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Title: Back in town
Post by: grox on March 10, 2010, 05:29:01 AM
There seems to be a quiet hush that has come over this sleepy burg. People have come and gone, Fights of enormus magnitudes have been fought here. Yet, the city of SVT, is still trying to recover from it's fall from sight. A lone being, enshrouded in the fading darkness, walks towards SVT city. "I've been gone for a long time, I hope they still remember me." He stops a few yards outside of the city, he brings his left hand in front of his face, it begins to glow with a dark and foreboding power, it looks to be wreathed in a black flame. "I hope they remember the carnage that I once brought upon this place, it'll be good to hear some one scream my name in fear once more." Said the being as he lowered his hand and began once again, heading towards SVT city walking with the rising sun behind his back.
Title: Re: Back in town
Post by: Illeana.Nightrain on March 15, 2010, 02:10:28 AM
Illeana walked through the city. It had been years since she'd been here. Sometimes she still couldn't believe that it had fallen to such ruin. If she hadn't been there before the fighting and the wars she might not have believed that it once fully functioned at all. Slowly she walked through, her sneakers splashing in the puddles beneath her feet. Her ear twitched as a rain drop hit it. Sighing she ducted under the awning of a building that looked like it had once been a bakery and hoped the rain would pass soon.

"I can't believe it's raining again. It feels like that's all it ever does anymore."

Soon, the rain was pouring hard, showing no sign of stopping. She slid down the wall into a sitting position, her tail wrapping around her front, eyes glowing a deep amber. As the sun began to rise she noticed a figure walking into the city.

"'s kinda' early for newcomers."

She watched as the figure drew closer, seeming to keep the darkness clinging to him.
Title: Re: Back in town
Post by: grox on March 17, 2010, 01:46:44 AM
As the being went into the city, he pulled a rolled up piece of parchment from his sleeve. He unrolled it and continued walking, "According to this, I'm in the town known as SVT. What kind of name is SVT?" Said the being as he rolled the parchment back up and placing back in his sleeve, looking around, "This place is so strange, almost all the buildings here are, interesting. BUT, I'm here to gather a few things, namely, 'help'. Now, where oh where to, ah ha. There." Said the being as he spotted what looked to be a person under an awning. The being opened up one of his pockets and brought out 4 arcane looking cards. He walked towards the person that was under the awning while trying to decide which card he would pick.
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Post by: Illeana.Nightrain on March 20, 2010, 01:26:41 PM
Illeana continued to watch as the figure drew closer. Slowly and as indiscreet as she could, she began calling fire to her, feeling her palms warm up just in case she needed it. She'd learned not to trust many, especially if you didn't know them.

I wonder what this character wants, she thought to herself.

As she noticed him flipping through something, she began to let her nails grow into claws, a trick her brother had taught her before she decided to go 'human' again. This figure felt like bad news and she wanted to make sure she was prepared. The rain picked up and she felt the water creeping closer to where she sat. As she stood up to keep her rear from getting soaked she pulled the hood of her sweatshirt up, covering her ears. Her tail twitched almost cat like as she waited for the figure to get to her.
Title: Re: Back in town
Post by: grox on March 20, 2010, 07:38:44 PM
The figure noticed the rain starting to pick up and the clouds reclaiming the sky. He felt his strength returning to him as he put his cards back in his pocket so as they wouldn't get wet. "Foresaken rain, I can't get my cards wet, the ink would be washed off of them. Guess I'll have to try a different approach." He continued to come closer towards the person under the awning, he noticed that the being had put up a hood on her head, but, she had no cloak from where the hood came from, it seems as though the hood is connected to her tunic. He also noticed that, the being was female and wearing pants, strange looking pants at that, and the shoes on her feet looked even stranger to him. (What a strange sight, a woman wearing pants, a tunic, and a strange set of shoes. I guess it goes with the territory.) Thought the stranger as he got closer to her. (Well, let's introduce her to what women are supposed to be doing, being my slave.) The stranger was getting closer to the woman, he was within 10 feet of her when he reached into his coat and unlocked the chain that was hanging on him. "What be your name?" Said the being as loudly as he could with out shouting.
Title: Re: Back in town
Post by: grox on April 26, 2010, 04:11:39 AM
OOG(Out of Game): Does anybody want to join in here or what?
Title: Re: Back in town
Post by: Gale Fox on April 26, 2010, 05:55:45 PM
(OOC: -Shrug- Anyways... It's your choice to interpret what little Xeno is towards your character. Illeana too.)

Xeno, being the lovable, androgynous, buttkicking softy he/she is, heard Umuku's question from his/her hiding spot within the rain and quickly attempts to respond.

I... am Xenophobia Vagrance.

Xeno's hair antennae twitch as he comes to sight, wearing a Black and White Muffler Robe ( (You'll eventually get why Xeno's clothing is almost always some equipment from Mabinogi.)

And you two are...

Xeno's hair antennae twitch restlessly and seem to gleam in the moonlight.

Ow, stop it!!! So... You guys... are... Umuku... And Illeana... Illeana Nightrain.

Clutching the hilts of his/her swords, he/she hops back a bit and his/her Cap disappears, as seen faintly from underneath his/her Robe.

I'm sorry, but if you harm me, I'll have to do horrible things to you.

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Post by: grox on April 27, 2010, 12:25:36 AM
(OOC: good to have you aboard, we'll try to get something done until Illeana returns from wherever she disappeared to. Don't know where, or I'd be bugging her to return and continue.)

Umuku noticed that the being known as Xenophobia(OOC: isn't that an actual phobia?) had almost appeared out of no where. "Ah, I see, a rogue amongst the ruins, you might be useful to me." Said Umuku, not taking his hand off of the chain inside of his cloak. "Though, I never said my name, how is it that you know of me, yet, I know nothing of you, Xenophobia Vagrance?" Said Umuku as he took on a defensive stance, preparing just in case either of these two decide to attack him.
Title: Re: Back in town
Post by: Gale Fox on April 27, 2010, 09:24:25 PM
(OOC: Yep, Xenophobia is a word for a Phobia of Aliens and other Strangers. Xenophobia is an Alien, thusly, Xenophobia.)

Xeno removes his/her hood, revealing his/her shoulder-length, straight hair, along with a pair of headphones, playing loud music. A single antennae pops up.

You see... I am...

He/she draws a single sword and grabs an antennae. Xeno cuts the antennae off and cringes. The Antenna stump bleeds lightly and curls up. The fragment in his/her hand smokes slightly and then spreads out into the normal, gray hair that adorns Xenophobia's head.

An Alien. These antennae aren't just hair, they're a part of my body. They allow me to utilize ESP, read minds, and Analyze almost anybody. Probing, I call it. In fact, with these, I can see, hear, feel, and even pick up radio signals.

Strangely, as Xeno had been speaking, the curled stump had been growing. As he/she finished, his/her antenna was fully grown again and back in its usual state, as if nothing happened.

Hey, Mister, why are you guarding? And... Why are you holding those chains? It'd be easier to fight me barehanded, if that's what your planning to do. And um... It's 2010. Sexism ended some hundred and ten years ago.

Xeno shakes his/her head and hops back again, drawing his/her other sword with telekinesis and allowing the other one to be held by telekinesis.
Title: Re: Back in town
Post by: grox on April 28, 2010, 03:41:32 PM
Umuku brings out the 10 foot chain that he had wrapped around his body, and every 2 feet of chain there seems to be a set of shackles. "Some hundred and ten years ago you say? For me, it was just yesterday you strange creature." Umuku then seemed to relax a bit, "But, you seem to be a level headed being." Umuku then reached inside of his trench coat(OOC: Sorry, had a brain fart of what he was wearing.) again, He looked as if he was reaching into something. "How about this, you work for me, I pay you, we won't have to fight. Your first job, help me get 'help'. I'll even pay you, up front." Said Umuku as he then threw something at Xenophobia.
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Post by: Gale Fox on May 01, 2010, 04:26:10 PM
Xenophobia catches Umuku's strange object with ESP and sighs.

*Sigh* Help you get help? If I were to help you get help, I'd already be getting you help depending as to how you look at it.

Xeno pauses to clear his/her throat.

Anyways... How would I be assisting you if I were to accept your offer?

Xenophobia sheaths his/her swords with Telekinesis once more and then grabs the floating object.

What is this, anyway... Umuku?

Title: Re: Back in town
Post by: grox on May 03, 2010, 04:24:49 PM
(OOC: Hope you don't mind.)

As Xenophobia opens up his/her hand, it reveals to be a wrapped up roll of some kind. "As I said, I shall pay you up front, considering I just threw to you, a 10 coin roll of silver. I figured it'd be enough. BUT, seeing as your, strange abilities, allow you to, do what ever it is you do." Umuku emphasized this by waving his left hand in a circle. Umuku looked as if he was getting weaker, The rain had stopped and the sun was coming out. He then put away his chain, reclasping it around his body. "Takes bloody freaking ever to redo this. Ah there we go." Said Umuku as he finished reclasping the chain. "Now, something different." Said Umuku as the clouds finally cleared from the sky revealing the Sun had risen over the crest of the hills behind him, giving off that night had changed into Day. Umuku reached into his right pocket and pulled out 4 cards. He fanned them out and looked at them studiously. "Hm, ah, that one." Said Umuku as he grabbed one of the cards he had fanned out, he kept that card out and put the rest away.

"If you can read my mind, You know what I am, You know what I can do, and, You know what this is." Said Umuku as he held the card. "Come with me, And, I'll introduce you to a world far beyond what you have seen here." Said Umuku as he kept one eye on the card and the other eye on Xenophobia. "That offer goes for you too, miss." Said Umuku as he glanced over to the woman under the awning.
Title: Re: Back in town
Post by: Illeana.Nightrain on May 13, 2010, 01:44:28 PM
((OCC: Sorry. College finals and final project consumed me. >.< But it's summer break now and I'll be online ALMOST every day again until August with the exception of a week in July when I'll be at my dad's.))

Illeana starred at the two, keeping her claws grown but hidden. She growled slightly in her throat. She pulled her hood back off and stepped out from under the awning now that it was no longer raining.

This is going to be either a very dumb move, or a very smart move. Either way, whatever they want or are doing may lead me to answers and help in what I need. Soo....or stop weighing options and just do it. She thought to herself.

"Okay. So, you're an alien..." she said motioning to Xenophobia, "And you're...well, even if the alien knows what you are, what you're doing and all that jazz, I can't read mind and I haven't got a damn clue. So, fill me in. I hate being left in the dark on things."

Her ears twitched and she tried to ignore the nagging voice in her head telling her that this is a bad idea.
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Post by: grox on May 17, 2010, 04:29:52 AM
(OOC: Yay, Illeana's back, huzzah!)

"Forgive me, it's, been a long time since I've had to deal with anyone else." Umuku straightens his back and bows towards Illeana, "My name is Umuku, I've lived for a very long time, and I just woke up from a very long sleep. My home is in disrepair. I was looking for 'help'." Umuku then begins to notice the odd things about Illeana, "I see your not a normal human, are you? Thanks to, him.(Waves his hand over towards Xenophobia.) I at least know your name, Illeana Nightrain was it now?" Said Umuku as he stood back up, still holding onto the card in his hand. But, under his breath, he began chanting the words on the card.
Title: Re: Back in town
Post by: Illeana.Nightrain on May 17, 2010, 03:52:05 PM
"You got the name right, and no, I'm not a normal human."

She cocked her head to the side slightly and twitched her ears.

"I'd suggest you stop mumbling whatever it is you're mumbling without telling us what you're mumbling about. It isn't polite."

