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Title: Character Introduction
Post by: grox on February 23, 2010, 12:58:33 AM
No RP can start with out a few characters. So, Introduce your OC (Original Character) OR your FC (Fan Character). So we can get this party started. A few basic guidelines for people who are just starting out, or have no OC or FC to speak of, should probably go by this setup.

Name: (Kinda need one, can't have your character going around with out a name.)

Age: (Your character can be what ever age you like, from like ten to one hundred trillion, doesn't matter, hell, age is optional.)

Gender: (You kinda have a couple of choices here, you have, he, she, or it. OR, your character can have no gender at all, just depends on your preference.)

Species: (Animal, mineral, or vegetable.....Ha ha, had you going there for a second. Or did I? any who, Your character can be what ever you want, your character can be a lion, a robot, a lizard, a fish, an ox, a cyborg, or a genetic experiment, or even an alien. I wouldn't know, it's your character, you decide.)

Likes: (Pretty self explainitory, What does your character like? emotions, the way some people act, food, people, music, art, television? I wouldn't know, your character.)

Dislikes: (Just the reverse of the above, What does your character not like? Bullying, injustice in the world, the good guys always winning, those friggin anchoives on pizza, someone saying like a lot, technology? I don't know, tell me, I'd like to find out.)

Back story: (Ah the back story, Now, we just can't have your character *poof* out of thin air. Though, on some shows, they actually get away with it. BUT, not here, I'd at least like to know a 'wee' bit about your characters past. You know, Did they have a family? Were they always the way they were now? Why do they not like anchoives? Um, Where did they learn their skills? How do they know how to fight? Can they fight? Like that stuff I just wrote, ask yourself questions, and try to answer them from your characters point of view.)

Gear: (What is your character carrying right at this moment in time? Clothes? Weapons? Food? A nuclear powered toaster oven? Just give a general list of what your character has, 'bout all I can ask for right?)

Strengths: (What are your characters strong points, Are they brave, do they have a special ability like super strength, or super speed, or flight, are they super intelligent, or are they really freaking agile? I don't know, you need to tell me this stuff.)

Weaknesses: (What are your characters weak points, are they a coward, do they have a fear of something, or better yet, do they have a phobia of something? Does something drain them of their special ability? Are they physically challenged? Are they mentally challenged? Are they challenged period? Tell me!)
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: grox on February 24, 2010, 05:43:28 AM
So you can see what I'm talking about, I'm going to make a character.

Name: Cha' Omp, usually goes by Chomp.

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Species: Mystically Enchanted Hedgehog

Likes: Magic, Pizza, German foods, Dr. Pepper, Reading, Sword Practice, and People not making fun of his head.

Dislikes: People yelling out 'Hey Skeletor! Castle Gray Skull is that way!", People calling him Skeletor, Having to remove his hood, losing his magic book, losing his sword, losing his staff, and having little kids stare at his head.

Back Story: His home was different, he was the only one of the family to not excel at magic, but excelled at survival techniques, fighting with swords, staffs, and other things. His father had told him that he was going to be a great fighter some day, but to survive in this world, where the powers of Chaos roam free, he was going to have to learn some magic. Giving his son the bare essentials, He sent him on a quest to find his magic in this world. After leaving home, and traveling a very long distance, Chomp came upon an area of ruins, the place seemed to have been at one time, a place of great magical importance.

Cha' Omp searched every nook and cranny to see if he could find anything that would help him find his magic. Alas, he did not, he took a seat on a slab that was slightly embedded in the ground. His weight shifted the slab to fall somewhere, collapsing the ground beneath him. Cha' Omp fell into what seemed to be an undisturbed tomb of sorts. With the light of the sun shining in, he was able to make out a pedastall(I don't know how to spell that word, I'm tired it's 4:20 AM, gimme a break.) with a book on it, with a staff next to it. The staff looked like it had a ram's skull on top of it, As Chomp walked closer towards the pedastall he saw that behind it was a coffin with a sword on top of it. Chomp got to the book first, he placed his hands upon the book, nothing happened, he opened it and read it's pages, he found that the book was a spell book, filled with all sorts of powerful spells that would even impress his father. His eyes seemed to be called towards a single spell, as he read it aloud, dark lightening started arcing off of the coffin onto the staff and the book. When Cha' Omp finished reading the spell, the lightening arced to him, striking him in the middle of his forehead. Instantly his entire head was set ablaze, the agony he felt as the fur and flesh were burned from his head was unfathomable. After a few minutes of screaming and trying to put out the blaze that engulfed his head. Cha' Omp realized that the flames had gone out, but he could no longer feel anything on his face, nor on his head, or anything that his head touched. He reached up his hands and felt his face, his fur, his flesh, were completely gone. All that remained was his skull, just floating there, like nothing happened. He screamed in horror at this, after a few moments of this, he grabbed the book of the pedastall, and looked through it to see if he could find some way to return his head to what it had been, but to no avail.

