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Rays of Hope Chapter Previews


SVT number 1 fan:
(-4 years later-)
Twilight was sleeping in her room with an eye mask on, her pet Alicorn Sylphi’s natural instincts woke him up, and that gave him the signal to wake his master up. Sylphi whistled a few notes and Twilight rose up from her bed and removed the mask.
Sylphi: Good morning Twilight.
Twilight: Good morning to you to Sylph.
Twilight backflipped into her closet and came out in her usual everyday outfit.
Twilight: Now let’s go get some breakfast.
Sylphi: I want Sapphires today.
Twilight: All right, I do find it lucky you think the tiniest of jewels are the most delicious.
Sylphi: Ever heard the saying little in size big in flavor?
Twilight: I guess that makes sense.
Twilight: Well, it’s time, my first day at Seven Stars Elementary School. Sylphi, can you assume your backpack form?
Sylphi: You got it!
Sylphi changed into a black and white backpack.
Twilight: I’m heading to school now. Bye, Mom.
Day: Have a good day at school!
Twilight hopped on her sky board, and flew toward the school. In no time, she had arrived at the school area of Twilight City. Twilight jumped off her board and put into her PAL’s storage dimension, and started walking through the city.
Twilight (Mind Narration): My name is Twilight Hakumei Stargazer, and this is the year 2239. The world that we live one is a world of magic and wonder, our technology is super advanced due to the technology the Twililarian race has created with their bond with EM waves, light, astral zone, and so much more.
As Twilight walked in the city, you could see EM roads, astral zones and other things in the sky and such.
Twilight (Mind Narration): The planet of Twililaria is ruled by a princess, and we also have a head division of technology and industry with many branches worldwide, our world is a great place to live. We also have an everyday assistant called a Personal Assisting Link, or PAL for short. But even our world has its own share of problems.
? : Help!
While walking, she saw a bank being robbed. Twilight checked her PAL and saw she was earlier than she wanted to be.
Twilight: Well I do have some time to kill. I guess I should help.
Twilight then went to defeat the crooks appearing in front of their attack route.
Twilight (Mind Narration): Ironically, I’m usually the one to stop them.
Twilight grabbed one of the men, threw him against the wall, and smashed his net gun. Another man shot at her with a paralyzing gun. Twilight used her speedy reflexes and caught each bullet before crushing them when the Burglar ran out of ammo.
Burglar: Uh oh.
Twilight sent him flying with a kick to the face. Two of the robbers hopped in a truck, and tried to make their getaway. Soon however Twilight had already got in front of them and turned into a puddle that went past the whole truck causing ice to form on the whole front. The truck skidded off the side of the road, and wrecked into a tree.
Police Leader: Quick, arrest them!
The police arrested the criminals.
Twilight went back to heading toward school.
 Twilight (Mind Narration): I felt this pattern of life would stay as it was for a long time. I was wrong, the first day I went to school, everything changed, but not for the worst, for the better.

SVT number 1 fan:
Twilight rolled back and sank into the soft, fluffy cloud, the only one in the skies over Twilight City. She had one of the easiest jobs ever today. All she had to do was move a cloud over her friend Jalapeno’s Pepper farm, shielding Jalapeno’s older brother Thai from the blazing sun while he tilled and seeded the land. It seemed nothing could go wrong...
...until Twilight hit the ground.
Twilight’s screams and screeches terrified everybody as Thai, who had managed to catch her before she hit the ground, ran into town with her on his back. Thai was easily able to tell something was wrong as Twilight couldn’t stay still, even if Twilight liked to run she wasn’t the type who keep herself from not moving somehow every second.
Jalapeno ran from the market to see what the commotion was and he couldn’t believe his eyes. Seeing Twilight on his older brother’s back meant something bad. Jalapeno grabbed his younger brother Ghost and the two ran to the infirmary.
As they approached they could hear Twilight’s screams of pain punctuated by high-pitched whiny gasps. Thai and two others struggled to hold her in bed as she literally moved as if she had something escaping her body.
Twilight: It hurts! Make it stop! Make it stop!
The crowd automatically opened a path as Agility rushed up to the bed.
Agility: What happened?
Thai: She fell out of the sky out of nowhere.
Ghost: And she kept hollering that her upper back where her wings are and area with the star marks hurt!
Though Twilight continued to struggle and squeal everybody felt a little sense of relief. The nurse thanked the other Twililarians but had them leave and give her patient some space, now that the situation was ‘under control.’ But even after carefully examining Twilight’s hurting body parts and then the rest of her body the nurse had to admit.
Nurse: I can’t find any injuries. So I have no idea what’s wrong, but I can say she’s not sick, injured or losing her sanity.
Agility: I’ll see what I can do.
Agility then moved in close, trying to get face to face with his struggling, crying friend. Twilight looked up at Agility, her teary eyes desperately pleading for help. Then she went back to struggling, much more weakly.
That tortured look sent a chill down Agility’s spine. He hunkered forward, leaned his head down and closed his eyes. His star markings began to glow softly, gradually brightening as he probed deeper into his friend’s head. He started trembling as he felt just a fraction of the agony himself, but no matter how hard he tried Twilight couldn’t find anything ‘wrong’ with Twilight.
Even still, Agility concentrated harder and summoned up a healing spell, using all of his might. He trembled and groaned in pain. But it was no use. Twilight continued to moan and whimper. Agility finally had to stop. He wobbled and staggered until the room stopped spinning. When he opened his eyes he found Sprinkles standing in the doorway.
His Backpack was stuffed with candy, flowers, a giant get well card, plus he was holding a huge bunch of balloons.
Agility: Ghost! You and Sprinkles go get princess Celestielia. Now!
Ghost jumped and rushed to the incredulous Sprinkles. Sprinkles quickly dropped his backpack and the two raced off for the Jade Jungle.
Agility looked around and tried to get his bearings again. The nurse had returned to Twilight and was giving calming medication to make her stop flailing around.
When Jalapeno saw Agility staring off into the distance he approached. Jalapeno’s voice quavered.
Jalapeno: What’s wrong, Agility?
Agility: I couldn’t heal her. My healing magic did nothing.
Jalapeno: Don’t blame yourself y’all. It’s not your fault, and on the inside we’re all shaking like a cow ‘bout to be milked by a Laughing Octopus. (Yes, that’s a Metal Gear Solid 4 joke from the BB member Laughing Octopus) Maybe you have another spell?
Agility: Good idea!
Agility’s star markings glew as he used his taming magic. Twilight slowed down and her cries softened to whimpers. Her eyes fell half closed. Twilight was now perfectly still and only slightly whimpering.
Agility: Weird. She should be completely out.
Nurse: At least she’s doing better.
Twilight: Mommy. I’m scared Mommy. Mommy?...
Agility: Do you know where her parents are? We need to get them!

