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Author Topic: Magical Warfare  (Read 2973 times)

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Magical Warfare
« on: November 25, 2011, 09:38:21 PM »

Mother: Don't cry, little one. It won't be so bad.

A woman was staring at the bundle of blankets in her arms, her baby boy. She sighed and groaned as she sat at the chair near the table. The baby wailed.

Mother: Maybe a story would cheer you up.

As if it understood, the baby stopped. The woman smiled proudly down upon her child.

Mother: This is a tale of light and darkness, of the world before this one. Long ago, people lived in peace. Everyone loved the light. Then people began to fight over it and shadows overtook their hearts. The shadows spread, swallowing the light and many people's hearts. It covered everything, and the world disappeared.

The baby cried again.

Mother: Don't cry, child. Small fragments of light survived... in the hearts of eight legendary and powerful children: Hikari of Light, Yami of Darkness, Reimei of Dawn, Runa of Luna, Zoru of Sol, Yuyami of Dusk, Konran of Chaos, and Yugure of Twilight. With these fragments of light, children rebuilt the lost world at the cost of their lives becoming the eight elements of creation that created our Infiniverse. They made new life that rebuilt the world back to its original state. It's the world we live in now. But the true light sleeps, deep within the blackness. Someday, a door to the innermost evil will open. And the true light will return. Even in the deepest night, there will always be a light to guide you. Believe in the light, and the shadows will never defeat you.

? : Vareena! It's coming!

The child cried again, this time joined by its mother. She held her baby close to her, not wanting to leave him.

Vareena: I'm sorry, but you have to live on for us.

Vareena put her baby boy into a pod and closed it.

Vareena: I love you, Zynpheed.

She ejected to pod from the area and flew into place, moments after the planet started cracking until it exploded.


The scene alternates to the planet Arcueid a century before the event above. By this time, the planet had only been around for month since the great creator had just made it. Peace finally flourished in the universe. The lands of the world had pink plant life, purple skies and a gold ocean giving it a colorful contrast in comparison to other planets. Most of the resources of the land were dependent on the Arcana force and elemental energies, much like the grand creator's former homeland of Teragon Plains. The first city was named Cruciform under the guidance of their ruler, the grand creator himself. And resting closest to the ocean was a gold castle with the ornamental symbol of the royal family: a platinum phoenix-dragon in a circle of twilight.

Yehweh: It's been a long time, brother.

De-Us: Too long.

Within the dining room of the castle, two close siblings were becoming reacquainted with one another. Yehweh, the grand creator now king of planet Arcueid. The most notable thing on him was the gold ring on his finger. His brother, De-Us, was his royal advisor, and would be the mentor to Yehweh's child.

Yehweh: So, what have you been up to lately, bro?

De-Us: It's almost time for me to take the next step. In two more months, I will become the head of the dojo and thereby become representative of the fighting populace. I can already tell that it’s not going to be easy. But before I become head of the dojo, there is something I would like to do. I want to ask Sairia to become my wife.

Yehweh: That's great, buddy! She's been waiting for the past eight years for you to pop the question!

De-Us: Though she's only fifteen and I'm seventeen. Do you think it might be a bit too soon?

Yehweh: Not really, I asked Laicixa to marry me when she was thirteen, remember? Right after I beat the dark creator.

Laicixa: Yes, it was very romantic.

Both friends turned in their seat as a well-known woman entered the dining room. Yehweh's wife Laicixa was considered to be the envy of most women with her silky aqua waist-length hair, and her overall attractive figure.

De-Us: Laicixa, you look as beautiful as ever. So did the egg produce yet?

Laicixa: Yes, we put it in its shrine the other day. Yehweh, Klenito wants to talk to you about something urgent. He's waiting in the Entrance Hall with Riddel.

Yehweh: Will do, De-Us, I suggest you take the opportunity to take what you can before it’s gone.

De-Us: Got it.