He threw the book towards the coffin, the book landed with a thud. He held his now skeletal head with both of his hands. Not noticing that the sword had floated off of the coffin, slid under the book, floated over to him, and placed the book at his feet. Cha' Omp looked up and saw the sword floating there. 3 seconds later, He screamed, fell on his but, and backed away very quickly, the sword followed him, he also saw that the staff had now begun floating towards him as well. The sword remained in front of him, and was quickly joined by the staff, then suddenly out of no where, came a voice. "You now have what I had, the power to reshape the world. Go forth and conquer it, None shall be able to with stand your might!" With that, a loud thunderous *BOOM!* shook the entire room, Cha' Omp didn't know what was happening, but, he did know not to look a gift horse in the mouth. The entire room was still shaking, the walls were beginning to crumble, causing the ruins to cave in around him. Cha' Omp didn't know what to do, other than, he grabbed the sword, the staff and the book, and scrambled out of the caving in ruins. He ran and ran, far away from that place, He finally reached a secluded area that no one would be able to find him in. He sat there, next to a tree, with his three items that had been given to him. "Well, Dad, heh heh, I found my magic, but." He rubbed his skeletal head. "I don't want to return home looking like this, I need to find a way to reverse what's happened to my head." He stood up, he hastily made a sheath for the sword, and slung it across his back. He picked up the book and placed it in his bag. He finally picked up the staff and began walking, "If I'm to find any way to return my head to what it was, I need to find stronger magic that what I now have." He said as he put on his hood, trying to hide what he now looked like from the rest of the world.

Gear:.....I'm too tired to list his gear at the moment, I'll list it when I've had some sleep, TTFN, Ta Ta For Now.
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: Illeana.Nightrain on March 15, 2010, 02:00:39 AM
EDIT: Gonna add strengths and weaknesses

Name: Illeana Nightrain

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: A shape shifter, her animal form being a wolf.

Appearance (because I’ve always added this to a character sheet): In human form, she is about 5’5’’ and 130 pounds (though she looks quite slender since she’s pretty much solid muscle.) Her hair is roughly down to her back, thick and in slight waves that are auburn in colour. Her features look to be Irish with large eyes (which are brown under normal circumstances and deep amber when the wolf is closer to the surface or when she’s in her wolf form.) She’s got fair skin and freckles along the bridge of her nose. Mostly she wears bellbottoms that are torn in the left knee and a plain fitted black tee-shirt with lovingly worn grey sneakers. She wears the pendant of a wolf around her neck on a long silver chain (as to not choke her when she shifts.) She can chose to have ears and a tail in her (seemingly) human form. When she does, they are the same colour as her hair, the tail having a silver tip and being nice and fluffy. Her wolf form is on the small side for a wolf and the same auburn colour as her hair. Her tail has the silver tip as well as her right front paw and her under belly. Across her nose on the right side she has three scars that look like they were attains in a fight with another wolf. She also has these in her human form though they aren’t very noticeable.

Likes: She likes music, magic, video games, running, and a nice slab of red meat. And bunnies. Everything about them. Chasing them, taunting them, cuddling them…and noming them.

Dislikes: Most technology, people who get in her way, getting shot at because she’s thought to be a wild wolf, ignorance

Strengths: She's got a very strong will. She's fast. She can calm people by touching them (though it takes a great concentration which she does not always have) and she can manipulate energies (elemental influences.) She's also very loyal unless you cross her.

Weaknesses: She doesn't always listen to that voice that tells her maybe she shouldn't be doing something. People often think the things she can do are stronger than they are and when she can't "preform" it gets her into trouble. She's easily influenced. And she's on a quest in which she'll do nearly anything to be able to accomplish (this can be both a strength and a weakness I suppose.)

Back story: Once upon a time, Illeana had a family. They were shape shifters of the wolf variety and practiced a form of Shamanism dealing with Earth Magics and herbs. Not that she remembers them too well. When she was 6 years old her city was attacked and her parents forced her and her older brother (who was 14 at the time) to flee. They may still be alive, but she hasn’t seen them since. Her brother, whose name was Iah, took her out into the wilderness where they lived for several years as wolves. She didn’t know much about why Iah insisted on this; just that he said it would keep them safe. Something about how their parents were rebels in the war and someone would be looking for them. When she was 13, she decided it was time to start life as a human again. Iah disagreed with this and told her that if that’s what she wanted, she would do it on her own. And so she did. She went into a nearby city, which she later learned to be SVT City and turned to a human in a back alley. Unfortunately, it had been years since she’d worn clothes, so she had none. Thankfully, someone walked by and noticed the young girl standing there naked. She was Oblivion (though Illeana still doesn’t believe that to be her real name.) This pale skinned, white haired, blue eyed, and slightly deranged 15 year old quickly became Illeana’s best friend and took her to get some clothes. Newly equipped in an outfit much like the one she wears now, Oblivion took her out to show her the city. It was a flourishing city with much going for it and a lot of proud people. At first Iah would still show up in his wolf form to make sure she was okay, but as time went on his visits became less and less until he no longer showed up. She wonders sometimes if he’s still watching her, but she hasn’t seen him in about 3 years. In the city she made many friends. Illeana learned many things like how to use the magic she had as a shape shifter to give her clothes when she turned from wolf to human. She also learned that, through the magic that ran through her blood, she could manipulate energies. Mostly she used it to influence people’s emotions, though she can only do this on a small scale. She also learned how to call on the elements to help her, though these too were small things like calling fire to warm her if she was cold or asking for a nice breeze if she was hot. She also learned things like how to fight and how to steal; all important things to know as a teenager living on the streets of a city. She had many adventures and fought many battles. When things really started to go downhill, she went back to living as a wolf, watching the destruction and fall of the city from afar. Finally she has decided that it is time to return and see what she can find and make of the old city and if there was anything she could do to help rebuilt it. She is also on a quest now. During the destruction of the city, her good friend disappeared. No one seems to remember who she was or that she even existed and Illeana knows that that isn't right, so she is out to find her friend and figure out what happened.

Gear: Well I’ve already described her clothes when I gave her appearance. But she also carries a pocket knife (which she keeps razor sharp) and a few items in a leather messenger bag (like a wet stone for sharpening her knife, a leather bound journal to write in, a pen, and some basic herbs to put together as remedies…or poisons if she so needs them.)