She growled out at him, growing her claws a little bit more. She felt her teeth begin to change into fangs and prepared herself for a transformation if the need were to arise.
Title: Re: Back in town
Post by: Gale Fox on May 17, 2010, 06:51:12 PM
(OOC: Finally! Welcome back, Illeana! Oh, and I don't blame you with the finals making you absent and stuffs. School was the reason I initially became a ghost on SVT.)

Hm, Hehe, none of us are normal humans. Well, technically, I'm not a Human at all, Scientifically, I'm a Pansapien or Heterosapien, depending on how you look at it. And Illeana, I sense little to no hostility from Umuku. If there's anything up, I could waste him with this

Xenophobia tugs at the regrown antennae, which seemed to be off on its own, hunched over to a side, a few strands of hair splitting from the main antennae, giving the image of it speaking.

And I wouldn't want you to have to find out how I do it the hard way.

With that statement, he/she begins to strip the Muffler Robe. While storing the Muffler Robe, he/she opens his/her jacket, revealing a white button-down. Xenophobia opens the button-down, revealing a torso covered in bandages. Stuffing the Muffler Robe next to his/her jacket, it disappears, and Xenophobia fixates his/her clothing to its normal state. Storing, the silver, Xenophobia pokes at the antennae more, glaring concernedly at Umuku.

So, where are we going now? Since I'm with such responsible, non-violent adults. Not that it matters, since I never really lived with my parents.

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Post by: grox on May 18, 2010, 01:30:00 AM
Umuku stops mid chant and smiles, "Damn, and I was hopping to see what either of you would do, Oh well. Blasted sunlight." Said Umuku as he placed his hood over his head. He then pockets the card in his hand, he then pulls out a rolled up piece of parchment from his sleave. He begins to unroll it, "I come from a tower not too far from here." He finishes unrolling it and shows the two of them the side of the parchment that was facing him, revealing that it was a map. There's three places circled on the map, SVT City was one of the places circled on the map. "In fact, My tower is right there." He then points to the area in between the three circles. "You might know of it, Magus Veneficus. At least, that's what I call it. That, my, group. Is where we are headed." Said Umuku as he lowered his hand to his side. "Then again...You might want to know a little about me, don't you?" Said Umuku with a wry smile on his face.
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Post by: Illeana.Nightrain on May 20, 2010, 11:37:20 PM
Illeana retracted her claws and looked through narrow eyes at Umuku. Then she looked at Xenophobia and sighed to herself.

"If you're certain he won't do anything, then fine. No violence. So long as there's no more mumbling chants under one's breath."

She nodded her head toward Umuku after looking at the map.

" Who, exactly, are you? Why are you here? And what do you need us for?"

She asked, still skeptical. She could feel the desperate part of herself strangling the other part that was yelling at her that this was a bad idea and she no longer cared. So long as no one killed anyone and she got where she needed, she was fine with it.
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Post by: grox on May 21, 2010, 05:28:10 AM
(OOC: Hope you don't mind me doing what I'm going to do in this post. If it offends you, then I shall edit this post and we will work from there. That is, if it offends you.)

"Eh ha ha ha ha ha, Who am I, Oh, I'm sorry to say, I don't remember much, other than my name and my skills. Why am I here, simple my dear. I was looking for strong, powerful, people to, rebuild my tower. Seeing as it's fallen into disrepair, for the past few, centuries, I've been asleep. And what do I need you for, simple, you look strong and powerful, if our acquaintance over there (Points over to Xenophobia.) Hadn't arrived when he did. I would have tested your abilities with my own." Said Umuku as he began rolling up the map. "But, seeing as were all, as Xenophobia put it, responsible and non-violent adults, I don't see why I couldn't, afford, your skills." Said Umuku as he placed the map back up his sleeve. He then reached into one of his other pockets, grabbed something, and brought his hand back out of it, clutching what he had grabbed. "I'm sure, you could use, something like these to, buy things, where ever it is that you bought your strange garb you wear." Said Umuku as he threw 3 coins at Illeana. She caught the 3 coins, upon opening her hand she saw that they were 3 gold coins.

"I do hope that's enough for your services." Said Umuku as he relaxed his stance a-bit. Umuku then looked over towards Xenophobia, "You, still have yet to say whether or not you accept my offer. Then again, we could, no,*Places hand on chin* not right at this moment, once we get to my tower, yes, *Removes hand from chin and waves it in the air* once we arrive there, I will test your skills. See if you would be able to stand up to, something, of my understandable caliber." Said Umuku as he once again reached into his pocket, the same pocket he placed that card into. He then pulls out four cards, fanning them out he begins looking at them. "You do realize what I am don't you, Xenophobia and Illeana?" Asks Umuku as he continues to look at the cards.
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Post by: Illeana.Nightrain on May 27, 2010, 10:16:52 PM
She jumped a little at being thrown the coins and was unsure of what to do with them.

Who uses actual gold coins? She thought to herself. I still don't understand who this guy is other than bad. He seems like a mage of some sort, but...well, I suppose there could still be mages around. Why not? Everything else pretty much still exists, though I thought with the loss of knowledge there was a loss of people. Then again, he said he's been...what was it...asleep...for the last few...centuries? That can't be right. How would that have happened? Either way, he might be the ticket I need. I need to know what happened to Speed. Why no one else remembers him and what it was that took him away and where he is now.

After a good time babbling to herself in her head, she looked at Umuku.

"I still don't entirely understand what you are. You seem like a mage. Bad by the sounds of things, but who am I to judge? What's obvious though is that you deal in some sort of magic and you seem to need the assistance of other people. I don't know if my skills will meet what you need, but I learn quick and I know I don't know the full extent of what I can do. The real thing here is, you need people to help you, and I need someone to help me. A few years back my friend disappeared in some sort of accident. I don't remember much other than a bright flash and light and he was gone. Everyone assumed it was just an explosion or a bomb since the city had been fighting. Thing is, afterward no one else even remembered that he existed. So you need people to help you do whatever it is you want and I need someone who can help me figure out what happened to my friend."

After she spoke she wondered why she had spilled so much to him, but chose to ignore it because she was almost certain he could help her.
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Post by: grox on May 30, 2010, 04:54:42 AM
Umuku lowers the cards and smiles, revealing yellowed teeth, not so much as, coffee stained teeth or cigarette stained teeth, it was as if his teeth had just been, aging for a really long time in his head. "Your smarter than you look Illeana, I am indeed a mage, more of a sorcerer if you will, and yes, I study the Dark arts and I use them on an almost daily bases, but, I also have studied some if not many of the, ugh, Light arts. I may be able to help you find and locate this, friend, of yours." Said Umuku as he put away his cards. "Come, come, we may have all the time in the world, but, I've been asleep for centuries on end, I need yours and his help with my tower. I can tell you more about my tower, and, some of my recent past. AS I said, I don't remember much, but, I had awoken a year ago from a few centuries sleep, I relearned all of my skills, wrote down a few spells that would possibly help me in my travels, seeing as I couldn't take my spell book with me, gathered what I needed from the store room that was next to the laboratory, surprisingly enough, was where I had woken up." Umuku seems to hunch over a bit more, looking like a weight had been placed onto his back. "Blasted Daylight, I enjoy the darkness of night and clouds so much better than sunlight. It allows me to be more, *Deep Breath* Me." Umuku then tries to straighten his back, but, ends up back in his hunched position, more so, looking as if more weight had been placed onto his back. "GAH, again, Accursed SUNLIGHT, YOU WILL BE THE END OF ME, BUT I SHALL NOT GO DOWN EASILY! If only I had my spell of weather control, things wouldn't be so bad." Grumbled Umuku as he turned away from the two of them and began walking out of town.

As he walked closer to the edge of town, he turns around to see if the two of them were following him. Seeing that they had remained where they were, he turned around facing them. "It seems you don't fully trust me, As I said, I will test your skills. I have been asleep for so long, I don't know if I would even be a match for the two of you. BUT, I am in need of your assistance. I will there for tell you how I am going to test your skills. Seeing as you(points over to Xenophobia.) Have the skills necessary to be one of the best thieves I have ever encountered, I am going to take a side trip to a, what was once a well known as the thieves guild outpost in this area, don't know what has become of it now, to test your theft skills." *Cough, Cough, Cough* "You on the other hand, (Points over to Illeana.) Seem to be some sort of creature well attuned to being like an animal, your possibly like the creatures I have read about, I believe they are called Shifters. I was going to take another side trip to a, some what, known location of a shifter pack, I don't know if they are still there or not hoping for the best here, I read in one of the books that that pack there owed me a few favors, I'm going to call in said favors and put you threw a, trial by fire so to speak. *Cough, Hack, Cough*" Umuku clutched at his chest, "I will perish before we get to my tower, if we do not get going soon, decide, come with me and I will test your skills, and in return for coming with me, allowing me to test your skills, I will help the each of you in your own personal endeavors, however kind heartted and good willed they may be. OR, stay here in this strange place where another being may or may not show up and be as, benevolent as I have been. Decide now." Said Umuku in as serious a voice he could muster.
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Post by: Gale Fox on May 30, 2010, 04:08:43 PM
(OOC: Plot time! I shall... Make the Theft Guild building a G.U.N. Base! If that's okay with you guys.)

Xeno nods, beginning to ponder.

Let's see... I can form a cloud cover with my powers, controlling something as light as Water Vapor isn't that difficult.

With that, Xeno crouches and looks up. Suddenly, the once scattered clouds amass over the group. Standing up, he/she continues.

Anyways... A theft guild outpost.... Hm... There is an awfully old base that GUN happened to fashion into one of their bases nearby. Of course, there are rumors that the soldiers that work there are the thieves' children undercover. So, shall we go?

He/she levitates slightly, moving forward a bit.

And quite frankly, my goal is very very bloody.

Xenophobia draws a claymore from his/her Bat Jacket, continuing to float all the while.

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(OOC: Anybody mind If I throw one of my old characters into the mix here?  If you do then disregard this post, if not then play along with it, I'm throwing in a segment right now anyway as it's not really allowed to post completely OOC)

It had been a long time, long long long time, and Ace "UltraSonic" Surv was finally on his way back home.  Well his second home anyway; the first had been a ghost town for years.  It was still a few good miles to the ol' city and the rain was coming down hard, the only reason he kept the top down on the old Firebird was to protect the upholstery, his scales weren't bothered by rain and neither was he, which would explain the window he had open.  Seeing the city beginning to take shape off in the distance he decides to take the car out of 5th gear and hardshift into 6th, pushing the car and it's 428 Cobrajet engine to around 240 miles per hour.

37 Seconds passed before he braked down to about 80 miles an hour (which took another 15 seconds).  Once he was at that speed what he saw prompted him to e-brake and bring the car skidding to a halt sideways.  He'd been gone for so long he had no idea how dilapidated and abandoned the city had become.  Sure he remembered a few local battles and some destroyed sectors but all that was long before he'd joined the "Big Army".  "Have I really been gone this long" he states before his instinct once again kicks in.

He crouches down on the drivers side where behind him is nothing but open terrain.  Horrible for snipers, infantry, air support, nothing gets through without being seen.  Unless it were over the cloud cover, and even then radar would spot it in a second if it wasn't stealth.

He reaches into the back seat of his car where all of his leftover issued gear resides and finds his flak vest, helmet, and gas mask.