(-100 years later-)

A giant ball of fire fell onto a planet inhabited by Mazoku, in moments the planet started to crack which spread everywhere. Quickly acting the planet exploded into a fiery globe before evaporating into nothing.

? : Ha, ha, ha. Now that is beautiful, the fireworks of my former restraint released. It's splendid. Now those meddlesome and useless Mazoku of Monstra shall earn their pity.

Liviethon: Dark Ma’o codenamed as Unbreakable Darkness, the entire planet’s population has been eradicated. When should we expect our next order?

? : In due time, and when we do, Yehweh shall fall.

However unnoticed to anyone a pod flew away from the planet, leaving inside a young baby boy with a black tattoo on her right arm.

Vareena’s Ghost: My little boy, it's up to you, you must... avenge planet Monstra!


Yehweh: What is it, Laicixa?

During that night, Yehweh and Laicixa had left for bed, waiting the next day when they would say goodbye to De-Us while he went to find Sairia. During that time, Laicixa felt a sudden pain in her head and shot up, screaming painfully. Being the self-aware man he was, Yehweh did what any average man would have done: he fell out of bed and hit his head on the floor. Yehweh groaned looking back to his wife with a worried expression. She seemed perfectly fine.

Yehweh: You ok? What happened?

Laicixa: I don't know. For a minute, it felt like something happened. Almost as if a planet was breaking apart and then it just disappeared.

Yehweh: Are you sure you're not imagining it?

Laicixa: Let's just go back to sleep. We're gonna want to be well rested when our baby boy hatches tomorrow and I don't want any bags under my eyes.

Yehweh slowly set himself besides his wife, unconsciously wondering the condition of his soon to be born baby girl. In his mind, he imagined that his daughter would become a great hero that the whole Infiniverse would come to look up to. He never realized how much this dream would become a reality.

Inside of that very girl’s egg, a pool of primordial ooze surrounded a baby Dragon/Shinzoku.

Yehweh: Sleep well, my little girl. You may not realize it now, but you hold one of the keys to great power. And in due time, you will take command of that power.

(-1 day later-)

Two people, a man and his wife were walking through a mountain to head to their local gem mine they had just recently purchased. Suddenly they heard the sound of crying.

The man opened a bush and was surprised at what he saw, in the middle of the field was a pod and in that pod was a crying baby boy with black hair covered in a light blue blanket.

Man: What is this now?

Woman: A baby, but from where?

The man went over to the pod and picked the baby up; he then noticed a wyvern tattoo on his right arm, the symbol of the Mazoku or the demon race as most call it. Normally a Mazoku would make a Precursor flee in terror, but this Mazoku was entirely different, he was just an day old baby, so he wasn't afraid at all. In fact, he was about to make a decision that would change his life.

Man: Shall I take you to my home?

And so, the story of light and darkness began.
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Twilight and Darklight: opposing but equal opposites can always work together if you have the power to make it happen.

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Re: Magical Warfare
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2011, 09:24:13 PM »

Yehweh looked at Laicixa as the latter kept shaking like a massage chair.

Yehweh: Come on... just... Come on...

HIs wife wouldn't hear him as her vibrating body shook the bench.

Yehweh: Trust me, it'll be okay.

Laicixa: What if it's not okay?

Laicixa spun on him, tears welling up in her eyes.

Laicixa: This is insane! I should be in there with my daughter! What if something bad happens? What if...

Yehweh: Laicixa! She's in the best of care right now. Those doctors are excellent.

Laicixa: I know it's just... her egg is starting to hatch; I know nothing about taking care of children and...

Her eyes widened as Yehweh shut her up the only way he knew how to...

By putting his lips on hers and holding the kiss for several moments. His face was red as he broke the kiss, but at least Laicixa seemed to have calmed down with it, her face was just as red as his was though.

Yehweh: Listen, Laicixa... I know that you're worried, but there are vets that have taken care of Dragons and Shinzoku before in there, I'm sure that our girl's going to hatch just fine.