I do apologize if this is kinda' incoherent. It's 2 am here and I'm on my second night without sleep.
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: grox on March 15, 2010, 06:26:35 AM
I like, very good character build, I'll have to come up with some stats for our villain. So, do not fret, I shall post them soon.
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: Illeana.Nightrain on March 15, 2010, 01:38:30 PM
Awesome. I can't wait to really get started with this. Hopefully more people will join. I'm trying to talk one of my friends who was on her years ago when I was to join up. She's wonderful at RPing.
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: grox on March 16, 2010, 12:43:03 AM
Sweet, spread the RP virus, spread it like the flu. Sorry if that sounded gross, I just got off work an hour and a half ago.

Here's the stats for the villain.

EDIT: Thanks to a suggestion from one of the admins, I'm going to try and put on here strengths and weaknesses for the villain. After which, I will add those two items to the character setup thing.

EDIT: Modifying his age, seems a bit out of place now that I think about it.

Name: Umuku

Nickname: Um.

Age: 3000

Gender: Male

Species: Undead Human

Appearance: Looks to be roughly 6'0" and about 180 pounds. Hair is slicked back into what would look to be a pony tail, black. Looks to be British, slightly, mainly in the nose area. Eyes are blue, and has pale skin, can't really tell he's Undead, just looks like he hasn't been out of the basement for a couple of years and his skin had adapted to being in darkness. He mostly wears a hooded trench coat, to keep his head out of the sunlight. Underneath it, he wears what he has grown comfortable with, Jeans and a T-shirt, preferably black. He is currently wearing a pair of combat boots. The only thing that would be noticeable, that might give him away as to being Undead, he hardly ever blinks. That, and the hole in his chest beneath his T-shirt. The only things that is.

Likes: Darkness, power, people, screaming, yelling, Magic, Meat lover Pizza, and not tripping.
Dislikes: Tripping over his own two feet, Hippies, Bright Light, Things attempting to impale him, Things getting stuck in his chest hole, Things not going correctly, and finally, puppies. Just don't like puppies. (They keep trying to steal my legs when I'm asleep, they think that there chew toys.)

Backstory: 300 years ago, Umuku was studying under a great and powerful dark wizard. Learning to become just like him, but unluckily for Umuku the wizard had other plans for him. Using Umuku as a sacrifice, the dark wizard attempted to take over the planet. Unfortunately, for the dark wizard, he didn't know how to tie very good knots. Umuku had almost freed himself from the place where the dark wizard had tied him to, AGAIN, unfortunate circumstances happened, and the dark wizard had come in to retrieve Umuku for the sacrifice the same time that Umuku had just finished untying himself. There was a great battle between Umuku and the dark wizard, the fight went on all through the dark wizards tower, until, the two of them reached the sacrificial area where Umuku was to be sacrificed. The dark wizard grabbed a spear that had been adorning the area and flung it at Ukumu. Now, a few seconds before releasing the spear, the dark wizard realized something, he needed Umuku to be sacrificed in order for the spell to work. Seeing that he had just thrown the spear at Umuku, the dark wizard cast a spell that would put him in Umuku's place. Unfortunate circumstances were happening left and right. Just as the dark wizard was casting his spell to take Umuku's place, Umuku was casting a spell to rend the dark wizard's soul out of him. The spear had pierced Umuku right in the heart, but his spell had taken effect and so did the dark wizards, the both of their spells intertwined and instead of taking Umuku's place, he ended up beside Umuku, and instead of Umuku rending the dark wizard's soul out of him, it instead combined the dark wizards soul with his. The spell that the dark wizard had prepared before getting Umuku activated and brought Umuku back to life, 299 years later, but, Umuku wasn't Umuku, he was a combination of the dark wizard and Umuku. The new creation saw that he was supposed to be dead, seeing that a spear was sticking through his chest.

The creation pushed the spear the rest of the way out of his chest with little effort, he tried thinking of what his name was, the only name that came to him was Umuku. Spending an entire year, relearning the dark arts that he had known, he found that the world had changed. SO, Umuku decided to go out of his tower fortress, which was in need of repairs, and see what had changed in the world.

Gear: Seeing that he doesn't need much, the clothes on his back, a coin purse filled with gold[20], silver[200], and copper[1000] coins, 4 Spells on cards(He didn't bring his spell book with him, but, he decided to jot down a few spells on cards and see what was within 200 miles of his tower.)[Spells are Fireball, charm person, create water{2 gallons per day}, and entangle], 10 foot chain with shackles every 2 feet(Underneath his trench coat), and a map.

Strengths: Being undead has granted him with super strength, as well as a type of durability. He also has knowledge of many types of spells and enchantments. If he is dismembered, he can reattach his body parts and still use them with no sign of wear or tear.

Weaknesses: Being undead, he is not as agile as he was when he was alive, he is also vulnerable to sunlight, it drains him of his super strength. Also, being dismembered kind of hampers his ability to fight and move, but it doesn't stop him from living.

