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Author Topic: SVT #1's Seasonal Specials  (Read 3562 times)

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SVT #1's Seasonal Specials
« on: November 05, 2011, 04:02:51 PM »

(This Halloween one is late because I thought of doing these after Halloween.)


Fatefeed: This is ridiculous. I can't believe I let you talk me into this.

Xyzfeed: Will you relax? This'll be fun! And that's something you don't have enough of!

Fatefeed: But I feel weird about this. It isn't like me at all!

Xyzfeed: Well, that's the whole fun of Halloween: you get to be somebody you're not!

Fatefeed didn't say anything else. The two twins continued to make their way to the center of town, where the big Halloween party was going to be held. Xyzfeed was looking forward to having a good time, but it had taken a bit of convincing in order to get his brother to join him.

After a while, the twins reached the city square, where they had agreed to meet their friends before the party. Four of them were already waiting in the grassy patch set as the meeting point: Valfeed, Yangfeed, Valfeed, and Starfeed. Each of them was wearing a Halloween costume for the event. Valfeed was dressed as an Angel, Yangfeed had two extra pairs of fake arms so she could be a spider, Valfeed was dressed as a Valkyrie, and Starfeed was wearing clothing made from candy wrappers to imitate a piece of candy.

Yangfeed was the first to notice Xyzfeed and Fatefeed approaching. As soon as she saw them, she grinned broadly and ran over to the blue twin.

Yangfeed: Xyzfeed! You made it!

And then something odd happened: Xyzfeed laughed. It was the first time he had ever thought Yangfeed running to meet him was funny. But, strangely enough, the reason he found this amusing was funnier still.

Xyzfeed: I told you she would do that!

He whispered to Fatefeed, smiling.

Fatefeed, however, did not find the matter funny at all. The reason he didn't share Xyzfeed's amusement... was that he didn't like people touching him, much less hugging him. Yangfeed had greeted the wrong twin, and she didn't even realize it.

An hour earlier, Xyzfeed and Fatefeed had been working on their own costumes for the party. The costumes they were currently using had been Xyzfeed's idea; he thought it would be funny to play a trick on his friends. He had picked up some hair dye in two different colors, blue and purple - and brought it with him when he went to get Fatefeed. The two twins had then each dyed their hair in the other's color, switched clothes, and covered their cheek symbols with the others’. By the time they were finished, each twin was looking at the other... and seeing a mirror image of themselves.

Xyzfeed continued to laugh as he watched his admirer hugging his friendly rival. Fatefeed then shot him an irritated look, and Xyzfeed knew he would have to intervene. Fatefeed did not handle irritation well.

Xyzfeed: Yangfeed...

Stifling his laughter, Yangfeed turned to face the speaker. At first she didn't notice anything strange; she thought she greeted Xyzfeed and looking at Fatefeed. So Xyzfeed tried again.

Xyzfeed: Yangfeed, it's me!

Yangfeed squinted at the purple haired twin for a moment, trying to decipher the meaning of his words. His voice was a bit different, and he was standing with his arms open and a smile on his face. This was not like him...

Yangfeed: Fatefeed?

Fatefeed: Nope.

This time the speaker was the blue haired twin Yangfeed greeted, but his voice seemed somehow more annoyed than usual. Yangfeed looked back at who she thought was Xyzfeed... and then she saw it.

It was the one physical detail that Xyzfeed and Fatefeed could not change about themselves. Looking closely, Yangfeed noticed that the blue haired twin had purple eyes. Turning to the purple haired twin, she also noticed that he had blue eyes. But that wasn't possible, unless...

Yangfeed: You dressed as each other?

At this, Xyzfeed burst into laughter once more, and Valfeed, Valfeed and Starfeed giggled along with him. Xyzfeed had been right; this was kind of fun.

Just then, the remainder of the group of friends arrived in the square: Alufeed and Zynfeed. Alufeed had powdered her skin all over and put on dark eye shadow to make herself look like a ghost, while Zynfeed made his skin green to imitate a zombie.

The two walked over to the grassy patch where their friends were waiting. Once they reached it, they greeted Valfeed, Yangfeed, Starfeed and Valfeed. Alufeed then noticed the twins standing behind the others.

Alufeed: Hi Xyzfeed! Hi Fatefeed! Where are your costumes?

Valfeed: They are wearing costumes! Look closer.

So Alufeed did. She looked at the blue twin, and saw he was staring back with a straight face and one hand on his hip. Alufeed then looked at the purple twin, and saw he was standing with his arms crossed and a sly smile on his face. After a minute of quiet observation, Alufeed finally noticed that they had somehow switched eye colors. No... they had switched everything except their eye colors!

Alufeed: Xyzfeed?

The disguised twin turned to face Alufeed, then, despite his amusement, managed to put on a straight face.

Xyzfeed: I'm not Xyzfeed, I'm the stubborn twin.

At this, Fatefeed stopped laughing. He stared directly at the mirror image of himself, and spoke in his normal, irritated tone.