"Regrettably they take the issued firearms back, however..." he reaches into the back retrieves a few knives, one of which goes in his boot, one on his belt, and the other (the largest of the three) attaches to the molle on his vest.  He also slinks around to and pops the trunk on the car, revealing a green duffel bag, some dirty clothes, a toolbox, the usual trunk accouterments, and one small black case labeled Heckler and Koch.  Opening it he retrieves twin .45 USP tactical semi automatic pistols with consecutive serial numbers and matching lot numbers.  Digging deeper into the trunk he manages to scrounge together 6 extra clips, as well as two boxes of ammo (50 rounds each).  He places these in the passenger seat of the car hoping to not need them, but making sure his vest and belt are equipped to accommodate.  Closing the trunk he proceeds to drive on, in much less comfort now that he's back in his soldier gear, but he's used to it.

"Here's hoping that A Nobody's hostile and B the engine draws them near instead of driving them away.

OOC: Quick reference sheet on Ace Surv

Species: Velociraptor (No he's not going to eat you, however his tail is relatively thick and his teeth are sharp, his species doesn't grant any particular advantage not granted by others of a reptilian nature).

Occupation: Well, he's actually just a simple code monkey, however that wasn't paying the bills so he enlisted in the military, and now he's home.

Biological: He's equipped with cybernetic implants (not unlike Spartans) that will do him little good without his combat armor (which he doesn't have), however strength enhancements are somewhat evident.
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Post by: grox on May 31, 2010, 07:22:51 AM
OOC: Okay, nice character, interesting little tid bit of a ref sheet, you should post the whole thing in the Character Intro topic so we can see what's what with him. NOW, on to more, pressing matters. preparing for your arrival.

Umuku started to straighten his back, seeing as the clouds were blocking the sunlight from getting to him, It looked as if some of the weight had been removed from his back. "Thank you, Xenophobia, with a little practice, I could most definitely show you more ways to do even bigger things.*Emphasizing that by waving hands in the air.*" Said Umuku as he began to try and straiten out the kinks in his back. As he stretched he heard a strange noise. "What is that sound?" Said Umuku as he dug back into his pocket which contained the cards. He brought them to his face, fanned them out, and picked one. "If it's a monster of some sort, I'll handle it, this*Waves card a bit* Is one of my more, dangerous, spells, called, Fireball." Umuku then hobbled over to Xenophobia and Illeana, "Back to back to back, we'll be prepared for anything that way." Said Umuku as he turned to face the direction where he thought the noise was coming from, he then began chanting. "Incendia praemium orbis, Incendia praemium orbis, Incendia praemium orbis, Incendia praemium orbis." Umuku, holding the card in his left hand, extended his right hand, a black flame lept from the ground, it went high into the air, almost as high as a signal flare, it then came crashing down into the palm of his right hand. The black flame formed a perfect sphere of fire and flame, it was as if he was holding a miniature black sun in his right hand. "I am ready for what ever it may be. COME FOUL BEAST, COME AND MEET YOUR DOOM!" Yelled Umuku as he stood there, his face lit up in a dark light from the fireball, making it seem he truely was an evil being.
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Some engines make a lot of noise because they were equipped with parts that do just that, make lots of noise.  Ace hadn't put anything on the car that didn't increase performance, it roared because it actually had power, though if he reduced it's air intake it'd be a lot quieter and wouldn't loose that much torque, but sela vi.

He'd seen a few magic users in his day, some allies, some enemy, he came around the corner and saw a dark floating orb and a magic user in what appeared to be a combat stance, in a method much more controlled he e-braked in order to bring the car around so that the passenger side faced the entity, whatever it was.  Muttering contact right he nonchalantly got out of the left side of the vehicle, keeping his head low and one of the .45's out of sight, but at the ready.

"And who might you be with the abnormally large projectile pointed in a general my way direction?  I must say this is not the welcome home that I'd quite pictured."
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(OOC: Welcome aboard, UltraSonic. Also, grox, is that Latin that Umuku was speaking in while he was casting Fireball?)

Xenophobia lands on the ground with a small plop, leaving the Claymore floating in the air near his/her hand, in the situation of having to make use of it. Upon further inspection, the side of the sword was engraved in ornately carved letters, in Latin: Letalis Vesica (Roughly 'Blade of the Mortals'; Literally 'Mortals' Blade').

You're welcome, Umuku. Anyways, how awkward... a Velociraptor at this date and time. Hm, you must be a Mobian. Anyways...

He/she begins to pace around Umuku and Illeana, who had both remained within their 'back to back' positions.

You're wielding a... I mean two Heckler & Koch USPs, Ace Surv. If you're going to go against us, you'd be better off with two suppressed Hardballers or a pair of Smith & Wesson Revolvers, I dunno, maybe a 500 or a 29.

Xeno coughs, resuming his/her speech while talking about something actually regarding the current situation.

Regardless, no hostility is required here. Ahem, the man with the black fireball you're looking at, he was exhibiting his magic when you happened to stop by. And this Claymore, well... Letalis Vesica was going to be my weapon of choice when my group had arrived at the the-- I mean our location of choice.
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"I left the .454 Cassull in the glove box, extreme takedown power, especially with the wadcutter rounds, but not a whole lot of accuracy at long range with those I'm afraid, and you were correct I've only got one wielded at the present time.  Might I ask exactly what happened to my happy home while I was gallivanting away for so long?"

Must be a telepath of some sort, like that one lady I met on the floating base during the DNA crisis Ace stays right where he is, knowing better than to give up cover before confirming all clear, his combat armor would've protected him from a blast like that fireball once.. maybe.., but his flak vest would be nothing but dead weight versus something like that.  Best to stay protected.

OOC: DNA references an old RP in which this same version of this character was involved, regrettably it went out with the old message board. (There's two versions of this particular Char, One older, one younger)
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(OOC: Yes Gale Fox, that was Latin Umuku spoke while he was casting fireball. ALSO, I'm not looking for a fight, just letting the possibility be there, Now, onto the RP!)

Umuku looked over the, Velociraptor, as he had been called by Xenophobia. Umuku steadied the fireball in his right hand while placing the card in his left back into his pocket. "I, have, no idea what has happened to this place. I awoke from my centuries long slumber a year ago, I have marched, unendingly, from my tower, to this, city. Which you call your home, I find it the way it is, THEN, I meet these two *Waves left hand towards Illeana and Xenophobia*, I half expect a decent bit of combat, but, extenuating circumstances cut that idea short. We then agreed to an accord. Something along the lines of the saying 'You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.' so to speak. Then you come along, with your strange and odd mode of transportation. Where do you hich your steeds to it? Do you even have steeds? If you do I'm pretty sure their spectral steeds, never seen a living one move quite as, quickly as your, thing, moved. Nor have I ever heard such a loud and cacophonous roar, half expected to see a troll of some sort come crashing through one of those buildings over there." Said Umuku as he just nonchalantly motions towards the building. Umuku keeps the fireball in front of him, between him and the, Velociraptor. "But seeing as you have a weapon, I'm not inclined to lower mine just yet." Said Umuku as he then placed his left hand onto the fireball. "Now, before we seem to have a disagreement, which would likely end up having me against you, I'd like to know the name of the creature, I might end up killing." Said Umuku as he looked to get into a readied stance, as if he was preparing for a possible fight.
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"The name's Surv, and I tell you what, I don't like the idea of having my scales charred, or re-doing the paint on my car, as I'm sure you don't want to be shot at.  So what say we both lower our weapons at the same time?  We can discuss everything else after the end of this little standoff"
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Xenophobia steps between the two, interrupting the standoff somewhat.

I'd much rather oversee this standoff ending.

With that, he/she steps back gingerly, bringing Letalis Vesica closer.

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(OOC: Yay people are posting again....I'm guessing Illeana's AFK for a while huh?)

Umuku looked at Xenophobia then at Surv, Umuku smiles and relaxes a bit. "Heheheheheheheheh, ah, *Sigh*, I guess we both want to live to see another day. Allow me to, disarm, first." Said Umuku as he compressed the fireball in between his hands, until it blinked out of existence. "Now, *Relaxes arms to his sides* What is that?*Points to thing Surv drove.* How does it move? AND, would you be willing to take us to our appointed destinations, for payment?" Said Umuku slyly.
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((OOC: Sorry! I haven't had a chance to get online for a while. Only reason I've managed to get online now is because I bought internet while I wait for my flight at the airport (I have two hours before it comes in and I get to board.) I've been really busy. >.<))

Illeana listened calmly to everything that Umuku had to say to her. She was about to reply when the...wait, Velociraptor? She did a double take and then decided that she wouldn't question it. She kept herself quiet, letting her claws come out and her eyes go a glowing amber as the weapons were raised. She hated fighting, but if defending these people got her what she needed, then she'd fight all that she had to. As they decided to lower their weapons, she lowered her claws and let them go back to normal, but her eyes stayed glowing amber, a sign that she wasn't far off from full transformation. She looked at Umuku and answered his question about the car before Ace got a chance.

"That's a car. It's used to get from point A to point B. It's faster than a lot of the older ways, though still not really that necessary."

She said not even trying to hide her dislike of newer technologies. She didn't know why, but she got a chill up her spine at the way Umuku mentioned the destination and payment.
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"I suppose it couldn't hurt, might help me track down some of my old cohorts and find out what happened here" Ace responded as he holstered his weapon. "I've got a couple of weeks before I have to report back to duty anyway.  And not necessary?  You try traveling a thousand miles in a day without one."
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Good, Anyways. And with my telekinetic ability, I can increase my endurance and speed by moving my legs. Plus my shoes...

Xenophobia clenches a hand into a fist, rising into the air, shoes pulsating fire and flames.

Anti-Gravity/Rocket Plates. They allow me to do many Video Game-esqe techniques, like jumping while midair. Combine my telekinesis and my shoes, I can cross thousands of miles within a span of a day depending on the weather and where exactly I land to run.
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Ace removed his gas mask and helmet but kept the flak vest and the rest of the gear in place.

"Man I hate breathing in that thing, so before we take off, might I ask exactly what the nature of this little venture is?  And for the record, it moves by burning gasoline in a compression cylinder which ultimately rotates the driveshaft, and the gearbox takes the rotation of the driveshaft and applies power to the wheels. And before we take off I'm going to need to get more of.  I propose stopping by the old SCP station and seeing if my access codes still work, as there should be fuel there, and maybe find out what happened to this place.  There's four of us, and this thing seats five, so who want's to get a move on?"
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"I do, To the horseless carriage, also known as a 'car'. Take us to this place that Surv mentioned oh creature of metal." Said Umuku as he headed over to the 'car'. As he walked towards it, "Surv, This little venture your 'car' is going to take us on is going to be one of learning. Seeing as I am in need of learning the skills of Xenophobia and Illeana." He raised his right hand in the air doing some sort of gesture with it. A bird cawed and flew from one of the buildings, landing on Umuku's shoulder. Umuku reached the vehicle and turned towards the three of them.

"I am telling you now though, I am not, a good person. Upon arrival to our first destination, I will tell Xenophobia what he is to retrieve from the guild of thieves we are going to. The two of you are welcome to help him in any way. Just don't expect much, *sigh* trouble to come from this." Umuku chuckles a little bit. "I will tell you all a little more about the guild of thieves though. They are, were, fanatical worshipers of Olidimarra, the god, or goddess, of thieves. They will steal anything and everything for the right price. I once had them steal a grand jewel for me, an orb, wouldn't be surprised if it's been stolen by them or some, hero out on a quest or something. *sigh* Ah, Orb of Dragonkind, I believe it was red, might have been black. Don't quite remember what that book said it was. Any way, that will be our first stop, I will direct you to it.........Surv, do you have a map or graph showing the lay of the land with you, I'd like to look at it while we go get, fuel was it, for your 'car'. Never going to get used to that word." Said Umuku as he stood by the door looking at it, trying to figure out how to get into the 'car'.