Laicixa nodded and let go of Yehweh, still blushing.

Laicixa: I know, thank you, I just...

Yehweh sighed softly.

Yehweh: You know it might be a good idea to get a check-up yourself. You still haven't seen any doctors since you and I made the egg.

Laicixa: I know... but, I want to be in there when she hatches...

Laicixa knew that it was better for doctors and vets to look the baby over when she came out of the egg. They could keep an eye on her just in case something came up suddenly.

Doctor: Well, if that's the case. Why don't you go see her?

He nearly laughed as Laicixa disappeared from sight and into the room.

Doctor: Oh my... Seems that she was really anxious.

Laicixa blinked as she saw a blonde nurse nod to her.

Laicixa: What were you..?

Nurse: Just getting her vitals, that's all.

The nurse handed over the small Dragon to Laicixa, imagine Laicixa’s shock when she was shown an Ancient Dragon, a rare species of dragons only seen once in a blue moon.

Nurse: She seems quite healthy, and, whoa!

She had to adjust her hands so that she didn't drop the little scaly creature.

Nurse: I think she wants to see her mother.

She chuckled as Laicixa took the baby dragon from her. She patted Laicixa on the shoulder, before walking to the door and stopping.

Laicixa: Oh, Miss Laicixa, if you don't mind, the doctor would like to do a group of tests on you as well. Just to get a baseline of what you're like when you're healthy, nothing more.

Laixica: Of course. Hello, my little girl... Welcome.

Baby: Krreee..?

The young Dragon tilted her head as she looked at her. Sticking out a long tongue, she licked Laicixa's cheek, getting a laugh from the Shinzoku, the Baby Dragon looked similar to the baby form of Valgaav (from Slayers Try episode 26) only red in color.

Laicixa: You're cute, no one will hurt you here, and I promise you that.

Laicixa rubbed her back softly and gently, getting a content purr from the baby Shinzoku.

Laicixa: I'll keep the promise... That my ancestors broke with Shin’o Aluzyn... to protect something.

Baby: Kree..?

The baby titled her head as she looked at Laicixa. She knew it wouldn't take her long at all to be able to transform into a humanoid form, a day maybe, a week at most. And that was if she was going to be lazy.

Laicixa: You'll be okay... Mama will make sure of it.

Yehweh: I think I know what to call her.

The baby Shinzoku looked at him.

Yehweh: How does Alupheed sound?

Baby: Kree! Kree!

Yehweh: Alupheed it is then, you grow up nice and strong now.

(-1000 years later-)

The scene opens to the grassy plains of Aurum city as the night sky flourished with stars. The animals of the lands were going about their business, not even taking notice to a pair of feet walking through the fields. The young figure stopped on top of a smooth boulder and looked down the hillside. A city's skies were lit with an array of colored fireworks, which reflected against the glistening canals between the streets.

Kid: Aurum city, let's get Zirquat for dad Aerowing.

A chirp was heard from her shoulder showing a green humanoid like avain-like dragon creature, his Esse-Lacinia Aerowing. (Think of a bird like nobody for an example only with eyes) And with that, the young kid zoomed off in the direction of Aurum city.


Liviethon walked up to the townspeople.

Liviethon: Looks like even the great city of Aurum was no match for one of the Elite-Class Mazoku.

Aurum's greatest defense had fallen. But suddenly without warning, a great gale of wind circled around the area, catching the minor Mazoku off guard. Once they were properly distracted, fire flared across the minor Mazoku surrounding the people and obliterated them from existence. A townsperson noticed someone in the winds.

Townsperson: Look!

Liviethon and his follower jumped back-to-back as rock spears shot past their soldiers, destroying them one by one.

Liviethon: Is it him, Serpent?

Serpent: No, it's not him. These movements are too fast.