Told ya he's a villain. Doesn't he sound villainous?
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: Illeana.Nightrain on March 16, 2010, 01:44:15 PM
Oooo. Nice. Now go post in the role play. >.> We need more people bad. I wish I still knew people who were into role playing like this.
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: grox on March 17, 2010, 01:48:19 AM
gimme a bit, I'm sure I can get some people up here.  :) Least I can do is try.
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: Zonic Mirage on March 18, 2010, 10:35:22 PM
I realize I'm probably too late to make a suggestion, but how about adding Strengths and Weaknesses to the template? Granted, the likes and dislikes can encompass that, but it could be a more thorough profile that way. :)
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: grox on March 19, 2010, 05:39:56 PM
You have a point.....We should try and figure out what our characters strengths and weaknesses are. Haven't really worked with that before, Thank you for pointing that out SA Tails.
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: Zonic Mirage on March 20, 2010, 01:10:37 AM
Sure. Having strengths and weaknesses are important points for good character creation and developing. |D Like one of my characters has a bad fear of heights, but can (barely) get through it if pushed hard enough.
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: Gale Fox on March 28, 2010, 01:24:26 PM
Name: Xenophobia Vagrance

Age: ? (Stated to be in his late pre-teens to his very early teens)

Gender: N/A (Ah, if you were to read my stories, you’d get the No Gender joke.)

Appearance: Oh... Xeno wears a Bat Jacket ( (His is black and white) and Goggle Cap (, his is black with white goggles), with a pair of Black-And-White High Tops, along with two nodachi, two longswords, and two katana, and a Claymore either strapped to his/her clothing or in "some sort of invisible bookbag"

Species: Superhuman; Referred to as another forbidden subtype: Alien, due to his/her hair antennae and speech mannerisms.

Likes: Hanging with Grandmaster and Heavenly Heaven, his two best friends, Being able to meditate in peace, being addressed to in a respectable manner without her gender being brought up

Dislikes: His gender being in dispute, having to leave her swords sheathed while fighting.

Back story: Xenophobia Vagrance… Ah… where do we start with this kid? Xeno is a gender-less kid from Arad. Born and raised in the ridiculously low temperatures at Mount Thunderime and the innate business of Hendon Myre, Xenophobia is a well balanced kid, raised by his/her older sister Dr. Shirofuji, Loton’s honorable apprentice.

Gear: His clothes, weapons, and a couple hundred thousand bandages which she borrowed from Grandmaster. (This using female and male nouns thing never gets old… ^^)

Strengths: Extreme fighting potential, relatively intelligent, well-rounded in almost any location.

Weaknesses: Not very powerful when it comes to fighting, and is very pacifistic. Quick to run away from a situation when his gender is questioned. Also maintains the same beserker mode ability from his/her main appearance in "The Academy".

Plus, I have another bio sheet, but I can't post it cause my scrolling is bugged >.<. I hate that I can't install Firefox on this Comp >.<
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: grox on March 28, 2010, 04:36:55 PM
Well Gale Fox, welcome to the Party, I'll try to get another RP going so we can have everything going as well as it should. Currently, I have one RP going that is currently active on the outskirts of SVT City, where Illeana.Nightrain and I have just met. If you like, you could try and come into that RP...That is if you want to. But, if you want, I could come up with a different RP that you and I could get into, again, if you want.

As I said, welcome to the party, have a drink, enjoy the snacks, and try not to break anything. TTFN, Ta Ta For Now.
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: grox on April 26, 2010, 03:59:49 AM
Another character, this time, FOR THE PAINT BALL TOURNAMENT!

Name: Obo Lisk

Nickname: Wall

Age: doesn't like saying.

Gender: Male

Species: sentient Stone Golem

Likes: Books, new sports for him to try out in, shooting things, and being some one that people can rely on to do their job.

Dislikes: Being called a 'stupid golem', people trying to destroy him, and mimes.

Back story: He was created to guard an entrance to a temple, he failed in guarding it, because the temple was destroyed by outsiders, he was left intact, with his having failed in his duty to guard a single entrance having ended, he did not know what to do now. His creator was killed in the attack, so he was left to his own devices, over the centuries, he learned what he could from the things around him, the people that saw him knew he would not attack them unless provoked, even when he was provoked, he did not attack them, he just defended himself. Now, in this year, he has decided to see what else in the world is there. If there are more like him in the world, If there was a place for him in this world, and if he could find a new master that would tell him what to do.

Gear: He carries with him his spear, shield, sword, and a device he fashioned after what the creatures called humans called a 'crossbow'. He also carries ammunition for it as well.

Strengths: Super strength(He is a stone golem after all.), High Endurance(Again, Stone Golem.), and not needing to sleep.

Weaknesses: For being awake so long, he's had a long time to think, so, his mind wanders some times. He is also weak against dispelling magics(You know, magic made for getting rid of other magic.), Also Ice magic as well.
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: Gale Fox on July 07, 2010, 07:18:35 PM
Sweet~ Enhanced Xeno's bio using this character sheet:

Full name: Xenophobia Vagrance

Pronunciation: What it says on the tin, my dear Watson.

Nickname(s) or Alias: Xeno/X-Alien/Grey-Head

Gender: N/A; Ambiguous

Species: Superhuman; Sub-Species Alien.

Age: 12-13, Higher depending on RP's Timeframe/Constraints.

Birthday: July 2 @ 12:00 P.M. (The exact middle of the year, a reference to Xenophobia's neutralism and passive attitude.)

Sexuality: Pansexual/Bisexual

Nationality: Caucasian; Greek/Roman descent

Religion: Athiest/Mixed Beliefs

City or town of birth: Labanon, Smith County, Kansas, USA

Currently lives: Palm Springs, California, USA

Languages spoken: English | Greek | Latin

Native language: English

Relationship Status: Single


Height: 5 Feet Tall; 6 Inches | 1.6 Meters

Weight: 100lbs | 45.3kg

Figure/build: Slim/Bony

Hair Color: Grey

Hairstyle: Shoulder-length, feminine straight hair, two hair antennae above the hairline

Eye Color: Grey

Skin/fur/etc Color: Pallor; Ivory

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Scars/distinguishing marks: None

Preferred style of clothing: A Bat Jacket and Goggle Cap with grey high-tops (Converse All-Stars?)