(OOC: Yes, I'm going to use quotations for the word car when ever Umuku uses it in this RP. It's a word that is foreign to him, it will take some time for him to even get used to saying it. as well as some of the things that Surv said, any who. Let's get this show on the road, To The GAS STATION!)
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"You thought the car was amazing then you're going to love this, get in"

Ace opens the passenger side door for fear that Umuku would've broken something trying it himself, and then proceeds to enter the drivers side and activates the GPS that is suction cupped to the inside of his windshield.

"This little device can tell us where we are, where we're going, how to get there, and what's nearby.  I'll just need either an address, or a latitude and longitude."
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Umuku is amazed to see the little square thing on the invisible barrier light up. "What type of magic is this?! It's like nothing I've ever seen before." It takes Umuku a few moments to realize what Ace had said. "Um, 'address', 'Latitude and longitude'? I studied the scrolls of provectus paludis Monasteriense, I'm only going to say this once, and only once, I don't know what your talking about!" Said Umuku kind of flustered at that. He then brings out the map he had rolled up in his sleeve, He unrolls it and shows it to Ace. "I want us to go here *points to a spot on the map, an area in the middle of a forest, looks to be a small village there.* This is the area I want to go to. After we get 'fuel' for your 'car', Also, I must admit, this seat is comfortable, what is it made out of?" Said Umuku curiously to Ace as he sat down in it.
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As he doesn't technically have eyebrows, Ace cannot do the eyebrow raise, this does not prevent him from of course trying.

"Brilliant, just like a land nav on a training day.  Oh and by the way, Latitude and longitude are the Cartesian Coordinate system that encircles the entire planet.  If you know the latitude and longitude of where you are, and where you want to go, you can establish your bearings and set a heading."

It takes Ace a few minutes to gauge approximate distances and orientations of the map to their current location.

"Alright, this should be accurate to within a couple of miles, and for the record it's made of cloth, aluminum, plastic, and foam.  Now just relax what's about to happen is normal"

Ace pops the seat forward so that the other two can get into the back seat.
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"Interesting, very interesting." Said Umuku as he watches Ace do what he did, he then looks over to Xenophobia and Illeana "Are you two coming, since Surv has allowed us use of his 'car', our trip will go much faster. Seeing as you all have been telling me that this thing will go much faster than a spectral steed. Any who, come, let us go to our first destination, the place of your *Points to Xenophobia* appointed trial." Said Umuku with an evil grin on his face.
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Illeana climbed into the backseat and mumbled something to herself.

"Oh it'll go faster alright. Just try to not kill us, eh?" she said to Surv, patting him on the shoulder before ducking in and buckling up.

"This outta' be interesting."
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"One more to go" Said ace as he idly glanced at his gauges, as it wasn't moving the turbocharger wasn't registering anything, the gas gauge was sitting 3/4 tank, and he did always keep a spare 2 gallon jug for emergencies.  They should be fine, no need to keep the guy from his business.  Something in the back of his mind told him that this was more than just a "Holiday" and even his command knew it.
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Xeno sighs and gently floats into the vehicle, landing with a slight plop against the seat.

Let's go.
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Ace leans the seat back to it's normal position, buckles in, and starts the engine which roars to life, he barely gives it a chance to idle back down before putting it in gear and taking of in the direction indicated by his GPS in conjunction with Umuku's map.

"If you don't mind my asking, Illeana, what is it that you dislike or think is unnecessary about a car?"
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(OOC: as our dear friend 'Gale Fox' put it, BUMP POST!)

As the four of them traveled towards their appointed destination, Umuku couldn't help but wonder a few things. [What alchemical concoction did he use to make it go so fast?] Umuku looks out the window, [I know what glass is, I have a few panes of it back at the tower, but.] Umuku runs his hand along the dashboard. [What ever this is made of, is something I have no knowledge of.] Thought Umuku as he laid his hand in his lap. [What worries me more than that is, I believe that Xenophobia had said he was an 'alien', but the amount of shear power he has presented before me this day. Worries me, that he might be some rogue sorcerer in disguise. Trying to steal away my powers from me, or trying to find my tower and rob me of all it's items of power.] Umuku again looked out the window, his brow furrowing as he thought. [Also, Illeana, she seems so much like, a, tamed wild animal so to speak. Able to hide her true ferocity under a visage of peaceful actions. She may be some lackey of some other magic user, who may be also trying to steal my items of power. OR, she may have been sent to be rid of me, seeing as I am now awake, and my powers are returning.] Umuku clenched his fist and wisps of purple flame gently arose from it. He looked at his hand for a moment, watching the tiny flames dance around on his fist. He then unclenched it and the flames dissapated into nothingness. [And what of this character beside me, Surv, He, is a mystery at this moment in time, appearing with this thing, this, 'car'. Granting us passage in it towards the trials of the two behind me. I must keep an eye on him, just in case he tries to usurp me when we reach my tower. After, the trials of the two.]

"*Sigh* Soon, soon we will arive, soon your trial, Xenophobia, will begin." Mumbled Umuku to himself as he continued to look out the window, trying to remember what he had read about, about, his enemies that might still be alive in this day and age.
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Ace brought the car to a stop, "This spot is just about two klicks south of the point you indicated Umuku.  If this place is some kind of Thieves Guild I wouldn't recommend taking this thing all the way up to the front gate."

Ace then proceeded to reach in front of Umuku accessing the glove box of the Firebird and retrieving the Taurus Raging Bull .454 Casull revolver.  Ammo for this would be limited to the wadcutter rounds in the cylinder, and the threaded hollowpoints on the belt in the trunk.

"Unless you'd recommend otherwise Umuku, I have no idea what we're up against here"

OOC: FYI a "Klick" is a Kilometer.  Wadcutter rounds are not tapered to a point, they go straight up out of the casing and have a flat top (Cylinder shaped), some may be slightly tapered around the top edge.  Leaves a perfectly round "Cut" hole in a paper target (Hence the name "Wadcutter") and are devastating to soft bodied, unarmored targets.  Threaded hollowpoints are a hollowpoint round with minor armor penetration.  For a .454 Casull round though, Armor penetration is the least of your worries.  The thing recoiling into your face however is a distinct possibility if you have bad form.  The .454C while smaller around than the .50AE, has more grains, and higher volumed casing, er-go more powder, er-go more takedown power.  You do not want to be on the business end of this thing.
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OOC: So much gun info ._.' All we need, broham, is the Gun's relative power... Anyways, Lampshade Hanging/Universe referencing! Sweet bullets though.

...That's a Taurus Raging Bull... My friend uses a customized Black Raging Bull with a blue grip insert. And another friend of mind uses a modernized Kar98k; An excellent rifle...

Xenophobia pauses, shuddering for a second.

...Wait, I'm feeling a group of particularly evil, beings, Kishin Egg. If you'll excuse me, I'll scout ahead.

He/She then finally exhibits his/her telekinetic prowess in a more correct way: Locating the mechanism for the window and operating it using telekinesis, lowering the window and then climbing off of the window and onto the roof of the car, twin Katana (dubbed as Diabolus Talea) drawn.

Scratch that; They're here.

Xeno cuts a bullet in half, redirecting each bullet into the head of two GUN soldiers driving humvees ahead of Surv's car. Behind Surv's car drove four other trucks, each with a bed of gun-carrying G.U.N. soldiers, all having deranged looks on their faces and standing in a pool of glowing, blue-and-white, spherical objects. ( Two of the trucks drove in front of Surv, beginning to fire, only to be surprised when the bullets didn't go far and in some extreme cases, never left the gun. Xeno crouched, holding Diabolus Talea in an X-Shape, then bounding back up and flinging arms straight backwards. The soldiers all laughed and took this as an expression of surrender, munching on their weird spheres.

...Desperate times... Malum...

Xenophobia's swords glow black and red. Xenophobia grits his/her teeth, moving his/her arms further backwards.


Xenophobia lunges forward with the swords, causing the dark energy around the swords to fly off violently, hitting the trucks and soldiers, destroying them seemingly.

That should be enough for right now. They happened to be returning from raiding buildings. The others shouldn'tve noticed.

Xeno climbs back into the car silently, sighing.

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Ace had only managed to cock the hammer on the Raging Bull by the time Xeno had finished them off.  Of course he'd also dove to the ground ready to take them all.

Bad move Ace he thought to himself. You may be quicker and stronger than your former squad mates but without your combat armor, your almost as mortal as they were.  And power like that?  Seen it and beat it a couple times before, but I was better prepared and equipped good thing it's on my side this time.

"Well, how we want to do this?  I for one am not barging in the front gate of any place with that kind of firepower.  A different drop zone's fine by me, they seem to already know we're here." Ace said without getting back in the car.
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Umuku slowly gets out of the 'car', He looks around at the mayhem and devistation that Xenophobia had wrought upon the beings that had attacked them. He walks slowly, decisively towards the back end of one of the closer trucks and looks in it. He sees the small blue orbs, "There's hundreds of them, *heh* Hundreds of lives lost due to the awakening of ancient powers." Umuku reaches into the back of the truck and picks one of the orbs up. It feels like one of his fireball spells, but, alive, with it's own thoughts and feelings. Keeping the orb in his grasp he makes his way around the other trucks, noticing that in each of them, are more of the orbs. Umuku walks back to the 'car', he heads over towards Surv. He raises the orb in his hand as he walks towards him and looks at it, without missing a beat, "Surv, Xenophobia, Illeana, What do the three of you know, of magic?" Asks Umuku as he stops walking when he is standing in front of Surv.
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Xenophobia speaks first.

Well... I was born in the Underworld, mind you, however, I am not a demon or undead, anyway... The Underworld, known as Arad is filled with Mages, Slayers, Priests, and Gunners; All subtypes of which utilize magic or some amount of Mana in some way or the other. In fact, my closest friend, Spencer Specter...

He/She draws a picture of a boy with an older-looking rifle (The aforementioned Kar98k) in one hand and a metallic wand in the other, the wand glowing with orange energy on its spherical head. He/She puts away this picture and pulls out another, a red-headed boy holding a pole and a hand glowing with black energy.

Or Grandmaster Blurr, more properly known as Cody Oroborus. He's not necessarily a Mage, but manipulates an arsenal of energy-based combat skills. I know a large amount of others; but I'd draw it out. And as for that spherical object, that, yes, is a soul. A benevolent soul. What's more important are the red souls...

Xeno pauses again to dig in one of the trucks' bed, sorting through the blue souls and retrieving a red, plated soul ( for every soldier on the truck killed,then walking back over to Umuku, Surv, and Illeana.

You can consume these. They give a certain power increase when consumed, nowhere near as much as the blue souls, but power nonetheless. Blue souls will drive you insane if you consume them, especially in vast quantities.

With that, Xenophobia picks up a soul, cautiously swallowing it.

(Edit: I may make a Back In Town... The MOVIE FANFIC once I get permission and find a way to extend out our first 5 pages once we hit page 6.)
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"Personally I don't touch the stuff.  I've fought both along side, and against it's users.  Both at the same time about four years back during the D.N.A. crisis.  Ironically it was a fight over who would control my kind, and by that I don't mean raptors.  I am not experienced in it's usage at all, however I have the tactical experience to enter the field of combat when it is in play, both in my favor and against.  Indeed I would say that the deadliest foes I ever faced were magic users.  As you can see I'm still here, and they were not able to usurp control from my current commanders."