Liviethon: I was hoping he would show once he knew people were in danger, but if that isn’t the case, who is this interloper?

Kid: Well, since you asked so nicely.

Freezing water spears struck the remaining Mazoku and a shadowed figure skipped off the ground and towards the pinnacle of the town's statue. The figure was revealed, revealing a girl with messy black hair that went down to her waist tied with a pink ribbon, the hair besides her face had lighter star shaped spots. Heroes and villains stared at the creature as they noticed the mark of a Shinzoku on her left arm. She wore a light blue and yellow hooded jacket with light yellow stars at the end of the hoodie strings and the sides and back of the jacket, she wore a regular blue shirt under the jacket that also had a light yellow star on the front with two smaller stars and the ends of the star’s bottom points, she had a light blue belt which held her blue pants that became lighter as they went down, she had white fingerless gloves and wristbands and the gloves each had a red star on them, her sneakers also had every color of stars on them and she had a string on her pants what held star charms on it.

Serpent: And who are you?

Kid: My dad is holy light and my mom is super bright, but I am the twilight that exists in between! There's a new hero on the block, a Shinzoku to be exact! And her name is Alupheed Praecursoris!

Liviethon: Serpent, who is this meddlesome child?

Serpent: She claimed that she was a Shinzoku, my only guess is that she is the child of Shin’o Yehweh and Shinzoku Laicixa.

Alupheed: Hey, are you gonna talk to yourself all day? Or are you gonna fight?

Liviethon: Don't bother wasting our time. We attacked Aurum city in hopes of drawing the attention of Yehweh. And yet... he sends his only daughter. He must have great confidence in you.

Alupheed: Actually, he has no idea about this. I was just coming to get some Zirquat for him, but I think I’ll give him a break and handle this myself.

Aerowing: *Chirp!*

Liviethon: Then I'll have to... kill you!

Before the young Shinzoku could contemplate his words, she felt something close over her ankle. She turned and looked – Liviethon's right hand had trapped her. While no one was looking, the Mazoku had slithered his hand into the water and secretly slipped behind the town statue. The Elite Mazoku snapped his lengthy arm into the air and was released in the direction of the ground. The town's leader clenched his fist in spite, watching the young warrior crash through one of the shop walls across the shrine.

Leader: You coward.

Serpent: Flattery will get you nowhere. Master, if Yehweh isn't coming, then do we have any use for this city?

Liviethon: It appears these worthless Precursors will not be enough to draw Yehweh's attention. Kill them.

Serpent: That's all I needed to hear.

The Mazoku stepped forward, drawing knives until he had three in each hand. The town leader stood protectively in front of his family. Serpent clicked his blades together rhythmically, creating an eerie echo, and the leader cupped his hand together in preparation for his signature spell. But soon enough, he found that he didn't need to. Without warning, a sphere of fire zipped across the water and landed a powerful blow in the back of Serpent's head. Though the impact was not enough to knock the Mazoku off his feet, it had forced him to move sluggishly.

Alupheed: I guess I'm going to have to go even further beyond my current level of power.

Serpent thrusted his hand into his vest and withdrew a thick scroll, which unfolded immediately. The scroll was swiped across the air, revealing hundreds of kanji repeating the same word: pierce. With a single command of Serpent's thoughts, the seals exploded and formed a wall of sharp black cones. Serpent smirked with the knowledge of knowing Alupheed’s imminent defeat, but suddenly an aura of power appeared around Alupheed and guess Serpent's surprise when the army of cones reflected off the aura. Then out of nowhere Alupheed turned into a red dragon, her Shinzoku form. Serpent and his watchers were thrown off guard by Alupheed’s sudden power rise – even Liviethon found it difficult to accept the information.

Liviethon: That's impossible. How is he generating that much power?

Serpent: This is unreal. How is that possible?