Frequently Worn Jewelry: None


Smoker?: No

Drinker?: No

Drug User? Which?: No. None.

Addictions: None

Allergies: None

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Extreme pain received from his/her hair antennae being removed; a specifically racial feature.

Any medication regularly taken: None


Personality: Neutral, Passive, Elaborate, Sophisticated/Analytical

Likes: Swords for vocational/recreational usage, human company, peace, silence, gender not being questioned, to an extent, fighting on the offensive

Dislikes: Gender being questioned, having to fight for non-recreational/defensive reasons, Hair Antennae being touched inappropriately.

Fears/phobias: an ironic and unique case of Xenophobia: A fear towards those who don't allow Xenophobia (the character) to read their mind.

Favorite Color: White, Black, Grey, and Silver

Hobbies: fencing, training, recreational swordfighting/'telekinetic shootouts', analyzing others

Taste in music: Trance/Techno/House


Talents/Skills: Telekinesis, Swordfighting

Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles?: Avid skateboarder/hoverboarder, Capable/Novice driver, advanced skateboard user.


Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore, leans further over to

Favorite food(s): Anything flavorful or spicy

Favorite drink(s): Sodas (A word from Xenophobia 'itself' "Xenophobia: Actually, I prefer most carbonated/bubbly drinks")

Disliked food: Tasteless foods | Overly spicy foods.

Disliked drinks: Flat Sodas and Bitter Drinks; Also carries a dislike for vegetable drinks.


Describe the character's house/home: Xenophobia resides within a large, glass/airy-themed house on the shores of California, USA ([me]'s Note: California is such a huge state and is generally warm, thus, I typically use this state.)

Significant/special belongings: Diabolus Talea: Dual Katana/Gladius Swords | Olympus Volatilis: Dual Nodachi Swords | Vesica Mortalis: A Gladius/Claymore Sword


Level of education: Taking High-School leveled courses; Has the potential for Ph.D Level knowledge.

Qualifications: Mercenary, Analyst, Spy, Commando

Current job title and description: Student

Name of employer: N/A


Peaceful or aggressive attitude?: Peaceful unless otherwise provoked.

Fighting Skills/Techniques:

-Psycho Pulse is Xenophobia’s most commonly used technique. He/She collects a large amount of telekinetic energy in his/her hands or weapon and then blasts. This blast, no matter how intimidating it seems, doesn’t cause any direct damage to its target.

-Sword Wind/Malum Undo are two similar techniques used by Xenophobia. Sword Wind, typically, is Xenophobia manipulating telekinesis while using a sword. Malum Undo is an enhanced form of the aforementioned Sword Wind technique, useable only while wielding Diabolus Talea. Malum Undo consists of Xenophobia accumulating evil/negative energy and thoughts from the surrounding area, using them to coat the blades of the two swords and fly off for a maximum of 20km, causing severe cutting damage. Distance, Damage, and Size are determined by the amount of evil/negativity in the surrounding area, Xeno’s emotional state, and Xenophobia’s intended power.

Special skills/magical powers/etc: Telekinesis, Malum Undo (see above spoiler)

Weapon of choice (if any): Aforementioned swords (Diabolus Talea, Olympus Volatilis, Vesica Mortalis)

Weaknesses in combat: Pacifistic/Hesitant initially, Gender insult/question-induced berserk state.

Strengths in combat: Berserk State, sword skill, telekinesis mastery, other languages,


Parents names: Xeal & Ms. Vagrance

Are parents alive or dead?: Deceased.

Is the character still in contact with their parents?: None; Parents are dead.

Siblings? Relationship with siblings?: Doctor Shirofuji, older sister, The Phobics, older, also ambiguous siblings.

Other Important Relatives: DJ Disaster (older Half-Brother)

Partner/Spouse: Partner, Spencer Specter

Children: None

Best Friend: Spencer Specter

Other Important Friends: Grandmaster Blurr/Cody Oroborus, Jac Queline DesBois

Acquaintances: None

Pets: Colby and Cheddar, two mice ([me]'s Note: A reference to Rob Dyrdek's skateboarding mice, Cheesy and Swissy)

Enemies? Why are they enemies?: None specific


Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): Xenophobia was born in an unknown period in 1997 C.E., born to a deceased, evil father by the name of Xeal in the world of Arad, also known as the underworld. At an early age, Xenophobia’s mother disappeared, never to be seen again, and upon that day, Xenophobia was taken in by his older, also ambiguous siblings, known collectively as the Phobics.

Describe their teenage years (11 - 19): Years later, Xenophobia found himself meeting a peculiar couple, a boy named Grandmaster Blurr and a gal named Heavenly Heaven during a scuffle in Frozenheart. This meeting changed Xenophobia’s already blessed lifestyle for the better. The trio set out on hunting missions, becoming assassins, executing evil beings and collecting their souls.

Describe their adult years (20+): None; Xenophobia is 12/13.

Xeno's Weapons...

-Two Engraved Katana-Gladius (Flat Side, rather than a complete wedge) Swords, Known collectively as Diabolus Talea. The left sword is engraved with Primoris Atrox, the right sword named a similar Secundus Atrox. This is Xenophobia’s main sword set, being the two swords Xenophobia is most often seen carrying.

-Two Similarly Engraved Nodachi Swords, dubbed as Olympus Volatilis, both given their own individual title (Cruoris Amotio and Abyssus Fatum) , unlike Diabolus Talea, due to Nodachi swords typically being used in a two-handed manner rather than in a one-handed manner.