While talking Ace walked to the trunk of the vehicle opened it and retrieved the belt for the .454 casull.
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"So, you've had some experience, but not much." Umuku just tosses the soul back into the truck. "It seems one of my old compatriots is still alive, AND, if your 'thing' is correct, I suggest we go on foot from here. Less chance of being seen......ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah. *sigh* Xenophobia, the thing your going to steal from there, is something called a Phylactory, A Lich's Phylactory." Umuku walks over to one of the trucks and looks at the bodies noticing a strange symbol on their uniforms. "That's a strange symbol. SURV, Could you come here for a moment. You wouldn't happen to know what this symbol means?" Said Umuku pointing to a symbol on the dead body's uniform. The Symbol looked like ( I couldn't find just the image, so, I'm using this.).
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"It looks like a unit patch.  Most military groups use them, it helps soldiers identify other members of their unit that they don't know by face, and also serves to invoke a little bit of pride, as for what their unit would be, I don't know.  You can see mine here on my flak vest."

Ace points to a round velcro patch with a picture of a grim reaper on it.

"As cliche as it sounds we were known as death squad, but I assure you the usage of the term is accurate.  These people, however, very well armed, and ready to rush in, which means they must've been loyal, or afraid.  They look to be mostly grunts"
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A cliche, hm? Interesting. Meanwhile, my true homeworld is filled with nothing but fighting: Between killing malevolent beings, which of course, unfortunately reproduced as quickly as they died. Even their bosses, when killed, returned to life in a matter of few minutes as if nothing had ever touched them. And as for your previous thoughts...

Xenophobia paused for a second to jump upon the side of an overturned truck, then beginning to sit on the truck's wreckage: wreckage he or she had just wrought.

You two must've forgotten my ability: My antennae allow me to read minds, and unfortunately, no matter how much pain they're in right now from them being remove--

Xenophobia gags at this point, turning around to retch over the other side of the vehicle, then turning back around to his/her audience, beginning to swing off the harmless remnants of the devastating Malum Undo technique from the two swords labeled as "Diabolus Talea" collectively.

Upon closer inspection, however, each sword had its own engraving on their sides: The left sword was engraved with Primoris Atrox, the right sword named a similar Secundus Atrox.

--I can still hear your thoughts, and I'd like to remind you two: If I were to turn on you two, I'dve impaled my swords into the car to Malum Undo instead of attacking the other soldiers, who I could've made short work of afterward.

He/She sighs, then dropping back to the ground and beginning to walk along the wilderness (I'm imagining this area as a desert-like place), creating a dirt cloud for cover.

And a Phylactery... an object that's essentially a Lich's heart. So I'm basically kidnapping a Lich. Hm, let's go. I'm assuming Illeana's going to remain in the car. She's been silent the entire way here.

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"I agree, having someone watch the 'car' would be good. We shall head out, be cautious though, our enemy has more than just 'grunts' under his control." Umuku began walking in the direction of the of the Thieves outpost. After a while of walking, the three of them come stop at an edge of trees. Umuku is looking at what is ahead of them, "What, is, this? This is not the Thieves outpost I have read about. This looks like a, I don't know what." Out in front of them, looks to be a pristine army base, "It's not that I don't really know what this place is, but, what's bothering me, Is those." Said Umuku pointing towards the top of the base. "If I remember correctly, from my readings, those are, Gargoyles. Creatures that can remain still for years if necessary, Then again, those might just be statues placed there to, 'spruce' things up, to fit the Lich's taste. You never can tell, that is if, it's who I think it is." Said Umuku as he pondered what to do next. "Either of you have a spyglass of some sort?"
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Ace reaches into a pocket on his vest and pulls out a medium sized monocular range finder, about 4 inches long and 2 inches tall, and 1 inch thick, capable of night vision, as well as up to 8x Zoom and tosses it to Umuku.

"That ought to do the trick." Ace commented as he drew and held both pistols at the ready, very much missing his combat armor.
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"Wait, I got this!"

Xenophobia dashes at the wall of the base, attempting the climb the wall, barely reaching the building's roof, clinging onto its edge with his/her hands.

"Let me see..."

As Xenophobia rambles, a loud explosion is heard and smoke fills the area.

"They ARE in fact alive!"

Xenophobia sighs at this point, being juggled around by two angry Gargoyles.

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Post by: UltraSonic on July 24, 2010, 05:05:59 AM
Ace begins to mutter specifics to himself as he holsters the .454 Casull, and draws the twin .45's.  "Wind speed about 13 Clicks from the east, elevation, at least 28 feet, distance 13 meters, two targets, one hostage, 5 seconds before termination would drop her inside the wall, fire."

While it contains a lot of details it's spoken in a whisper at a speed that makes it sound like little more than a quick sigh.  In reality his brain made the exchange in about 0.32 seconds, and he was firing at 0.57 seconds, tracking both targets simultaneously.

The recoil from the .45 appeared to, in his hands at least, be that of a .22, and he remained stable and locked onto both targets with relative ease, he wasn't aiming to kill the targets, he was aiming to bring them down quickly, as in out of the sky, so he was aiming for the wing base in an attempt to simply drop them out of the sky and finish them on the ground.

OOC: Gale, I'll leave it to you to decide whether or not your Character gets out of this one.  Ace does have a remote chance to miss his intended target, more so with the left hand than the right.  (Though
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Post by: Gale Fox on July 27, 2010, 12:26:43 PM
"Dammit... He's muttering military specifications. If it were big sister Shelley I'dve been freed already..." Xenophobia rambles on and on in a whisper, beginning to fall into a deep state of thought, attempting to do his or her own analysis of the gargoyles: Probing.

The information flooded in: The thoughts of the soldiers within the building, the anxiety of the Lich's soul stored within the phylactery, and even the movements Surv just made. These gargoyles, just who were they?

One was King.
The other was Horatio.

Both had been awakened from a slumber implied to be as long as Umuku's, and apparently weren't quite pleased that Xenophobia was intruding on their master's business and their "Beauty sleep", but moreover their beauty sleep. Apparently, they were worried, wondering as to what the ancient creature below them was up to, that, and as to how their racial cousin of sorts was still in existence.

But what exactly is their weakness?

Phobia searched with his/her eyes and antennae and stumbled upon an idea, a much less obvious weak point. They hadn't eaten for ages: They were quite possibly hungry.

"Surv! After hitting their wings, aim for their stomachs!"
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"Hahahahahahahah, I might have been wrong. Then again, things have changed in this, new age of creation." Said Umuku to himself as he watched what was happening through Surv's pocket sized Spyglass. "Surv, I do believe you hit them." Said Umuku as he watched the two gargoyles drop towards the ground, Xenophobia still in the air, as he/she had been thrown by one of them before Surv had fired. Umuku moved forward, ignoring the tree branches that swatted at him, as if they were flies just brushing past his face. He arrived at the fence line in time to see the gargoyles were continuing their game with Xenophobia. The two gargoyles were talking to each other, Umuku only caught vague things, but, one thing that did catch his attention was the name of their master. In a whisper to himself, *In a dark gruff voice*{No, not him, how is he still alive?} *In a snake like voice*[Silence you fool, the third will hear us.] *In his normal voice* (Where have I heard that name before?)
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Before he could make his next movie, there was a ping in Ace's neural implants, and he froze, incapable of motion, becoming completely out of tune with the world around him.  It was command.  When he'd felt the connection initiated he'd expected to see his Company command, but who stood before him (In his minds eye) wasn't even his Battalion command.  Elements from his Major Command were accessing his neural ace to brief him.

A silhouetted figure whom he did not recognize the shape or voice of was the first and only to speak.  "As you've no doubt figured out you're not really on vacation Sergeant, you're here to do reconnaissance.  Should you need your combat armor we will find a way to supply it to you, in the mean time don't let your guard down.  And yes, we've been aware for some time that Savott city had been destroyed, however that isn't knowledge available to the general populace.  Consider this your debriefing, now find a way through that fence and keep an eye on the Echidna.  There are strange things going on, and you're our go to guy to stop them.  See that you do."

The incident was over as soon as it began and Ace returned to the fight, holstering the .45's and drawing the .454 now that they were at much closer range.

"You know a way through this thing Umuku?"  Ace inquired, his actions the same as always, even though from Umuku's point of view Ace appears to have just suffered a petite mal seizure.
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Umuku touches the fence, seeing that it is metal, He smiles a crooked smile. He brings his hands out in front of him. "Possibly, Incendia praemium orbis, Incendia praemium orbis, Incendia praemium orbis, Incendia praemium orbis." Dark flames started dancing around his hands, meeting in the middle, creating a small Dark Flame Fireball. "You wanted a way through, a way through you shall have. ADURO!" With that, Umuku launched the Fire Ball through the fence. Creating a hole through the Fence big enough for the two of them to pass through. Umuku looked over to Surv, Smiled, "I can do that many more times, depending on the size that is." He then went through the hole in the fence waiting for Surv to follow.
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Ace responded rapidly, not making a single wasted movement.  He flowed almost like water and had locked his sights on one of the gargoyles heads almost as soon as he was through the hole.  An instant later he fired one of his five wad cutter rounds.  Almost immediately after that shot had left his barrel he targeted the second gargoyle, again, firing the .454 Casull.
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Xenophobia makes a quick, telekinetic dodge, narrowly avoiding a bullet which impacts one of the gargoyles, successfully grounding it. The second bullet flies true also, grounding the other gargoyle. Xeno lets out a sigh of relief at this sight, rushing to the ground with telekinesis, then beginning to sharpen Diabolus Telea.

They've been dispatched temporarily. The bullet may have made contact with their brains, but I still feel mental activity going on: They're just unconscious. Let's go.
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Umuku casually walks over to the grounded gargoyles, the dust is still settling, Umuku leans down and feels where the bullets should have hit, he feels a rather large hole where one of the bullets hit. "I don't believe their getting back up." He looks over to Xenophobia. "Well, we've taken out the guards, I suggest we head inside." He then stands straight and begins moving forward towards the base. He reaches what appears to be a locked door. "Hm, interesting, Oh Rogue, I believe this is where your real trials begin. Open it." He then steps to the side and allows Xenophobia to go at it and try to pick the lock and open the door. "Believe me, I would, I just don't have the spells to do it." Says Umuku with a sly grin on his face.
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Xenophobia makes a quick nod at this request, walking over to the door and sheathing Diabolus Telea. shortly afterwards, the telekenetic closes his/her eyes, then clasping his/her hands together in a moment of thought as the information flowed in again. After a few minutes however, fatigue set in, causing Xenophobia to abruptly end the third probe. After a quick sigh, she/he then begins to focus again, staring down the lock and slowly but surely moving his/her arms.

I think... Let me see... the locking... mechanism...

He/she takes a deep sigh, spread eagling his/her arms and unlocking the door before pushing it in with a spectacular display of telekinesis.

See? That's my special ability: I've learned how to control the brain in its entirety much rather than thoughts.

[Androgynous Telekinetic | Xenophobia Vagrance]
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With the opening of the door, a stench almost flew out of the opening. A gagging stench so bad, that would cause a 'living' creature to become nauseated. Umuku, unflinchingly smelled the air coming out of the doorway, He turned towards his two comrades, "Now, you both will see, what my world is like." With that, Umuku twirled his hooded trench coat and entered the nauseating hall. As the three of them continued in, the halls were a combination of some sort of castle dungeon, and the technologically advanced military base they had seen from the outside. The further their small group went, the worse it became. body parts along the crevices of the halls, rats scurrying along the way. The further they went, the better Umuku seemed to become, he looked better so to speak. They finally turned a corner to a set of doors. Umuku carefully walked up to one of them and checked the door, it was unlocked, He opened it a crack and looked inside. "Well, now, Boys, we have a challenge awaiting for us in there. Take a look." Umuku backs away from the door so the two of them can take a look. Inside of the room, stands 5 people, each of them wearing what seems to be military armor, but, there are 5 more, creatures in there. These creatures look as if, they are hanging from the ceiling by their long stretchy arms, Well one of them, their other arm has, on the inner side of it, spikes running all along them, from the arm pit to the tips of their 4 digits.