Without warning, Alupheed exploded off the ground and swiped across the air faster than the eye could see. Serpent was stunned by the sudden change and left himself completely open for attack. Alupheed bashed into the Mazoku's abdomen with a fist as hard as stone, lifting him off his feet and throwing the warrior off the platform. Liviethon and the Precursors gazed on in fascination while Serpent was thrown through not just one, but four buildings.

Alupheed: Signature Spell; Twilight Phalanx!

Liviethon noticed something when she called out that attack, five balls of energy swarmed around Serpent before they each released a beam that blasted out huge power and agonizing noise.

Serpent looked up as the attack slammed him and ended his existence only screaming.

Serpent: Master!

Liviethon was shocked as the armor of his servant was blown near him.

Liviethon: No one’s ever beaten Serpent.

Alupheed: Looks like he's down for forever.

Alupheed turned back into her human state.

Leader: Alupheed has beaten your greatest fighter, Liviethon. Let my family go and leave Aurum city forever.

Liviethon: As you say.

With all things said, Liviethon jumped to the rooftops and made his way to the direction to the outskirts of the city and disappeared over the horizon.

The leader gazed at the Shinzoku with peaked interest. For that one instant, Alupheed’s power level rivaled even an Elite-ranking Mazoku’s servant. Where did Alupheed gain that sudden increase in power? The warrior also noticed that she didn’t use any Holy Arcana, just elemental.

Leader: Maybe there is something they aren't telling us.
Twilight and Darklight: opposing but equal opposites can always work together if you have the power to make it happen.

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Re: Magical Warfare
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2011, 09:25:07 PM »

Alupheed was walking to head back home with Aerowing. Though she was surprised for once that she had used more power than she normally did, she usually focused on just her human body’s powers but this was the first she used her Dragon form.

Aerowing: *Chirp?*

Alupheed: I’m fine Aerowing, just can’t believe I had to use even more power there.

But suddenly out of nowhere, they were surrounded by fire that spiraled into the sky, before they disappeared, along with the fire.


Alupheed: Where... Where am I?

Alupheed and Aerowing looked around. She was certain she was still on the continent, or at least the planet. But where she was...

All around her was nothing but common elements. She stumbled back as lava rose up, before parting and revealing a VERY large white Dragon in front of her. Alupheed’s eyes were wide as she gaped at the creature. 'Oh crap! It looks like that Dragon that was blocking the way to the big king Dragon in Starpheed’s video game.'

White Dragon: Interesting.

The Dragon leaned in and looked at her.

White Dragon: A young Shinzoku... To do that to a high leveled Mazoku.

He, at least Alupheed thought it was male, chuckled, before the large body disappeared and was replaced by a tall man with white hair wearing a cloak and smirking at him.

White Dragon: I've never seen a youngling do that, at all. Too bad you didn't kill Liviethon, cause then it would have been interesting.

Alupheed was having trouble breathing, for some reason, it felt like the heat in the area spiked when this man appeared.

Alupheed: You are...

White Dragon: Sentients have long since forgotten my name. And even the Precursors don't know me that well. Considering that Axavel decided to hole himself up in that tower of forever of his and Gruingar decided to hide in a cave, it's not surprising that you wouldn't know of me.

Alupheed: ...You're not a Dragon, are you?

White Dragon: I only look like one out of respect to my master, Shin’o Zuus! I am the Holy Dragon King Izelxior!

Alupheed’s eyes felt like melting as the god announced who he was.

Izelxior: You're interesting, or at least I thought you were. But now I see... You just got lucky.

Alupheed: What?

Izelxior: Little god, just so pathetic... You got lucky against that Mazoku. You're completely useless. Then again, what should I expect? Even Precursors are nothing for the coming threat. I haven't even spoken to the High Dragons in over a thousand years for their crimes. They asked for items to help them when the Ma'o attacked, and then they turned on my other dragons, the Ultimate Dragons. Just like Mazoku, they seek to control and dominate everything. And destroy what they can't.