-A Gladius-Claymore dubbed as Vesica Mortalis. Xenophobia usually leaves this sword sheathed, but when unsheathed, Xenophobia will cut using telekinesis, using a fighting style consisting of Professional Wrestling and other Martial Arts styles, namely Capoeira and Dragon Form Kung-Fu
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Post by: UltraSonic on July 24, 2010, 07:23:35 PM
Name: Ace Surv (For those who've played in RP's from SVT way back in the day he was known as Ace Survivor, based on two of my actual nick names, however I've changed it for a more realistic name)

Occupation: Simple code monkey, fluent in HTML, BASIC, Java, C, C++, Perl, Python, etc. however he was unsatisfied with his salary as well as lack of travel so he joined the military.  Little did he know they'd be turning him into a cybernetic genetically modified super soldier.

Species: Velociraptor

Abilities: Similar to the Spartan II's from the Halo franchise, he can take quite the fall and endure quite the beating and maintains strength that is vastly superior to even some machines.  During his combat experience and design he was enhanced to be able to defeat most androids, and robots with ease, even in hand to hand combat.  While in his combat armor he's equipped with a low/moderate strength shield which he seldom uses anymore, it also enables him to run faster, jump higher and hit harder than he can without it, though even when not wearing it he's one hell of a contender.  Proficient in rifles and handguns, however in the event of a bow, while he has the skill he will probably accidentally break all but the heaviest of draw weights.  He's a mathematically minded person, whose hacking skills are very well developed.  Despite his physical strength, his intellect is sharper still, making him all the more dangerous as an enemy.  He's quite the geek however, and this will of course have the default detriment to people skills. and will earn him the occasional funny look.

Back Story: Ace led a primarily normal life, never confined to mom's basement or anything, went through school, and yes was even in chess club.  He worked for a small time web development company for a while, but the pay wasn't good, and the manager was afraid of him for his abilities, and did everything he could to prevent Ace from advancing and jeopardizing his position.  This went on for a couple of years before Ace joined the army.  He was one of a lucky, or unlucky few chosen to participate in an augmentation program.  He had no idea of the horrific transformation that awaited him beyond the laboratory doors.

P.S. I'll continue this later, I'm exhausted right now and about to pass out.

Back Story:
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: Fireball on July 26, 2010, 09:24:03 AM
Name: Unknown, nicknamed Lenny

Age: Unknown

Gender: Presumed male.

Species: Black Arms Soldier Drone

Likes: At home administering violence. But he also loves kittens. He's comfortable being given orders, as his background is as a military drone.

Dislikes: Being under attack - he has a strong reaction to even small injuries. He will also snap if pushed too far by authority figures.

Back story: Genetically engineered specifically for battle purposes, the Black Arms invasion fleet know little except violence. Lenny was the runt of his 99-strong colony, and is not as comfortable as his brothers with army life; even though it is all he has ever known. After the unsuccessful Black Arms invasion of Earth, Lenny decided to stay on the planet and make it his home.

Gear: Brute strength - he still has his Flash Rifle although the battery is dead and it is not easy to charge on Earth.

Strengths: Very strong, both upper and lower body.

Weaknesses: He's not the brightest tool in the shed.
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: Acheron on July 27, 2010, 11:30:00 PM
Name: Acheron (Last name unknown)

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species:Bengal Tiger

Likes: Battles, Good fights, Money, Travelling, Strong enemies to keep him sharp, Lots of enemies to fight, pretty much anything having to do with violence, Fish, Water, having a clan and kin

Dislikes: weaklings, Enemies smaller than him, Veggies(unless they're mutants that can fight) Boring talks, needy and emotional women.

Back Story: originally he was born into a savage tribe known as the "Gatos da morte", stationed in brazil. When introduced to firearms the Tribe raged war with any active bodies around them, including each other. The tribe broke apart and each " Gatos da morte " Clan member set onto their own path to seek new clans and Tougher fights to engage in. Acheron is no different. He was sheltered a lot as a child until, his parents participated in the abundance of wars that waged throughout thier territory. Needless to say, they were slaughtered leaving the sheltered undisciplined acheron to fare for himself. He is constantly seen moving from city to city, country to country. He seeks strong battles, and good food, and plenty of money. Dream is to start a clan.

Sex: Male

Birthday: jan 20th

Weapons and abilities: Dual revolvers modified for quick reloading. Specialized bullets, natural tiger speed and strength

Weaknesses: hates bugs, Liver and onions, headstrong nature.
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: grox on May 01, 2011, 03:58:48 PM
Time for another Chara, if ya'll don't mind.

Name: Valeria Orcen

Age: 36

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Likes: Undead things, gathering up minions, creating new undead creatures, and Inter-dimensional viewings of entertainment(WOOO, NINJA WARRIOR!)

Dislikes: Living people that aren't Necromancers, Having people complain about her smell(She hangs around dead things all day, how do you think she smells?), Clerics of any good deity denomination, Priests of any denomination that preach about anything good(Especially if they are over zealous about it, she especially dislikes them.), and People calling her a Necrophiliac.