As the two of them come away from the door. "Rogue, Warrior, There is your first fight, 5 fighters of this day and age, along with 5 creatures from my time. The creatures are known as Chokers, their arms are like rubber, they are able to sling their arms with such aim, they are able to grab hold of their opponents and prey and 'CRUSH' the life out of them, and then eat them. Their hides are dense enough to deflect most arrows, only the arrows shot from a supreme archer are able to pierce their hides. *Sigh* They are magnificent beasts to guard the stairs, able to hide themselves by clinging to the ceiling's out of sight. *Sigh* I miss my tower so. Ah, well, we need to get what is here first, gain power to gather what I need to rebuild. Well, It's your test Rogue, get in there and clear a path." Said Umuku as he stands there, hands behind his back, with that evil grin across his face, still looking as if he is able to stand the racid smell that permeates the place their in.

EDIT: Would any of you mind if I collected all these posts together and tried to get all this turned into a book?
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Ace draws both pistols, and instead of alternating the fire from each, aims directly for two of the armed guards, firing the pistols simultaneously.  He's in motion now, As far as he's concerned this fight is one sided, in favor of him.  His demeanor darkening as his combat instinct from battles past begins to once again consume him.  He doesn't even second glance his first two targets, at that range he wasn't likely to miss, and if he did then a more opportune strike would present itself.  Holstering the pistol in his right hand he draws the knife from his vest, it's blade just under 4 inches long, but it's breadth suggesting it is of considerable strength.  With it he sliced at the foreign and elastic extremity launching his way.

"Too easy." is all he has to say.
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Xenophobia kicks the second side of the door in, ducking in past Surv in a rush of wind and steel, which seemed to turn red from the very air friction. As the wind subsided, the two soldiers found themselves separated into four, each pair of "soldiers" connected by a pool of blood that continued to grow. At this sight, Xenophobia half-cringes and half-chuckles, then reflecting a single bullet at Surv's Choker, but to no avail.

"Dammit, Umuku! Help!"
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"Lets see how thick that hide really is" ace says as he himself leaps towards the ceiling, his already powerful legs amplified by his cybernetic implants.

He drives a fist towards the Choker that Xenophobia had managed to entertain.  A punch that would easily shatter the stone beneath it if he missed.  As for the stench?  Ace had survived far worse.  It was the stench of death, he was used to the smell.  When he's almost in striking distance he can be heard muttering "your move b***" under his breath.

OOC: While generally jovial Ace is a soldier, he's going to excel in combat of virtually any kind.  Especially when there's a wingman/battle buddy involved.
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The Choker that Surv had thrown a punch at, not having the time to react, was waylaid out of it's position and onto the floor. The 2 chokers that weren't fighting began trying to circle around Xenophobia and Surv, trying to flank them. The remaining soldiers, seemingly stood there, guns at the ready, it seemed as if, they weren't paying attention to any of this. The Choker that Xenophobia was fighting seemed to gurgle a laugh and launched it's spike laden arm at him/her.

The Choker that Surv had punched groggily climbed back to it's misshapen feet, and gutterally growled at Surv, It then threw both of it's rubber like arms at Surv, aiming for his neck.

One Lone Choker had headed towards Umuku, Before it could attack Umuku, he spoke in a strange language, some archaic and ancient language. The Choker stopped dead in its tracks, and spoke back to Umuku in the same language to him. To Xenophobia and Surv, it seemed as if, Umuku and the Choker were having a conversation.

OOG: Well, what will you do now?
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Instinctively Ace shifted to block, and that was a mistake, he had no real armor to deflect the razor sharp spikes which tore into his scales.  He didn't make a sound, didn't wince, his move had been wrong and the price he paid was heavy, but far from his limit he simply lands on his feet and shakes the blood off of his harms onto the floor before drawing both pistols again and strafing right while moving forward towards his opponent firing rapidly while moving towards it in a spiral type motion.  In about 4 seconds at least one pistol would be dry and he would have to reload.

After encounter one Ace was hardly frightened by this creature, unless it had more up it's sleeve than displayed victory seemed as good as his, but he had learned not to be overconfident, only to be sure of himself as to avoid failure.
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The shots fired from Surv's pistols hit it's target, the rounds penetrated the Choker's flesh, leaving distended holes in it. The Choker grunted and gargled as it fell forward, it's blood began pooling onto the ground, it's greenish red tint made it look as if it was some sort of pewtrecent sludge coming out from underneath it. The other 4 Choker's barely noticed that their comrade had died, The Choker that had began flanking Surv was in a corner to the back left of Surv, it launched one of it's spike laiden arms at Surv to try and grab his tail so as to drag him over to it.

Xenophobia was holding his/her own against the two Chokers he was fighting, both of the Chokers he was fighting had large gashes in them, looking as if they were in one hell of a fight with a well versed swordsman/woman.

The Choker that was talking with Umuku looked back at the chaos that was ensuing amongst it's comrades. It shrugged it's shoulders and looked back to Umuku, it said a few more things to Umuku. Umuku then spoke in the archaic language again, but he said one word in English "Savvey?". The Choker rubbed the underside of it's jaw with the back side of it's grotesque hand, It nodded it's head in agreement. "Good, now, go help them by getting rid of the remaining humans here." It nodded again to Umuku, turned around to face the chaos and lashed one of it's arms out towards the roof of the room they are all in, it grasped hold of it and pulled itself there. It then launched it's remaining arm at one of the guards necks. It seemed that Umuku had convinced it to fight for him. (You wanted help, You've got it.) Thought Umuku as he continued to watch the chaos happening in front of him.
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OOG: Where are you Gale Fox and UltraSonic? WHERE ARE YOU?!
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OOC: Extremely busy, work and such.

The choker struck gold.  Luckily for Surv, his species has tails that are much thicker and more muscular than most species.  The spikes hurt like hell, it being pulled on is mild irritation.  Now it has his attention.  He allowed it to draw him within striking range and then it was down to fisticuffs.

Merging both of his hands into one giant fist he forces them down towards the creature's head.
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Phobia settled down, finishing the last Choker available and waiting for Surv to finish his last Choker.

"Well, that was a good job. Although, I am curious... How did you guys get here? And I wonder what Illeana's doing right now..."

At that, the telekinetic sheathed both swords and sat somewhere just above the bloody ground.

OOC: I've just been hanging around a little too much.

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OOC: It's good to know your both still here, I wonder how Illeana is doing, I kinda miss her. She was one of the few females here on the site. If and when she comes back, I'm going to work with her in the RP, ya know, doing catch up and what not. Any who, On with the Show!

Surv's over head strike struck true, the Choker's head was bashed hard. The force behind Surv's fists forced the choker to end up on the ground. But it's grasp on his tail didn't loosen. It growled towards him and lashed it's other arm out towards his legs trying to get a grasp on it.

Umuku carefully picked his way through the gore until he was beside Xenophobia. "Well, Rogue, you seem to have handled yourself quite well, when fighting these creatures." Umuku looked over to the Choker he had convinced to join them, it was easily dispatching the humans, the spikes on it's arms were easily puncturing their necks, allowing their blood to rush out of them. "Though, you have yet to grasp, they have been guarding something." Umuku then points to the center of the room, right there sat a single chest, looks to be made of wood with steel reinforcements, a single lock on it. "You think there might be something in it?" Said Umuku to Xenophobia, trying to be vague.
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"Pathetic creature, is this all you can muster?  More worthy opponents await further on no doubt." Ace said in a hushed growling tone, as he continued to use only his bare hands to kill the creature.  Elastic it might have been but enough torque will still snap a spine, or neck.  Ace wasn't picky.  An efficient kill was an efficient kill.
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(OOC: Wow, it's been forever and a day since this has been updated, I guess it's time for me to work.)

Surv's strong grip and powerful blows decimated the Choker's neck. His last choker gurgled and sputtered flailed about, and finally died. Umuku looked at the carnage that his group had raut. The remaining Choker that Umuku had convinced to help them had defeat their enemies had finished off the last of the human guards. It swung over to Umuku and spoke in a strange language to Umuku. "No, no, no, The two that are with me aren't the enemy, look, I need you to go outside and take care of the Gargoyle corpses, can you do that?" The Choker nodded it's head to Umuku and headed out of the door the group entered from. Umuku looked towards Xenophobia and Surv, "Well, shall we continue on, we can always come back for the chest in here." Umuku headed to the closed door, He reached for the door handles, as soon as he grasped them, Dark lightening shot through him causing him to scream in pain, he was then flung clear across the room, out the doors they had entered from, The doors then slammed shut. A booming voice then entered the room, "It seems he's come back, and he's brought a few friends with him this time. You two shouldn't be here, You should have destroyed that walking corpse when you first found him. I control this base now, the humans here are easy enough to control. The demons and monsters on the other hand.....Well, any who, You both should leave here, take the chest from that room, it'll supply you with plenty of money to keep you pleasantly comfortable." Said the voice to Surv and Xenophobia. "Then again..." The doors that shot Umuku out the doors they entered from opened up. "You could continue forward, see what's at the end of this path? Your demise or Your rich and powerful future?"
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As though it wasn't even worth considering taking the chest Ace walked forward into the room, bandaging his arms as he did so. He was on a recon mission and at that point had no real cover to speak of.  No doubt his leadership would want to know what was going on inside a GUNN base.

"I believe pressing forward to be the best course of action at this time" stated Surv

At that point his neural implants fired up again, but this time whoever was contacting had the decency to leave him partial vision and motor control.  It was his battalion commander.

"Keep an eye out.  We've scanned the area on satellite by locking onto your neural ace and your armor should be present soon.  You're going to need it, good luck.  Oh, and Alyx will be joining you of course."

OOC: For more information on Alyx check out "Incandescent Boulevard"  Not only does it kind of explain what she is, but you get to see her character in action.
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Xenophobia listened to the voice, sensing a small bit of deception in its voice.

"Destroy Umuku? Why would we? And just who the Hell are you!?"
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"I'm pretty sure we'll find out if we try to piss him off" Ace responded, allowing an extreme dry rot sense of humor to shine through.
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As our two intrepid adventurers traveled through the doors they closed shut behind them. The winding halls seemed to be clearing up, but, still had that grotesque stench floating through the air, finally, they seemed to reach a single elevator, with only a single button, the 'going up' button on it.

Before either of them could press the button, the elevator doors opened revealing a single large suit of armor, wielding a Great Axe.


It yelled as he readied it's axe to swing at the two of them.
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"Get down!" Ace shouted as he braced to catch the axe by it's handle, while his leviathan strength would prevent the blade from reaching him, he had forgotten that at this time he didn't weigh in at half a metric ton either, physics being what they are he was flung half way across the room.

"Crap, where's mine when I need it."

It was about this time his vision blurred a bit and his current commander saw fit to contact him again.

"In light of current events we've locked on to your neural transponder and are preparing to send"

"You don't think you could hurry it up a little do you?!??"

"On it's way, next time please keep our conversations in your head will you?"

At this point Surv's skin tingled much the way it did when ships entered and exited slipspace ruptures while inside atmosphere.  Sure enough one heck of a flash came from somewhere on the ceiling, as did the crate containing his armor.

