring. I don't want you to be boring. Be less boring. Be less annoying. Be more..."

Her body blurs with motion and she collides with him suddenly, leaving a sonic burst in her wake. He reappears plummeting towards the street above the Swan Song Hotel and Casino. How fitting. How lovely...


Nyteshade stared down at the brightly lit street below, calling.

"It's a long way down! Enjoy the fall!"

The sight of a being hovering in midair by its own seeming volition would be enough to give anyone pause, assuming said person didn't grow up in Metropolis. People aren't too terribly phased by it there.

"Or hurt. That works too.  Either or, I'm not too terribly picky."
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Post by: UltraSonic on October 21, 2010, 10:23:31 AM
With some hesitation Ace tosses him a SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon, basically a heavy machine gun that doesn't need a mount, belt fed)

"No time to lose!" Ace shouted as he hit the streets and headed north,Ace took off and made his way up several flights of stairs so that he could travel by rooftop.  MACCA could fly, and surely Lenny could jump

"You got a fix on the source Alyx?" Ace spoke into his helmet comms.

"Affirmative, 1.2 kilometers and closing"

"Then it's in range" Ace responded drawing the sniper rifle from his back.

"Bet you didn't see this coming" He said as he stopped and scanned the horizon through the scope.  With the aid of a waypoint placed on his HUD by Alyx, he had this being in his sights.

There was a southerly wind which meant he could lower his scope to be on target, still as a statue, and twice as solid, he fires the entire clip in quick succession sending four .50 Caliber BMG rounds towards his target.

"Invitation's been sent, lets see if they accept" He comments as he drops the clip and pops in another.

OOC: In case anybody is wondering, no even Ace can't remain motionless during the recoil of the .50 BMG, however on him the recoil looks more like that of a 12 gauge shotgun.