Fatefeed: I don't sound like that.

Everyone else looked carefully from one hedgehog to the other. They all knew Xyzfeed had a tendency to attract trouble and laugh in the face of danger, no matter what form it came in. Xyzfeed ignored Fatefeed's comment, crossing his arms and sticking his nose up in an exaggerated conceited attitude, and continued his impersonation.

Xyzfeed: Xyzfeed! You have our mother's recklessness and none of dad's brains!

Xyzfeed's friends all turned their attention to Fatefeed, waiting to see how he would react.

Fatefeed: OK, that does sound like me.

Zynfeed: Well, what are we waiting for? The sun is setting! We should be getting to the party now!

His friends all agreed, so they left the grassy patch in the square and made their way to the local clubhouse, where the event was just starting. The group of friends passed through the doors of the building towards the music that was playing loudly inside.

Before entering the room filling up with people dressed in costumes, Xyzfeed looked subtly at Fatefeed, smiled, and winked at him; Fatefeed, giving in to the fun of being somebody different for one night, smiled back at Xyzfeed, and followed him into the party.

All of the friends were certain they would have a good time tonight, even Fatefeed. It was going to be a great Halloween.
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Re: Legacy of Heroes 2.0 Seasonal Specials
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2011, 10:19:43 AM »


Alufeed: Hey Xyzfeed, c'mon in.

Delfeed: I brought my mom’s famous Strawberry Chicken pie.

Alufeed: Yum, I love that pie!

They went into the back of the house to find a small gathering of people already there. The Strawberry Chicken Pie was placed with the main servings of the Precursor Thanksgiving, the Banana Berry Cake, Blue Jalapeno Ice Cream, and the main serving: the Sushi Spaghetti 3 foot pizza. Fatefeed and his twin Yangfeed were playing a TCG game, and surprisingly Fatefeed was winning, though Alufeed was sure Yangfeed was letting him win.

Starfeed was sitting on the couch as well, next to Valfeed, giving her advice, on a new RPG she bought that he knew every secret about. Valfeed was sitting on the arm of the couch next to Fatefeed, watching the card duel with mild interest. Alufeed’s Esse-Lacinia Aerowing was on the floor trying to entertain himself by chasing his tail

Zynfeed had shown up at this point and handed Alufeed a bowl of yogurt sauce.

Alufeed: Well. It looks like everyone's here!

Yehweh: Well everyone, how about we have this dinner then?

Everyone smiled and cheered the idea of food. The table was set, the food placed, and everyone pulled up a chair to the oddly large chair for such a small family. There was even a bowl for Aerowing to eat from.

Laicixa: I think we should go around the table and say what we're thankful for.

Xyzfeed: I'll start! I'm thankful for all my friends who are always there for me, no matter what.

Fatefeed: I'm thankful for my friends, but also for by adversaries, who continue to push me to do my best.

Valfeed: I'm thankful for my family who stands by me whenever I get hurt or sick.

Starfeed: I'm thankful for having people that care about me.

Alufeed: I'm thankful to have a family that's stayed together despite their origins.

Yangfeed: I'm thankful for cheesy peanuts.

Everyone laughed at that one.

Valfeed: I'm thankful for having the peace we have today, and for the hard work it took to get here.

Yehweh: Hey, what about you, Zynfeed? You haven't said anything yet.

Zynfeed: Oh, well... I'm thankful for this meal, and having friends to share it with, to finally have friends, after so many years of being alone, and to be able to have friends like you guys.

There was a long silence after this, each person taking Zynfeed's little speech to heart in his or her own way. After all, many of them had had traumatic pasts as well, from no friends, to being in such a close proximity of death. At last the silence was broken, and Alufeed picked up the knives, expertly slicing up the turkey. Idle chatter was made and food was served.

As the group ate, the fire crackled merrily in the background, and everyone was thankful.
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Twilight and Darklight: opposing but equal opposites can always work together if you have the power to make it happen.

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Re: SVT #1's Seasonal Specials
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2011, 06:02:43 PM »


It was a peaceful winter night for the gods and demons. The leaves of the trees were completely white and the ground was covered with powdery white snow. But this was no normal winter night. This was the night of Christmas. Alufeed decided to throw a Christmas party to celebrate the group's first Christmas together. Everyone went around inviting everyone they knew to join. The guests of the party were: family members, and off-planet guests. Everyone was chatting and enjoying the party. Well...almost everybody.

Zynfeed: Where's Alufeed?

Zynfeed suddenly screamed.

Zynfeed's screamed caught everyone off guard and caused them to trip on their own two feet. It was true that no one has seen Alufeed since about three hours ago. Alufeed said she left to get something, but it's been hours since then. Quite frankly, Zynfeed had a reason to be worried. After all, it was Alufeed's idea for a party in the first place.

Mrs. Diuites: Calm down, dear. I'm sure Alufeed is on her way.

Zynfeed: But what if she doesn't?

Mr. Diuites: I'm not complaining.