"Keep him busy!" he shouted as the thing once again was bearing down on him while he scanned his hand to open the crate, it opened up revealing the armor that had kept him alive several times before through scrapes worse than this, he turned around and stepped backwards into the boots as the crate closed on him, just in time to be struck hard enough to be knocked a few feet.

"Ace, what the hell is going on?" Alyx prompted him seconds later as his HUD came up

"No time to explain, pop this thing!"

"Can't, hinges are jammed."

"Not a problem" Ace commented as he forced it open, rolling out into the world drawing the Cyborg Issue machete from his back and swinging for the fence so to speak, in a back hand strike.

OOC: Alyx is an A.I., and does not have a physical presence in the room, at this time she also can't be heard outside of Ace's helmet, and he doesn't have control over that, but she does.

Edit: I forgot, when I made his character I never referred to him as a spartan, just as a combat cyborg, it's fixed.
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Surv swung true and through, there was a crash of metal on metal, then a clattering back towards the elevator. As Surv faced his enemy, as his eyes traveled up the torso, noticing gashes, nicks, dings, and other wise battle damage to itself. Then a surprising sight was before him as he readied to stare his opponent in the face.

The armor's head was gone, clean off of it's shoulders. The armor did one of those wave right arm where head was. "I AM OVER HERE YOU MEANDERING BUFFOON." The voice came from the helmet that was lying near the elevator. Then the armor in a flash, was over at the helmet. "I DO WONDER, ARE YOU SURPRISED AT THIS, WARRIOR?" Said the helmet as the body of the armor picked up the helmet, and placed it back on. The helmet now had a noticeable gash in the side of it. "OR ARE YOU FAMILIAR OF THE INTRICITIES OF MY EXISTENCE?"
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Ace responded with silence, and after pulling a G-36 Assault rifle from the crate, he added a haze of bullets to it.  He was back up to full combat readiness, and unless this opponent had a few tricks up his sleeve this fight should take almost no time.
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The hail of Gun Fire from Surv clattered off of the inner backside of itself, filling the boots with the spent shots, riddling the front breastplate with holes, the sounds of it like, Heavy Falling Rain hitting a Tin Roof of a shed.


With that, the Armor then seemed to reach inside of itself, and pulled out a dagger of some sort, and hurled it with precision aim at Surv.
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With a backhand swipe Surv's now amplified strength was enough to deflect the blade harmlessly away, however the force with which the homunculus had thrown it was enough to cause his shields to flare.

"Sorry, this was short notice, command didn't send much more than my armor and an assault rifle my way, though I'd be more than happy to bring this down to brute strength if you so desire."
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(OOC:I do believe it's time I gave some time to Galefox, Not that I'm not having fun trying to beat the living snot out of the Spartan that is Surv, I just figured Xenophobia needs to get some play time too.)


Said the armor as it charged towards Surv, looking as if it were going to deliver a solid blow straight to Surv's helmeted head.

But, in the chaos of carnage that Surv and the Armor were in. A voice seems to float around Xenophobia's ears.

"Do you really trust the raptor and Umuku? Has Umuku ever told you why he doesn't like the sun?"
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(OOC: right, kay, I'll give Gale Fox till Friday to post, after that, I'll continue on with the fight between Surv and the Animated Armor. That okay with you UltraSonic?)
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(OOC: I gave him plenty of time to reply didn't I, well, UltraSonic, I guess it's just you and me for now. let's see if we can't pick up where we left off.)

The armor continued his barrage of pounding, after slugging Surv in the chest plate. He then swung his left arm to try and land a blow against Surv's armored skull.
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Surv slid back, his boots grinding against the surface as his shields flared out and an audible alarm went off inside his helmet.  He drew back preparing to counter punch with his right, using his left arm to redirect the oncoming blow.  Aiming directly for where the kidney would be on a normal humanoid.
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Leaving a noticeable dent in the Armor's side, It continued it's barrage of attacks, this time, attempting to sweep Surv's (OOC: I think Surv is a Raptor, Correct me if I'm wrong, Not of Sound mind at the moment.) Raptorian feet out from underneath him.

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OOC: He is.  Which will make his tail somewhat thick, and not prehensile, great bludgeoning tool though.

The powerful leg muscles that were a distinct trait of his kind allowed him to leap just over the blow while once again swinging with his machete.

"It might interest you to know" Ace retorted "That I'm not a lizard, reptilian yes, but warm blooded, you miserable ignoramus, is this all you can muster?"
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(OOC: Boy, am I taking an eternity to post or what? Well, on with the show.)


Said the armor as Surv's machete hit it's mark, this time at the shoulder of the armor, severing the armor's left arm from it's body. But, as It's arm fell, it seemed to float by it self, and attempted to upper cut Surv. As its arm did so, The Armor attempted to grab Surv's machete with it's remaining arm, fully intent on taking the machete for it self to use on Surv.
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Surv's thought process wasn't as concerned with the machete as it probably should have been, but none the less, he took advantage of a golden opportunity to enter into what would keep him at very close quarters with the monstrosity as with a little slight of hand he flicked the pin out of a grenade on his belt, in what appeared to simply be a move to brace the machete for the tug of war, as the countdown began.  Though the uppercut wasn't pleasant, as long as he could hang on to the machete, he should make it.


Alyx of course noticed the now hot grenade, what with being inside his head, and fully cognizant of the armor's equipment, and almost began to panic "Surv look ou..., oh, you meant to do that didn't you." before returning to what most would think abnormally calm for the situation.

OOC: Alyx is not currently speaking audibly.  Kind of a voice inside his head thing going on.
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The Armor pulled on the Machete with all of its might, It's unattached left arm had seemingly reattached itself to the armor. It struggled at Surv's strength and grip as Surv continued to hold onto the Machete.

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And there goes my opening, this is going to hurt like hell

"What now?" queried Alyx in a now panicked voice


"How about some pyrotechnics?" Ace sarcastically asked as he did his damnedest to wedge the grenade in the gash he'd left in the faceplate earlier, and kick backwards, putting as much distance as possible between himself and the explosion.


OOC: Standard grenade, if memory serves, has a kill radius (against unarmored bodies) of about 13 meters, weighs about 12 ounces.  A simple flak vest should keep you safer at closer distances.  I'll not be going into detail, but suffice it to say that Surv might make it ten feet.
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The voice caught Xenophobia off guard as s/he introspected about when or how would s/he intervene or assist.

I don't know yet... They seem to be a rather nice bunch despite their strange appearances and such... and their thoughts aren't too evil. Not at all. And I don't care to know about why Umuku can't be in the sun. You trying to get me to betray them?
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(OOC: DUDE! Holy hell, where have you been all this time? I was starting to get worried. Well, UltraSonic, seeing as Gale Fox finally showed up, I guess it is time I gave him some time to play, You'll just have to wait to see if the grenade brought you a head in that fight. Time to see if the Mental Xeno can handle the Arcane Mentalities of ages past.)

"Betrayal, no, I just want you to see what's really there."

With that, a vision forced it's way into Xenophobia's mind, a vision of a man being skewered with a spear.

"And what is not there."

Another vision forced it's way into Xenophobia's mind, a vision of a war waged on a foreign land on a foreign planet, people in armor like Surv's fighting against a race of aliens unlike any he's ever seen.

"You need to dig deeper into their minds, they are hiding so much from you."

Again, a vision was forced upon her, This time, it was Umuku, standing over a skeleton, pulling a spear from his chest.

"I can help you gain the power you need to find the truth."

With that, a single panel shifted and revealed a lever.

"Pull it, And I can show you how."
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But I don't want to be showed! I want to learn by myself!

Xenophobia shouted both mentally and aloud, sending out a rather rough gale on both planes as well.

The gale came down, flipping the lever. S/he simply gasped, flipping his/her swords to reverse grip.
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As the lever flipped, a grinding of gears was heard. Another panel right beside the lever recessed into the wall and raised up. Inside of the now revealed alcove, was 2 containers. One black, the other white.

"You can only have one, one will show you the hidden truths they are hiding. The other, will show you they're darkest fears and how to use them. Choose wisely and I'd hurry if I were you."

With that, a shuffling sound was heard above Xenophobia. As she looked, she saw some sort of Humanoid Being with a bald bulbous head, with four tentacles covering it's mouth lower itself to the floor. It looked at Xenophobia, it's tentacles writhing about. It then spoke in a gravelly voice.

"Your mind smells so fresh, I must taste it."

With that, The creature brought its right hand forward, and out of nowhere a pulsing purple blade appeared in it's hand.

"You will come with me now, back to my lab."
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The explosion of the grenade was enough to send even Ace reeling backwards.  His shields having just started to recharge were quickly returned to the null point by the resulting shrapnel, most of which made little indentations and scratches in the armors surface, the shock force of which was felt clean through the armor.  That combined with the percussion of the blast caused him to windup face down on the floor watching his blood drip onto his visor.  Everything hurt, there was a high probability of significant injury, but he was alive.  For how long, was yet to be determined as he started to push himself up off the ground.

In the process of which he came to the conclusion that he'd probably broken a couple of ribs, and overexerted several muscles, hard to tell without running a medcheck, which he really didn't have time for right now as he scanned for his opponent.  Hope the other guys didn't get hit with that
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I choose...

Xenophobia spun around, sheathing Diabolus Talea and drawing another pair of swords on one fluid motion-- these swords gleamed a white that strongly contrasted the black smoke that emanated from Diabolus Talea, and even dripped what appeared to be holy water. These divine blades were apparently made to quell the beings of darkness and death.


S/he pounced at the being, blades whistling and wildly as s/he cut through the air like a hot knife through butter.
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(OOC: Well well well, what do we have here, both of you are replying quickly. Now, since we're all here, the real fun can begin. But I'm still going to dictate your fights until you've won or lost. Let's see what happens...Shall we? Also, I have no idea what Meters are, I'm used to Feet and Inches. Never did well in school figuring out the differences.)

Surv didn't have time to wonder about that, an armor covered arm lashed out at him, grabbing hold of his armored tail and pulling him towards something.

"I can't hear brother's words anymore, what'd you do to him?"

Surv was grabbed by another arm and was brought upright, a good 20 feet from him stood the now armless armor. He saw the damage he'd done to his foe, the helmet was gone and a good portion of the chest plate was gone as well. Revealing, a hollow suit of armor with a single drawing near where the base of the neck would be.

"You'll tell me what you did to brother, Or, I'll have the master turn YOU into my New brother."

{And now, to Xenophobia's fight.}

The creature countered Xenophobia's swift attack by blocking both of her blades with blades of it's own, by summoning another purple pulsing blade.

"Such Acrobatics will get you hurt, wouldn't want a fine specimen of such delectable quality be bruised now."

Said the creature as it's tentacles wiped away the drool that was leaking from it's mouth. Xenophobia was then assaulted, not by the creature's blades, but, by it's mind. A concentrated assault on Xenophobia's mind was being flung at him. Wave's of anger, hatred, fear, hunger, and pain were crashing against Xenophobia's mind.
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"Surv!  Surv! Are you alright??!?!?" came Alyx's voice inside of Ace's helmet.

"I'm fine, for now, just hang on." was his reply inside of his helmet towards Alyx.

"Bring me closer and I'll tell you what I did with your brother"

Ace had seen magical symbols before, and in previous encounters once the symbol was marred in any way the magic was foiled.  All he had to do was get it to bring him closer and kick off one of his boots.  Then he'd have one of his toe claws more than able to scratch the little thing out.
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"Oh? You will, you will."

The armors arm's then brought Surv within arms length.

