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Author Topic: Emerald Coast Comics: Sonic fan comics for all!  (Read 4051 times)


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Emerald Coast Comics: Sonic fan comics for all!
« on: January 08, 2011, 05:06:06 PM »

Hey guys,

Since no one has yet posted in this forum, I figured I would start: I'm the boss of Emerald Coast Comics, a comic book website that started out on SVT a few years ago before buying it's own domain and branching out. We have been slowly growing over the years, and we are about to hit a culmination of years of  hard work tomorrow: daily comic page releases.

SVT did give us our start, and I have personally been wondering what exactly we could do to give back to this place one more time. Until then, we DO have a variety of comics you guys should probably check out.

Tales from the Emerald Coast, a series of short stories and mini series that dive into a variety of Sonic continuities to fill in plotholes and back stories of characters large and small. Currently one full issue is up, focusing on Shadow when he was trying to join GUN, and a second issue in progress focuses on the Great War in the Archie comics.

Knux Redux is an alternate reality retelling of the Knuckles series from Archie. Inspired by stories like Batman Begins, Knux Redux is VERY different from the Knuckles series, and most anything else done in a Sonic comic. It was one of the first stories on  ECC to really have a competent writer behind it. All 14 issues have already been penned, and we already have a plan in place to tell the full story. Issue 4 launches tomorrow, though the cover is already up.

Another Knuckles comic, Master Emerald Chronicles was the first ECC comic, and this shows in the quality of the writing and fluctuation in the art quality. Nevertheless, this is something I am working to improve, and with issue 6 debuting in a few weeks you can expect an all around improvement in the series.

In stark contrast to Redux, Sonic Eggs is ECC's full on funny comic strip.  Acting as both a continuation and parody of Archie's Sonic X comics and the Sonic X anime, Sonic Eggs is easily one of the most consistently good ECC comics on board. Unlike the other comics listed here, this series did not start as an ECCproject, but was in fact something we picked up from Bumbleking. It has quickly become the most popular comic in ECC's line up, thanks in part to it's regular weekly updates but also it consistent hilarity. It doesn't always hit a home run, but it certainly does more often then not.

In addition to the main Eggs series, we also have some spin offs, including this Sonic Eggs holiday special drawn by Archie Comics artist Tracy Yardley. We also got the Egg Whites, which you can see on the front page.

Finally, we have ECC's flagship comic, Sonic Pulse. Taking place in the game world, Sonic Pulse has two goals: filling in plotholes in the game storyline, and adapting Archie characters and places to the video game world. This is my comic series. The first issue was rather poorly written, but I have hope that you will all find Pulse #2, which launched last week, to be an improvement.

Please take a look and let us know what you think!
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