Alupheed blinked as Izelxior smirked at her.

Izelxior: Then again, you young Shinzoku aren't any better, just Mazoku with holy properties.

Alupheed: What?

Izelxior: Think about it... The reason you can't use Holy arcana... is because you're too much like Mazoku. Why should you have Shinzoku power? And that little Mazoku cousin of yours... it might be best for everyone if I just kill her now.

Alupheed’s eyes widened as he heard that.

Alupheed: You... You wouldn't... Not all Mazoku are bad.

Izelxior: Why should you care? It's not like she can do anything against the 2nd-Phase.

He smirked more at Alupheed’s expression.

Izelxior: Oh, sorry but I'm not giving away any spoilers. But, that girl, she doesn't need to live, does she?

Seeing the look on Alupheed’s face, he laughed.

Izelxior: Getting upset? What good would that do? I'm an experienced god, I'm far stronger than that Mazoku that you messed up. Even if Shinzoku and Mazoku are similar, there's no way that you can defeat me.

Alupheed: So, I'm supposed to... Just let you kill Volpheed?

Izelxior: That's her name? I suppose it wouldn't be too hard, Shinzoku are so squishy at your age.

Alupheed twitched, she tried to move, but found herself bound up by some invisible force.

Izelxior: Don't bother. That de-motion spell is so much more potent than anything a Precursor could do that you really have no chance to do anything. And here, in my domain, only Holy Arcana is usable. Meaning you lose.

Alupheed: Leave her alone!

Alupheed screamed, her body glowing a bright gold, causing the de-motion spell to scatter to the four winds as a huge pillar of energy erupted around Alupheed, before condensing into a ball of twilight and lashing out at the Shinzoku.

The ball faded against his body and he chuckled as he walked up to the girl, who fell to her knees and panted.

Izelxior: Interesting... I was right to choose you.

Alupheed: But all those things you said...

Izelxior: I needed to force you to draw out your Arcana... Holy Arcana, it's not the same as Wicked, or regular magic. And I needed to see if you could actually harness its power properly, that was just one instance.

He grabbed Alupheed and flew straight up.

Izelxior: Now then... Use your power... And save yourself from death.

Alupheed’s eyes were wide as she got the idea of what Izelxior had planned.

Izelxior: You have until you hit the lava, girl.

Alupheed’s eyes widened as she was dropped.

Alupheed (Thinking): (Even if I had learned how fly before this I doubt he'd let me fly.)

Alupheed closed her eyes and concentrated. She knew what she felt before; she just had to make it work again. The heat was starting to get to her as she felt her own skin starting to burn.

Izelxior shook his head.

Izelxior: Has Yehweh taught you nothing?

Alupheed clenched a fist tight. Why? Why wouldn't it work? The more she tried to force it, the more it wanted to get away from her.

Yehweh: Holy magic cannot be controlled, you can only flow with it, you're not controlling the river flow, and instead you are the flow.

Suddenly Alupheed’s eyes snapped open. Izelxior was surprised when she purposely dived into the lava and sinking under it, then five of the elements inside the lair mixed into the lava.

Izelxior: What is this? Is she crazy... no, she's!

The Dragon King floated back as the elements suddenly rose and spiraled into the air. Alupheed then landed on the ground and five elemental energy balls entered her Shinzoku marking. Along with a sixth that even Izelxior didn't notice.

Izelxior: Well, I'm glad that I wasn't wrong about you, kid. How did you figure it out?

Alupheed: My dad said... It was like you are the river...

Izelxior: You have your Shinzoku powers now kid, and it seems you got control of over a good chunk of elements. You'll figure it out eventually. I wonder what kind of Great God you'll end up as.


Suddenly Alupheed saw herself back at the spot she was before.

Aerowing: *Chirp?*

Alupheed: Honestly Aerowing, I have no idea.
Twilight and Darklight: opposing but equal opposites can always work together if you have the power to make it happen.
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