"I do wonder, what will the master do with you though?"
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"Good question" said Ace as he kicked off his right boot exposing the razorsharp foreclaw, which he brought down on the glyph with tremendous force trying to slash through it.
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Surv's foreclaw slashed through the armor, rending the symbol in two, there was no noise from the armor other than it shaking, and then.....

It fell to pieces. Dropping Surv to the floor with a clatter of armor. The only other noise was that of the fight behind him, Xenophobia was fighting some sort of Humanoid Being with a bald bulbous head, blue skin, and with four tentacles covering it's mouth. The tentacles writhed about wiping away drool that leaked from the creatures maw. Xenophobia had his blades crossed with the creatures, they seemed to be at a standstill, but, The creature looked as if he was staring directly into Xenophobia's soul. As Surv began to get up to help Xenophobia, There was a voice. The voice sounded like the first voice that came from the armor, but, quieter, "You've beaten my brother, and killed him, if I had any limbs at my disposal, I'd attempt to beat you with them, or offer you a hand up, either way."

As Surv looked towards the voice, he saw a single strip of metal lying near the elevator, It too has a symbol on it as well.
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Surv sighed watching Xenophobia.  "Don't tell me ugly up there brought a knife to a gun fight.  I mean there's a reason I favor a .45." Surv said as he fired a single shot for what appeared to be the creatures head, and then directed his attention towards the strip of metal, and replacing his boot at the same time.

"Your brother shouldn't have tried to kill me if he wanted to survive, admittedly neither of us would make normal opponents on any battlefield, but it'll take more than a little bit of voodoo to beat millenia of technological advancements.  When it comes right down to it, I'm as much of an abomination as the rest of you, but I was forged in a laboratory, not summoned in a sepulcher.  Add that to live fire training, where they're actually allowed to shoot you in nonlethal areas, and you've got me.  There aren't many of us, but we're a force to be reckoned with, some call us immortal, but I doubt it.  No more games from here on in.  Alyx?  Full power to the augmentation circuits, the home team's playing hardball."

At this point he turns around to check on Xeno and see of it needed any help.
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Xenophobia fell backwards, catching him/herself with Diabolus Talea. As s/he did so, one could cop a good look at his/her cursed blades: Primus and Secondus Atrox had gained red, sinister auras.

This feeling... it's misery, isn't it?
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The back of the creature's head splattered away from Xenophobia, it's body falling forward, the blades dissapating into nothing. A single whisper snaked it's way into Xenophobia's mind before the creature finally died. "Misery is only, the beginning of the Pain, you'll experience at my, masters, hands." The strip of metal then spoke up "I can't see much from here, But I can hear well enough, you've killed the Mindflayer that was attacking your comrade. Good, the guy was an asshole, ate mine and my brother's bodies brains right in front of us. *Sigh* I hate to tell you this, but those Mindflayers rarely travel alone."

To back up the armor's words footsteps began echoing from the hall behind them. "Pick me up and I can direct you to an area where they won't find you. Or leave me here, and try to find your own path. But I'm telling you now, Leave me here, and I'll come back for your carcass in a new body."
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"Alyx, advise." Ace asked the A.I..

"If he was going to, or even able of possessing your body by himself, he'd have done so when you were making physical contact with he and his brother in order to finish the fight quickly."

"Well then, looks like you're coming with us." once again came his response, this time neither one make any attempt at keeping Alyx's existence a secret.

With that Ace picked up the strip of metal and lashed it to his belt.  He also returned to the now ruined crate which had contained his armor to check for more ammunition.  locating multiple clips .45 ammo, and also .243 for the assault rifle.  He picked up what he could carry, holstered the pistols, and shouldered the assault rifle.

It's at this point that Ace's quirky sense of humor gets the better of him and the only thing he can think to do is holler down the hallway from which the footsteps had been heard, stating "COME AT ME BRO!"
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There was 3 sets of skidding sounds coming from the hall, voices were heard.

"What did it say? Coh Meat Meb Row?"

"No, no, Cam Mat ME Braoh."

"No, Your both wrong, it was Came ATE Meb Raow."

"No, your wrong it was Coh Meat Meb Row."

"No, Cam Mat Me Braoh."

"I'm right, you two are wrong."

"No, I'm right."

"NO, I'm right."

"NO! I am."

"I am!"

"I AM!"

"You calling me a liar?!"

"No, Mom called you both that at Dinner last night."


Sounds of a fight are now heard in the hall.
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"This is either a trap, or a remake of the three stooges" Surv commented idly as he started walking down the hallway, is movement completely fluid and his footsteps feather light, despite the fact that he weighed in at almost half a metric ton.
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As Surv walked down the hall, he saw three beings, They all looked reptilian in nature, Scales for skin, no hair, but they were all about 4' close to 5' tall. One was black and built like a body builder, another one was slimmer than the black one but was still well built and had a yellowish green collor. The last one was a dark green and looked like he had been in plenty of fights in his day, at least, judging by the scars on his body. The three of them were still going at it, punching, kicking, clawing, biting, and slapping each other with their tails. Finally, one of them was shoved against the wall, the other 2 were going at it, the one that got shoved against the wall was taking a couple of deep breaths, but, his attention snapped away from his brothers, towards the direction Surv was coming from.

"Brutus, Bloodscale, Some thing is coming, I can smell it!"

The two other reptilians stopped fighting, they too took a couple of deep breaths, looking as if they were tasting the air. The three of them, then picked up 3 tower shields from the ground behind them, placed the shields in front of them, stood side to side, and started to move forward.

"Whatever is coming, know this, we may not have been smarter than the Mindflayer. In fact he was our superior, BUT, we make up for it in strength and guile."
"My brother Bloodscale is telling the truth, we make up the three challenges that our late superior came up with. To go through this hall, you must pass our challenges."
"I Brutus, make up the challenge of Combat."
"I Bloodscale, make up the challenge of Strength."
"And I Benever, make up the challenge of Knowledge."
"We Are the Sharptooth Browbeater Brothers."
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"Brilliant, and what happens if I choose to just paint the walls with you?" Ace inquired of the three reptiles.  He was often annoyed at how he was often mistaken for a "Reptile" while in truth he was more closely related to mammals and birds, warm blood for the win.
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(OOC: HA HA HA HA, lol, I'm loving this, UltraSonic, Your from Halo, a realm of Powerful weapons and even more powerful beings. BUT, I'm from DND, Where even gods can fall from a blow from a single sword. hahahahahahahah, lets see what your Spartan can do, against, Lizardfolk who have their own 'Special' armor. Nyahahah.)
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Their desire for him to strike first was not lost on the raptor, now fully amplified, he moved the entire distance faster than you could blink, anyone not aware of his abilities might have sworn it teleportation.  In the process he moved between two of them, when he was directly in line was when he moved, drawing his .454 in his left and his machete in his right, placing the .454 against the temple of the one to his left, and bringing the machete down hard on the one to his right in a backhanded stroke.

OOC: This is Surv's move, however given that your characters have shields I'm not sure how effective it'll be, ball is in your court, does he take two of them down, or do they block?
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Surv's attack was not lost on them, but, the shield the creature was carrying did it's job and deflected Surv's attack, but, Surv's machete left it's mark on the shield. The one having the gun on his temple simply chuckled, "Really, teleportation, I find, this to be better." With that, Surv was grabbed by 5 spectral hands and thrown away from them. "Mage hand, I can cast that quite easily, silently, motionlessly. Many times over. Brothers, I'll challenge him first." The other 2 lizard like creatures took 2 steps back and allowed him to step forward.

"You face the challenge of Knowledge, the knowledge of the fact that, you are fighting a sorcerer who has skills with the sword, armor, and shield."
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reaction speed too quick for point blank, foe anticipates trigger pull, able to use sorcery, physics still wins every time

Before his feet had touched the ground again he had raised the G-36 assault rifle and begun firing.  His reaction speed now down to the nanosecond, they may have been quick, but he would surely be quicker.  Also with this movement he tossed a grenade into their midst.
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Xenophobia snapped back into reality, but still found his/her swords glowing, simply dismissing the glow as a sort of mental discharge or optical illusion.

Guys, what's going on, what have I missed?

The swordsman took a quick pause, snickering as s/he delivered one last question:

And is it just me, or does it feel as if this has been happening for almost two years?
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Benever raised his shield and it did it's job, protecting him from the bullets, he didn't realise that Surv had thrown the grenade. Which it exploded and did a number on Benever's back, Benever was shoved forward from the blast, using his shield to keep himself up right as well as to protect himself from the bullets.

"SO, explosives, hahahhahahaah, You think explosives would take out a Sorcerer of MY CALIBER! THINK AGAIN YOU PATHETIC EXCUSE OF A LIZARDFOLK!!" With that, Benever began chanting in some strange language, but, it sounded familiar to Surv. Light seemed to appear from behind the shield, it continued to get brighter and brighter, then, "Incendia praemium orbis!!" A black fireball then shot out from behind the Shield headed towards Surv.

In some other part of the complex, we see Umuku, Watching the fight as it goes down. "You do realize that those two will eventually get here right?" "Ah, but my dear Umuku, you fail to realize the potential of your minions, Their potential, to fail." "Whatever you say, Still, they make it here, they get your phylactery for me, well, your kinda screwed when that happens."
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Instinctively, Xenophobia sprang into action, diving in front of Surv to take the blow with his/her swords primed in an X-shaped position. S/he was poised there, ready to take the brunt of the blow for his/her comrade. The fireball did indeed make its impact against Xeno's swords, pushing the silver-haired telekinetic backwards and causing him/her to sweat from its sheer heat. Eventually, the fireball began to overcome the demonic swords held in the telekinetic's grasp, and with nothing else to turn to, Xenophobia began to announce another attack:


This time, the Malum Undo was different, however. The red glow itself turned black, and slowly formed into a solid plate of wicked energies, guarding the telekinetic against the fireball. Seeing this, Xenophobia made a change of plans as s/he launched his/her attack and jumped into the air to kick the plate towards Benever.

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(OOC: NICE, Good to see you back in the fight.)

Benever was not expecting the other to interfere with the fight, let alone send his black flame fireball back at him with an energy shield supplement. His jaw was still slack when they both hit him full force, plowing him past the other two, his fireball exploded moments after getting passed the other two. As the smoke cleared, Benever, had been dealt with, torched to a nice, golden brown, his corpse still on fire from the flames of his own fireball.

"YOU BASTARDS!! He was supposed to cook tonight."
"I'm glad that your thinking at this moment in time brother, but your thinking with your stomach, not your heart, which should be filled with rage, RAGE AT THE TWO OF THEM THAT KILLED OUR BROTHER!!"

With that, Like a well timed machine, the twin lizardfolk split off from each other, Bloodscale going after Surv, while Brutus went after Xeno.
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(OOC: One Deus Ex Machina and Two months later...)

But he's already cooking...

The telekinetic laughed now, finding his/her own hilariously awful joke well... Hilarious. This left him/her with a convenient opening, which Brutus, naturally, attempted to take advantage of. And he was successful for the most part. At least until another pair of rather peculiar voices rang out.

Conveniently placed Deus—
—Ex Machina—
—saves the day!

And with that (shared) phrase said, Xenophobia found himself standing between a peculiar looking couple: a tall, Caucasian young man who seemed to be about 19 physically (with a very harsh, deep voice) and a dark-skinned young woman who seemed to be about the same age (with a near-perpetually bored voice).

Oh, hey Tina, Damier.

—Xeno. Rather interesting—
—situation you're in here, isn't it? But uh, in other news...
It Felt like it took years getting here.