His wife slapped him over the head.

Mr. Diuites: Yowch!"

Fatefeed: Don't worry, Zynfeed. Alufeed isn't the one to let people down.

Xyzfeed: Yeah! She's probably already on her way!

Delfeed took the off-planet guests outside to introduce something they never see in their worlds: snow. The guests watch idly as the snow fell from the sky and touched softy on the ground. A boy named Zesty held out his hand to catch a flake, but it melted in his hand.

Zesty: So... this stuff is called snow, right?

Delfeed: Yep. I bet you don't see this kind of stuff in your world.

Zesty: Except for the similar dandruff of Crucofa's domain, I have never seen such things before. What are they used for?

Zesty was then suddenly pelted by a random snowball, Zesty looks over to see Delfeed holding another one. Zesty draws his blade and holds it to Delfeed's neck.

Zesty: You dare to strike me!

Delfeed: N-n-no, wait! It was part of a game!

Zesty: A game?

Delfeed: Yeah. You make snowballs and throw them at each other. Like this.

Delfeed threw the snowball and landed a direct hit on Sonny.

Zesty: You mean, I just do this...

Zesty followed Delfeed's example and formed his own snowball.

Zesty: ...And just throw it?

He threw the snowball and nailed Bobby directly in the back of his head. At this, Zesty started laughing.

Zesty: You're right, it is fun.

Back inside, Sarah was watching her friends play through the window. Just then, Starfeed walked up to her.

Starfeed: Hey, you're Sarah, right?

Sarah: Yes, I am.

Starfeed: I never got a chance to introduce myself. My name’s Starfeed.

Sarah: Oh, so you're Starfeed. Delfeed talked about you a lot during our training. You're her fraternal twin brother, right?

Starfeed: Yeah.

Sarah: Tell me, how can you stand someone as clumsy as Delfeed?

Starfeed: Clumsy?

Sarah: Delfeed was always such a klutz back in the days. I have loads of stories about them.

Starfeed: Are any of them embarrassing stories?

Sarah: The best ones are.

Starfeed: Let's avoid those.

Fatefeed was helping the guest with some drinks when he noticed Valfeed. Or more specifically, what was above her. Hanging on the roof above Valfeed’s head was a small piece of mistletoe. Fatefeed saw this as an opportunity to get close to her.

Fatefeed slowly made his way over to Valfeed and prepared himself. His heart was beating faster with every step he took towards her. Fatefeed was only a few steps away when Valfeed walked away from the mistletoe. Fatefeed walked with his head held down in a depressive state. Just then, Laicixa came up to him.

Laicixa: Hey, Fatefeed, what's wrong?

Fatefeed: I just missed my chance with Valfeed under the mistletoe.

Laicixa: That reminds me of a funny story that happened with General Riggy once.

Fatefeed: What happened?

Laicixa whispered into the boy’s ear, Fatefeed immediately fell on the floor laughing.

Yehweh was sitting at the couch with Xyzfeed and Yangfeed. Yehweh was telling them about the War of the Beginning.

Yehweh: ...And that's when I beat the dark creator’s final crafty tactic.

Yangfeed: You know I still don't understand how you became a Shin’o.

Illumiu: Well I think that’s a story for another time kids.

Everyone seemed to have had a good time, everyone except Zynfeed. Zynfeed sat depressed at the window the entire time waiting for Alufeed. Mrs. Diuites walked up to him and placed her hand on his shoulder for reassurance.

Mrs. Diuites: Are you ok?

Zynfeed: I've been better.

Mrs. Diuites: You can't let Alufeed's lateness get to you like this.

Zynfeed: I know. But it was just hoping this Christmas would be special for the two of us.

Just then, there was a slight cold breeze passing by followed by a familiar voice.

Alufeed: Hey, guys! I'm here!

Everyone looked towards the entrance to find that Alufeed had finally returned. Everyone ran to Alufeed's side except for Zynfeed. Instead, Zynfeed gave Alufeed a hug.

Alufeed: Hey, Zynfeed.

Zynfeed: You're here; please don't be so long next time...

Zynfeed paused for a moment when Alufeed presented him with a present. Zynfeed grabbed the box.

Zynfeed: What is this?

Alufeed: This is the reason I was gone. I was late mostly because it was really far away.

Zynfeed opened the present and pulled out a necklace with a pendant that looked exactly like Alufeed's only with the Mazoku’s symbol carefully made from Zutchen.

Alufeed: You got me my necklace, so I thought I'd get you your own.

Xyzfeed: Oh, that's so romantic.

Mr. Diuites's eye started to twitch at the thought.

Fatefeed: And speaking of romantic. Look up.

Both looked above their heads and saw a small strand of mistletoe above them. Alufeed gave Zynfeed a quick kiss on the lips. Zynfeed nearly fainted.

Alufeed: Merry Christmas, Zynfeed, Merry Christmas, everyone.
Twilight and Darklight: opposing but equal opposites can always work together if you have the power to make it happen.
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