Back Story: She is one of the Remaining Grand High Necromancers. Her village of Necromantic people have been stricken with a terrible plague, a plague that brings light and holy energies to them all. Her people are losing their dark and semi evil powers to the Light, She proposed to the other Grand High Necromancers that some one go on a quest to find something or some way to reverse this plague that is befalling their village. The other Grand High's talked amongst themselves and agreed with her plan, they then asked who would they send on such a noble and dangerous quest? Valeria volunteered right then and there, They didn't agree with that, they said that some one else should go. She asked, if we send some one else, how can we be sure that their powers haven't already been corrupted by the plague. Our powers, the powers of the Council, have not been touched, cause we are fighting back against this plague of Light, it is because of us that the village has not succombed yet. The Council must work to fight against the plague to save the village, I am one of the few of the Council that can be spared from our efforts. AND my power is one of the strongest, next to Grocken the Vile. She said as she pointed over towards her fellow Council member. They talked amongst themselves again, finally, they spoke to her. She was allowed to go on the quest, The Grand High Council of Necromancers would fight against the plague while she was away. Hopefully she would come back in time, with a cure for this plague and a source of immeasurable power for them to use to make sure that this plague never comes back. They allowed her to gather up 5 human remains to use as minions to help her on her quest. They then began casting spell after spell to fight back against the plague. Valeria gathered her gear from her chambers, the 5 human remains were turned into zombies and followed after their mistress. Valeria was at the edge of her village, she turned to look back over her home, she saw the plague fighting against the powers of her fellow Council members, She hoped they would be able to hold out until she returned with the cure and a power source for them to use to permanently make sure the Plague never shows up again. She then left, the 5 zombies in full body covering robes with sleeves, gloves on their hands, and masks to cover their faces. Valeria wore her symbol of authority, her violet hooded cloak, the clasp that kept it closed was the symbol of her village, a small metal tombstone with a Skull and Crossbones on it. She also wore a mask to hide her face from those that work for the forces of the plague.

Gear: Her holy symbol(A single finger bone that has been sewn into her skin on her chest), Her Leather Armor(It's not revealing, but, it does show off her curves, especially thanks to the built in corset.), a Morning star, Her hooded cloak, Her mask(It has no features on it besides eye holes.), her minions(The 5 zombies, all they have are the old musty clothes on their backs and the full body sleeved robes and featureless masks like Valeria's.), a pack full of ritual specific items, and a pouch full of coins for her to pay for things during her journey.

Strengths: Necromancy, Athletic, and Dark magics.

Weaknesses: Good magics, not quite as durable as other people, weak stomach.
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: Runix on November 08, 2011, 05:28:42 PM
Here's a character of mine from way back.

Name: Armageddon Addlebrook

Age: 10,015 (He's Immortal, obviously.)

Gender: Male

Species: Cat

Likes: Sorcery, alchemy, world domination, reading, writing, testing the mettle of any would be heroes.

Dislikes: Meddling heroes like Shade and Fireball Farenheit, That miserable hedgehog, suffering defeat.

Back story: Armageddon was created by a sorcerous society known as the magisters countless centuries ago. After rebelling against his creators he used his sorcerous abilities to craft five children: Runix the Echidna, Terror the Armadillo, Rage the Hedgehog, Kain the Spider and Celia the fox. Each one was immortal, and although they could perish, they would never truly die.

After being sealed for 1,000 years Armageddon and his children were released and set loose upon SVT City, working to bring it and the world under their control. Unfortunately a number of stalwart souls stood in their way, And after a number of defeats Armageddon's children turned against him. He eventually gave up, but now the desire for conquest burns anew within him.

I must admit he's a bit basic, but he's the best villain I have and my writing can't really do him justice yet.
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: TheMobian on July 20, 2012, 10:38:53 AM
Ok, before I go about posting anything about an OC, I'd just like to make something clear.

- I can roleplay, and enjoy rolepaying as pretty much any type of character. Confident and cocky, Dark and angsty, an evil mastermind, a petty crook, a lighthearted hero, or even a totally loony comedy character, you name it - I play it. But before I go about making my character and filling out the character info, I'd like to ask what you guys want me to be? Is there any specific type of character that has been missing from your rp's? If so, then just let me know and I can create someone like that :)
So, yeah. Let me know soon. I can't wait to join you all in the wonderful world of roleplaying ;)
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: grox on July 25, 2012, 07:22:29 PM
Well, then, I'm going to have to come up with something for you. Any particular settings you like playing in, ya know, sci fy settings(Space adventure, Future, Any of the futuristic video game settings(I'm not that fluent in those, but, I pretty good at researching them when the needs arise.) Midevil settings(Knights, Dragons, Wizards, Sorcerers, Witches, Ogres and other assorted Monsters.) Present Day settings(Not that great with those either, but, hey, improv is a great way to learn.) or a combination of any of those(I especially enjoy those, allows me to throw almost anything at people.).

You tell me, then I'll tell you.
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: TheMobian on July 26, 2012, 09:05:58 AM
I have no preference to settings, I can rolepay in any of them.
But it seems like you enjoy combinations of settings, so lets go with that :)
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: TheMobian on August 08, 2012, 06:22:12 PM
So... I have come up with a character (I drew him today in my spare time and instantly fell in love) and his design & Biographical information is completed, but before I post it... do you think someone could actually START and rp? :P
I'd like to see what kind of rp its going to be before posting all the information. I might want to change around a few things if it fits the setting or story better...
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: grox on August 15, 2012, 06:03:13 AM
well, jeebus, there's egg on my face. I have posted a new one yet have I? I'm stating this now, There will be a new RP by this Friday. No if's and's or But's about it. My only excuse......

Darksiders 2.
Title: Re: Character Introduction
Post by: TheMobian on August 23, 2012, 08:25:42 PM
Profile for my OC in Grox's roleplay "Angel of Darkness" (and pretty much any other roleplay we do :P)

Name: "Kelluva-Tail" is his parents given name, He does however go by many nicknames, as well as multiple titles from different worlds he's traveled to (see his backstory)

Age: No specific age, however looks like he's somewhere around 9 to 12 years old.