SVT number 1 fan:
All stories have a beginning, even the story of planet Twililaria. The story of the legendary Ali Twililarian: Day Stargazer. Back when she was still just a human.
The scene alters wide-range forest. Trudging through the dirt path between the trees were two figures: a man, named Abedous; and a woman, named Haleya.
Narrator: Back in the days many were part of the rebuilding society trying to rebuild the Infiniverse to its original state due to the Legendary Twelve's inability to fully heal it when they had to change the Laws of Physics in order to keep black and white holes out of existence and long with other flaws in the Infiniverse they needed to fix. Two of these people were Haleya and Abedous, a young married couple at the time. They were returning to their dojo that was owned by Abedous’ father Master Velvet when they discovered something on the side of the path.
Haleya and Abedous sighed loudly, wishing to stop for a rest. But they knew Master Velvet would be expecting them. As they trudged on, Haleya noticed something covered by the grass of the forest. She kneeled down and slowly lifted the object off the ground. It was a sleeping infant girl, only a few hours old, wrapped in a bundle of cloth.
Narrator: Haleya had discovered a baby girl. The one that would eventually become Day, their first child, they searched the forest in hopes of finding her parents, but had no such luck. With no other option, they took her in.
Haleya and Abedous nodded to each other before heading back to the dojo, unknown to them, a figure with multi colored hair looked by smiling. The scene changes to a year later, where Haleya was sitting as Day crawled to her head.
Narrator: With no else to take her in, Haleya and Abedous adopted Day. Though they weren't related by blood, they still loved her as if she were, especially since Abedous had also been adopted by Master Velvet. Things were going well, despite the... painful experiences she gave them.
Once on top of Haleya's head, Day grabbed a clump of her hair and pulled on it. It was painful beyond belief, but Haleya did nothing to stop her so she wouldn’t upset her. The scene changes to the point where Day is six years old and playing with her younger sisters Aether and Hemera. They were hanging around in the training room, with Day playing with a wooden dummy, until one lucky shot sent the dummy flying through the wall. Amazed by her performance, Haleya began to show her the proper fighting form.
Narrator: Once she showed signs of natural talent, Haleya and Abedous decided to train her. She showed exceptional skill in combat that is only seen once an entire Millennia. But Day seemed to find one thing she believed she lacked: purpose. She did not know how to use her talents for a purpose.
Day was now twelve and testing herself against a pair of Ultimate Aliwyrmixians, the most powerful beasts on the world they lived on: planet Earth, which looked as natural as it had been before it had been hit by any weapons or disasters. The twin dragons curled themselves into multiple patterns in an attempt to confuse their opponent. But Day was not one to be fooled so easily. With perfect grace, Day spun into the air and stuck out her legs to slam them into both creatures’ foreheads. The impact itself was enough to knock both dragons unconscious and they collapsed to the ground; Day landed next to them softly. During this event; Master Velvet, Haleya and Abedous were watching from afar impressed at her quick success.
Narrator: However, little did Day know that her purpose was soon to come...

SVT number 1 fan:
I'd like to point out that Rays of hope has taken a major upheaval and the story previews here are now unofficial.

I'll be making a new topic where I'll show both previews and give out explanations to certain things in the series you may have questions on.


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