Gender: Male

Species: His actual species is quite unknown, though he resembles a furry little creature, with three ears (one large one hanging down low behind his back, and two shorter floppy ears concealed under his nightcap), and a medium sized fluffy tail that floats in mid air behind him, completely detached from his body yet moving in accordance to him as though it was.

Likes: He is fond of the simple childhood things. He longs for happiness and playfulness. He loves making friends and is always willing to help.

Dislikes: Pretty much the exact opposite as listed above. He dislikes mean people. He also doesn't like the fact that he seemingly gets dragged unwillingly into every adventure (again, see his backstory). He also has many childish fears (as he is still young) like creepy looking people, monsters, and dark places.

Any other likes or dislikes he might have hinge on where the story goes (I may come up with something later on).

Back story: Sorry its so long, but my characters always have a lot of detailed backstory ::)
In the far away land of the Bumblekingdom, lived a young couple. They both worked with the space corporation (which is how they met) and where on one of their routine checkups when they found something peculiar floating around in outer space. The space debris was in fact a series of transcendent capsules, all connected to one another (much like the Egg Grapes in StH). Most of the capsules where vacant, others smashed open, and a few contained the lifeless bodies of a weird species they had never seen before. One capsule however, contained a live specimen. The group took it back for studying, but the creatures DNA structure was so foreign, nothing about the creature's genetic makeup could be determined. The King at the time, King Bollers, wanted to see if the creature could be awakened from its comatose state, but nothing could be done in fear of killing the thing. So Bollers decided to have it stored in the Bumblearchives, and the young couple who found it where put in charge of taking care of it. The couple, who were at that point married, could not have children, so they adopted the creature as their own son, and vowed to find a way to release him. Many years passed, and along with the Bumblearchives, the capsule faded out of the people's memories. Even under the rein of King Penders, when it was ordered the archives be destroyed, the couple protected the capsule (whom they named its contents "Kalluva-Tail"), and hid with it in the vast "Rubber Chickens & Pie" desert, But the mother and father still worked hard to release their son. One late night, the capsule opened under mysterious circumstances, and out came a young... whatever he was (he was just a baby, as though he was only recently born). Though the couple was now elderly, they took care of him, and raised him. Many years passed, and Kelluva longed to see the land his parents referred to as The BumbleKingdom. He grew tired of the RC&P desert, and wanted to visit the Kingdom, but his parents wouldn't allow it. One night, he thought he heard someone calling him in a dream, telling him strange things he didn't understand. These dreams continued night after night after night. Until finally, he was able to make out one word: "Bumbleking". It was that night Kalluva decided to pack his things and run off to the Bumblekingdom. He ended up causing quite the stir there (read the "Strengths" section of this Bio), he had expected there to be more people like him, but instead he stuck out like a sore thumb. He was eventually brought before the current Bumbleking, King Flynn, and his parents where informed of their son's whereabouts. It was then that his parents revealed his true history.
Following this, Kalluva's dreams became more intense. It seemed as though someone was again calling him, to find his destiny. He decided to set out on a quest, and to follow where his dream told him to go, to see if he could find out the truth about who he was. He said goodbye to his parents and the Bumblekourt, and left on his journey. Eventually (after a long trip and a few adventures) he came to an ancient temple, inside he found this mysterious intelligent power source, however, this source was not very helpful as it refused to answer any questions. It did however, give him a gold coin, which it said would "focus his energy" and guide him on a new quest (though the source failed to tell him what the quest was). Kalluva was then teleported away to a distant world. Since this day, Kalluva-Tail has been traveling the cosmos (Non-willingly I might add) and essentially being dragged and dropped off (literally "dragged and dropped") in different worlds that are in need of a savior...

Gear: He wears a nightcap (thats right, a nightcap) that droops down almost as far as his massive ear. tucked into one of the folds is a small gold coin (though its quite large to him considering his size). He wars a large scarf wrapped around his neck, a long sleeved shirt with a stripe going down the middle and on the arms (the same stripe is on the nightcap as well). He wears mittens, long pants, and toeless socks on his feet.

Strengths: He can release random bursts of magical power, but not at will. These outbursts began to happen about the same time his dreams began, and they tended to cause a lot of trouble for him as they most often appeared when he was under stress. The coin he gained from the Source allowed the magics to become more focused. Though he still has absolutely no control over it, it often pops up now and again whenever Kalluva is in trouble (though not always in a way that helps...).
Aside from the mystical mumbo jumbo, he is very good at making friends, and a very trustworthy person. his kind heart often helps settle disputes.

Weaknesses: Kalluva-Tail is totally oblivious... to bloody well everything. He's not one to notice details, and he is far to trustworthy for his own good, often resulting in him getting tricked. He's also a little weakling, though he can be feisty, lets just say he wouldn't fair very well in a fist fight. Also, when he looses his coin, he often becomes stressed and without the gold coin to focus his power, things can get a little crazy.

Thats about it for now, hope you like my character ;D I'll post some pictures of him once I get back home after Summer is over.
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Post by: alex_theman45 on October 24, 2012, 09:09:45 AM
Type:Very Original Fan Character

Name: (Andrew The Sparrow [Nicknamed Alex] )

Age: (18)

Gender: (Male)

Species: (Genetically Mutated Sparrow)

Likes: (Dreamcast,Tails Doll)

Dislikes: (Shadow The Hedgehog)

Back story: (Andrew was a normal human, until he held up a chaos emerald, thinking it was fake. Then he was teleported to Dr.Eggman's base, and put into eggman's new machine. After that, he was transformed into a sparrow.
Might continue this in a fanfic about this guy's Backstory.)